What is etiquette?

What are manners?

Why are these social skills 

considered as important?

Knowing how to behave appropriately in diverse

 settings is what proper etiquette entails.

Etiquette guides us through the common 

courtesies of life. Etiquette helps us in 

becoming more conscious of those around

 us. It is understanding and respecting other

 people's customs and traditions.

We exhibit a positive attitude and a nice 

disposition when we use proper etiquette. 

We use a firm handshake, maintain good eye 

contact, make appropriate introductions, 

rise when introduced or introducing someone,

 respects and considers others, and listens


We present ourselves with the kind of polish,

 grooming, and behavior that commands that

 we should be taken seriously when we use

 proper etiquette.

Etiquette refers to the politeness 

with which we should always 

treat one another.

Etiquette is defined as selflessness, respect, 

honesty, and consideration. Whether it's a job

 interview, a business meeting, or a social

 gathering, people commonly form immediate

 opinions, favorable or negative, about others

 within the first 15 to 30 seconds of meeting 


Etiquette is the manner in which one conducts 

oneself in our society. It is the sensible, professional,

 courteous, and responsible behavior that society

 and the workplace recognizes and appreciates.

Respect and appreciation are earned through

 attitudes and proper behaviours.


Without etiquette and good manners, members 

of society would be far too impatient and 

disrespectful to one another, resulting in

 insults, dishonesty, cheating, road rage, fist 

fights, and a slew of other challenging and 

unfortunate circumstances.

Without correct etiquette and good manners, our 

polite culture would quickly vanish, and social 

interaction would most certainly be unfriendly,

 impolite, and less civilized.

When rudeness, disdain, and a disregard for 

the law and humanity pervade society... we

 will be subjected to a rapidly decaying society.

When morals and principles are abandoned, and 

there is no civility... societal conditions deteriorate


Can you image how different the world would

be if there was no trust, decency, respect,

manners, love, or safety?


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