Carole C. Good - is a freelance blogger for and

Carole has used her writing skills to produce scripts for radio, television commercials, and developing content for websites and blogs. Carole writes, researches, and maintains both websites. She is constantly editing, proof reading, and eradicating imperfections for: and

Years ago when Carole was active with Facebook she published several Inspirational pages: Carole C. Good, Positively Good News Network with Carole C. Good, Positively Good Productions with Carole C. Good, Think About It with Carole C. Good, and Positively Good Soul Food with Carole C. Good.

Carole was a freelance video producer, commercial scriptwriter, voice-over talent, videographer and editor. Being a visual communicator and creative professional - Carole was able to produce material for a variety of broadcast outlets. She produced, directed, and edited television commercials, public service announcements, talk shows, and life stories.

Carole's experience and background includes: 11½ years in Fulton County Government Administration, modeling, acting, technical television and radio broadcasting, along with many other creative stage productions.

Carole founded and directed Elorac Modeling Entourage in Atlanta. She also managed Not-2-B-4Got10 Hip-Hop Dance Troupe in Atlanta.

Carole has conducted Self-Esteem, Personal Development and Artist Development Workshops in Elementary Schools, High Schools, Housing and Community Centers, and Continuing Education venues... between Atlanta and Warner Robins, Georgia... to name a few. These workshops taught participants the basic principles of professional conduct on and off camera, as well as, basic modeling, etiquette, and life skills.

Carole worked in radio at WMLD/WERD, for James Brown Enterprises in Atlanta, WGNM- Good News TV and the UPN Affiliate in Macon. She served as Moderator for Peaceful Solutions in Central Georgia. Carole hosted a radio talk show, Think About It, on WIGO in Atlanta. She also hosted The Carole Good Show on WBML Christian radio and was a freelance television producer for CTN (Christian Television Network) in Macon, Georgia. Carole was a voice-over talent and radio commercial scriptwriter in productions at J93.3 The Joy FM in Atlanta. Other radio affiliations: WTJH (15 minute Inspirational Commentary) and WATB, Gospel Talk/Radio Show Host in Atlanta.

Carole attended and completed numerous workshops and seminars in communications, acting, film, television, improvisation, auditioning, makeup artistry, color analysis and cold reading techniques.

Carole is a graduate of Barbizon School of Modeling, Atlanta, Georgia, and a certified modeling instructor through Barbizon. She pursued studies in the Arts with the Alliance Theater School in Atlanta, Georgia, Faces International of Hollywood, California, and Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia. Carole majored in Advertising and Marketing Communication at Wesleyan College.

When we look back and examine
our life experiences...
we see God's grace all over it.
With a clear conscious we know that God's Will is always best.
We know God truly has our best interest at heart,
and all of God's arrangements 
are and always have been 
for our highest good.
We know that none of us
can ever be at peace without God.
Scripture reminds us to
the things of God as a priority 
over the things of the world.
We look to and
for all things.

We believe...
We know there is no miracle
God cannot perform.
We know there is no eleventh hour rescue
that God cannot accomplish.
We neither see or regard any other
as our Source.
We know that God's provisions                
                                    are more than enough.  
We are seeking to do God's Will.
We know there is not a person or circumstance
in the world... that can hinder us
from doing the Will of God. 
We are seeking to live and do God's Teachings.
We desire to accomplish the purposes, we believe, 
God designed for our lives.
A man?s true strength comes in his ability to know what weight needs carrying, and what weight needs letting go. - See more at:
A man?s true strength comes in his ability to know what weight needs carrying, and what weight needs letting go. - See more at:
A man's heart plans his way,
but God determines his steps.
Proverbs 16:9 
We dedicate our days, relationships, 
and experiences to God. 
We know that God will guide us
to our highest good.
We know God always 
has the best timing.
We know God always
has the best answers.

We know God always
has the best directions.
 We know God always has
the best

We know God's Ways,
God's Will, and God's Timing
are all perfect.
We believe there is eternal benefit in
  living and doing life...
God's Way.
We are consciously
and we know  
We know that God
will never leave us or fail us.
God is faithful.
We depend on the Power of God to guide our thoughts, our feelings, and our perceptions of all things.

We know that true strength
comes in our ability to trust God,
and follow God faithfully.
We know that true strength comes from within us, 
and it is the power that God alone supplies.
Even when we don't understand...
our personal faith and confidence
remains firm and unwavering
in the power of God...
and God alone.
is very passionate about promoting goodness
and inspiring greatness.
We use our God-given gifts and talents
to invigorate lives and inspire optimism
and positive change from the inside out...
around the world.
We are here here as a result of responding from
an intuitive place of the heart.
This website represents many years of searching,
discovering, experimenting, and working creatively
with the Power of God within us.
We felt compelled to draw from our reserve
of relevant information accumulated over a lifetime
of personal observations, experiences,
and consciousness of our existence...
and freely act as a channel to pass on some of the life-lessons,
wisdom, and happiness we've acquired,
by the grace of God, throughout the years.
The printed words express how we believe
 and feel about many things.
This website is somewhat of an account
of our spiritual pilgrimage
that could become a light for others.

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