We believe what gives life true meaning is God Himself.

We believe one can begin to realize a very meaningful life

as one comes to realize that God is alive, real,
and the reason for our existence.

According to Scripture,

we exist in order to know God,

to do God's will, and bring glory to God.

We believe knowing God brings real purpose to one's life.


We believe life is a herculean journey filled with lessons

that will challenge and test our courage, strength, integrity, and faith.

We believe as we journey through life...

we may stumble upon our fair share of hardships

and heartaches, but in God's strength...

we will overcome.

We believe, in life, there is a time and season for joy and sadness,

stillness and celebration...

many precious moments

that can ultimately lead us to our true purpose in life.

Naysayers on the sidelines will not be able to tell us

what that plan or our purpose is,

but we can find out

as we spend quality time getting to know and trust God.

We believe each of us has a purpose, a specific life plan,

a reason for being here...

and our part is to walk in our calling so that we complete that plan.

We believe God knows infinitely more than we do; 

and by trusting God,

we can discover His ultimate purpose for our lives.

Sadly, many people have remained unfulfilled

and wondered why their lives,
regardless of their lot in life,

 still comes up empty.


As the Scripture says it,
“The man who finds life
will find it through trusting God.”

God is our Life,
the very breath of our soul.
The more awake we are to God
and the many miracles happening all around us...
the more awake and alive, to life, we will become.
We believe real life is a life filled with fulfillment,
acceptance, and purpose.
We believe voids in our lives
can be filled...
when we have a relationship with God.

We have come to realize...

when our souls find its home of rest in God,

real Life begins in full measure. 

We believe to know God,

to do God's will, and bring glory to God

will give us a life filled with fulfillment,
acceptance, and purpose.

Life can really test us.

Many people live their lives without ever 

on life itself or its meaning for them.

Their lives may be filled with all kinds of activities;

 yet, they don't realize the overall purpose

or have a clear idea of why they exist.

It is not at all satisfying to think
our lives have no more meaning than just
being born, living a short while, then dying.



Each day of our lives is packed with lessons to be learned.
Each day is a new page with adventures to experience,
and good deeds to replicate.


Life today is fast-paced and hectic.
 Rush, rush, rush! The pace of our world is frantic!
We live in the age of rush, distraction, and destructive habits.

We seem to spend our days hurrying and scurrying
from home to work, work to home,
caring for our home and family, and squeezing
as much as we can out of our precious spare time.
People are exacerbated, tired, even overwhelmed.
Life should not be a race.


Every moment matters, but all too often, the
beautiful moments of life are drowned out
by hurrying and scurrying...
preoccupation with oneself, and worries.
 We dwell on intrusive memories of the past or fret
about what may or may not happen in the future.
We're always doing something,
and we allow little or no time to practice stillness and calm.

If life is always rush, rush
and we find that we're going nowhere fast...
let us stop and simplify.
We never know what the next moments will hold.
Think about it...
In the hustle and bustle...
very little is accomplished.
We don't make ourselves ready by pushing
in an effort to "Make things happen."  
Going faster doesn’t mean that we're accomplishing more
or having better outcomes.
In fact, the opposite is usually true.
As we slow down... we make fewer mistakes.
We think more clearly, and act with purpose.
It's not the speed, it's the direction.
It is important to remember that we need to pace ourselves
and understand that life isn't a rehearsal. 
We believe the answers to life's questions
exist inside of us,
and we can actually hear them
if we would just slow down long enough
to listen!
Let Us Always Remember
and Never Forget:
Satan loves to have us scurrying and distracted.
He strives to keep people stressed out
and distracted from what is most important in life.
He will try to keep us in a state of chaos
and distract us from focusing on God and God's work.
Whatever method Satan employs, whether it be fear,
a full schedule (all the time), stress, rushing, or flattery,
his aim is to distract us from our mission and destroy our effectiveness.
We need to be on guard because Satan is both a lion that devours
and a serpent that deceives.
Life is a school
and a mystery of grace. 
Think about it...
Nature does not hurry,
and it unfolds as it should.
We are a part of nature,
and it's constantly teaching us.

When was the last time you actually took time out 

 during your busy day to stop,
just for a minute or two, to look around and
really see what was taking place all around you?

Have you ever taken time out to watch

a young child?

It is amazing how children really get it.

They live in the "Now" and take each day as it comes.

They are not phased with any of the worries and cares

of the grown-up world.

Children explore and learn.

 They take time out to smell the roses

and any flower they can lay their hands on.

They examine each petal and leaf.

They're fascinated by nature.

Too often, we let opportunities pass us by
because we do not recognize
that they have been sent from God.
By definition,
an opportunity is a set of circumstances
that makes it possible to do something.
It is an appropriate or favorable time or occasion.
Let us make sure we are sensitive to what God is doing
both in and around us
so we don’t miss what God has in store for us...

Life is a school,
and it is full of wonder!
When was the last time you watched a sunrise
or a spectacular sunset? 

When was the last time you stood on a rock
by the ocean and got drenched by a wave?

Can you recall how it feels to walk bare-footed
on hot sand?
Can you recall how it feels to stroll across
freshly-cut grass?
These are the little things
that can make an ordinary day
into something simple, yet... extraordinary.
It's important to live in the moment.
Living in the moment—also called mindfulness—
is a state of active, open, intentional attention
on the present. 

One of life's sharpest paradoxes
is that our brightest future hinges on our ability to
pay attention to the present moment.

Too often, we let the present slip away,
allowing time to get away... indiscernible.
We sulk over, “If only I had lived life
with a little more freedom, laughed a
little more, and loved a little more.
We go about our day,
never realizing how much information
those missed moments contain.
It would behoove us to closely observe
and apply the lessons taught by nature.
By observing the sounds, smells, and landscape of nature
we come to realize that everything is accomplished,
in nature, in due season.
Nature doesn't rush itself.
Nature respects the natural order.
Nature understands that it can't
"Make things happen."
Nature allows
God's Divine unfolding to happen.
 Nature knows that
God's Divine unfolding
is always sufficient.
 Life is really consciousness of God...
seeing God in all of life.
When we allow our lives to flow and unfold, in God's timing,
that is when creativity occurs which results in manifestation.
When we are led by God in every event and plan
allowing God to lead, order, and guide us...
we can look forward to a new joy.

When I first open my eyes upon the morning meadows

and look out upon the beautiful world,

I thank God I am alive

 Ralph Waldo Emerson  



Everyone looks for meaning in his or her life.
Life with all its great and eternal possibilities,
is, but a brief moment...
a passing opportunity.
The Scriptures are filled with reminders
of how rapidly earth’s sojourn passes.
Let us try to embrace each moment,
and make each moment count.

Some of Mankind’s most enduring

 and fundamental questions are –

What is the meaning of life?

Why are we here?,

What is life all about?,

and... What is the purpose of our existence?


 We believe God has a Divine reason for our existence.

According to Scripture...

we are here to know, honor, and glorify God.

We believe God desires for us to...


We are here to do God's Will, do our best,

and be all that God has planned for our lives.

God's Will be done.

By changing from the inside out...
we can change our lives.
We radiate who and whose we are.


With God there is certainty, gratitude, and joy.
When we make ourselves available to God...
submitting and surrendering to God's will for our lives...
amazing things start to happen in our lives.

We are here to glorify God with our God-given gifts



and talents that God has so graciously blessed each of us with. 


We are here to see and serve God in others.

We are here to go into the world and share

the beauty of God's Good News.

According to Scripture,

So much is uncertain in life.

We go to sleep without knowing that we will get up again.
We cannot tell what tomorrow morning is going to bring.
When we go to sleep every night
we don't know if we will be able to get up the following morning.
We cannot buy, save, or call back the time allotted to us each day,
for life moves on, and is quick in passing.
It is imperative to live every day
as if it is the last day of our life.
Among the top ten things that people on their death bed regret most...
is inability to live a life true to their God-given vision and/or calling.

It is never too early or late for us to realize what is important in life. 


Most people’s greatest lament is...
they failed to live a life with meaning.
They didn’t take that “Chance”,
they didn’t make a contribution, leave a legacy,
do anything important, or even pursue the one thing
that was truly significant to them.
They worry that they’ll leave this Earth
without having seen very much of it—
because they were too busy getting ahead,
being cautious, and planning for the future. 
When we waste our time living for all the wrong things...
i.e., power, wealth, titles, material things,
worldly approval and applause,
the weekend, and/or retirement... to name a few...
we succeed in wasting our lives.

The best thing we can do for the future

is to live with everything we have...

in the present...

 hourglass.gif image by jobrown143

The only real important moment we'll ever have...

is the present moment.

Choosing to live in the past or the future robs us
of our peace of mind and keeps us from
truly living in the now.

 Every moment we live...
is connected by our past,
but we should not stay stuck there.
We can't rewind the events of the day to please ourselves;


this present moment. 

Life unfolds in the present.
“We live in the present, we dream of the future,

and we learn eternal truths from the past.”   

Madame Chiang Kai-Shek

Let us be reminded:

is all there is.

Living in the present means...

  not going into our past or our future.


looking ahead is required at times, to make plans, and set goals,

but NOT if we spend our life there.

Life and time are inseparable.
 We will be judged for how we've used the precious hours
and days allotted to us.
While we never really know how long we have on this earth,
eventually we do realize that it won't be forever.
The average human lives 28,835 days.
As we grow older...
our time in mortality is shortened every moment...
fading like a vapor.
 Occasionally, we may need to stop doing...
and focus on just being in the moment.
We believe... daily smelling the roses
is important to our well being.
  We cannot understand or control life; however, 
we are accountable for how we value and use
our precious time in mortality.

It is not length of life,
 but depth of life. 

- Ralph Waldo Emerson 


Our time on earth has purpose,
it has meaning.

God is well aware of all our shortcomings.

God not only knows all things,
but He also understands all things
because He created everything.
And because God is gracious, merciful, and forgiving...
He loves us exactly as we are right now.

Being alive is to evolve into the

complete person we were created to be.

We don't want to wait till life's brief days are done before we start
to realize how fast life has been passing us by.
Should this be the case,
our final moment may well be one of regret on
“What may have been”
instead of a sense of contentment over
what has been and is being done.

 Believe that life is worth living
 and your belief will help create the fact.
William James

It may behoove us to stop going through the motions
of an unexamined life.
We, as often as possible, should stop and
look deeper into ourselves... examining what's right or wrong,
ethical or unethical.
We should examine the state of our heart, soul, and actions.
We should self-reflect... learning from our mistakes.
We should think about our life...
what we've done with it, and how we've lived it.
We should look and reflect on our choices.
We should examine our decisions to determine if they have been
pointless, misguided, and empty patterns of unconscious repetition.
We should re-think, and question
our own behavior, drives, and actions.
If we find that our life has become a sad song...
we should stop, think, and decide to make the sad song better.
Let us hang on to the unshakable things in life
and not waste our lives in futile fears.
Let us create the space for greatness in every moment.
Every minute of our lives should be savored.
 Let us not squander the precious seconds of our lives.
May we grow, serve, and strive to do our very best
to make the most of our lives each day.  
Life is a series of lessons and stages,
that bring us to where we are now.
Where we go from here,
only God Knows.
The heart of man plans his way,
but God establishes his steps.  
Proverbs 16:9 
May we cling to the Good News
 that we do not travel alone.  
 God goes through the wilderness with us
 to face the loneliness, the temptations,
 and the wild beasts.
  Our journey will have its share of difficulties.

In life there will be wilderness experiences filled with lessons,

 herculean tasks, hard knocks, sorrow, suffering,

 and drugery... 

 that only God can deliver us from.


 Our amazing journey may be poignant at times, 
and at other times heart wrenching.
There will be a variety of truth,
trials, joys, tribulations, inner peace, struggles,
and lessons learned. 
May we honor our journey through life
by following the path that will lead us
to an understanding of life;
its complexities and beauty.
"Enter through the narrow gate.
For wide is the gate and easy is the broad road that leads to destruction,
and many enter through it.
But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life,
and only a few find it. 

Matthew 7:12-14

Let us not postpone living fully,
completely, and righteously.
As we accomplish worthy items on our bucket list...
those accomplishments can help us
to create compelling stories
about how we have lived.
We can influence what we leave behind.
The wealth of ideas and ideals,
the guidance and inspiration each moment holds,
could possibly help future generations to improve themselves
and the world in which they live.
May we always remember and never forget:
We were born with a God-given purpose,
and fulfilling that purpose must be our primary mission in life.
Our fulfillment, satisfaction, and peace of mind
are all tied to that purpose!
Essentially, the message we need to heed is this:
We need to do the things
we were born to do...

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