Assumption is at the heart of 

many conflicts and fights in 

which we can find ourselves.

What real evidence do we have

 to support our notion?

The difficulty with assumptions is that we can 

believe them to be true. We make assumptions

 about what other people are doing or thinking

 and take them personally. Then we blame them

and respond with emotional poison in our words.

That's why, whenever we make assumptions,

 we're setting ourselves up for difficulties.

Because of assumptions, even the 

best relationships are impaired, if 

not destroyed. Unchecked 

assumptions can lead to disaster!

The cost for assuming the good, bad, or ugly can

 become a painful circle of misery for all involved.

 Have you ever formed negative opinions 

about a person or a circumstance based

 on information you thought was correct, 

but later learned to be incorrect?

Our assumptions are the facts we accept without

 examination. We should always be skeptical of 

our preconceptions. We take our intellectual 

blind spots for granted.

A huge percentage of us are operating on faulty

assumptions. Assumptions are generally the

 source of, disillusionment, frustration and 


False assumptions lead to incorrect conclusions, 

which can lead to incorrect actions... and major

conflicts and clashes.

There may be miscommunications between 

people... and side-liners will, occasionally, 

hit the ground running with this sizzling bit

 of news. They are eager to accept what they

 want to assume.

Assumptions can soon become self-sustaining.

This is especially true when we do not pause to

gather our facts.

Many disagreements and clashes start with 

unchecked assumptions and erroneous 

judgments. It just takes a minute for ridiculous

 beliefs to take root. One irresponsible person

 or a tiny clique can spread these false perceptions

 like wildfire.

Then, there are those who are known to exaggerate.

Before the news gets old... things pour on, either

inadvertently or on deliberately, and the situation 

evolves into a conflict.

These clashes and conflicts dilute and/or nullify

 any good that may have existed prior to the

wrongful trigger.

The narrative of Job is a typical example 

of reaching the erroneous conclusion based 

on incorrect assumptions.

Job's friends applied a correct principle

 incorrectly by assuming that Job's suffering was 

caused by his sin or disobedience to God. 

Rather than consoling Job, his friends condemned 

him. They thought Job needed to be corrected 

rather than comforted.

Who needs adversaries when

 you have comforters like Job's



Job's buddies assumed... they knew what 

was going on with him. They assumed... that 

everyone received what they deserved. They

 expected there would be no exceptions. They

 assumed... that if Job trusted in God, his 

circumstances would improve.

But, according to the first few chapters of Job, 

Job did trust God.

Our assumptions are the 

imaginative blind spots 

we overlook.

We don't examine our assumptions for 

whatever reason... 

So why not?

Assumptions are almost never correct.

We put the cart before the horse and act 

on what we find as interesting... 


When something we believe to be true turns

 out to be erroneous, we reach incorrect 

conclusions. And incorrect conclusions can 

lead to incorrect acts. Our bad deeds can speak

 volumes and ruin another's life.

May the refinement and cultivation

 of our own lives keep us so busy 

that we never have time to criticize 

or assume the worst in others.

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