Our Help is here all the time.


Unlike us, God knows what will happen tomorrow,

next week, next year, the next decade. 

He says, "I am God, and there is no one like Me,

 declaring the end from the beginning."


God knows what will happen in the world.

More importantly, He knows what

will occur in our lives

and is always there for us,

if we've chosen to include

Him in our lives.

We can rely on God to be with us in

times of crisis as well as during times of calm.


When we're faced with a crisis...

there is nothing God can NOT do. 

May we do what we can do... and trust that
God will do what we can't do.
God is trustworthy and it is in Him whom we
should invest our treasure of trust.

This doesn't mean that those of us who know God
will escape difficult times... we won't.
Those who know God will be involved in suffering, but there is a
peace and a strength that God's presence gives. The Scriptures remind us: "We
are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair;
persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed."
God knows what we want, what we need
and the difference between the two.
God is able to make all things right.
No matter how hopeless or futile a situation may be...
God is able.

  No problem has the capacity to be insurmountable to God.

 God is bigger than all the problems,

 and we are not left alone to deal with them.


It is often our impulse to seek help first from friends, family, doctors, or

material resources. It is not wrong to seek help from these sources,

but we must always recognize and realize that

God is ultimately our Source of strength and help.

God preserves and sustains when other things fail.

We can spread our concerns out before God. 



God is both willing and able

to help His people.

He is the only Sovereign.


It is impossible to fight without sure footing.

Trust... there is no stability apart from God.

God is our Source of stability.

‘Ever think about thanking God

for the problems?’


(Ephesians 5:20)

What does Need Mean?


 Need is a condition requiring

supply or relief;

poverty, obligation, a lack of

something requisite,

desirable, or useful.

To require, to be necessary;

to be in want. 


The adversary is an antagonist who works

overtime in an effort to keep willing souls

perplexed... and in a quandary.


An ‘enemy’ can be an adversary, an

opponent, someone who opposes us, hates us or seeks to harm us.

This antagonist loves to see others confused, 

fretting because of deep waters, at the edge of the cliff,

puzzled, distracted, uncertain, in shambles... in a constant

state of disorder.


We may be at home alone, at our wit's end. 
Out of options and alternative courses of action. 
We've just lost our job. 
In a week, the rent or mortgage is due,
as well as the phone,
light, cable, car, and water bill. 
We are becoming frustrated and confused.

  The situation is not good. 
    In other words,    
 We are at a standstill...
an impasse.

  In a week we could lose everything!
 When there is no more help available and things are about
as bad as they can get, 
short of physical affliction,
loss of a precious relationship,
or the death of a loved one...
May we always remember and never forget...

God provides according to each day's need.

God is of total order and certainty and He is concerned

with our potentials and what He can do

for us and through us.

There is nothing God cannot do.


Hold on! 

God will come through!

May we pray constantly

and give thanks in all situations.  

Be steadfast.

God will provide.


 No matter how upside down life gets,

nothing will blot out the eyes of God over His children.

God never sleeps nor slumbers.

 He is watching over us, and He will provide.


In due season,

God's blessings will show forth.

If we try on our own, we fail.  

We are able in God only.


Would you recognize an angel

if you saw one?

  We often do not recognize

when God sends an angelic being

to interact with us.

…you may be entertaining Angels unawares…”


 Angels are personal spirit beings,


each having a mind of greater capacity


and ability than ours.


They are capable of attitudes, purposes and intentions.


But as wonderful and powerful as angels are,


they have no authority apart from God.


 God still has all authority...


God is in complete control...


over all spirit beings in heaven and on earth.


We should, therefore,


direct all our requests for our needs


to God,


not to angels.


God might allow poverty to touch His people

for their own eternal good. 

In times of trouble...

if our eyes are fixed toward the world,

we will run in a worldly direction seeking help.

Comfort and safety does not come

 through the power of the flesh. 

Our help always comes from God! 

 Your unfailing love, O God is as vast as the Heavens;

Your faithfulness reaches beyond the clouds.



I have never seen the righteous forsaken 

or their children begging bread.

Psalm 37:25  

If we try on our own, we fail. 

Comfort and safety does not come

 through the power of the flesh.

May we focus on God’s strength! 

 Our help always comes from God!


May we lift our eyes to the Hills and remember

where our Help comes from.

  As long as our eyes are fixed on God

and in His direction,

we are careful to remember that

God is the Source of our help

on all levels.


In times of trouble...

if our eyes are fixed toward the world,

we will run in a worldly direction

seeking help from a world that can fail us.

Let us not focus on the world or how we feel.

Let us keep our eyes fixed on God,

and know that all is well.


We are able in God only. 

If we truly turn to God, He will care for us as no one else does, and in a way

that no one else can. 

May we focus on God’s strength!  

 May we lift our eyes to the Hills

and remember

where our Help comes from. 



For everyone who asks receives;

everyone who seeks finds;

and to everyone who knocks,

the door will be opened."

 Matthew 7:7-8  

   Though each day of our lives

can bring seemingly insurmountable challenges,



always remember and never forget



 God has stated He will never leave us



or forsake us.




 Reality tells us that we will experience problems in life.

However, if we go through them while knowing God, 

we can react to them

with a different perspective and with a strength

that is not our own.



God can turn our entire world around!


I believe, it is God's desire that we rely on and experience

His strength, love, justice, holiness and compassion...

no matter what.



God is the only reliable One.




May we be at peace  in His presence today

and remember everything God has done for us...
all the times God has delivered us...
and all the times that God has blessed and intervened in our lives.




The difficult way is almost over. 

Our Help is here all the time!

May we trust God in everything.





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We are able in God only.

If we try on our own, we fail. 

Today I hope you are inspired 

and you feel a spark in your faith. 


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