It is much harder to remember a lie...

than to simply tell the truth.

When one lies, they have to tell a few back-up lies.

Soon, they have a tangled web of lies

from that single deception.

This "Tangled web" 

will ultimately trap not only others in one's deceptions, 

but is often the undoing of the liar.

Lies beget lies... 

and causes one to end up with a tangled web of lies.

How complicated life becomes when people start lying. 

A lie often requires other lies... 

and those... still more lies.

Lies, lies, lies!

It means that if we tell one lie, 

we will inevitably be inclined to tell more lies 

to conceal the original lie. 

This means when we lie...

we have to remember the lies we told 

so that we can continue the fabrication.

 Lies are dangerous! 

Lies inhibit growth, 

lies can put a strain

on the brain, 

lies can cause

unnecessary stress, 

and lies can prevent progress.

When one deceives or lies to someone about something,

they have to remember each lie 

so they don't get tripped up...

and it's hard to keep track of things 

one has lied about.

Lies will drive one nuts 

trying to keep all the stories straight...

especially, when they have never even happened.

Not all people are capable of fully discerning 

the tangles and holes within 

the "Web of Life".

The worst and most dangerous and damaging lies

are the ones we tell ourselves.

We make things difficult and complicated for ourselves...

when we deceive others.

Lying comes from the devil.

John 8:44

Satan is a liar... the father of lies.

When we lie about something...

we can find ourselves in very complicated situations.

It is quite taxing trying to keep the story straight...

about the lie.

The more one bends the truth...

 the more one has to bend the truth...

 to keep the truth from coming out.

All deception in the course of life

 is indeed nothing more

than a lie reduced to practice.

The more one lies or deceives... 

the bigger the "Tangled web" they create... 

and the more complicated things become.

 The idea here is that... 

it is better to come clean and tell the truth. 

Honesty has always been the best policy.

Tangled webs are full of holes! 

What a mess we create when we lie

and then try to cover that lie with other lies.

It becomes one string of lies after another 

to keep the truth hidden.

As a result...

we end up getting caught in one big mess 

when the truth comes out.

Just like a spider... 

we can get caught in our own 

"Tangled web".

Habitual liars are diabolic creatures. 

They can be easily recognized

because they like to keep various groups of friends 

and acquaintances separate, 

for fear they will be exposed, 

thus, causing the "Tangled web" to unravel.

When one tells lies or acts in dishonest ways...

they create extremely complicated, complexed, and 

difficult situations which can get confused

 and spin out of control. 

Lies can cause one to become ensnared in a web of lies.

The more one lies, the more lies one has to tell 

to keep the lies from being exposed.

Deception is a false reality... it is the illusion of truth.

It is the detailed weaving of truth, 

half truths, lies, and lies of omission.

Liars are great at creating deceptive storylines

worthy of belief. 

Why would a person waste artistic skills

 to deceive others? 

Maybe... to avoid having their lies exposed.

If one tells lies...

they had better have a really good memory 

or they will end up in a "Tangled web" of lies.

When one decides to lie about something

 they end up getting into deeper trouble 

because they have to keep weaving lies 

to try to get out of the first lie they told.

Lies can become very expensive to maintain.

If one weaves a "Tangle web" of lies,

sooner or later they're going to get caught.

Liar. Liar. Liar.

Living a life of lies will catch up to us, eventually,

becoming harder to maintain

 the longer we uphold the facade.

In order to successfully perpetuate deception, 

the liar must be willing to live that lie...

 whenever duty calls.

When one practices to deceive... 

this becomes the "Tangle web"...

and they weaved it.

One is considered to be a liar 

when they state something as truth...

knowing it is erroneous.

 When people fail to admit that a previous statement 

is untrue...

or when they intentionally fabricate a story...

 they are being dishonest... they are not telling the truth...

they are lying.

Admitting to an error is far better 

than continuing to invent stories 

to support the original statement laced with lies.

Lying, or failing to tell the truth, 

wreaks havoc in the lives of the liar and others.


when it becomes consistent deceit, 

is evil at its core.

"By their Fruit will they be known".


For whatsoever is not of the true

Righteousness of The Eternal Father...

is of Satan.

 "A tongue of deception" is unjust, 

vicious, fallacious, unrighteous, and corrupt. 

The lying tongue desires, through such vicious dishonesty,

 to do personal injury to another. 

Thus, it is not just telling lies 

to cover one's own wickedness,

 but the telling of lies to bring harm to another.

Let us keep life simple... 

it is much easier to just stick to the truth.

The truth is free...

and it sets us free!

May we make the right choices, 

and do the right things.

If we tell the truth, 

there is nothing to remember because,

it is the truth.

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