God spoke light into existence.

"Let your light shine before others, that they may 

see your good deeds and glorify your 

Father in heaven. 

Matthew 5:16

To let our light shine is not “to be seen of men,” and 

win their praise, but to win men, through our use of 

the light which we know to be not our own, but to 

glorify the Giver of the light. 

We have been blessed with another 

day... another opportunity to get 

life right.

Allowing our light of faith to shine in a dark world can 

bring about real change for the better in our lives. 

Our lamps may be different, but 

the Light is the same: it comes

 from God.

 We are each born into this world with unique gifts. 

Within each of us is God. The unbound light of God 

within us could potentially make the world a more 

beautiful place. 

When we undermine our light by setting it aside 

or hiding our skills, talents and natural abilities 

under a basket... we could very well be denying 

ourselves and others a wealth of beautiful life 


When we glorify God in everything 

we do, our lives will point 

people to God. This is when our 

light shines best. 

May our light shine before others, so they may 

see our good works and give glory to our Father 

Who is in heaven.

Matthew 5:16  

The Scriptures reminds us that worldly possessions 

will never last, compared to heavenly treasure. We 

build treasures in heaven by bringing God glory in 

everything we do.

Are we living to glorify God, or ourselves?


The Scriptures tell us, “Do not lay up for 

yourselves treasures on earth, where moth 

and rust destroy and where thieves break in

 and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures

 in heaven, where neither moth rust destroys and

 where thieves do not break in and steal.

All of us are guilty of being shortsighted when it

 comes to our personal “investments”, thinking 

that the only timeline that matters is our time 

on earth rather than our personal eternities.

Matthew 6:19-20

A love for the world, and all that it has to offer, 

can corrupt even the sincerest believer. 

Deep in every person's heart there is a desire that God 

might use them for greater good. There is nothing that 

remotely approaches this kind of exhilaration, iterms of 

the satisfaction, excitement and fulfillment we 

experience when we believe we are being used or have 

been used as an instrument in the hands of Almighty 

God to do some of His work... to change the direction 

of someone's life, perhaps, to prevent an injury, to resolve 

an argument, to answer a challenge, to heal a weakness, 

to rebuke a demon, or to point a family, community, city, 

state, country or world back to God.

Each and every one of us were created to fully 

utilize our awesome potential of light in every 

corner we happen upon.

In the Scriptures, light is referenced as truth and wisdom. 

God delights to shine truth into the darkness of ignorance.

For some, we are taught to hide our light from the world.

Light is built into the very fabric of our universe!

It is far better to shine the light we have within

 us... than hide our light. Light is often associated 

with wisdom. 

The word “enlighten” means to share knowledge

 or understanding (especially spiritual insights).

When people are inspired by new creative ideas, 

they speak about a “light bulb” moment.

When people gain a better perspective on a situation, 

they see things “in a new light.” 

Light also stands for truth. Light is a wonderful thing!

How dare we dig deeper and get the answers... then 

hide the light given to us, under a basket? It serves no 

purpose. Light is truth and wisdom.

Without light, there would be no sight. 

When light from an object can move through 

space and reach our eyes we are able to see.

Life can’t exist in darkness, and this is why we are 

called to let our little light shine, wherever we find 


God delights to shine truth into the darkness of 

ignorance, and wisdom into the murk of foolishness. 

God is able to light a spiritual path through the

 darkness of this fallen, sinful world. 

Have you ever thought about the first words spoken 

by God in the Bible?

"Let there be light," 

and there was light. God saw that the light was good,

 and He separated the light from the darkness. God 

called the light "day," and the darkness He called 

"night." And there was evening and there was 

morning... the first day.


The light of hope is always stronger than the 

darkness of discouragement and despair.

The tiniest light in the hush of night

 is of immense use!

This principle can be seen simply by entering a dark room 

and lighting a candle there. The light will be visible 

in the midst of the darkness, even if there’s just a small 

flicker of light in a vast amount of darkness. 

The gifts we were born with were not given to us 

haphazardly. While we may never discover what impact 

our light has had on others, we can be sure that when we 

embrace our talents and share them with others, we will 

extend light in the world.

As Believers, whether we like it or 

not, we are all like a city upon a hill... 

a beacon or lighthouse that cannot be 


I believe, when we dare to share our light with the world, 

our souls reflect the beauty and loveliness of God living 

inside and through us.

What is the driving force 

in Carole's life?

My relationship with God, Who is my greatest 

treasure, is the indispensable factor and 

all-important influence and driving force in 

my life.

My granddaughter and my son have been 

my motivators. 

It is my desire to provide my family with

good spiritual environment. I try to stay 

alert and look for and put teachable

 moments to good use.

I am driven to teach them, by natural

 practices and intentional examples, 

Who God is... what God has done, is

 doing, and will do. I am passionate about 

providing them with good spiritual values

 and a consistent message of love, truth,

humility and gratitude.

I am motivated to speak words of blessings

 and encouragement over them and point them 

to God and God alone. I am determined to 

pass on foundational truths and convictions 

of God's power, faithfulness and provisions. 

I desire to walk the talk so they may desire to

 focus on and fully experience what is truly 

important in life. I want them to see "Faith"

 in action so they are able to better grasp its

 relevance for life. 

Yes, I believe, they too are definitely 

driving force in my life.

I am a fellow learner; a servant and follower 

of God's Divine direction. 

Over the years I have been caught up in quite a few 

violent storms and troubling days. I have faced many 

hardships and heart-breaks. I have been at my lowest

 and suffered with numerous setbacks, but I consider

 them as rewarding life lessons and stepping stones 

which provided me with clarity and burned

 away great amounts of non-sense. 

No one can invalidate my experience with God. 

I accept my imperfect life. I know that no matter how 

many times I have stumbled or fallen, God of comfort 

and mercies calmed my heart and gave me peace.


Time and time again, I’ve seen God miraculously 

come through in my life. This is why I can empathize 

and speak a word in season to those who are weary. 

I firmly stand on Who God is and what I have seen 

God do. 

I believe, one of the best ways God brings good from our 

pain is by allowing us to comfort others with the same 

comfort and compassion He gave us. I can now say to 

those who may be experiencing a storm, with great 

conviction, I know how you feel, because I have 

been in your shoes.

God comforted me in all of my dark days of pain so 

that I can reach out and comfort others with the 

overflowing comfort I received from Him. This has 

left me humbled and grateful. It has motivated me to 

open up and share with others via this website. 

Just as Jesus called the early disciples He calls us to 

follow Him. As we follow Jesus, He promises to make 

us "Fishers of men". And yes, it's a process. The early 

disciples learned from their "mistakes".... so will we. 

Jesus has a way of increasing our skills, knowledge, 

wisdom and discernment as we follow Him in... 

"Fishing for men".

Those who criticize us and attempt to shame us into 

being quiet... are those who really don't understand 

our focus, dedication, passion, or our pursuits. 

They simply do not understand us... and that's okay.

Sometimes, we may have to do a triple check... 

making sure our relational orbit adds value and not 

devalue us. 

The strings we may have to cut and the decisions we

 may have to make may upset and disappoint those 

we love, but if we allow ourselves to become

 people pleasers, allowing the wrong voices to get 

our ear, we may find ourselves pleasing the 

side-liners and walking out of our true purpose 

and passion.

Some of us spend our whole lives striving to be 

someone God never called us to be. Side-liners 

can give us an identity that does not fit our calling. 

Let us not allow side-liners to drown us in doubt or 

steer us away from using our time, talent and treasure 

by redefining them. 


My Desire:

My greatest desire is God. More than anything, it is of 

utmost importance that I actively pursue God's heart 

with all of my heart, daily. 

I'd love to grow a great soul and make the internal


changes and life-changing decisions that will allow me

to achieve the goals God would have me to reach.

With wisdom, fervor, and diligence I'd like to be able

 to identify, acknowledge, and honor my true purpose

 for being here. I'd like to be more enlightened and 

truly connect with my reasons for being here

I would like to know who I really am and what I can 

do to break through to the authentic desires of my heart, 

and I would like to know how to go about doing that.

My desire, in this physical realm of existence, is not just 

to experience, but to be a conscious creator. I'd love to 

continue moving forward discovering my true life 

purpose and passions.

I would love to make a positive difference... leaving 

my son, my granddaughter and this world better than 

I found them.

Life's journey has often led me to 

unexpected places. 

Being dedicated to God’s calling in our lives,

affords us the opportunity to inspire others to 

embrace theirs, too. 

My Vision:

With excellence... encourage and inspire 

myself and others to continue to grow spiritually.

With enthusiasm... encourage myself and 

others to tap into our reservoir of God-given talents and 

abilities and be used of God fully.

I would like to make an inner difference, for the better. I 

would love to see the inner differences ripple outward in 

such a way that others may benefit from it. 

Carole C. Good - is a mother of a son and grandmother of an 8 year old granddaughter. She is also a freelance blogger and website host for: carolecgood.com and positivelygoodproductions.com.

Carole has used her writing skills to produce scripts for radio, television commercials, and developing content for websites and blogs. Carole writes, researches, and maintains both websites. She is constantly editing, proof reading, and eradicating imperfections for: carolecgood.com and positivelygoodproductions.com.

Years ago when Carole was active with Facebook she published several Inspirational pages: Carole C. Good, Positively Good News Network with Carole C. Good, Positively Good Productions with Carole C. Good, Think About It with Carole C. Good, and Positively Good Soul Food with Carole C. Good.

Carole was a freelance video producer, commercial scriptwriter, voice-over talent, videographer and editor. Being a visual communicator and creative professional - Carole was able to produce material for a variety of broadcast outlets. She produced, directed, and edited television commercials, public service announcements, local talk shows, and life stories.

Carole's experience and background includes: 11½ years in Fulton County Government Administration, modeling, acting, technical television and radio broadcasting, along with many other creative stage productions.

Carole founded and directed Elorac Modeling Entourage in Atlanta. She also managed Not-2-B-4Got10 Hip-Hop Dance Troupe in Atlanta.

Carole has conducted Self-Esteem, Personal Development and Artist Development Workshops in Elementary Schools, High Schools, Housing and Community Centers, and Continuing Education venues... in Atlanta, Macon, and Warner Robins, Georgia... to name a few. These workshops taught participants the basic principles of professional conduct on and off camera, as well as, basic modeling, etiquette, and life skills.

Carole worked in radio at WMLD/WERD, for James Brown Enterprises in Atlanta, WGNM- Good News TV and the UPN Affiliate in Macon. She served as Moderator for Peaceful Solutions in Central Georgia and sat on the Board of Directors for River's Edge Behavioral Center. Carole hosted a radio talk show, Think About It, on WIGO in Atlanta. She also hosted The Carole Good Show on WBML Christian radio and was a freelance television producer for CTN (Christian Television Network) in Macon, Georgia. Carole was a voice-over talent and radio commercial scriptwriter in productions at J93.3 The Joy FM in Atlanta. Other radio affiliations: WTJH (15 minute Inspirational Commentary) and WATB, Gospel Talk/Radio Show Host in Atlanta.

Carole attended and completed numerous workshops and seminars in communications, acting, film, television, improvisation, auditioning, makeup artistry, color analysis and cold reading techniques.

Carole is a graduate of Barbizon School of Modeling, Atlanta, Georgia, and a certified modeling instructor through Barbizon. She pursued studies in the Arts with the Alliance Theater School in Atlanta, Georgia, Faces International of Hollywood, California, and Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia. Carole majored in Advertising and Marketing Communication at Wesleyan College.


On November 7, 2012, Carole became a grand mom. Once the "Grand" was added to her name, life as she once knew it... has never been the same. 

God is good!

Carole has been profoundly changed by her life's journey. 

She has observed and absorbed many life lessons from her 

up-close and very personal experiences with hardships,

struggles, faith, and uncertainties. She knows that she

was created for causes greater, larger, and bigger than 


Carole's Mission:

*To keep God as my priority

To seek God first. 

1. Nothing is more important or more of a priority than 

our relationship with God. 

2. In everything we do, we put God first, and we know 

God will direct us, instruct us, guide us and crown our 

efforts with success. 

3. When we seek God and His righteousness, first, we will 

be guided along the best pathway for our life. 

Leaving God out of our planning is unwise.

James 4:13-16

I am God's vessel. I am willing to 

be filled and used by God for His 


My mission is to:

 1. Be an inspiration and encouragement to others. 

 2. Inspire and encourage others is a win-win. Internal 

peace and satisfaction for the soul seems to always

accompany our freely giving, from a heart of gratitude.

3. To never be limited by the sideliner's limited 

imagination. We cannot allow sideliners and wrong voices 

to get our ear to discourage us or cloud our vision. We 

cannot and will not allow other people's limited vision, 

opinions and/or doubts to steer us away from utilizing our 

God-given talents, abilities and/or vision. We will not 

allow sideliners to redirect us or prompt us to possibly

walk out of our true purpose and passion.

4. To cultivate God-centered spiritual growth. The benefits 

of cultivating God-centered spiritual growth can help

greatly in illuminating the path to attaining a deeper 

knowledge of delighting in the love of God, God's grace, 

God's greater purpose, living faith, adversity, trials, 

tribulations, endurance, doing what is right, being useful 

and fruitful, and being a change agent for kindness, 

compassion, and goodwill to all

5. To do nothing out of selfishness or empty conceit. 

Our actions cannot be motivated by an elevated and 

above reproach sense of self... which has no foundation in 

reality. We will not act out of overly ambitiousness,

selfishness, pridefulness or vanity and/or conceited 


Sometimes, when we hear about so many global 

affairs on the news, it can be difficult to believe

 that just one person can make a difference. 

Many people believe that they don’t have what 

it takes to make a positive difference in the world. 

We can make the world a better place. Each of 

us were created to contribute and make a positive 

difference in our world, in our own unique way. 

The truth is, we all have God within us. When 

we understand who we are and Whose we are... 

we come to realize it really isn't about us, but 

God working through us. Every cell of who 

we are is a microcosm of God. Each of us has 

the power within us to make a lasting impact, 

which can lead to a lasting change in the world.

Random acts of kindness is such a powerful place to 

begin. When we focus on another and truly help them, 

we allow for growth in our own lives. Instead of 

thinking what’s in it for me, we let go and focus on 

kindness and compassion towards another. 

I believe if enough individuals do what they can... where 

they are... those single efforts add up. They can make a 

positively good difference in helping to improve lives,

throughout the world.

We do the world no favors when we 

hold ourselves back.

Our God is faithful.

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“Make it your

 ambition to lead

 a quiet life, to

 mind your own

 business and to

 work with your


 1 Thessalonians 4:11

Little becomes much in God's hands.