Accurate accounts of history can reveal fascinating 

nuggets of truth and moments in time that gives

 us deeper and more meaningful insights of our

 ancestral past and our true identity.

When students are miseducated and can 

only glean from  unfavorable stories and stereotypes 

reported on the news, read in newspapers, heard on

 radio, seen in movies and on television... they 

end up having little to no respect or appreciation for 

African Americans because of negative slants, etc. 

In far too many cases, African Americans are grossly 

over-looked or hardly ever described in a positive light 

to any of us. The children and our world should be

righteously taught the truth about African Americans 

both historically and currently. 

History helps us to dig deeper to see the importance of 

slavery to the American narrative. It helps us better 

understand the cause and effects of slavery and see how

 and why people of color are still being racially


How can one promote liberty, freedom and 

democracy, on one hand, and a system of

 subjugation and exploitation of people of 

different hue... on the other?

True history helps us to understand ourselves and the 

world around us. It gives us a clearer picture of how the 

various aspects of society works and how people have 

behaved, generation after generation, in an effort to impose

their delusional idea that a superior race exists. 

Many historians are credited as people who, without 

compromise, pursue truth, by way of fact. On the other 

hand, revisionist historians capitalize on the historian's 

professional credibility, and present their pseudo history 

as true scholarship. By adding a measure of credibility to 

the work of revised history, the ideas of the revisionist 

historians are more readily accepted in the public mind

 and tends to fit their political, social, and ideological 


These devious lies have revealed an arrogance and 

entitlement which has affected every generation of 

humanity, and sadly, this disinformation is still being 

condoned, promoted and actively embraced by those who 

would rather live generational lies... than face the truth. 

Our collective past, from the first civilizations, the middle 

ages and into the modern era are overflowing with 

astounding discoveries of strong, faithful and fearless 

people who, may not be mentioned in our classroom

 books, but they have contributed greatly and provided 

strong and sound shoulders for us all to stand on.

Lies and distortions about our racist legacy have

 laid the deceptive groundwork for imminent 

catastrophes, i.e., racial indifferences, injustice,

 systemic oppression, redlining neighborhoods,

 inequalities, police profiling, police brutality, mass 

incarceration and many other expressions of 

hostility and/or discriminatory practices.

These historical distortions and/or ideologies 

were created by those who came before us and 

they passed these distortions and/or ideological

influences on to generations following them.