This website development was born, March 23, 2009,

from a deep cry within my spirit. I was going through 

an onslaught of terribly harsh situations. 

was wounded, hurt, devastatingly shocked, and tired. 

It is important when pain comes our way to honor the experience. As painful as 

many of the hard knocks have been... many of the painful and difficult situations I 

have gone through have been my greatest teachers. The knowledge, the 

observations, and up-close experiences have equipped me with a message.

 Those painful experiences have become my spiritual work and service. I am

 witnessing the pain and disappointments giving way to God's mighty 


Some of our virtual chapters, in this website, will touch on many of the trials and 

tribulations, by the grace of God, I have been blessed to pass through.

These meaningful and worthwhile experiences, although painful, have and are

 richly educating and enriching my life. They have proven to be extremely

 useful and relatable to anyone who needs to change their direction while they can, 

a reminder of what is important in life, Who we should put our trust in, and Who 

we can always depend on.

We believe some of the richest, fullest, and most fruitful lives are those lives that 

have been in the crucible of testing and tribulation.

This website is somewhat of an account of some of 

our most challenging years of adversities and

hardships I have experienced during our spiritual 


Our main purpose for developing this website is to do all we can with what we 

have... in the time we have... in the place we have been planted. Trust, it is not to 

place ourselves as the experts or as flawless individuals without faults or failures.

Having a heart for God does not equal human infallibility. There are times when 

we regrettably speak without thinking first, make bad judgement calls, and  

behave immaturely. In other words, we are definitely not incapable of making 

mistakes or being wrong.

We realize we are flawed; we are far from perfect, and we certainly do not have a 

shortage of faults. We know that we have much more to learn, this is why, with 

great intentionality...we humbly remain teachable spirits and usable channels for

 Greater Works.

This website is based on the idea of freely offering inspiration, motivation, and 

edification as a gift rather than trading or asking for monetary support.

We are not here to judge or condemn others. 

 It is not our purpose to make you agree with us, but rather to point you to the One 

who can do anything, created and controls everything!

We know that we cannot open someone's heart to 

God's Truth, but God can.

God has moved the hearts of people throughout history to achieve His plans and 

purposes for each generation. God is able to use any of us to influence, the 

aristocratic and kingly, the governors, the bureaucrats, dignitaries, the pauper, and 

the working class to work toward His purposes.

God chooses anyone He desires, regardless of their accomplishments, skills, or 

special experiences. We are fully aware that God does not necessarily call the 

equipped; but God equips the called.

God has a way of orchestrating a series of unlikely events that will work together 

for our good. God is well aware of what is going on behind the enemy lines and 

He knows exactly what it will take for us to become His mighty warriors. 

God delights in taking what the eyes of the world may 

see as worthless, meaningless, insignificant, and

 unimportant to do the most extraordinary things. The 

Scriptures can certainly back up these claims.

We believe we draw people to God by walking the talk... not by discrediting who 

people are, what others have done, how far "Out there" they are, or what they 

believe. We believe others will desire to know the Source of our joy... as we

let God's Light shine through us.

Our Purpose Is to Glorify God and get 

back to God's goal.

Our goal is not to secure applause and/or accolades. Applause and accolades, to 

flatter and stimulate the ego, are empty and fleeting.

Our goal is to humbly remain driven to do God's Will, 

despite what we can or cannot see.


☆We know that all things in Heaven and on earth are under God's authority. 

☆We know that God has a purpose and plan for our lives, and God's plans for us 

are far superior to our ambitions. 

☆We know that God has a way of orchestrating a series of unlikely events that 

will work together for our good.

☆We know that God, Who breathed life into us loves us enough to plan for our 


☆We know that God has promised that if we will seek Him, we will find Him, 

and we will also discover His Will for our lives.

We are taught that if we 

“Seek this first, all the other things shall be 

added unto us.”

“As we keep on asking, and we will receive what we ask for. Let us keep on 

seeking, and we will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to us. 

For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who 

knocks, the door will be opened”

  Matthew 7:7

☆We know that during times of testing God strengthens and builds our character 

and revives our soul with new insights and deeper revelations. He gives us 

wisdom, and fills us with joy, even in the midst of it all. And out of our

 greatest tests comes... our greatest testimonies!

☆We believe glorifying God begins with agreeing with everything God says, 

especially about Himself.

God's thoughts and ways are not like ours. As I open my eyes to the incredible 

work God is doing around us, I am awed by His wonderful deeds and 

unfathomable kindness to me.

God's marvelous ways have brought me to a humble recognition of the magnitude 

of God's goodness, greatness, dominion, majesty, and might... all of which I am 

totally undeserving of. 

I trust God's ways completely.

1Corinthians 10:31

“Do all to the glory of God.” 

This is the first principle of all godly life. The “Glory of God”—the carrying out 

of God's Will.

We know that we cannot open someone's heart to 

God's Truth, but God can.

We are endeavoring to positively and creatively sow inspirational seeds of 

goodness and serve as a source of Spiritual upliftment to help us live a less fretful, 

a more fruitful, a more creative, and all-around improved life.

We pray these seed thoughts, illustrations, and wholesome nuggets will, in some 

way, reach out and speak to the needs of those who are often overlooked, 

marginalized, deprived, and forgotten.

We pray these seed thoughts will provide Biblical, applicable, and timely spiritual 

upliftment to those who are living under severe hardships, sadness, fear,

self-criticism, creative blockage, doubt, persecution, grief, criticism, scorn, and 

any other challenges one may face.

We pray the contents of this website will serve as a storehouse of encouragement 

and be a fresh incentive for individuals to obtain strength, victory, and a spiritually 

richer and more fulfilling life.

May the uplifting words equip and point readers back to their purpose and the path 

that they committed to before birth,

and mostly...

may these humble offerings equip and point others


to live a more awakened life by turning back to

the Perfect One within us...

Who is Majestic, Perfectly Good, Just, Righteous, 

Without Partiality, Faithful to His Promises, 

Intimately Aware of All of Creation... and "Able to Do 

Exceedingly Abundantly Above All that we Ask or 

Think"... simultaneously!

God Is Ever Present Within the Innermost Heart of 

All. We believe, this is the Personal Journey We All 

Yearn to be on.

We believe within each of us is the Fountain of all good. We believe God is within 

every one of us. We believe God is ever-present and dwells within the innermost 

heart of man. We firmly believe we shall find God within ourselves when we turn 

and seek God... within ourselves.

May we seek the Oneness within.

This website draws heavily upon God's Word. 

Our views do not speak for or to any specific religion. We believe Spirituality 

extends far beyond the known and observable realm of worldly barriers and 

designations perceived between ourselves and others.

We believe God is Truth, 

and God's Truth is trans-cultural.

We believe if something is true, it is true for all people, in all places, at all times.

We believe Spirituality transcends the material aspects of life, the diversity of 

race, color, language, and sect, and helps us realize the dignity of each individual.

 This typically means being less self-serving, overcoming ego, overcoming

 self-righteous indignation, elevating our consciousness, and emulating the 

characteristics of our Creator.

We believe there is One God and Father from whom 

all things are.

We do not believe in being held captive by tradition.

When our attitudes and actions are consistent with the teachings of Jesus... we can 

share, act, and come together. We believe everything that is needed to build 

a culture of peace already exists within each one of us. 

We believe, God is ever-present within us all, and

God’s reign is universal.

“The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof” (Psalm 24:1).

We are commanded to share the bread of life... to tell the Good News of God,

the Greatest News to share,

with every tribe, nation, and tongue. 

One Voice
Gladys Knight (One Voice)
We believe God's love extends far beyond imaginary man-made barriers and 

worldly designations, i.e., race, tribe, creed, color, gender, language, age, culture, 

disability, political beliefs, educational background, or socio-economic 

differences, experiences, or realities.

God's sovereignty is not limited to a single nation or a 

single country. God is the Lord of all the world, for He 

is its Creator.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, we are all interconnected, living the human 

experience, breathing the same air, and eating food grown out of mother earth...

and no matter how far away we live... every one of us are literally sharing her. 

Our deep-seated aversions to different races, tribes, colors, genders, languages, 

cultures, etc., may actually be our response to fear that those qualities we see in 

others... also exist in us.

There is One God and Father.

We all share and depend on the same Divine Creator. 

All of creation are a part of God's exquisite and 

divine plan. God gives pure love, life, breath, and 

spirit to everyone. God transcends all as well as 

emanates in all. 

How fortunate we are to have such a wellspring of diversity in creation. Every 

aspect of our spiritual and emotional intelligence and individuality contributes to 

the rich fabric of mankind. 

Our music, art, customs, and colloquialisms are just a few of the threads we weave

together to form the exquisite patchwork of society. Such diversity creates a rich, 

interesting and multi-hued world that not only enriches our environment, but 

enriches us personally. Such diversity adds richness to our ideas and instincts, our 

actions and approaches. This richness optimizes our ability to face today’s 

challenges, compelling us to revisit and re-examine paradigms of the past.

Every thread is guided by the unspeakably tender hand of God. Everybody's story 

is important in this huge, rich, beautiful, and diverse tapestry. Every individual is 

like a thread and each thread has a vital contribution to make. Each thread has 

possibility. Each thread can make a positively good difference.

We believe that we fall short when we take a narrow view of the world and give in 

to stereotyping. Given that... one cannot rise above destructive and violent 

rhetoric. We believe the idea of difference, worldly isms, and class privilege 

are interlocking systems of oppression. They appear to be natural; however, 

they are, in fact, socially constructed and are used to rationalize inequality and 

all kinds of isms.

Spirit makes us relevant to anyone, anywhere, anytime. The Scriptures affirm the 

fundamental equality of all people before God. God's Word is very clear in telling 

us that no one is insignificant. Every single person is important, vital, and valuable

 to God. 

May we embrace the common thread that weaves the complex tapestry of life 


It is our belief that if God is at work in our hearts giving us the desire to lovingly 

help others come to experience the joy in knowing Him and realizing and 

experiencing His love, especially considering the times and issues we are faced 

with in this fallen world, we would limit ourselves and be a disservice to the 

Kingdom of God if we did not share or chose to share only from one culture, 

laced with isms and ego.

We believe, with God in the forefront of all of our affairs, we can rise above 

narrow and habitual ways of thinking about other beings and free ourselves from 

identification with the temporary state of our physical forms as we remember our 

true nature.

We strongly believe when truth is well wrapped in God's grace... we are able to 

effectively witness to every tribe, nation, and tongue.

**Every tribe, nation, and tongue emphasizes the concept of wholeness, 

entirety, or all-encompassing.

We are all the work of God's hand.

-- Isaiah 64:8. 

We believe that now with advanced technology, nuclear energy, and computers as 

factors in society, we must seize the moment and become intentional about

 embracing and celebrating all races and cultures. We believe, inclusion propels us 

forward in Unity to our Divine Destiny.

God's message is always

one of inclusion.

The love of God is not confined to national boundaries, but extends to all nations, 

tribes, cultures, tongues, and peoples.

We declare the Good News to all the nations because God is King over all the 

nations. Everyone on the face of the earth needs to hear The Good News because 

it applies to all of creation. It is about us all. It is for us all.

Revelation 7:9-10: “I looked, and behold, a great multitude ... 

of all nations, tribes, peoples, and tongues

standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, with 

palm branches in their hands, and crying out with a loud voice, saying,

 ‘Salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb!’”

Spirituality extends beyond the sanctuary and the

 practice of religion.

Diversity did not stop Jesus. 

Jesus always included people.

Jesus embraced others with a radical disregard for their race, tribe, creed, color, 

class, religion, language, age, culture, disability, political beliefs, educational

 background, or socioeconomic differences, experiences, or realities. 

"Jesus ransomed people for God from every tribe and language and people and 


Revelations 5:9

We believe those of us who know God know that no one can annul what God has 

planned and purposed. As we wholeheartedly pursue a relationship with God and 

follow Jesus' lead... we, too, can boldly and bravely take advantage of every 

opportunity to exalt God publicly... especially in our, sincere, actions and words.

Jesus did not allow social status or cultural barriers to dictate His relationships 

with people. It didn't matter who people were, where they had been, or how

 long they had been out there.

Tradition, cultural restrictions, or the displeased, indignant, self-righteous, 

fighting-mad, irate behavior of a few sneering scoffers on the sidelines, did

 not discourage Jesus. Jesus made the most of every opportunity to minister to 

souls that were callused, in despair, and thirsting for truth. 

Jesus was criticized for His actions, but 

what prophet ever lived without 


Jesus' example shows us that we should not allow worldly barriers, such as 

geographical limits to particular countries, communities, religions, or traditions to 

dictate whom we share the Good News with.

Jesus promised:

The Spirit will empower us to be witnesses.

We have been bountifully blessed to benefit and glean from the life experiences 

of many determined people, nations, cultures, and generations. 

Our mentors generously passed-on to us wonderful 

pearls of wisdom and treasure troves of truth, beauty, 

and pragmatic advice. Their rich experiences and 

deposits sown... have been invaluable to us.

Some of the important and painful life lessons we are learning and have learned,

are being passed on to the next generation so they may avoid costly mistakes

and have a deeper and better understanding of life.

Just as our ancestors generously passed-on pearls of wisdom to us... we are freely 

sowing seeds so that future generations may reap the vital life lessons we learned, 

as well as glean from the wisdom, perspectives, and happiness we have acquired 

throughout the years.

Then Jesus said to them...

tell everyone the Good News!

There will be times in our lives when we will need the power of our voice. We 

believe, one willing, righteous, God fearing voice can make a positively good