How can we calmly withstand 

hardships, particularly injustice?

Difficulties are inevitable, since we live

in a sin-infected world, but believers in 

particular experience persecution and

 struggle in this world for upholding

 righteousness, both from other people

 and the devil himself. 

Christ warned in John 15:20, "If they 

tormented Me, they will persecute 


Paul stated "our battle is not

 against flesh and blood, but against

 the rulers, against the powers, against

 the world rulers of this darkness, 

against the spiritual forces of evil 

in the heavens" in Ephesians 6:12

We must have the patience to withstand 

hardships since they are a part of 

being a Believer. Rather than complaining

or feeling bitter, let us "endure with a

 tolerant, receptive spirit."

Romans 8:28 And we know that

 for those who love God all things work

 together for good, for those who are called 

according to His purpose.

God does not waste our

losses or crosses. 

God is not the author of evil in our world;

 nevertheless, God does periodically allow 

us to endure through dark seasons. 

God does not abandon us in our situations 

haphazardly. No matter how difficult our

 circumstances are, God will always have 

a purpose and promise in them. 

God is and will always be faithful to 

lead us to greater good.

God maintains the order of all things and directs

it toward His intended end. God is able to 

make us fruitful even amid our afflictions.

Our adversities, betrayals, broken promises, 

losses, and crosses may be our moments 

of harvest... harvesting... collecting and 


God is the Lord and 

the Creator of the Universe. 

Consider this: 

We are God's creation. We were created to do 

good things that God planned ahead of time

 for every one of us.

God knows exactly how to prepare us for what

 He has planned for us. These good works are 

done for the benefit of others, not for evil.

These good works may include, but are not

 limited to, prayer, charitable giving, care for 

the destitute and sick, and other similar 


Such good works encompass all facets of what 

we do by God's grace and for God's purposes. The 

more we see ourselves as God's masterpiece, the 

more we will live for and through God. As a result,

 even in the midst of it all, we will gladly cling on 

to God's promises and contribute significantly to

 God's greater purpose.

The lyrics of 

"Baba Yetu" 

(which means "Our Father" in Swahili) 

are a translation of the Lord's Prayer. ... 

Our Father, hallowed be thy Name.

God may use our grief, suffering, and disasters 

to accomplish His purposes in our lives.

Whatever our circumstances, 

God's purposes always take



God allows both good and bad things to happen in life, 

and we can trust God to work all things out for the 

good of those who love Him.

When God places us in extreme affliction, He 

compensates with greater gifts of grace.

God is all-knowing and all-powerful.

Those who love God can place their trust in God's

 grace, mercy, goodness, and power. 

God's Master Plan will come to pass, 

regardless of who, what, when, or where... for every 

individual, and no devil in hell will be able to stop, 

disrupt, or slow down God's plan.

With His power and capacity, grace and wisdom,

 blessing and supply, God's purpose is perfect. 

We must remind ourselves that whatever God has

 called us to do, His plan will always lead us to a

 life of meaning and fulfillment. We must have 

complete faith and trust in what God has said to 

us regarding the present and future.

During the process of giving birth to God's vision

 for our lives, problems can develop! When God

 calls us to bring forth a vision or a mission, 

obstacles may occur.

Satan will set a trap for us in order to cause us 

harm and destruction. But when God intervenes, 

He transforms what Satan meant to use to destroy 

us into something that works for our benefit instead.

God has the power to shift 

the course of a catastrophe 

for the better.

To an extraordinary and humbling 

extent... the circumstances in our 

lives can determine who we are as


God wants us to be equipped and confident that

 His tender mercies, amazing grace, and 

forgiveness will lift the agonizing burdens of 

our past shame, guilt, condemning thoughts, 

and/or concerns.

In His lovingkindness, God has preserved every

 tear we have ever wept. He has observed every 


God is aware of every thought we have, and He

 absolutely loves us!

God has a way of orchestrating a series of 

unlikely events to work together for our good. 

God understands what is going on behind enemy 

lines and what it will take for us to become 

effective warriors for Him.

God will not abandon His people... even when

 they are at their most vulnerable, lowest, and


God does not want our history or present to 

terrorize, frighten, bother, or enslave us.

God will occasionally enable us to have a 

breakdown in order for us to have a 


"And we know that God causes all things to 

work together for the good of those who love 

Him and are called according to His purpose."

This scripture tells those who love God and

 strive to respect and follow God's commands

 that even when foul, evil, vicious, horrible, 

disgusting things come into their lives, God will 

use those people, places, and/or things for His

 and our good.

One of the most fascinating aspects of being 

a Believer is understanding that when we put

 our trust in God, all of Hell explodes against us

intent on wreaking havoc upon our lives. 

But understanding that God is God and that no 

matter what occurs, God is the Master of all... 

even the wind and waves obey God, overcomes

 panic and evil. 

God uses what was planned to be 

evil against us and turns it to our 


Heartbreak, loss, bereavement, false accusations,

 rejection, and treachery disguised as caring and 

familial behaviors inspired the creation of this


In other words, in addition to "The Judas kiss,"

we suffered significant labor pains.

"The Judas kiss."

Judas was one of the twelve initial disciples 

who followed and learned from Jesus.

Judas had a closer relationship with Jesus than 

others during His mission since he was part 

of Jesus' "inner circle."

Our adversaries frequently 

masquerade as allies.

To conceal its underlying goal, evil 

typically wears a disguise.

Satan persuaded Judas to undermine Jesus' ministry

 and get Jesus out of the way. With a kiss... a sign 

of affection and devotion... Satan unleashed a 

tsunami of venomous hatred.

Judas turned Jesus over to the authorities. 

The pre-arranged signal was that whoever 

Judas kissed would be apprehended and taken 

to be crucified.

Mark 14:44

With such a personal display of love and respect,

 Judas betrayed Jesus. A kiss was a good gesture

 of respect for a student who admired his teacher.

Judas' actions were paradoxical. At the same time

 that he was betraying Jesus and allowing Him to

 be crucified, his actions indicated, 

"I reverence and honor You."

When Jesus was betrayed by Judas' kiss, He 

could identify with David's hardships, 

writing, "If an enemy insulted me, I could tolerate 

it; if a foe rose against me, I could hide." But it 

is you, a man like Myself, My comrade, My 

close friend, with whom I once enjoyed 

wonderful fellowship as we moved about among

 the worshipers in God's house" 

Psalm 55:12-14.

Job lamented foreshadowing Jesus' sorrow

"Those I love have turned

against me."

Job 19:19

Judas was "stricken with remorse" at what he 

had done (Matthew 27:3). He returned the coins

 to the temple before fleeing and hanging


(Matthew 27:5)

As we all know, betrayal can be devastatingly 

searing to our hearts and souls... especially 

when it happens with someone we care about or 

truly love.

We have come to realize... there's no greater hurt 

or insult than being betrayed and wounded by 

those who professed to be a true, tried, and 

trusted sister, brother, or friend.

Nothing hurts more than being disappointed 

and betrayed by people we thought would 

never hurt us... especially during our most

difficult season of grief and loss.


Being attacked and conspired against by the enemy

 is bad enough, but when the fiery darts come from 

those we've loved, looked up to, and trusted...the

heartbreak and sorrow multiplies.

These words of Jesus, spoken almost 2,000 years ago... 

remain very relevant for many Believers around 

the world today.

My suffering and loss, like most others', has been 

tremendous, but we can be certain that those 

experiences were not in vain. We believe that 

God uses our sorrow and grief to draw us 

all cloaser to Himself.

Therefore we will boast all the more gladly 

about our weaknesses, so that God’s power may

 rest on us.

That is why, by God's grace, we delight in our

shortcomings, hardships, persecutions, and


For when we are weak, then 

we are strong.

2 Corinthians 12:7-10 

We believe that God allows us to go through 

difficulties, tribulations, and the crucibles of 

life in order for us to grow, mature, build, 

and strengthen our faith and character... as we 

learn to trust and rely on 

God and God alone.

We believe suffering not only leads us to 

character perfection, but also to a closer, 

more intimate relationship with God.

We know that God never puts us through

 more than we can handle, and God will 

not put us through tests beyond our ability 

to withstand.

We have no right to assume that God will do

 or allow anything to harm or impede our 

spiritual development. We believe suffering 

is a sign of God's favor, not disfavor.

We believe that God allows pain, tears, and 

heartaches. We believe life's hardships and 

troubles are meant to catapult us to greater 

heights... helping us to grow past our issues, 

focus on and accept life lessons learned, and

 get in harmony with God's Will... even when

 we don't understand it.

We know God can do things well beyond our 

limited comprehension. We believe God has the 

power to reach down and touch the source of 

our greatest need.

Through our up-close and very personal 

knowledge, observation, and experiences...

we know God is able

to make all things right.

Joseph's brothers were cruel to him and sold 

him into slavery, prompting him to experience

 a series of painful but divinely planned events.

Everything worked out in Joseph's favor, and God

 richly blessed him in the country of his hardships.

We know that, no matter how deep the pit, God has

 the supernatural ability to miraculously orchestrate

 even the most painful events in our lives to produce

the most incredibly amazing experiences we could

 ever hope for.

Some of the Bible's greatest saints, according 

to Scripture, had to overcome enormous obstacles.

We believe God's purpose for our lives is 

sometimes hidden in our hardships.

God's shaping, sculpting, and transformation

 process can be unpleasant and painful at times; 

but, many people have achieved their greatest 

spiritual and personal developmental advances

in the midst of their agony and suffering.

God, our Creator, the Master Gardener, and 

Sculptor, has a way of grooming, pruning,

 cutting, burning, filing, purifying, and 

expelling anything that is not of Him.

God buffs, polishes, molds, forms, and 

refines our passions and desires so that 

when the good is implanted in us, we can

 grow, thrive, and completely trust Him, 

the most remarkably powerful influence 

we can know.

Through the seminary of affliction, we 

believe God grooms, prunes, molds, and

 shapes us in ways we could never have

 imagined or understood... had we been left

 in the world floating on our worldly egos.

We believe that after passing through the

 humbling seminary of affliction, one can 

learn, grow, know, and do better.

This polishing process of perfecting is not easy, 

but it is necessary for us to bloom, thrive, and 

reflect God in all aspects of our lives.

We have personally witnessed how God can 

use our hardships, struggles, and tribulations to 

prepare us for higher callings.

We believe such tests and trials are inevitable 

and, in most circumstances, transitory, but they 

serve a purpose, a divine purpose that can be

profoundly beneficial to others and ourselves

 in the end.

We believe God can transform our painful

 experiences into beautiful and powerful

 purposes! We also believe God can

 transform our moments of adversity and 

grief into times of amazing expression!

We know that God's power can be seen in our 

challenges, afflictions, disagreements, and 

adversities, and God's glory can be revealed

 through us.

May our personal difficulties, challenges, and 

hardships serve as a springboard for us to 

become noticeably better individuals.

We have seen that the overcoming is never the 

overcoming of the one or ones who challenged

us, but the overcoming of the weaknesses and 

improvements needed in our own character... 

awakened/aroused by such a one.

We believe during periods of crisis, we get

 insight into specific areas of suffering, which

allows us to empathize and encourage individuals

who are experiencing similar difficulties.

As gold is refined and impurities are separated 

from it in the fire, and steel is strengthened in the 

smelting furnace, so our faith can only be 

purified and enlarged when we learn to rely 

on God in times of difficulty.

The "Fiery trials of life," as Peter calls them 

(1 Peter 4:12), help strengthen our faith.

Character and righteousness, we believe, are 

forged in the furnace of affliction to teach, prepare, 

equip, perfect, and cleanse us for greater works.

We are God's work of art, his jewels in the

 rough. Each individual possesses diamond-like

 characteristics that are simply waiting to be 


The diamonds' beauty is enhanced by the 

 intense pressure they are subjected to

 during the refining process. 

The same can be said for each of us. Our beauty 

and worth, like the diamond, are derived from

 the harsh pressures that trials and tribulations


We can find comfort in knowing that 

God's Touch still possesses the same ancient 

Power to part our Red Sea experiences.

The Bible reminds us that the same ancient Power

 is promised to help us today. That same ancient 

Power can turn our dry, desolate desert experiences

 into pools of water.

That same ancient touch... lovingly guides us 

through our wilderness seasons' challenging

 terrain. As everything written in the past was

 written to teach us.

We are grateful for each dry, barren desert experience. 

We thank God for allowing the low periods in our 

lives to occur.

Most of us can look back on our difficult times

 and see how they made us stronger.

God's period of training and teaching has been 

extremely beneficial to us. These lessons shaped

 by difficulties, struggles, tests, wounds, healing,

 joy, and sadness are all just rungs on the ladder.

We recognize that the lessons we've learned 

via our trials, tribulations, and sufferings...

could not have been learned any other way.

Our life experiences have taught us that God is

able to deliver us from any hardship.

Whatever our circumstances, we know that with God 

directing our steps, our scars, loss, and disappointments

 are being perfected.

Through our many trials, tests, and tribulations...

we are now discovering and embracing a deeper

understanding of our purpose, ourselves,

and God. 


It is never too late have faith in God🙏❤️

♬ original sound - GodofMiracle

 "Man proposes, but God disposes."

"What the devil meant for evil,

God intended for good."

We strongly encourage everyone not to waste 

their pain. If we give it to God, God will use 

it for our benefit.

We are praying that God's grace 

will propel us forward.

In His love, 


Writing has been immensely therapeutic for my soul.

It has aided me in comprehending, embracing, and 

overcoming tremendous grief and pain.

It has also provided me with the greatest sense of 

compassion that my hardships are merely a chapter 

of my redemption story.

This endeavor has been a privilege rather than a chore;

 it has been an undeserved honor.
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