No matter what our circumstances are...

God's purposes trumps everything!

God is all-knowing, 

all-wise, and all-powerful.

Those who love God can trust God's grace, 

mercy, goodness, and power.

No matter who, what, when, or where... 

God's Master Plan will work out as God desires, 

and no devil in hell can stop, rock, or slow down 

God's plan.

Problems can occur in the process 

of bringing God's vision to birth! 

Whether God has called us to bring forth

 a vision or a purpose, obstructions can arise. 

“And we know that in all things 

God works for the good of those who love Him, 

who have been called according to His purpose.”


This verse says to those who love God 

and are doing their best to respect and 

adhere to God’s commands, 

even when foul, wicked, vicious, heinous, vile things 

touch our lives... 

God will use those people, places, and/or things 

to ultimately bring about His good and our good.

This website was born

 out of grief, loss, bereavement,

false accusations, rejection,


and betrayal 

disguised as gestures 

of friendship and kinship.

In other words... 

we experienced harsh labor pains along with


"The Judas kiss."

Often, foes disguise themselves


as friends.

 Evil often wears a mask to conceal its true purpose.

Satan possessed Judas 

in hopes of using him to destroy 

Jesus’ ministry 

and get Him out of the way, 

and Satan used a kiss... 

a sign of affection...

to unleash a surge of hatred.

Judas was one of the original twelve disciples 

who followed and was taught by Jesus. 

Being in Jesus’ “Inner circle,” 

Judas had a closer relationship to Jesus 

than most people during His ministry. 

Judas betrayed Jesus to the authorities. 

The pre-arranged signal was that the person Judas kissed

was to be arrested and taken away to be crucified 

(Mark 14:44). 

Judas used such an intimate expression

 of love and respect to betray Jesus.

For a student who had great respect for his teacher,

 a kiss fell well within the healthy expression of honor. 

Judas’s actions were hypocritical... 

his actions said, “I respect and honor You,” 

at the exact time he was betraying Jesus to be crucified.

When Jesus was betrayed with a Judas kiss, 

He identified with the troubles of David, 

who wrote, “If an enemy were insulting me, 

I could endure it;

 if a foe were rising against me, 

I could hide.

 But it is you, a man like myself, my companion, 

my close friend, with whom I once enjoyed

 sweet fellowship at the house of God, 

as we walked about among the worshipers” 

(Psalm 55:12–14).

Job’s emotional pain also foreshadowed Jesus’ sorrow: 

“Those I love have turned against me” 

(Job 19:19).

Judas was “seized with remorse”

 (Matthew 27:3) over what he had done. 

He gave the money back to the temple authorities 

and hanged himself out of guilt 

(verse 5).

As we all know... 

betrayal can be devastatingly 

piercing to our hearts and souls...

especially when the experience is 

with someone we care about

or deeply love.

We have come to realize...

there can be no deeper hurt or insult

 than when one is betrayed and wounded by 

the very ones who professed to be 

true, tried, and trusted sister, brother, or friend.

Nothing hurts more than being disappointed and betrayed

by those we thought would never hurt us...


during our weakest season of pain and loss.


It is difficult enough

 when one is attacked and conspired against by the enemy,

but when the fiery arrows come from those 

whom we have loved, looked up to, and trusted...

the devastation and grief becomes magnified.

These words spoken by Jesus over 2,000 years ago... 

are very relevant for many believers 

in the world today.

Our pain and loss has been tremendous, 

but God is using the pain and loss to draw us and others 

into a faith relationship with Himself.

Therefore we will boast

 all the more gladly about our


so that God’s power 

may rest on us.

That is why we delight, by the grace of God,

in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, 

in persecutions, and in difficulties.

For when we are weak, 

then we are strong.

2 Corinthians 12:7-10 

This website development was born, March 23, 2009,

from a cry... deep within our spirit.

We were wounded, hurt, and tired, however,

while in the classroom and season of our pain 

we discovered blessings, growth, conviction, 

strength, and purpose.

We discovered that God uses 

even the most painful suffering for good.

These messages were born in prayer,

bathed in tears, and founded on the Word of God.

Some of our virtual chapters, in this website,

will touch on the trials and tribulations,

by the grace of God,

we have been blessed to pass through.

Some of our most precious lessons learned...

have been in the school of affliction.

We believe even the most terrible events 

always contain hidden blessings.

We are witnessing our pain and disappointments 

giving way to God's mighty appointments.

We have come to realize, through our own knowledge,

observation, and experiences...

that the afflicted can be most effective.

Tragedies, sorrows, and sufferings 

can be blessings in disguise.

We have come to realize that some of the hard lessons,

which we would never want to repeat,

really are enriching our lives. 

We believe some of the richest, fullest, 

and most fruitful lives are those lives that have been 

in the crucible of testing and tribulation.

No one on this earth is immune

from all of the different kinds of pain and suffering

that can come our way in this life.

At times, a certain amount of pain and suffering

is what God will use to help shape, mold,

and transform us.

God uses even the most 

painful suffering for good.

It is our firm conviction that, in one way or another,

many of us need healing of our inner hurts.

We believe the entire universe is God's garden,

and God desires for His garden to grow,

mature, and produce.

We believe the Master Gardener,

cuts off every branch in us,

 whether the branch is a person, place, or thing,

that bears no fruit...

or stagnates our growth in Him.

Rather than complaining about our pain 

and disappointments...

we are relating a little of our private lives and experiences

in order that we may help and comfort others by it.

We believe God allows us to go through trials,

tribulations, and the crucibles of life

 to refine us so that we might grow, mature, 

 build, and solidify our faith and character... 

as we learn to trust and depend on

God and God alone.

We believe suffering is not only leading us to 

perfection of character,

but it is also allowing us to have a closer,

more intimate, relationship with God.

We know that God never allows any of us

to go through more than we can handle,

and we know that God will not allow us

to be tested beyond our ability to endure the test.

We have no right to believe that God will do

 or allow anything to hurt or hinder our Spiritual growth.

We don't believe suffering is indicative of God's disfavor,

but of God's favor.

We believe God permits sorrow, grief, tears, 

and heartaches.

We believe that life's difficulties and troubles

are not intended to impede our progress,

but to catapult us to greater heights...

allowing us to press past our difficulties,

focus on and embrace the life lessons learned,

and get in harmony with God's Will...

even when we don't understand it.

We know God can do things far beyond

 our puny comprehension.

We believe God is able to 

reach down and touch the point

of our greatest need.

Through our own knowledge,

observation, and experiences...

we know God is able

to make all things right.

Joseph's brothers treated him very cruelly

and sold him into slavery causing Joseph to experience

a chain of painful, but divinely purposed events.

God caused all things to work together for Joseph's good

and bountifully blessed Joseph

 in the land of his afflictions.

We know that no matter how deep the pit...

God is able to divinely orchestrate 

the most painful events in our lives...

into the most beautiful and amazing experiences

we could ever hope for.

According to Scripture,

some of the greatest saints in the Bible

had to face severe adversity.

We believe God’s purpose, for our lives,

is sometimes hidden in our pain.

God's shaping, molding, 

and transformation process

 can be a very painful process at times;

however, some people have made their greatest strides 

in spiritual development and personal growth

 in the midst of their pain and suffering.

God, Our Maker, 

our Master Gardener, and Sculptor

has a way of grooming, pruning,

cutting, burning, filing, buffing,

polishing, molding, and shaping us

so that we may bloom, thrive,

and totally rely on Him.

Through the seminary of affliction, we believe, 

God grooms, prunes, molds, and shapes us

in ways we would have never known...

had we been left in the world

 floating on our worldly egos.

We believe one can learn, grow, know, and do better

after going through the, humbling, seminary of affliction. 

This process of perfecting us is not a painless task,

but it is what we need so that we might bloom,

flourish, and reflect God in every facet of our lives.

We have seen, up close and very personally,

that God is able to use our trials, tests, and tribulations

to prepare us for greater callings.  

We believe tests and trials are inevitable,

and are generally temporary,

but they have a purpose, a Divine purpose

which, eventually, becomes profoundly beneficial

for others and ourselves.

We believe God is able to turn our painful experiences...

into beautiful and powerful purposes!

 We also believe God is able to 

turn our times of difficulty and pain 

into times of sublime expression!

We know the power of God can be demonstrated

in our trials, tribulations, conflicts and adversities

and God's glory can be shown through us.

May we use our personal trials, tribulations, 

conflicts and adversities

as a spring board to become much better people.

We have come to realize that the overcoming

is never the overcoming 

of the one or ones who troubled us,

but the overcoming of the weaknesses 

and corrections needed in our own nature... 

aroused by such a one.

We believe during times of crisis

we gain insight into certain areas of suffering

that helps us to empathize and encourage others

when others are faced with similar tests. 

As gold is proved in the fire and separated from impurities,

and as steel is strengthened in the smelting furnace,

so our faith can only be purified 

by perseverance under pressure,

and can only be strengthened

when we learn to rely on God in times of crisis.

The "Fiery trials of life", as Peter refers to them

(1Peter 4:12),

also serve to refine our faith.

We believe the qualities of character and righteousness

are forged in the furnace of affliction to teach us, 

prepare us, equip, perfect, and purify us 

for greater works.

We are God's artistry... His diamonds in the rough.

Within each person are diamond-like qualities...

waiting to be mined.

The beauty of diamonds come from the extreme pressure

that the refining process takes it through.

The same holds true for each of us.

Just as the diamond...

our beauty and worth comes from

the extreme pressures that trials and tribulations bring.

We are comforted in knowing that God's Touch

still has that same ancient Power to part

our Red Sea experiences.

Scripture has reminded us...

the same ancient Power is promised to help us, today.

That same ancient Power is able to turn those dry,

 barren desert experiences, in our lives, into pools of water.

That same ancient touch... 

lovingly brings us through the 

rough terrain of our wilderness seasons. 

For everything that was written in the past 

was written to teach us,

so that through the endurance taught in the Scriptures

and the encouragement they provide

we might have hope.

Romans 15:4 

We have a deep appreciation for each dry, 

barren desert experience.

We are grateful to God that He has allowed

the low points in our lives to unfold.

Most of us can look back on our seasons of pain

and see that we have become stronger because of them.

God's training and teaching time

has taught us well.

We count these lessons fashioned of

difficulties, trials, tests, wounds, healing, joy, and sorrow

simply as the necessary rungs in the ladder.

We realize the lessons we've learned,

through our many trials, tests, and tribulations...

could not have been learned any other way.

We have learned from our life experiences

that God is sufficient to deliver us from any trial in life.

No matter how much circumstances 

may have weighed in...

we know that with God charting our course...

our scars, loss, and disappointments

are being perfected.

Through our many trials, tests, and tribulations...

we are, now, realizing and embracing

a deeper understanding of our purpose, ourselves,

and our God. 

We know that "Man proposes, but God disposes."

"What the devil meant for evil,

God intended for good."

We are trusting God's grace 

to move us forward.

In His love,


Writing has been very therapeutic for our soul.

It has helped us to understand, accept,

and overcome quite a bit of our grief and pain.

It has also given us 

the greatest sense of knowing 

that our circumstances are simply 

a part of our redemption story.

This project has not been a task...

only a privilege; an undeserved honor.
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