God is majestic,

perfectly good, just, and righteous. 

God always does what is right and fair,

and God does it consistently without partiality or prejudice.

God is faithful to His promises.

God is not human, that He should lie,

not a human being, that He should change His mind.

Does God speak and then act?

Does He promise and not fulfill?

Numbers 23:19


God is trustworthy, dependable, and reliable. 

God is Love. 

God's character is the very personification of love.

God is Infinite.

 God is without any limits. God is endless, vast, immeasurable,

and universally omnipresent.

God is not confined, as we are, in our understanding. 

God is all-knowing.

God is aware of the past, present, and future.

God's knowledge is total. 

God is matchless.

God has no equals.

God has no contenders.

God is not subject to anything outside of Himself. 

God is Infinitely above everything

that we can understand or say. 

No one can compare to God.

There is no one like God.


God gives life to everything. 

God rules His entire creation.

All of creation depends on God.


  God is the Creator of time.

God is our beginning,
 middle, and end. 
God dwells in eternity.
God is the One who always is
always has been, and will forever be. 
 God is the "Everlasting Father"
(Isaiah 9:6).
God never changes. 


God and God alone is self-sufficient. 

God has life in Himself.  

 God is holy and pure.

God is the Supreme Power.

God is infinitely exalted

 above and beyond all creation.

God is King and Lord

over all creation. 


God is...

 God is the GREATEST!

God works all things in accordance to His divine plan

which is everlasting and unchangeable.

Men's plans often fail. God's plan never does.

According to Psalm 33,

the temporal plans of mankind

are contrary with the eternal, unchangeable

plans of God.

The Psalmist says,

"God nullifies the counsel of the nations;

He frustrates the plans of the peoples.

The counsel of God stands forever,

the plans of His heart

from generation to generation."

(Psalm 33:10-11). 


According to scripture,

"God's plan for life began

 before the world was made." 

As one nation under God

are we trying to

fulfill God's agenda...

God's plan...

or are we trying to fulfill our own agenda?

Are we trusting only governmental agencies, influences,

and their processes,

or are we trusting the power of God Almighty?

Are we attempting to bring ourselves glory...

rather than giving all the praise, honor, and glory to God?

Are we contributing to the decline of our society

by refusing to take a good look at our standards and behaviors?

What are we doing to ourselves?

Are we really



Are we really putting our trust in God

as it relates to the Spiritual state of our nation?

Have we become so arrogant and haughty

that we think we are capable of disconnecting from God

and fixing ourselves?

Have we become the highest authority?

Has our nation wandered from the course God has set for us?

Is it possible that our nation has become rebellious

to the point of deviating from God's will?

Have we become defiant toward Almighty God?

Are we walking with God according to Scripture?

Are we, as a nation, embracing our lower nature

and following ungodliness and worldly desires,

or are we living righteously and being a light in this world?

Are we keeping God in the forefront of all of our affairs?


Who is on the throne of your heart???

God is the Highest Authority of all of creation...

God governs us all.

God will always lead and guide us

to our greatest good...


God is being kept out of our schools,

government, and many other public places.

We believe taking God out of schools, 

government, and public places

has been a dismal failure.

Now people asking questions such as:

Why is there such a moral decline???

 Why are people acting

as if they have no conscience???


When God?s existence is removed...

there is no absolute basis for morals, 

and that deficit takes a toll on the whole.

A country that takes God out of schools,
government, and public places
can easily stray from godly ways
and plummet from righteous living,
prosperity, and success.
Our nation has lost its way and has become a product
of a very sad reality.
Our children face an epidemic level of violence
in our schools.
 It is beyond a coincidence
that every social barometer took a nose dive
once God was banished
  from our our schools,
 government, and public places.
So what has been the result?
People have become uncaring,
 unproductive, disrespectful, and clueless.
 Some of our children do not have a clue about
 consciously applying God's truth to their lives.
 As a result they do not know what is right
 and what is wrong.
 They have been put in a position
where they can easily become
 contaminated, tainted, toxic, and targeted by the
  morally corrupt and perverted things of this world. 
School shootings and gangs are on the rise.
Some of our youth will take a life
without a thought.
There is an epidemic of teen pregnancy,
sexually transmitted diseases, and drug abuse.

Some of our children do not have any respect

for their own parents,

their elders, or themselves.

Some campuses are equipped with metal detectors.
Some are armed with guns....
Ever wonder why schools,
 governments, and families 
have experienced so much chaos???
Can the attempt to remove God,
 out of the equation, have anything to do with
our crumbling values? 
One might ask...
where is God in all of this???
The answer is quite simple... 
God has not been allowed in our schools,
government, and many public places!!!
We have removed our moral Compass,
and we are facing the consequences
of our own decisions.
"The chickens have come home to roost!"
God didn't walk away from us.
We turned and walked away from God!
God's standard of truth has always helped us
 recognize right from wrong.
Scripture warns...
Man's knowledge without wisdom or love
can be pointless.
The purpose of getting knowledge
could be considered worthless
if one's knowledge ?cannot be properly utilized.
Smart people can sometimes feel that they are experts
in what they have been trained for,
and they lose sight of what they do not know.
They can make disastrous decisions based on knowledge
that is incomplete...
because it has not been tested
in the fire of experience,
and that, in and of itself, can be a dangerous thing.
Theoretically, knowledge should automatically
lead to wisdom, but? in reality...
knowledge does not automatically infer wisdom.

So, we find that wisdom is received through
the practical utilization of our knowledge,
 and wisdom is the ability to make a rational

decision, at the right time, utilizing one's knowledge.
Since1960s there has been a disproportionate increase
in the number of teen pregnancies, unwanted pregnancies,
abortions, and at-risk sexual behavior.
 There has been an epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases.
Our educational system is allowed to teach our children
how to put a condom on a banana,
but fails to teach the students to intentionally decide
to abstain and not engage in at-risk sexual behavior.
Why not teach students the way to totally avoid
pregnancy, abortions,
at-risk sexual behavior, and STDs???
It appears that something is fundamentally wrong
when a teacher can be allowed to teach a student
how to put a condom on a banana...
and is not allowed to teach the student 
the importance and benefits of abstinence.

Has anyone bothered to take inventory
to see if we are simply treating symptoms...
rather than diagnosing
and resolving the the real problems?

The evidence is overwhelming and the solution is clear;
God should be in the forefront of all that we think,

will, say, feel, and do.

All that God is and all that God does

is beyond our finite knowledge.

God is not confined, as we are, in our understanding.
God has all the answers.
God is all wise.
God's knowledge is limitless and can never be exhausted.
  • God is the Solution to any problem
    or concern we could ever have.
  • When God speaks...
    it shall be done.
    The Scriptures has a crystal clear message
    about sexuality:
     Abstinence is the intentional decision not to engage
    in sexual activity that brings one in contact
    with another person?s genital body fluids.
    It is time for us to realize that it was NOT a good idea
    to expel God from our schools, government, or lives.
    God's love is the guiding light that illuminates our path

    and fills our daily walk with life, meaning, and wonder.

    People who choose to disconnect from God
    essentially sense that something is missing.
    They feel a void that cannot be filled with achievements,
    accomplishments, knowledge, or any other worldly things.
    They experience emptiness, sometimes bitterness
    because they have cut themselves off
    from the Source of life...

    It is time for America
     to turn back to God. 

    We must eminently determine that our nation is...

    under God.



    God and a wayward nation

     cannot peacefully coexist.

    God is opposed to all that is evil and sinful.

    No evil can be allowed in God's presence.

    "For You are not a God who delights in wickedness;

    evil cannot dwell with You."

     Psalm 5:4

    How can light dwell with darkness? 

    On the surface many can appear to be accomplished,
    fulfilled, and carefree...
    while inside...
    they feel as dead and needy
    as parched grass on a searing summer day.
    The Spiritual fiber of our society is on the brink of imploding.

    Extremely wicked and blatant Spiritual corruption

    is on the rise... causing people to drift further and further

    away from anything resembling a godly and conscious culture.


    The foundation of our society and nation

      is under a relentless attack by the usurper, Satan,

    who hates and rejects God. 

    Satan, the perverter of truth, is attempting to root out God

    and the moral foundations

    upon which our nation was founded.

    Sadly, far too many have allowed themselves to drift with the tide.  


    Satan has a field day when people become willfully ignorant

    and drift outside of God's will. Satan wants to turn people away

    from what is good, true, and morally right. 

    Satan's job is to divide and conquer...

    and he is notorious for using that age old tactic.


    Let us be reminded:

    Those who refuse or drift from God's light...

    are opening themselves up to total darkness.


    Satan wants us to become distant from God.

    He wants to remove and silence any mention of God

    and totally disrespect God's moral laws,

    and Satan has been remorseless

    in his attempts to keep God out of

    every institution of our society.

    Think about it:

    The single most important part of any building...

    is the foundation.

    Can the values and liberties of our nation be thought secure

    when we have removed the Highest Authority and Lawgiver...

    our only firm foundation...


    Let us not allow the spiritual decay in our society

    to drag us away from God

    and God's foundational principles.





    Without God...


    there would be pure darkness.



    Without God...

    our society and nation could not be properly governed.
    In a world without God, 
    people would not have any real sense of good and evil.
    Without God there can be no objective right and wrong. 
    When we leave God out of our lives...
    we become our own rulers and losers... simultaneously.
    Without God there is moral chaos. 

    "People will be lovers of themselves,
    lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive,
    disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy,
    without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good,
    treacherous, rash, conceited,
    lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God."
    2 Timothy 3:2-4

    We can do many things without God such as:
    Acquire wealth, start a business, get an education,
    but only when these things are in God's will
    can we find true joy and fulfillment.
    To leave God out of all that we do or attempt to do
    leaves one with an impoverished existence. 
    We can never be content without God.
    No individual, social circles, or material thing
    can ever give us the pure love
    that our soul and spirit thirsts for.

    Our restlessness and thirst points to the deeper thirst

    that only God can satisfy.

    It is God and God alone who can quench our thirst
    and fill the voids in our hearts and souls to overflowing.


    If God is not in the forefront of all of our thoughts,

    work, will, words, and doings...

    nothing will last,

    everything will crumble!

    When God is left out of our lives...

    the more we willingly allow the world?s thoughts,

    will, words, and doings

    to penetrate, pollute, and corrupt our hearts and minds.


    Without God... our lives would have no purpose.

    Hearts will always remain thirsty, unfulfilled, and restless

    until hearts are at rest in God's pure love

    which can and will fill us to overflowing. 


    A nation without God...

    is a nation in serious trouble!

    Without God...

    all we are left with is despair.


    There is no greater tragedy than abandoning God.  

    When we abandon God...

    our souls are left empty, twisted, restless, and wandering.

    Without God one begins to realize nothing short of sinking sand.

    Without God...

    our most basic beliefs and values

    are lost in a downward spiral.

    It would behoove those who have strayed from God...

    not to take another breath...

    until they have turned back to God.

    "Unless God builds the house, the builders labor in vain.

    Unless God watches over the city, 

      the guards stand watch in vain."


    Essentially, one will come to realize...

    regardless of our endeavors...

    we can do nothing of lasting value...

    unless God blesses our work.

    To exclude God out of our thoughts,

    will, words, and doings

    is the greatest wickedness that can be.

    Our nation seems to have lost its way
    and we stand in great need of
     a God-centered

    God has already planned and designed
    the very best of purpose, joy,
    lessons, wisdom, adventure, and fulfillment
    for our lives.
    It is time for our nation to challenge our conscience...


    and soberly face our role in creating these problems. 

    Are we leaving this world better than we found it

    by leaving God out?

    No one can pass through life without leaving tracks behind.

    Will the tracks we leave be helpful to those coming after us

    in finding their way? 

    It's time for our nation to

     repent of its evil and spiritual rebellion

    against God.


    America needs...




    The human heart longs for something outside itself.



    Sadly, too many spend their lives looking for other things,
    like material possessions, money, fame, fortune, drugs, sex,
    something other than God, to fill the voids in their lives.
    In reality... things only deepen the void.
    Sadly, people remain unfulfilled and wonder why their lives,
    regardless of their lot in life,
    never seem satisfactory.


     Seeking God first is an experience 

     that will revolutionize our hearts, minds, and lives!

    Knowing God is a privilege...

    the greatest privilege of all.

    As we begin to know the Infinite God,

    we are able to develop a relationship with Him,

    rather than to only know about Him. 


    When we are right with God...

    we will be radically transformed. 

    As we keep our minds fixed on God...

    there will be shifts in our attitudes

    and shifts in the order of our priorities.


    Keeping our eyes fixed on God

    helps us to always talk to God,

    praise God, thank God, trust God, and obey God.

     When our hearts, souls, and minds are focused on God...

    we keep a godly perspective.
    When our focus is on God... 
    we can press on to our higher calling 
    regardless of the distractions around us.

    As we fix our eyes on God

     our hearts become steadfast...

    because we are trusting in God!

    When we love God with all our heart and soul... 
    we can fight the good fight of faith, 
    and finish the race.

    When we speak God's Word in faith...

    it will bring deliverance and salvation back into our homes,

    communities, cities, states, country, and the world!


    When we are right with God...

    God will not only show up,

    but God will heal our hearts and our land.


    "Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world,

    but be transformed by the renewing of your minds."

    Romans 12:2


    America, we need to anchor ourselves in God, again.

    God needs to be included in every facet of our lives. 

    In order for us to live the abundant life God has for us...
    and clear a path for the next generation...
    we must, individually and collectively,

    make God and God alone...
    our first priority, always.

    A Spiritual Revival involves a lot of personal examinations.

    It will be a life-changing Spiritual renewal,

    not based on a politics,

    but a personal connection between us and God.

    A God-Centered Spiritual Revival

    will bring about a radical change in our thinking,

    willings, sayings, feelings, and doings.


     We all, individually and collectively, need health and healing.

    A God-Centered Spiritual Revival that
    will reawaken in our hearts a deeper love for God. 
    A God-Centered Spiritual Revival
    will afford us with a new beginning...
    an increased awareness of God's presence and power...
    and a greater respect and appreciation for all mankind.
    A God-Centered Spiritual Revival will help our nation
    find godly solutions to its social ills, economy, education,
    and moral problems. 


    Truly, the world is in trouble, our country is in trouble,

    our neighborhoods, schools, and families are in trouble.

     Let us all, genuinely, pray for the revival of our families,

    communities, cities, states, country, and the world.


    God is filled with infinite love for us.
    Let us, in turn,
    be known as a people who love God 
    with all our heart, soul, and mind.
    America, let us bless God.

    We love 


    and we realize,

    from an acutely conscious and comparative perspective,

    that our country is

    a blessed and exceptional nation.

    God, in His great wisdom,
    has put a hedge of protection all around the United States.

    America is still the land of opportunity, abundant natural beauty,

    freedom, unlimited resources, and possibilities.

    But sadly, we have taken God's constant outpouring of blessings

    and developed this all about us attitude and selfishly refused...

    to bless God in return.


    Scripture reminds us:

    Do not be deceived, God is not mocked;

    for whatever a man sows,

    this he will also reap.

    Galatians 6:7

    This principle also applies to our nation.
    We have freedom of choice,
    but we do not have freedom
    from the consequences of those choices.

    Our nation cannot stay on its present course

    and expect to continue experiencing God's blessing.


    In these perilous times, with so many storms on the horizon,

    it would befit us to wake up and realize that the enemy,

    Satan, is still busy at work, more than ever

    and he wants to divide, confuse, and stir people up.

    He does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him.

    When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources.

    Satan is the father of lies.

    He is a deceiver and master in sowing discord and hate.

    Lies, deception, divisiveness, and evil doings

    are all consistent with Satan's character.

    Satan is darkness,

    and the darkness hates light.


    Satan is not only deadly,

    but often is so well camouflaged...

    many people do not even see him.

    Satan loves for people to be blind, distracted,

    flattered, and gullible to his deceptions.

    He is a cunning, manipulative, and a deceptive liar

    who tries to plant ugly lies and seeds of doubt

    about the goodness of God.

    He tries to silence the voice of God within our hearts.

    He loves to get people caught up in his snare

    so that his devilish intentions can still be carried out.


    Satan is both a lion that devour and a serpent that deceives.

    Many unsuspecting individuals

    are blindsided by Satan's Spiritual attacks.

    We are warned in Ephesians 6:12:

    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood,

    but against principalities, against powers,

    against the rulers of the darkness of this world,

    against spiritual wickedness in high places.


    Satan continues in his warfare and rebellion,



    Satan is alive and well...

    and fiercely fighting against...

    the Living God.  

    He hates God and tries to disrupt and corrupt

    God's plans... by any means.

    He desires the glory

    which belongs to

    God and God alone.

    Satan is on a mission to kill, steal, and destroy

    anything that even reminds him of God..

    Satan wants to bring death to us and our country.

    He wants to murder the pure in heart,

    he wants to kill and steal our peace and joy,

    he wants to drain, destroy, and kill our spiritual life.

    Satan fell because of his pride

    and insatiable desire for prominence.

    He wanted to be like God.

    He wants people to worship and adore him

    and follow his evil ways.

    He is the source of all that is against

    the only true God,

    and Satan is busy.


    Scripture tells us that Satan masquerades himself

    as an angel of light

     telling people what they want to hear.


    May we stay alert,

    standing firm and strong in our faith,

    individually and as a nation.


    The goal of any spiritual attack

    is to turn us away from what God desires to do

    in our lives.

    Satan seeks to accuse us

    so that we feel disqualified from God's use. 



    For there is no authority except from God,

    and those which exist are established by God.

    (Romans 13:1).

    Rulers themselves are placed in their positions of authority

    by God. All authorities are established by God.

     This means that, even if a leader has taken a position by force of arms,

    or through inheritance, or even through a national election

    by the vote of the populace,

    it is ultimately God who allows.

    God is sovereign over all men.



    It is imperative that we humble ourselves, stay alert

    and awake, and not lean on our own understanding

    based primarily on our own perceptions and intellect.


    The time is now for our nation to recognize

    that we cannot fix ourselves.

    We cannot overcome obstacles

    through simple perseverance,

    and human ingenuity.   

    If we trust in God,

    we cannot depend upon our own ability

    to understand everything God is doing.


    We cannot abandoned God...

    and think it is wise to look to the government

    to heal our land.

    We cannot expect change to come to this nation

    through the election of a person,

    no matter which candidate. 

    Our focus should be on God and God alone...

    God delivers! 


    God uses whomever and whatever He wants to use

    in extraordinary ways...

    for His glory. 

    God uses ordinary people.

    The divine love of God turns ordinary acts

    into extraordinary service.

    Sometimes God will allow those

    whom we may least expect,

    to be used by Him in extraordinary ways...

    for His glory.

    God can accomplish His purposes

    through any individual or situation.

    God uses ordinary people, broken people,

    outright disobedient people, haughty people,

    educated people, uneducated people,

    rich people, poor people, messy people,

    people who know long suffering,

     and those who may be strangers to suffering.

     God's purposes...

    will always be accomplished...

    no matter what or who.

    Men may resist and fail to respond to God?s grace,

    but even then...

    God can use bad for good.

    God rules and uses anyone and any situation

    for His own purposes

    as He did with Pharaoh, Moses, Noah,

    Lazarus, Jonah, Joseph, Isaiah, Abraham,

    Elijah, Isaac, Samson, The Disciples,

    Paul, Judas, Gideon, John the Baptist, Peter,

    Jacob, Job, and countless others.




    Regardless of what your politics may be...

    God has the capacity of speaking things into existence, 
    not just galaxies and life forms,

    but solutions to any problem we could ever have...
    individually and collectively. 

    When God's hand is in it... when we let God abide...

    and rest in God's sovereignty...

    we can be assured...

    God will give us peace which surpasses all understanding.

    God's peace will protect our thoughts and emotions,

    but we must keep our eyes fixed on God...

    not on a person or the way things may appear to be.


    "My help comes from the Lord,
    the Maker of Heaven and earth."



    Psalms 121:1,2










    Regardless of who occupies the highest seat,

    on the nation or world stage,

    we are never defeated...

    unless we remove our firm foundation...


    God can fix our nation,

    and God can work through

    whomever He chooses. 

    May we always remember and never forget...

    no matter which method or person God uses,

    it expresses God's love.

    Now, more than ever, is the time for

    America to rise up

    and live up to what is written.


    Psalm 33:12 reminds us,

    God always wants the best for us.

    The nation who acknowledges God

    is a nation God can bountifully bless. 

    Our nation can truly rise and be richly blessed

      by keeping God in the forefront...

    no matter what.


     So, let us get...

    Let us always remember and never forgot
    God's presence and God's promises.

    It matters not what the circumstances are,


    God is still God!


    When we surrender all to God, the Creator of all things,

    Who is above all things, Who rules over all things,

    and governs all things...

    then we will truly be blessed

    with the security, freedom, and peace

    our country and this world

    consciously or unconsciously seeks.


    The way we perceive God is of great significance.
    The way we perceive God influences our intentions,
    our actions, and our opinions.
    Our perception of God directly influences
    our desire to, sincerely, make right choices in life.

    May we, as a nation, pray and surrender

    all that we think, will, say, feel, and do

    to God.

    God is able to change hearts

    and make not only our country,

    but our world a loving, peaceful,

    and healed land.




    It is time for us to reassert our trust in God,
    keep God in the forefront
    of all of our affairs.





    It is a crucial time for our nation to collectively
    seek God's divine intervention.
    Let us pray for God's guidance
    and blessing on our nation. 
    Let us pray not only for our nation,
    but for our leaders, for all who govern us,
    and for all who are in authority in any way.?
    Let us pray that the kingdom of righteousness
    be manifested in their hearts
    as they receive the wisdom of God.
    May all who are in authority realize
    and focus on God's infinite goodness
    within themselves and within all humanity.
    Let us pray that all who are in authority
    will bear the marks of God's love, presence, and power,
    and not become susceptible to lies and evil undertakings.
    Through the wisdom of God
    may all those in authority of this land
    be unified in thought and purpose to properly and
    uprightly govern and guide our nation.
    May they all do what is good and acceptable
    in the sight of God.

    May God bless our nation as we return and follow God
     with God-fearing, humble hearts. 
    May we, as a nation, act in obedience to Almighty God.
    From this day forward...
    May America's greatest desire be to open our hearts
    and allow the Spirit and power of God
    to flow in our lives...

    It is time for all God fearing individuals

    to be agents of change, reconciliation, and unity.

    Now is the time to lead our country toward behaviors

    that will honor Almighty God.

    America, let us never turn our backs on God again.


    We believe a major shift...

    a Spiritual awakening is taking place

    in our country and all around the world.

    Many will be disappointed as they look to their finances,

    and other worldly platforms for answers.

    But for those of us who look to God...

    we will see God's hand all over this land.


    Now is time for each of us

    to turn back to God...

    and trust God...





    Holy is the character of God Himself.

    Our sovereign God is all knowing,

    all-wise, and all-powerful.

    May we always remember and never forget:

    As God is glorified,

    God's people...


    God is purely unique,

    transcendent, supreme,

    without parallel, and without a coequal. 


    are inexhaustible treasures

    that belong to God

    and God alone! 

    God is subject to nothing

    and answers to no one.

    This is who our Holy God is. 

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