7:04 AM on January 31, 2017                            

Hi Carole,

I just wanted to send you a message of thanks for producing

such a wonderful and positive website. I stumbled across your

site by chance when I was wrestling with my troubles and  your

site was just what I needed to refocus me on god and not on my


You will never know how many lives you have helped

around the world through your messages of love, positivity and

blessed wisdom. The authenticity of your messages are proof

that the holy spirit works through you, like his prophets of old.

May god bless you and keep you always, you are doing His

work and making a difference in ways you could never


God bless you always.


Greetings beloved Sister,

I have reviewed your Website, and I was very impressed; in fact, the unique
construction of your Web Page in my opinion falls into category of that of a
genius. I did not open all of the topics thereon, but the one titled "crabs in
a bucket" left an lasting impression on me; hence, I don't think that I could
have illustrated that "unfortunate truth" any better. You have already done
what I would have tried to do, if I had established a Web site regarding the
circumstances of our people.

Therefore, all I can say at this juncture is CARRY ON SISTER! And if it is
anything that I can do to further your work just contact me.

To be for sure, I will send your Web site to all of my friends.

Peace & Love

S. K. Nyasuma
Dear Carole,
Loved your God's creation page.
Good luck with the website. A fine initiative.

With best wishes (from Ibiza, Spain)
Martin Davies 
I have been having a rough couple days and I stumbled upon your
 site and it really helped encourage me so I just thought I 
would tell you how much it helped me when I really needed some
thank you, may God bless you =)
-random 16 yr old boy
 Hi there!

God really works in mysterious ways. I was just surfing
the net, googling for some images I could use for a music video project
I'm trying to prepare to share in our alumni group's lenten reflections
and retreat. When I typed in the words 'greed' and 'excessive wealth
accumulation', it gave several images one of which led me to your
website. Before I knew it I was completely absorbed, the words gripping
me like a vise that won't let me go.

A couple of years ago, I underwent a wave of storms starting with a
deep spiritual crises that shook the core of my being. This was brought
about by another turbulence in the form of serious financial setbacks
stemming from the housing bust. It turned out to be providential and
just the kind of jolt I needed to rouse me from a long stupor that got
me entangled in a web of worldly pursuits and desires thereby causing me
to lose my way. But that financial storm and spiritual crisis also
paved the way for me to come home as I felt an overwhelming desire to go
to confession just before Good Friday of 2009.

Great, now I found my way back to where I should be . . . on the
road to climbing my way back to the home of Our heavenly Father. It
should be smooth sailing from thence, or so I thought.  Then came the
third wave of the storm, a tsunami in the form of a serious health
crisis; I was diagnosed with colon cancer barely three weeks after
Easter. To many it might be come as some sort of brutal punishment
inflicted on me as Divine retribution for my failings and excesses.
Indeed, a bitter pill to swallow after making amends with my Lord and
Savior through repentance and reconciliation. Alas, I didn't feel any
bitterness as I accepted my fate and prepared for colorectal surgery and
be ready for the unknown. To me, it was a blessing that made me realize
in unmistakable terms what mattered most in my life, my salvation.

Since then, I've been in constant reflection asking My Lord and
Savior what it is He wants of me now. For sure, I could not go back to
the life I knew before because no matter how I tried to get back to
productive endeavors and undertakings which spelled material wealth and
financial recovery, I floundered. But then I realized there must be
another challenge He wants me to devote my time and energy to, a
different challenge that would make full use of my God-given talents.
This website is a revelation and you are heaven sent with the way you
have skillfully crafted this lofty project and special calling.

I don't know how and not sure when but I have a feeling our paths
would cross someday. Let me just say thank you for now and bless your
beautiful heart for this website that I know I will constantly monitor

Your Brethren In Christ,

Efren T. Dayauon
Laguna Niguel, CA
 Hi CaroleC,


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