Not Like Any Other Book

Not Like Any Other Book

The Bible is one of the most influential

and important books ever written.

This is because the Bible contains the Divine power

of our Creator.


There are other good books out there,

but none like the Word of God.


The inexhaustible and trustworthy Word of Almighty God

is in no way an ordinary book.

The Bible is unique among all other books because...

it is from the Author of truth.

No Word that God has spoken

is a mere literary artifact just to be considered.

 God's Word is life-changing and all powerful!

God's Word is unchanging, enduring,

indestructible, full of wisdom, and prophecy.

No other book on earth has been able to

make such an effect in its readers.


The powerful messages in the Bible can be read,

every day, for a lifetime.

There are many verses in Scripture whose meaning

we will not exhaust in a lifetime of reflection.

Each time the passages are prayerfully, faithfully,

and carefully re-read...

we are able to enter into, listen to, meditate on,

and embrace more deeply the mystery that

these significant messages reveal.

The words of the Bible has power to speak to,

shape, change, sustain, and benefit our lives for eternity!

God can speak to our immediate condition
through the Words of Scripture.
The Bible warns us of the consequences of our sinful choices.
It shows us our recklessness and mistakes.

The Bible leads us the right way, reveals the perfect ideal,

and inspires us to live life God's way.


The Bible is one way that God, the wonderful Giver of Life,

speaks to us decisively, powerfully, and authoritatively.


The Bible speaks of... and shows the way of life

from its beginning to its end.


Scripture transforms our thoughts, feelings, decisions, and actions,

with the result that our lives are brought progressively

into greater submission to the will of God.

How blessed we are when we yield our whole life to its influence...

so that we might be guided and fashioned by God's Word.


God's Word answers the call

and speaks to the needs of each of us, of every age.

God's Word instructs us about all matters... that concern life.

God has given us His Word as a Guide

 for our personal conduct and Spiritual growth.

Scripture reveals divine commands, standards, and principles

regarding the way we can live a godly, holy, and obedient life.


God's Word is a Divinely inspired Book for our enlightenment.

It has a much higher than human authorship.

The origin of Scripture is God... not man.


The Bible is not merely the product of human ingenuity

or human opinion... it is God-breathed.

God divinely influenced the human authors

of the Scriptures in such a way

that what they wrote was the very Word of God.

The same God whose creative power

breathed the "Breath of life"

into all of creation...

is the same God who breathed inspiration

into the writers of the Bible.

The testimony is not that the writers were inspired,

but the words are inspired, or God-breathed,

including every inflection of the words.


The Word of God is pure, living, breathing,

powerful, and it is active in our lives.

God's Word is alive... because the Word Himself,

to whom the Bible points, is living and active.


Within the covers of the Bible we discover God,

God's Biblical instructions,

the Commandments of God for our everyday life experiences,

God's authoritative guidance concerning

how we should live and interact with one another,

and the truth we must know in order to be rightly akin to God.


Inside the Bible are the solutions and answers

to the most profound questions and perplexing problems

we could ever have.

The Bible imparts truthful answers regarding life issues.

The Bible is full of principles for equipping, restoring,

and sustaining our lives. These principles were established

by God Himself.


We, by the grace of God,

have an all access pass to God's guidance

through this amazing treasure we call the Bible.

The Word of God goes beyond its written message.

God's Word illuminates our packets of light.

God's Word is a Discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

When God's Word is alive, and moving in and through us...

it can transform our hearts, our thinking, and our lives.

The knowledge we gain from God’s Word equips us

and guides us with everything good for doing God's will.


The truth comprised in the Bible has faultless authority.

Although the Bible has been faithfully preserved

for many centuries...

the truths found in God's Word
are timeless, relative, and relevant to every generation,
situation, or circumstance we might face.

No matter who we are or where we are,

even during those soul searching experiences

filled with anguish beyond words,

we can find, in God's Word, 

a source of solace and comfort.

 “For everything that was written in the past

was written to teach us,

so that through the endurance taught in the Scriptures

and the encouragement they provide

we might have hope”

(Romans 15:4).

 God’s Word is eternal truth.


When the heart is heavy and ear is deaf...

we can read God's written Messages and regain our nearness to God.

God is able to reach down and touch the point of our greatest need

with His word! 


The Bible gives us purpose and direction.

The Bible is a remarkable compilation of books that contains

pure truth about the essence of mankind.

In God's Word the whole of life is revealed.

The Bible communicates to mankind what God is like.

It is the background that supports and testifies to who Jesus is

and what He did.

The Scriptures help us to know God and ourselves.



God's Word provides divine guidance

for every aspect of our lives.

The Bible covers a whole panorama of human experiences.

It also reveals the whole counsel of God to mankind.

God's Word provides... everything for life!


The Bible is a treasury of insight as to who we are

and why we are here.

The Bible is our guidebook for living.

The truths found in Scripture, when applied,

changes the way we approach and handle life and all of its issues. 

God's Word is the foundation for defending truth.

The more we read God's Word...

the deeper our understanding will become,

and the more we will grow in Spirit and Truth.


One can experience real spiritual change if...

 one can truly listen to God, comprehend,

 leave ego out, exercise patience, and trust Scripture.

When one comprehends and applies Scripture to life...

they are usually a lot wiser, concerning the decisions of life,

than those who do not know.

God, who is the Source of wisdom...

gives wisdom and understanding to us as we study the Bible.

This is something for which we can pray (James 1:5).

God's Word provides guidance, and instruction.

God's Word cleans our hearts and minds.

God's Word supplies insights in our trials.

God's Word is our Source of faith and spiritual strength.

God's Word is our perfect Comforter, Blueprint, and Guide.

God's Word gives us consolation and salvation.

God's Word embodies all the knowledge we need

to solve our problems and fill the longing of our soul.

God's Word is an oasis of truth, direction, sanity, and joy.

If we desire for the Word to “Take root” in our lives

so that we produce a harvest that pleases God

(Matthew 13:23), we must ponder, reflect,

and meditate on what we read

and study in God's Word.

The Scriptures have... and always will provide

strength and inspiration to those who trusts them.


The time tested Words of God's counsel... 

comfort and encourage us.

In the midst of hardship and loneliness...

when faced with the destructive winds of adversity...

when our faith has been tried

by persecution, criticism, and scorn...

God's Word never fails to provide the strength,

inspiration, and enlightenment to those who trust and stand

on the firm foundation of God's Mighty Word.


Pondering the sacred pages of the scriptures

can unlock revelations and give us great direction in life.

A scripture that we may have read numerous times before

can take on nuances of meanings that are refreshing

and insightful... especially when we are faced

with a new challenge in life.


Anyone who consistently reads the Bible has, more than likely,

experienced, while reading,

a verse that jumped out... and spoke to that need in their life.  

 God’s Spirit  is able to move the truths

written on the pages of Scripture...

into our hearts!



Our efforts to know who God is and what God is like

lies beyond the capability of mere mortals.

2 Peter 1:21, says,

"For no prophecy was ever made by an act of human will,

but men moved by the Holy Spirit spoken from God."

If we can align our thinking with what God says,

we will approach the Bible humbly, expectantly,

obediently, joyfully, studiously listening,

and doing what it says.

When we approach God's Word in this manner...

we will sense more of its power in our lives.



As we study the Bible,

there is no end to our learning about God.

The best way to know the Father is to read about Him.

The Bible contains everything we need to know about God...

 in order to have a right relationship with God.

The Bible communicates pure truth about God...

what God is like, what God has done,

and what God expects of us,

and none of its contents have ever been found inaccurate.

There may be concepts we do not understand,

but that never negates the fact that God’s Word is accurate.



As we apply God's Message to our lives...

we will grow and change,

and our spiritual life will not just survive,

but it will thrive!


God's Word eases and simplifies the chaos and pain

of our tension-filled world.


The Bible is incredibly important for our growth...

as without it, our feelings, emotions, and imaginations

would dictate what and who we think God is.


We live in a time where the whole atmosphere of life

and God's Word are under critical scrutiny.

The Bible has been exalted, condemned, denied, and

made illegal to own or read in some places.

Some have been tortured to death for trying to access it.

Many have loved and cherished the Bible... some have hated it.

Some have restricted it, prohibited it, debated it,

desecrated it, burned it, discouraged it,

misrepresented it, banned it, and battled over it.

People have sworn on the Bible. Some have sworn at the Bible.

Some have tried to, totally, eradicate God's Word.


God's Word has survived attacks of every kind.

Hundreds of philosophies and scores of religions have been

invented by men in their efforts to circumvent the Word of God.


Some scholars have given the impression

that anyone with a minimum amount of intelligence

could not possibly believe the Bible

as an accurate record from God.

In this they fulfill the Scripture

“For who has known the mind of God?

Or who has become His counselor?”



“Do not boast and lie against the truth.

This wisdom does not descend from above,

but is earthly, sensual, demonic” (James 3:14-15).


Some people have proud hearts and are rebellious

and they do not want to submit to the truth

(Romans 1:18, 1:21–23, 2:14–15).


Some have rejected God of the Bible...

even before they begin to consider

whether God's Word could be true.

When people reject the Bible...

Peter says they are “Willfully” ignorant

(2 Peter 3:5).

It is not a matter of evidence;

they just do not want to be convinced.


People are free to reject God's Word

and do whatever the carnal mind chooses to do.

However, they will be held accountable to God
for the choices they have made.
People who violate
the teachings and wisdom of God's Word...
do so... at their own peril.

Our world is constantly changing,
but “The Word of God stands forever” (Isa. 40:8).
God’s Word cannot be destroyed.
The more God's Word is tried...
the more it shows itself as superior.
Powerful men and entire nations have tried to eliminate the Bible
and destroy it, but they failed because...

Through laughter of skepticism and many dark ages of man,

God's glorious promises have survived... unchanged.

God's Word is the same yesterday, today, and forever. 


The purpose of the Bible is to bring salvation to mankind,

to reveal God to man,  and reveal man's heart and need.

Salvation is a gift from God...

not something we earn by our own efforts...

or just by following rules.

Scripture teaches us that no amount of human goodness,

human works, morality, or religious activity

can gain acceptance with God or get anyone into heaven.

The moral person, the religious person,

  the immoral and non-religious

have all fallen short of God’s perfect righteousness.

Salvation means being saved from the power of sin and from hell.

Through the process of salvation

we are freed from everything that could prevent us

from enjoying eternal life with God. 

The Bible is therefore useful as a guide to salvation

through faith in Christ,

and sufficient for doctrine, correction,

moral and ethical instruction

(2 Tim 3:15-17).

Other common terms for salvation are:

eternal life, being saved, everlasting life,

the kingdom of God, the kingdom of heaven, and going to heaven.


The Bible is the only book in the world

that is read by scores of people from every corner of the world

 and from almost every age range.

The Bible is the only valid and consistent basis

for making moral judgments.

Any other basis for judgment would be a useless upheaval

of conflicting human perspectives.


We should ask ourselves this question:

Are we going to live by God's revelation

or by what seems good to us?


The fact of all facts is...


The Bible is unchanging, absolute, supreme,

authoritative, and infallible.

There is no question of the Bible's veracity.

Once the Bible has been read...

it would be a great absurdity to be indifferent to it;

for its claims are irrefutable and insurmountable.

Everything we think we hear from God

should line up with God's character...

as found in the Bible.

It is very crucial that we follow God's corrections

and directions if we are to grow in His grace.



May we establish our roots deep in God's Word

as we cultivate a continual sweet communion with God.

May the Holy Spirit guide our understanding

of God's Mighty and Precious Word.



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