In The World, Not Of It

According to Scripture...
we must be... 
Being of the world and living with self-centered desires
can rob us of true joy and happiness.
Sadly, many people have remained unfulfilled

and wondered why their lives,
regardless of their lot in life,

 still comes up empty.

Worldly possessions can bring us
a measure of worldly stability and security;
however, things of the world have only fleeting value.

We realize that one can do many things without God such as:
acquire wealth, start a business, get an education,
buy cars, homes, etc.,

but we truly believe that...
true peace, joy, and fulfillment in our lives
can only be realized...
when God is at the helm of our lives.
Think about it:

According to Scripture...
  the Kingdom of God is of much greater value...
than all the world’s treasures, and those who have it...
are the wealthiest people on earth!
In seeking the Kingdom of God first...
we are doing and concerning ourselves more
with Spiritual and eternal things...
as opposed to worldly things...
which, in the end, will fade away.

 We know that our relationship with God
is of much greater value than any cravings for power,
spotlights, partying, playing,
or superficial... and worldly allurements.
We know the Kingdom of God has greater value
than anything we could ever possibly possess.

  We are reminded to avoid the snares,
allurements, and pretensions of this world.
Material possessions, money, fame, fortune, prominence,
drugs, sex, neediness of acceptance, approval, validation,
or applause from people may gain ground with people, for a while,
but Jesus taught that our focus should be away from this world...
and placed upon the things of God’s kingdom...
which have real value and will have no end.





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