This website is somewhat of an account 

of some of the most challenging years 

of adversities andhardships I have

 experienced during my spiritual 


This website development was born, March 23, 2009,

from a deep cry within my spirit. I was going through 

an onslaught of terribly harsh situations. 

was wounded, hurt, devastatingly shocked, and tired. 

These messages were born in prayer, bathed in tears, 

and founded on the Word of God.

This website draws heavily upon God's Word. 

Our views do not speak for or to any specific religion. We believe Spirituality 

extends far beyond the known and observable realm of worldly barriers and 

designations perceived between ourselves and others.

We believe, it is important when pain comes our way to honor the experience. 

Even the most painful events always contain hidden blessings. As painful as many 

of the hard knocks have been... some of my most precious lessons learned... have 

been in the school of affliction. Many of the painful and difficult situations I have 

gone through have been my greatest teachers who taught me powerful life lessons 

I would not have learned any other way. 

While in the classroom and season of my pain I discovered blessings, growth, 

conviction, strength, and purpose. I became an honor student in the school of hard 

knocks and discovered, first hand, that God is able to use even the most painful 

suffering for good.

I have come to realize through many of these difficult experiences... that the 

afflicted can be most effective. Tragedies, sorrows, and sufferings can be blessings 

in disguise.

As painful as many of the hard knocks have been... many of the heinous 

situations I have gone through have been great groomers and pruners for character 

building. I am grateful to witness the pain and the many disappointments giving 

way to, what I believe are,  God's mighty appointments. 

The knowledge, observations, and up-close experiences have helped me to grow 

in my spiritual walk and equipped me with extremely meaningful and 

worthwhile life lessons that may be beneficial to others.


Those painful experiences have become my spiritual work and service. They are  

helping me to grow. I'm learning and have learned many powerful lessons from 

these experiences and it has become a passion for me to share what and Who I 


Some of our virtual chapters, in this website, will touch on many of the trials and 

tribulations, by the grace of God, I have been blessed to pass through.

These meaningful and worthwhile experiences, although painful, have and are

 richly educating and enriching my life. They have proven to be extremely

 useful and relatable to anyone who needs to change their direction. They have 

been a reminder of what is important in life, Who we should put our trust in, 

and Who we can always depend on.

We believe some of the richest, fullest, and most fruitful lives are those lives that 

have been in the crucible of testing and tribulation.

Our main purpose for developing this website is to do all we can with what we 

have... in the time we have... in the place we have been planted. Trust, it is not to 

place ourselves as the experts or as flawless individuals without faults or failures.

Having a heart for God does not equal human infallibility. 

There are times when we all regrettably do things and speak without thinking first, 

make bad judgement calls, and behave immaturely. In other words, none of us are 

incapable of making mistakes or being wrong.

We realize we are flawed and far from perfect. We certainly do not have a 

shortage of faults. We know that we have much more to learn, this is why, with 

great intentionality...we humbly remain teachable spirits and usable channels for

 Greater Works.

We believe, our contribution to the world is part of our challenge and is essential if 

we are to develop our talents and pursue God's best for our lives.

We know that we cannot open someone's heart to 

God's Truth, but God can.

God has moved the hearts of people throughout history to achieve His plans and 

purposes for each generation. God is able to use any of us to influence the 

aristocratic and kingly, the governors, the bureaucrats, dignitaries, the pauper and 

the working class to work toward His purposes.

God chooses anyone He desires, regardless of their accomplishments, skills, or 

special experiences. We are fully aware that God does not necessarily call the 

equipped; but God equips the called.

God has a way of orchestrating a series of unlikely events that will work together 

for our good. God is well aware of what is going on behind the enemy lines and 

He knows exactly what it will take for us to become His mighty warriors. 

God delights in taking what the eyes of the world may 

see as worthless, meaningless, insignificant, and

 unimportant to do the most extraordinary things. The 

Scriptures can certainly back up these claims.

We believe, good goals are living breathing statements of who we are becoming, 

and they should not be motionless, inflexible, fixed representations of what we 

may have once longed for.

Our goal is not to secure applause and/or accolades. Applause and accolades, to 

flatter and stimulate the ego, are empty and fleeting. We believe, good goals are 

living breathing statements of who we are becoming. They are not motionless,

 inflexible, fixed representations of what we may have once longed for.

Our goal is to humbly remain driven to do God's Will, 

to add to, build upon and improve the quality of life 

for others and ourselves... despite what we can or 

cannot see.


☆We know that all things in Heaven and on earth are under God's authority. 

☆We know that God has a purpose and plan for our lives, and God's plans for us 

are far superior to our ambitions. 

☆We know that God has a way of orchestrating a series of unlikely events that 

will work together for our good.

☆We know that God, Who breathed life into us loves us enough to plan for our 


☆We know that God has promised that if we will seek Him, we will find Him, 

and we will also discover His Will for our lives.

We are taught that if we 

“Seek this first, all the other things shall be 

added unto us.”

“As we keep on asking, we will receive what we ask for. Let us keep on 

seeking, and we will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to us. 

For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who 

knocks, the door will be opened”

  Matthew 7:7

☆We know that during times of testing God strengthens and builds our character 

and revives our soul with new insights and deeper revelations. He gives us 

wisdom, and fills us with joy, even in the midst of it all. And out of our

 greatest tests comes... our greatest testimonies!

☆We believe glorifying God begins with agreeing with everything God says, 

especially about Himself.

We know that God's thoughts and ways are not like ours. As I open my eyes to the 

incredible work God is doing around me, I am awed by His wonderful deeds and 

unfathomable kindness to me. God's marvelous ways have brought me to a 

humble recognition of the magnitude of His goodness, greatness, dominion, 

majesty, and might... all of which I am totally undeserving of. 

I trust God's ways completely.

1Corinthians 10:31

“Do all to the glory of God.” 

We believe this is the first principle of all godly life. The “Glory of God”—the 

carrying out of God's Will.

We know that we cannot open someone's heart to 

God's Truth, but God can.

We are endeavoring to positively and creatively sow inspirational seeds of 

goodness and serve as a source of Spiritual upliftment to help us all live a less 

fretful, a more fruitful, creative, and all-around improved life.

We pray the contents of this website will serve as a storehouse of encouragement 

and be a fresh incentive for individuals to obtain strength, victory, and a spiritually 

richer and more fulfilling life.

May the uplifting words equip and point readers back to their purpose and the path 

that they committed to before birth,

and mostly...

may these humble offerings equip and point others


to live a more awakened life by turning back to

the Perfect One within us...

Who is Majestic, Perfectly Good, Just, Righteous, 

Without Partiality, Faithful to His Promises, 

Intimately Aware of All of Creation... and "Able to Do 

Exceedingly Abundantly Above All that we Ask or 

Think"... simultaneously!

Some of the important and painful life lessons we are learning and have learned,

are being passed on to the next generation so they may avoid costly mistakes

and have a deeper and better understanding of life.

Just as our ancestors generously passed-on pearls of wisdom to us... we are freely 

sowing seeds so that future generations may reap the vital life lessons we learned, 

as well as glean from the wisdom, perspectives, and happiness we have acquired 

throughout the years.