There are scores of individuals of high potential

who are lost within the fabric of a society.


Each of us are unique individual personalities

with a true purpose… a reason for being.

Every being entered into the earth realm

with a God-given purpose.

Each of us is blessed to have a unique set of skills and talents

given to us by God.

Within each of us is power.

God has made us competent to produce something

that will last for eternity.

God has given us all gifts and talents

which He desires us to realize individually.

These skills where given to us

to fulfill God's long-term plan for our lives.  

"Do not neglect the gift that is in you"

As a loving Father, God created us with natural abilities, strengths, gifts, and talents.

These natural abilities come to us at physical birth and are developed throughout life.


We each have been blessed with God-given talents

both obvious and not yet recognized... which are exclusively ours.

Knowing and using our gifts will give us an understanding

of the unique and indispensable mission

we have been called to accomplish.

  Tapping into one's God-given gifts and artistic abilities is essential.

We will have a sense of fulfillment and joy in the service of others

as we become an available instrument through which God can work.



Positively Good Productions


There is power in the Arts!

Art inspires us!

The Arts requires an element of inspiration.

 Art inspires learning!


Art invites the dynamic aspects of the spoken word

and theater into the classroom.

The Arts can help students master public speaking skills,

build self-confidence, and learn about their literary heritage.


The Arts make us smarter.


Opening the pathways to the Arts

will not bypass the traditional curriculum,

but simply inspire the artist inside each student,

 to see a bigger picture. 

Arts is a wonderful learning experience.

The Arts encourages students to memorize and perform great poems and poetry.

The Arts can revitalize the role of literature

and bring the transformative power of literature into the lives of its citizens.

Art and inspiration can be far-reaching.

Art and inspiration connected can put the world back together.

 The root meaning of Art is "To fit or join together."

Art is more than a means to an economic end. 

Art helps to connect us with higher souls and vibrations.

Art helps heal our wounds.

The Arts is one of the most sophisticated and most successful ways

of healing others and ourselves.

 Each of us should be content with what God has given

and exult in our own uniqueness.


Art helps us to move the focus from negativity

towards the most pleasurable and most beautiful realms

of life and imagination.

Arts can positively impact this world to the glory of God.

Tapping into our God-given talents and abilities

and putting those talents and gifts to positively good use

can benefit the entire universe.


 The Arts moves us closer to completeness.

Art emphasizes qualities.

One of our jobs in life is to discover

our own special abilities that make up our gift of talent.



The Arts offer both a key educational component

and the unique experience of handling each stage of a project –

coordinating hand, eye, mind –

from inspiration to finishing touches.








 Positively Good Productions


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