Our main purpose for developing this website is not to place ourselves as the experts or as flawless individuals without faults or failures,
but to pass on wholesome, enlightening, uplifting messages,
thought provoking ideas, and life lessons learned
that could equip and point others to God...
the Light of all Creation.

Trust... we realize we are flawed, and
  we certainly do not have a shortage of faults.
We know that we have much more to learn, 
this is why, with great intentionality,
we humbly remain teachable Spirits...
and usable Channels for Greater Works.
Seeking first the Kingdom of God
is our first priority.
Jesus said to seek first the Kingdom of God
in His Sermon on the Mount.
Matthew 6:33
According to Scripture...
  the Kingdom of God is of much greater value...
than all the world?s treasures, and those who have it...
are the wealthiest people on earth!
In seeking the Kingdom of God first...
we are doing and concerning ourselves more
with Spiritual and eternal things...
as opposed to worldly things...
which, in the end, will fade away.

 We know that our relationship with God
is of much greater value than any cravings for power,
spotlights, partying, playing,
or superficial... and worldly allurements.
  We seek God first because...
God is the Greatest!
God is our beginning, middle, and end.
We realize that one can do many things without God such as:
acquire wealth, start a business, get an education,
buy cars, homes, etc.,

but we truly believe that...
true peace, joy, and fulfillment in our lives
can only be realized...
when God is at the helm of our lives.
Sadly, many people have remained unfulfilled

and wondered why their lives,
regardless of their lot in life,

 still comes up empty.
Think about it:
According to Scripture...
we must be... 

Worldly possessions can bring us
a measure of worldly stability and security;
however, things of the world have only fleeting value.
than anything we could ever possibly possess.
We know the Kingdom of God has greater value

  We are reminded to avoid the snares,
allurements, and pretensions of this world.
Material possessions, money, fame, fortune, prominence,
drugs, sex, neediness of acceptance, approval, validation,
or applause from people may gain ground with people, for a while,
but Jesus taught that our focus should be away from this world...
and placed upon the things of God?s kingdom...
which have real value and will have no end.

We know that when our priorities are right...
our lives will be right.
When we look back and examine
our life experiences...
we see God's grace all over it.
With a clear conscious we know that God's Will is always best.
We know God truly has our best interest at heart,
and all of God?s arrangements are for our highest good.

We know that none of us
can ever be at peace without God.
Scripture reminds us to
the things of God as a priority 
over the things of the world.
We look to and
for all things.


"Abide in Me, and I in you.
 As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself,
unless it abides in the vine,
neither can you, unless you abide in Me.
I am the Vine; you are the branches.
Whoever abides in Me and I in him, he bears much fruit,
for apart from Me you can do nothing." 
John 15:4-5
We believe...

We know there is no miracle
God cannot perform.
We know there is no eleventh hour rescue
that God cannot accomplish.
We neither see or regard any other
as our Source.
We know that God?s provisions                
                                    are more than enough.  
We are seeking to do God's Will.
We know there is not a person or circumstance
in the world... that can hinder us
from doing the Will of God.
We are seeking to live and do God's Teachings.
We desire to accomplish the Purposes, we believe, 
God designed for our lives.
A man?s true strength comes in his ability to know what weight needs carrying, and what weight needs letting go. - See more at: http://goodmenproject.com/featured-content/the-burdens-we-carry-when-to-carry-and-when-to-put-down-dylchr/#sthash.7yoGsGSl.dpuf
A man?s true strength comes in his ability to know what weight needs carrying, and what weight needs letting go. - See more at: http://goodmenproject.com/featured-content/the-burdens-we-carry-when-to-carry-and-when-to-put-down-dylchr/#sthash.7yoGsGSl.dpuf
A man's heart plans his way,
but the LORD determines his steps.
Proverbs 16:9 
We dedicate our days, relationships, and experiences to God. 
We know that God will guide us
to our highest good.
We know God always 
has the best timing.
We know God always
has the best answers.

We know God always
has the best directions.
 We know God always has
the best

We know God's Ways,
God's Will, and God's Timing
are all perfect.
We believe there is eternal benefit in
  living and doing life...
God's Way.
We are consciously
and we know  

We know
our Supreme strength.
God is unconquerable. 
God is incapable of being overcome,
subdued, or vanquished.
We know that God
will never leave us or fail us.
God is faithful.

We depend on the Power of God to guide our thoughts, our feelings, and our perceptions of all things.

We know that true strength
comes in our ability to trust God,
and follow God faithfully.
We know that true strength comes from within us, 
and it is the power that God alone supplies.
Even when we don't understand...
our personal faith and confidence
remains firm and unwavering
in the power of God...
and God alone.
is very passionate about promoting goodness
and inspiring greatness.
We are dedicated to nurturing and refreshing
the inherent beauty, goodness, and Spirit of all life.
 We are committed to the realization of God
and to the unfolding of the Divinity
in all sentient beings.
We use our God-given gifts and talents
to invigorate lives and inspire optimism
and positive change from the inside out...
around the world.

is here as a result of responding from
an intuitive place of the heart.
This website represents many years of searching,
discovering, experimenting, and working creatively
with the Power of God within us.
We felt compelled to draw from our reserve
of relevant information accumulated over a lifetime
of personal observations, experiences,
and consciousness of our existence...
and freely act as a channel to pass on some of the life-lessons,
wisdom, and happiness we've acquired,
by the grace of God, throughout the years.
The printed words express how we believe
 and feel about many things.
 This website is somewhat of an account
of our spiritual pilgrimage
that could become a light for others.




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