There are many lies in the world, as well as liars 

who tell them. We often dislike being associated

 with those who lie, but the reality is that we 

have all lied, and to say we haven't would be a lie.

Fortunately, most individuals have a predisposition

 to be upfront and honest in their interactions.

Many people lack originality and struggle to be 

or remain genuine to themselves. Some individuals

 try to avoid fights or make others like them.

As a result, many people get preoccupied with being 

liked and belonging to groups. They mindlessly 

follow the crowd and may pretend to be 

interested in something or agree with a remark in 

which they do not believe... only to be accepted by 


Lying is a fundamental moral error that 

undermines human trust. Being lied to 

may be aggravating, and it frequently 

damages the bond of trust between two

people, producing problems in 


Lying may be unpleasant and repulsive 

because it sees individuals who are lied to 

as a means to a purpose rather than as a 

valued end in themselves.

Lies come in various shapes and sizes, 

from omissions of information to outright 

lies. Regardless of how widespread lying

 is, it is still considered unpleasant and

 unacceptable practice.

The liar is corrupted by lying. Some 

people are pathological liars, which means

 they cannot stop spreading lies about

 themselves and others. Pathological lying

 is a distinct condition in and of itself.

Satan is the father of lies. When he attempted to tempt 

Jesus he twisted everything, even the Word of God, in

 order to try and get his desired outcome. 

A deceptive person will try to anticipate your questions,

 so that their answers sound instinctive and natural. 

They may even practice answering specific questions

ahead of time. When asked something they don't expect, 

they will stumble.

Some people lie to get other people to do what they 

want them to do. Liars tend to speak more than 

truthful people in an attempt to sound legitimate 

and win others overPeople who lie to manipulate a 

situation or other people are often only interested in

 personal goal and/or gain and fail to consider other 

people's feelings.

Truthful people tend to add details and remember 

more facts as they repeat their story. Liars, on the 

other hand, memorize their stories and try to keep 

them the same. If they add details, they often don't

 add up.

If people's words don't add up... 

it is usually because truth was 

not a part of the equation... it

 was nowhere on the radar. 

Half truths are still whole lies!

What we say and do has an effect on others and 

even well-intended lies are a form of manipulation.

Lying, no matter what size, destroys the foundation 

needed for trust.

Many people have told a lie or been dishonest on some 

level. Yet, pathological liars tend to be empathy deficient 

and the truth doesn't matter. When they lie it doesn't hurt 

them in the same way it would hurt us. Some lie more 

frequently regardless of context. It's like a moral deficit, 

and there's no accountability.

Our attestation and truthful statements represent our 

character. We have an exceptionally exceptional tool 

at our disposal... our language. We can use our language

 to actually play with reality and affect the outcome of 

what's happening.

Talk is cheap for some, but dishonest talk can pose a 

serious challenge to the value of truth. The great enemy 

of clear language is insincerity. Alternative facts are not 

facts, but they can become quite expensive for others 

for whom moral considerations come into play. 

Once someone has lied to us we look back on past 

conversations and ask: 

“What else has this person 

lied to me about?” 

A lie has speed. A person's credibility and 

integrity could be destroyed, in no time, even when 

seemingly small lies are told or exposed. 

Lying is probably one of the most common wrong 

acts that we carry out, and once started... all truths 

become questionable. 

 "A tongue of deception" is unjust, vicious, fallacious, 

unrighteous, and corrupt. The lying tongue desires, 

through such vicious dishonesty, to do personal injury 

to another. Thus, it is the cowards way of covering their 

own wickedness and bringing harm to another.

We can rationalize, justify or try to minimize our lies 

to ease our own conscience, but usually such

defensive behavior adds insult to injury and deepens 


Michael Josephson

People mislead themselves all the time. Some people 

are notorious for willfully and deliberately deceiving, 

misleading and lying to others by perverting the truth. 

Some will go out of their way to gather biased 

information, biased reasoning and biased recollections. 

They seek information that supports what they want to 

believe and they avoid that which does not... just to 

gain some kind of advantage, which, on the flip-side, 

if their deception is discovered, causes their altered reality 

to do long-term damage

Deception is the intentional, maliciously conceptualized

 strategy used to, supposedly, save oneself from social and 

psychological chaos. Deceivers, purposely, lie, twist, 

pervert, distort, and spin lies face to face and on social 

media platforms, just for the sport of it. 

If one lies by assent, 

rather then voicing real opinion... they remain silent, 

even when not in agreement.

Some will withhold, and/or manipulate raw data 

in an effort to achieve a specific outcome or result

for their own personal gain. 

If one lies by omission,  

they are being deceptive and misleading by leaving out 

information or details. They tell only part of the truth. 

This kind of liar lies by trying to covertly deceive 


If one lies by commission, 

they are making things up that are not true. Their lies are 

deceptive and misleading. This kind of liar lies by trying 

to overtly deceive people. It is a distinction without a 

point, and the consequences are the same.

Someone who lies is a person who intentionally 

wants to misrepresent and pervert the truth. The 

danger happens is do they become a pathological liar 

and if one day they do tell the truth will anyone 

believe them?

Our proclivity for deceiving others, and our 

vulnerability of being deceived, can be life-changing, 

especially in the age of social media. Our ability, as a 

society, to separate truth from lies is under unprecedented


Scheming, dishonesty, spreading lies 

and or wrong information can really 

be dangerous!

If people believe the lies they are told, the consequences 

could have devastating effects on one's life and livelihood. 

Lies can assassinate one's character. Lies can inhibit

growth, put a strain on the brain, cause unnecessary

 stress, prevent progress, it could cause one to be

 imprisoned, severely penalized, etc., because people 

chose to pervert justice by deliberately lying.

 Lying can also occur when one desires to 

“steer-clear-of” a particular outcome.

What a mess we create when we lie and then

 try to cover that lie with other lies. It becomes one

 string of lies after another to keep the truth hidden.

As a result... we end up getting caught in one big 

mess when the truth comes out.

Just like a spider... we can get caught in our own 

"Tangled web".

When we lie about something... we can find ourselves 

in very complicated situations. It is quite taxing trying

to keep the story straight... about the lie.

When we lie or act dishonestly we are setting 

ourselves up with problems and a domino structure

 of complications which will eventually spin out of 

control. If not checked, these tactics can set up 

individuals and organizations for serious failure.

It is much harder to remember a lie...

than to simply tell the truth.

When one deceives or lies to someone about something,

they have to remember each lie so they don't get 

tripped up... and it's hard to keep track of things 

one has lied about.

Lies breed more lies. When one lies, they have to tell 

a few back-up lies. Soon, they have a tangled web of 

lies from that single deception. False denials are 

harder to remember than false descriptions.

The more one bends the truth... the more one has 

to bend the truth... to keep the truth from coming out.

How complicated life becomes when people start lying. 

A lie often requires other lies... and those... still more lies.

Lies, lies, lies!

It means that if we tell one lie, we will inevitably be 

inclined to tell more lies to conceal the original lie. 

This means when we lie...we have to remember the 

lies we told so that we can continue the fabrication.

Lying is easy, anyone can do it. It is remembering 

which lies we've told and to whom, that’s is the 

problematic part.

This "Tangled web" 

will ultimately trap not only others in one's deceptions, 

but is often the undoing of the liar.

If  a person is suspected of lying, pay attention to 

any inconsistencies in their story. This is a standard

lie detector in itself, which is used in courtrooms and 

by investigators. It’s hard to keep up with a lie, 

especially when one is asked to go over the details 

again and again. The liar will more than likely slip up

 and ultimately tell on themselves for lying.

Lies beget lies... and causes one to end up more

 lies to cover for the initial lie. This can often mean

 one is digging themselves into a hole of lies... or a 

tangled web of lies.

Lies will drive one nuts trying to keep all the stories 

straight... especially, when they have never even


Not all people are capable of fully discerning the 

tangles and holes within the "Web of Lies".

The worst and most dangerous and damaging lies

are the ones we tell ourselves. We make things difficult 

and complicated for ourselves... when we deceive others.

Lying comes from the devil.

John 8:44

Satan is a liar... the father of lies.

All deception, in the course of life,

 is indeed nothing more than a lie

 reduced to practice.

The more one lies or deceives... the bigger the 

"Tangled web" 

they create... and the more complicated things become.

 The idea here is that... it is better to come clean and

 tell the truth. 

Honesty has always been the 

best policy.

Tangled webs are full 

of holes! 

Habitual liars are diabolic creatures. They can be easily 

recognized because they like to keep various groups 

of friends and acquaintances separate, for fear they will

 be exposed, thus, causing the "Tangled web" to unravel.

When one tells lies or acts in dishonest ways...

they create extremely complicated, complexed, 

and difficult situations which can get confused

 and spin out of control. 

Lies can cause one to become ensnared in a web

of lies. The more one lies, the more lies one has 

to tell to keep the lies from being exposed.

Deception is a false reality... it is the illusion 

of truth. It is the detailed weaving of truth, 

half truths, lies, and lies of omission.

Liars are great at creating deceptive storylines

worthy of belief. 

Why would a person waste artistic skills

 to deceive others? Maybe... to avoid having 

their lies exposed.

If one tells lies... they had better have a really good 

memory or they will end up in a "Tangled web" 

of lies.

When one decides to lie about something they 

end up getting into deeper trouble because

 they have to keep weaving lies to try to get 

out of the first lie they told.

Lies can become very expensive to maintain.

If one weaves a "Tangle web" of lies,sooner or 

later they're going to get caught.

Liar. Liar. Liar.

Living a life of lies will catch up to us, eventually,

becoming harder to maintain

 the longer we uphold the facade.

In order to successfully perpetuate deception, 

the liar must be willing to live that lie...

 whenever duty calls.

When one practices to deceive... 

this becomes the "Tangle web"...

and they weaved it.

One is considered to be a liar when they state 

something as truth... knowing it is erroneous.

 When people fail to admit that a previous statement 

is untrue... or when they intentionally fabricate a 

story... they are being dishonest... they are not 

telling the truth... they are lying.

Admitting to an error is far better than 

continuing to invent stories to support the 

original statement laced with lies.

Lying, or failing to tell the truth, wreaks 

havoc in the lives of the liar and others.


when it becomes consistent 

deceit, it is evil at its core.

"By their Fruit will they be known".


For whatsoever is not of the true

Righteousness of The Eternal Father...

is of Satan.

The truth is free... and it sets us free!

May we make the right choices, 

and do the right things. If we tell 

the truth, there is nothing to 

remember because, it is the truth.

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