Humanity faces an unknown amd potentially 

fatal virus.

In the world, we will have tribulations.

We cannot overcome obstacles through simple 

perseverance, and human ingenuity. 

As we seek understanding and wisdom, during these 

dark days of despair and uncertain times, may we be 

still and reflect on what we know about God and 

Who God is. 

May we always remember and never forget:

God is our Comforter. God is our Source 

of protection, our Refuge, our

 Strength, our Ultimate Healer and 

our Peace.

God is able to keep us from the pit of destruction.

God, the Father of all mercies and the Giver of all comfort, allows the good and 

bad things in life, and we can trust God to work all things together for the good in 

the lives of those who love Him. God will achieve His end. He has the final say. 

When God allows us into positions of great trial... God has a way of orchestrating 

and working through our pain, suffering and tragedies to accomplish His purposes 

in our lives. No matter what our circumstances are... God is in control, and God's 

purposes can override it all. 

God is all-knowing, all-wise and all-powerful. God is able to take those things


that Satan tried to use to destroy us and turns it so that it actually works for our 

good instead. Even in the midst of any disturbance in the atmosphere, God is 

perfectly able to bless us with His amazing and timely gifts of grace. 

Even at our weakest, darkest and worst... we can find God

God will not abandon His people.

Sometimes, God will allow us to have a major breakdown in order to have a 

major breakthrough.

God is able to bring forth, at the appropriate time and 

season, masterpieces from our broken pieces. 

Tragedy and triumph generally work as partners. As we trust God, we can 

experience restoration and resurrection as God brings our broken, shattered and 

dying world back to Himself. 

Some of the most quoted words of the Bible are from 

the Book of Ecclesiastes, chapter 3.

“For everything there is a season, and

a time for every matter under heaven."

Transitional storms will often usher in a new season.

Could this season of trials, tragedies, and feelings of 

insecurity be a resurrection from spiritual death and 

a reconnection... a greater awareness and the 

acknowledgement of God, our Inner Truth

Is it possible that we could experience blessings in the 

midst of this Coronavirus storm?

 Could this be a reawakening of our inner warrior?

Could this be a reminder that God is in control and we 

are not?

God specializes in bringing beauty and wonderful life 

lessons from the crucible of crisis. God is the 

restoration Master Who can take our fallen, marred, 

defeated, disillusioned, broken and fragmented lives

 and salvage them through His Divine healing. 

The Coronavirus pandemic could very well be a part 

of God's Divine and Predetermined Plan. This could 

very well be a season of God's restoration work. 

God has ordered and decreed a season, a life cycle, for 

every activity under the sun. There is a beginning and 

ending... a right time and season for everything.

The different seasons of life can become our greatest 

teachers. They can teach us vital lessons that we 

would never have learned any other way. They are 

able to shape us, grow us, mold us and make us better.

The Coronavirus caught the world unprepared and by surprise, and it has affected 

the way people behave on many different levels. 

Trust, there has never been a better time for the world to think and plan more 

seriously and draw closer to God, than now.

The chief of the World Health Organization

described COVID-19 as a 

"Dangerous enemy".

The World Health Organization has declared the virus a global health emergency 

and rated COVID-19's global risk of spread and impact as "Very high".

As reported by the CDC, "This is a very powerful 


The Coronavirus is a respiratory illness and spreads 

very readily through close contact.

This unprecedented global health crisis is contagious and is not limited to any 

particular race, tribe, creed, color, class, religion, language or age. Whether one is 

wicked or righteous, COVID-19 does not discriminate. Regardless of one's

 political beliefs, white collar or blue collar, culture, creed, disability, 

educational background, socio-economic factors, experiences or realities...

Coronavirus is all inclusive!

According to Wikipedia, Coronaviruses are a group of related viruses that cause 

diseases in mammals and birds. In humans, Coronaviruses cause respiratory tract 

infections that are typically mild, such as some cases of the common cold, though 

rarer forms can be lethal, such as SARS, MERS, and COVID-19. 

Symptoms in other species vary: in chickens, they cause an upper respiratory tract 

disease, while in cows and pigs they cause diarrhea. 

At this time, there are yet to be vaccines or antiviral treatments to prevent or treat 

human Coronavirus infections.

As claimed by many healthcare officials, symptoms 

usually appear within two to 14 days of being exposed 

to the virus.

As reported by the CDC,  a significant number of individuals that are infected 

actually remain asymptomatic. That may be as many as 25%. That's important, 

because now we have individuals that may not have any symptoms that can 

contribute to transmission, and we have learned that in fact they do contribute to 

transmission. This helps explain how rapidly this virus continues to spread,

 because we have asymptomatic transmitters, and we have individuals who are

 transmitting 48 hours before they become symptomatic.

More rarely, the disease can be fatal. 

Older people, and people with other medical conditions (such as asthma, diabetes, 

or heart disease), may be more vulnerable to becoming severely ill.

As believed by the CDC, this virus has the ability to transmit far easier than flu. It

could be about three times as infectious as the flu, and for the months to come: 

in the opinion of the CDC, 'This virus is going to be with us".

The Coronavirus is the virus we cannot see. These

invisible forces are at work, even as we speak, 

creating a paradigm shift for our world. These 

formidable forces are simply above and beyond

human control.

During these challenging times we are all facing, 

many of us are perhaps pondering “Why” and “How”

did we arrive at this dark and uncertain place in our


I am obviously no prophet, 

but here is a thought that may be worth considering.


The threats of this world are real, but we do not stand 

against such threats alone. God is with us, 

and in God... 

we have all we need to face such times.

"Let not your hearts be troubled, and do not be afraid."

It is the power of praising God, in the midst of, that 

strengthens us and empowers our faith to endure the 

trials and tribulations in life.

As we go through life living it out day by day we 

ultimately will face many troubles, hardships, trials 

and tribulations.

The novel Coronavirus set in motion a global pandemic that has created a serious 

flow of growing uncertainties and frustrations the world is still endeavoring to 

discern, treat, and wrestle with.

We have seen rising death tolls, closed borders, travel bans, paralyzed food supply 

and shortages of personal protective equipment for medical and first responders. 

We are seeing more export restrictions, more families cooking meals in--- and 

eating out less, unemployment, concerns about losing jobs, school closures, 

concerns about avoiding and/or contracting the Coronavirus and spreading it to 

family and friends. Many are facing unforeseen obstacles and are concerned about 

their financial future. There is a flood of unprecedented global concerns and 

responses to COVID-19.

Too often we attempt to carry more than 

we should rather than surrendering what 

we cannot carry or control into God's 

capable hands.

No matter how downcast and dismal our circumstances may be, 

let us cast our cares on God. 1Peter 5:7

Stop trying to figure it out! God tells us clearly not to lean on our own 

understanding. We are to let go and let God be God. Proverbs 3:5-6 reminds 

us,“Trust in the Lord with all our heart, And lean not on our own understanding;

 In all our ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct our paths.” 

“…Our thoughts are not God’s thoughts, Nor are our ways His ways.”  

– Isaiah 55:8



We may not be able to prevent those fearful or 

distressed thoughts from bombarding our minds, but 

we can began to practice not becoming anxious about 

anything. So, let us guard our hearts and minds and 

not become fearful or distressed because of the

 complexities of our current situation. May we remain 

faithful and turn our situations over to God.

Jesus teaches that God knows our needs and cares 

about them and will give us peace, which surpasses all 


Putting God first can truly satisfy our

 hearts. When we put God first, our lives 

will make more sense. God will instruct 

us and guide us along the best path.

May we Seek God, the Most High. 

When we allow God, our Creator and Shepherd, to guide us... we have 

contentment... because we are safe under His care and absolved from all anxieties.

Praise God, we can count on God to provide for our 

needs, protect us, guide us, and keep our souls secure. 

God is limitless in power and ability and is not 

confined, defined or limited to the parameters of our 

imagination. There is no pandemic that can 

overwhelm or overcome God. God is a dependable 

Way-maker Who is able to overcome and turn

impossible situations around.

The treasury of Scripture reminds us, 

"Do not let your hearts be troubled; do not be afraid."

Our lives and times are in God's hands, and nothing is 

beyond God's reach.

God is able to give us peace in the midst of the storm, 

joy unspeakable joy in the face of the unthinkable and 

courageous confidence in His amazing grace.

No matter how dark the days may seem, we serve a 

God Who is Absolute and Omnipotent. God is not 

weak or incompetent. God is able to do 

immeasurably more than we ask or imagine.  

God is able to do exceedingly abundant things in 

nature and in history. This conviction is stressed over 

and over again in the Old and New Testaments.

God is Almighty, and God is able to do much more 

than we ask for. God can turn any situation around. 

There is nothing that is consistent with God's nature,

 God's Will, decrees or purposes that God, the Creator, 

the Most High and Ruler of the universe cannot do;

 although, there are certain very significant things God 

cannot do concerning us, His creation.

*God cannot lie. We are reminded in the Scriptures 

that... God does not change or break a promise. God 

kept His promises in the past and will keep His 

promises concerning us. God's Word cannot be 

broken. God's intent and power cannot be stopped. 

God cannot be deceived. God's plans cannot be 

thrawted or overthrown. 

According to Scripture, God cannot stand sin.

It is humbling and awe-inspiring to know that God 

cannot despise a broken or contrite heart and God

 cannot stop loving us. God tells us that He loves us 

with an everlasting love.

Because God cannot do these things... this opens 

the way before us and allows us to do all things 

through Christ Who strengthens us. 

Philippians 4:13

God is the Greatest and beyond perception. 

God was, and is, and is to come. 

Revelations 4:8

 God is overflowing with compassion, mercy, love, 

righteousness and justice. God is All-Powerful, 

Incomparable, Self-Sufficient and Superior in every 

way. There is no situation, within God's nature, too

 hard or impossible for God. God is able to do 

anything. God has no equals. No one can compare to, 

compete with, surpass or exceed God on any level. 

Who can teach knowledge to God?


God is Unequaled and able to do exceedingly and

 abundantly above all that we ask or think.

Our God is the same yesterday, today and forever. 

God was--- what God is today.

God is the Supreme 

Dispenser of all events. 

"God rules by His power 


Psalm 66:7

God is the same unchangeable Truth and 

our unchangeable Treasure.

God Who created the world---is the same 

unchangeable God Who controls the course of history 

and our future.

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is 

nothing new under the sun. 

Ecclesiastes 1:9

Although we face a hostile world and


uncertainty abounds... God is the cure.

God is our Shelter, covering us with His good purposes. God is our Refuge; our 

safe place. God is our Fortress; God's promises cannot be blocked or stopped.

 Resting in God deflects the enemies of fear and doubt in times of trial. In God's 

protection, we will not be overcome by the fears of the world.

May we be forever grateful for Who God is

 and What God is.

What a blessing it is to know that God is universally 

present in person, in understanding, and in power at all 


“God is not far from any one of us” 

Acts 17:27

God is our Supreme Judge... never wicked or unjust.

 God is Sovereign in Creation, Providence 

and Redemption. The souls and breath of every 

living thing is in the hand of God.

 Isn't it amazing how God can be so immense, 

protecting and providing, pervading and sustaining all 

of creation; yet, God is involved in the minuscule 

details of our lives just as much as He is in major 

historical world events. This same God exists within 

us and is knowable; yet, incomprehensible to us. We 

can never fully comprehend God. God is infinite and 

we are finite. We are the created... God is our 

Creator. God sustains and satisfies every living thing. 

We depend on God. It is not the other way 


According to Scripture, God's greatness, ways, 

thoughts, power, wisdom and judgments are well

 beyond our ability to fathom fully. God is worthy of 

our trust. We can talk about God's greatness, but we 

will never know everything there is to know about 


God's greatness is unsearchable. 

Psalm 145:3

There is nothing about us that God does not know.

 God's knowledge of us is so vast that there is nothing 

we can do or imagine that God does not already know 

about. God knows all and sees all. God knows all our 

days... their beginning, their number, and their end.

There is absolutely nothing that happens in the 

universe that is outside of God's knowledge, influence, 

authority or control.

God is Supreme in Power 

and Authority! 

 God has no limitations, and God is above and before 

all of the past, present and future.

With God, we can expect the unexpected.

When everything in our midst keeps proving itself as impossible... may we stand 

firm on God's promises, and expect the impossible, the unusual and the 

miraculous. That is how and where God works! God is able to create order out of 


What appears, during this season of our lives, to be dismal and chaotic may have a 

purpose that our finite minds are incapable of comprehending.

There is nothing in the world 

that has not already happened. 

What has been will be again. 

When God revealed to Abraham that He would destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, the 

patriarch knew that many people would die. To that frightening revelation 

Abraham said, "Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?" (Genesis 18:25).

An ocean of disease, bigotry, hatred, brokenness, plagues of mischief, death, 

deadly street battles, destruction, earthquakes, famine, pestilence, hunger, 

starvation,  nation rising against nation, oppression, confusion, conflict, wars 

and rumors of wars have broken out and people continue to stubbornly choose self-

will, an attitude of active rebellion, allowing strife and animosity to raise its 

ugly head, and we are noticing more and more dismissive and passive 

indifference over God's Will. 

Many have chosen their own independent way. Far too many are resorting 

to hurting and killing one another...twisting the laws of God and breaking God's 

everlasting Commands. Many are defiling and unraveling our world for land,

 things and ideology.

The nation of Israel had willfully disobeyed God. Divine judgment came to the 

people in several ways: war, drought, famine, and plagues of grasshoppers.

According to Ecclesiastes 1:9, that which has been is that which shall be; and that 

which has been done is that which will be done: and there is nothing new under 

the sun.

History, especially Biblical history, helps us understand what God is doing 

and how our lives can fit into His purpose.

Nothing happens by chance or accident. For every effect there is a cause.

God was... what God is today.
"Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, 

that will he also reap." 

Galatians 6:7

Our beliefs about God have consequences. Thinking rightly about God is of 

absolute importance because a bogus idea about God is idolatry. The idolatrous 

heart assumes and concludes that God is other than Who He is. 

Suffering has been experienced for centuries.

So many verses in Scripture remind us that God knows 

best and wants us to trust Him in all things and at all 


Let us reflect upon the escape through the Red Sea.

Imagine the Israelites standing, terrified, before the Red Sea, and the Egyptians 

are in hot pursuit... to slaughter them. God said to Moses, “Why are you crying out

to Me? Tell the people to go forward! Lift up your staff and raise your hand over 

the sea and divide the water so the Israelites can walk through the middle of the 

sea on dry ground. My great glory will be displayed through Pharaoh and his 

troops, chariots, and charioteers. When My glory is displayed through them, all 

Egypt will see My glory and know that I am the Lord!”

Then Moses raised his hand over the sea, and the Lord opened up a path through 

the water with a strong east wind. The wind blew all that night, turning the seabed 

into dry land. So the people of Israel walked through the middle of the sea on dry 

ground, with walls of water on each side!

Exodus 14:15-31 

When the Israelites saw the power of God, they put 

their faith in God.

God works in wonderful ways, not always in very 

dramatic ways, but in ways we do not anticipate.

When the enemy is pounding at our door... 

God is able to save us.

Scripture reminds us...

the same ancient Power is promised to help us, today.

That same ancient Power is able to turn those Red Sea 

experiences, we are standing in front of, into dry land,

 and our dry and barren desert experiences into pools 

of living water. That same ancient touch... will

 lovingly bring us through the rough terrain of this 

coronavirus wilderness season. 

For everything that was written in the past was written 

to teach us, so that through the endurance taught in the 

Scriptures and the encouragement they provide we 

might have hope.

Romans 15:4 

Could the world be so caught up in busyness and 

living the good life that it is drifting into unhealthy an 

ungodly places and experiences? 

Could we be guilty of spiritually

distancing away from God, the Giver of 


The Coronavirus challenges continue to mount. May we come to realize that the 

Coronavirus, we are faced with, is bigger than us. It is bigger than the advice we 

can get from experts and/or the best books. It is bigger than the assistance we can 

get from high places and programs.

We believe, this Coronavirus is a God-sized problem that only God can fix. Only 

the gospel provides an exclusive foundation for human flourishing. All other 

ground is sinking sand.

Through prayer and Scripture we learn to walk through our trials with God, 

and line upon line, we can find greater peace, endurance, and understanding.

God governs us all. God is the Highest Authority of all of creation, and it is God 

Who will always lead and guide us to our greatest good; yet, God is being kept 

out of our schools, government, and many other public places because some feel 

that God is not relevant, not appropriate or politically correct, offensive and an 

unnecessary part of the agenda of life. 

Satan is busy. Satan wants us to become distant from God. He goes over and 

beyond to remove and silence any mention of God. This relentless attacker 

is attempting to keep God out of every institution of our society. He hates and 

rejects God. He is always on the prowl... looking for ways to root out God and the 

moral foundations upon which our world was founded. 

Sadly, far too many have allowed themselves to waywardly drift, outside of God's 

Will, and roll with the tides. Some believe if it is not politically correct... it is 

not correct or true. 

 Political correctness is an ideological movement that has itself become the 

problem. This kind of mindset, in and of itself is the perfect recipe for disaster. 

Unless we are guided by God, we leave ourselves wide open to those devilish 

seen and unseen forces that will destroy us all.

When an individual, a household, a neighborhood, a city, a state, and / or the 

world accepts ways of life that are forbidden in the Scripture, its society will be 

strickened with darkness... with morally bankrupt people.

One can do many things without God such as:

acquire wealth, make great investments, start a 

business, get an education, break glass ceilings,

buy cars, homes, etc., but we truly believe that... true


peace, joy, and fulfillment in our lives can only be 

realized... when God is at the helm of our lives.

Sadly, many people have remained unfulfilled. They 

have lost their way trying to live up to their toxic and 

inauthentic, bogus facades and lofty opinions 

of themselves. Many have been left wondering why 

their lives, regardless of their lot in life, still comes 

up empty.

Worldly acclaim and possessions can bring us a 

measure of worldly stability and security; however, 

things of the world have only fleeting value.

When we leave God out of our lives... we are inviting 

all sorts of chaos, loss and regret into our lives. We 

become our own rulers and losers... simultaneously.

 Without God, we are unfulfilled and there is a 

downward spiral of chaos. 

When the good life is separated from God it is futile 

and meaningless. Because we have been created by 

God, we remain unfulfilled without God. 

According to Scripture, God will not 

share His glory with another.

From the beginning, the enemy of our soul has been 

on quest to hide God from us; to distort and veil 

God's character; to disrupt, rattle, and agitate God's

plans. He has sought out ways to deceive the nations; 

to dismantle, impair, destroy and consume God's

people... shipwrecking and eradicating the faith 

of those that put their trust in God.

During these extremely serious and uncertain times, we

 believe in the midst of it all is an urgent Spiritual 

element that should not be overlooked. 

So, what is 

God saying 

to the 


Could this be God's wake up call for all humanity?

Could this be God ushering in a worldwide revival?

May we always remember and never forget: 

God brought the great flood upon the earth 

because the wickedness of man was great.

Before the flood man's every intent, desire 

and thought bent toward evil. 

These intentions and desires don't sound

that different from today, right?🤔


Could it be that 

God Is powerfully 

moving to secure 

our attention and 

place us on 

the pathway He 


Could this season be a period of preparation for a new thing God is doing, in us and through us?

God knows how and where to place us so that we can learn and grow spiritually 

and become well equipped for our eventual promotion.

Are we walking with God according to Scripture? 

As is all too often God must intervene in the affairs of our lives that we are 

comfortable and entrenched in.

Are we allowing God to lead, direct and commune with us?

Human self-sufficiency and fleshly self-dependence is not what God wants to 

develop in us. According to Scripture, God wants us to develop a Christlike 

dependence on Him. God wants us to acknowledge Him in all our ways.

Have we become so arrogant and haughty that we think we are capable of 

disconnecting from God and fixing ourselves?

In our increasingly secular culture, we are so instinctively and profoundly self-

centered that many don’t believe they are. 

Are we misusing our God-given freedom and becoming defiant toward 

Almighty God?

Much of the ruin we experience is fed by our own spiritual poverty and folly. 

According to Proverbs, fools exalt folly and give full vent to their spirit. Has 

our world wandered from the course God has set for us?

Satan has a field day when people become willfully ignorant and drift outside of 

God's will. Is it possible that our world has become rebellious to the point of 

deviating from God's will?

We are to acknowledge God at all times, under all circumstances and in all our 

ways, whether pleasant or difficult, joyful or sorrowful. Once we acknowledge the 

greatness of God, we will find it easier to put God first in our lives. 

Are we keeping God in the forefront of all of our affairs and trusting God's good 

guidance, or have we become the highest authority?

Who is really on the throne of our heart?

Are we embracing God's agenda?

As we all continue to struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic, this may be a great 

time to ask God, what lessons are we all to glean from this unique experience?

In the past we dealt with and overcome: natural and manmade disasters, 

epidemics, exacerbated outbreaks of disease, the widespread scarcity of food and 

famines, floods, evil and greedy predators, earthquakes, massacres, war and armed

 conflicts with deaths of soldiers and civilians. Today, it is the COVID-19 

pandemic, physical distancing and sudden isolation.

The tumultuous and uncertain threats we face are countless, but time and time  

again we find that we are a lot more resilient and much less fragile than we 

thought we were

These are deeply disturbing and harsh realities we all have, on some level, known

about or had to deal with.

But let us remember: Every trial we face is temporary. 

This Too Shall Pass.

The CDC recommends that if you do need to go out, try to avoid crowds and 

gatherings with large numbers of people.

Know the symptoms

The symptoms of COVID-19 are similar to those of influenza, says William 

Schaffner, MD, a professor of medicine in the division of infectious diseases at the 

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville, Tennessee. These include:

  • Fever

  • Cough

  • Shortness of breath

  • Fatigue

  • Sometimes vomiting and diarrhea

  • Aches and pains

  •   Complications like pneumonia

“Coronavirus is a respiratory illness and spread very readily through close 

contact,” Dr. Schaffner explains — for instance, if an infected person coughs or 

sneezes three to six feet away from you. It may also be spread through an airborne 

route, which, according to Johns Hopkins, means “that tiny droplets remaining in 

the air could cause disease in others even after the ill person is no longer near.”

Supporting our own well-being expands our capacity to support others.

Most people who become infected experience mild illness and recover, but it 

can be more severe for others. Take care of your health and protect others by 

doing the following:

There is not a single moment when we can relax our vigilance.

Petitioning God is the most powerful 

way we can respond to this coronavirus 

pandemic or any crisis.


When we least feel like praying is the exact moment 

we need to pray. None of us, if left to ourselves, are


above turning from God and falling back into the same 

old sins we recovered from. 

We cannot fight this fight alone. 

No matter what we are facing, may we 

turn to our Greatest Healer, 


Who brings health to the body and 

healing to the soul. 

While reading an article, someone expressed that "There is no master plan" 

regarding the Coronavirus. This may be true, on a human level, because it is

 novel and has not been seen or identified before


God has a Master Plan!

God will do whatever needs to be done.

Whatever God allows into this world, we can rest 

assured God intends to use it for our good – including 

this global pandemic known as the Coronavirus, or


Let us make our decision, to walk with God.

For our own sake, let us NOT delay.

God has a way of orchestrating a series of unlikely 

events that will work together for our good.

We don’t really know the full truth behind this global 

disease crisis, but this world still belongs to God!

God is so far above us. 

God is King over all the forces of man 

and nature!

God sets limits not just for the waves but for 

everything in the universe.

God's Word reminds us, “If My people, who are called by My Name, will humble 

themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will 

hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land” 

(2 Chronicles 7:14).

As the coronavirus crisis continues to spread across the globe, even in the midst of 

all of the uncertainties and chaos concerning the evolving global pandemic...

let us be responsibly concerned. 

Yes, according to many health experts, the coronavirus outbreak is contagious and 

very real, but let us not turn our concern regarding our preparedness into worry 

and/or panic. There is no value in panicking or feeling helpless. If you are 

struggling with worry in the midst of this crisis, may you reflect upon

Isaiah 26:3-4, ‘You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You, 

because he trusts in You. Trust in the Lord for ever, for the Lord God is an 

Everlasting Rock.’

In whatever season we find ourselves today, 

God is fully aware of our need and brokenness.

God uses even bad things to accomplish good, but

without God there is no real progress, purpose or 

direction for humanity.

May we remain faithful... seeing God in the midst of this global tragedy.

Whenever trouble threatens we need to stay our minds on God. We need to 

remind ourselves of the many great truths about God.

May we keep God in the forefront. God is our only answer! As we reflect on 

the fundamental brokenness in our world, it is clear that only God is able to heal 

and restore all that is sick and broken in our lives and in our world.

That’s why we must keep praying that people would come to know Jesus in 

response to this epidemic. That this event would spark a worldwide revival!

This sinful world and the coronavirus outbreak is still 

under God's supernatural control.

Basic Coronavirus Preventive 

and Protective Measures to Consider


Wash them often!

Hands touch many surfaces and can pick up viruses. Once contaminated, hands 

can transfer the virus to our eyes, nose or mouth. From there, the virus can enter 

the body and can make us sick.


Cough into it!

Follow good respiratory hygiene. This means covering the mouth and nose with 

the bent elbow or tissue when we cough or sneeze. Then dispose of the used tissue 



Droplets spread virus. By following good respiratory hygiene we protect the 

people around us from viruses such as cold, flu and COVID-19.


Don't touch it!


Stay home if you begin to feel unwell, even with mild 

symptoms such as headache and slight runny nose, 

until you recover. 

Because it is not just you who’s affected in all of this, 

but it’s other people. Let us consider the elderly, with 

underlying medical issues, and those who live in the 

same house with.

Having an emergency plan in place can go a long way 

toward helping us stay calm and healthy.

In public places, there are “high-touch areas,” which are basically the things that 

everyone puts their hands on, like door handles, railings, self-order kiosks, and the 

credit card reader. If someone has a virus on their hands, they can deposit it on 

these surfaces, which we can then get on our hands and transmit to others.

The Coronavirus has impacted every one of us in some way. For many, it has 

caused genuine hardship and strife. COVID-19 has caused huge numbers of deaths 

and the global economy has been greatly impacted. There is still much the 

scientific and medical experts remain unsure about, regarding COVID-19.

Avoiding contact with others and visits to medical facilities will allow these 

facilities to operate more effectively and help protect you and others from possible 

COVID-19 and other viruses.

Viruses like the coronavirus can be spread by close contact, which is considered 

anything in the range of six feet.

The purpose of physical distancing is an attempt to prevent further spread of 

COVID-19. Health and medical experts are saying there is nothing inherently

 dangerous about going outside. The danger is in being close to other people 

who are infected, whether they know it or not.

Many healthcare experts have confirmed, if we have no exposure to anyone who 

has the virus, and don’t touch anything that has been recently touched by someone 

with the virus, then we should be okay. If we stay home, but are visited by 

someone who has been exposed, we could catch it as they could unintentionally 

bring it to us. The virus needs a way to get to us (called a vector). This one is 

transferred by being in moisture (breath or skin moisture) of someone who has it. 

Avoid those and we may avoid getting it.

According to, Grant Tower, PhD Biochemistry and Cancer Treatment, Dartmouth 

College (2003), the people who are “Not venturing much outside”, not that they 

don’t go out at all, so when they go out, they are exposing themselves and then 

bringing the virus home to whomever they live with or whom they are visiting.

This “second wave” consists of people who go out rarely but expose themselves to 

the virus or bring the virus back because they don’t social distance, staying 

AT LEAST feet away from people, they don't properly sterilize what they bring 

back, and/or track it into the house on their clothes and shoes.

Dr. Tower, is a trained scientist, and is well-versed in “sterile technique,” which 

consists of properly sterilizing everything touched, only touching things with 

sterile hands, and proper use of Personal Protection Equipment like masks (and 


He states, most people don’t know how to properly wear a mask (which includes 

making sure it properly fits over mouth and nose, not taking the mask off until you 

are in a safe place, and only take it off with sterile hands). He says that he sees 

people wearing their masks below their nose so only their mouth is covered. He 

explained that he did not understand that at all.

Dr. Tower asserted, that when we take our masks on and off (because it is not 

comfortable/hot or to talk with someone either in the store or on their cell), are

generally fusing with it, and/or taking it off with unclean hands. These behaviors 

INCREASE the likelihood of getting the virus because it is being transferred 

directly onto the mask that is in direct contact with a person’s nose and mouth for 

extended periods of time. Then, we take the virus into the house on unclean 

bags, our clothes, shoes, and dirty hands touching common surfaces. People may 

not be washing their hands enough or adequately, touching their faces (it’s very 

hard not to), or not cleaning commonly touched surfaces enough. And the virus 

can live on plastic and metal for as long as 3 days.

If people would heed 

to public health advice, 

this may afford healthcare professionals, researchers and scientists time to 

 flattened the curve or totally eradicate this disease.

Smart people can sometimes feel that they are experts in what they have been 

trained for, and they lose sight of what they do not know. They can make 

disastrous decisions based on knowledge that is incomplete... because it has not 

been tested in the fire of experience, and that, in and of itself, can be a dangerous 


Our actions do 

affect other 


Staying home is a critical 

intervention to reduce 

harm from the 

spread of the coronavirus 

in our homes, community, 

city, state, country and 


The collective conscience of people can be seen in those who are trying to 

cooperate with shelter-in-place. Rather than moving about and possibly becoming 

infected or infecting others… they tend to have a moral conscience which operates 

as a unifying set of shared values, beliefs and behavior within our society. 

Let us bind together for the common good by 

collectively cooperating, staying at home and 

physically distancing. 

Most people, at their core, want to pull together and cooperate. Cooperation 

always finds a way to prevail. We are encouraging those who can stay home... to 

do so. The outcome on any given task can be improved when we cooperate with 

each other instead of working and competing against each other. 

Scientists, researchers and healthcare professionals need our cooperation so that 

they can work on counter measures to save lives, flatten the curve, control and / 

or find a vaccine for the Coronavirus. With some of the best minds in the field of 

science and medicine diligently at work, may we seek God more and not waste 

precious time and energy scrolling deeper and deeper into a hole of bombarding 

and harassing misinformation, conspiracy theories and devilish distractions spread 

on social media. This is like a kick in the teeth to those frontline workers who 

have put their lives on the line to rescue lives and have watched countless people 


Staying home is probably the most humane thing 

for us to do, at this time.

To err on the side of caution is less problematic and less painful for the whole. The 

challenge is making sure we are not a potential incubator for a widespread 

outbreak. Let us be especially careful rather than taking a risk and possibly 

developing this disease and spreading it. 

Why not be a part of the solution? 

May we take all of the necessary precautions we can so, that in the worst case 

scenario, we can take the steps to prevent and avoid infection. This sacrifice will 

keep our homes, communities, cities, states and world healthier.

It comes down to the Golden Rule: 

Do unto others as you would like others to do to you. 

Luke 6:31

In other words, let us be receptive and responsible treating everyone like we want 

to be treated, and more than that treating all as God has treated us. We treat 

others nicely because of the grace we have been given. So that regardless of how 

we feel in any given situation, we can offer grace like the grace God extends to us 


There is tremendous power and influence in cooperation. Cooperation 

fuels grand and small selfless acts, for the greater good.

May cooperation become the new emerging paradigm.

As stated by the CDC, most likely, there will possibly be another wave that we 

would anticipate in the late fall, early winter. There will still be a substantial 

portion of people that are susceptible.

They are hoping we will aggressively re-embrace some of the mitigation strategies 

that they determined had impact, particularly social distancing.

According to the CDC, physical distancing has 

been a very powerful weapon.

Physical distancing is not just a little recommendation on a piece of paper. This is 

very powerful means to protect, care for and support one another.

This virus cannot go from person to person that easily. It needs us to be close. It 

needs us to be within 6 feet. If we just distance ourselves, this virus can't sustain

 itself and it will go out. 

So this social distancing that we're pushing ... is a powerful weapon, and that will 

shut this outbreak down sooner than it otherwise would have been shut down. And 

as next season comes up, it's going to be important that we reembrace that social 


Why is the selfless behavior of physical distancing 

such a pervasive phenomenon?

Why are some people behaving so dangerously?

Unfortunately, some are complaining, murmuring and grumbling because they are 

missing out of their fun times. Some can become so egocentric and self-

centered… their actions and/or behavior, regarding staying home, has and/or 

will cause many to mourn, unnecessarily... that's selfish. Just as there are patterns 

of infection, there seems to be patterns of emotional and some times irrational 

reaction when people, who may think they are invincible, callously ignore 

quarantine and selfishly go about their lives as if nothing has changed.

Is it fair to assume that people who continue to participate in nonessential outings, 

roaming around are ignorant of what is going on, irresponsible, reckless and/or 


Someone acting in a way that may lead to the death of others can lead others to 

think that people are intentionally doing or saying things that will increase the 

spread of this disease. 

Would this kind of behavior not be considered as being inhumane? 

This in and of itself potentially puts people outside of their homes in jeopardy and 

those inside of the home in harms way. This kind of selfishness could possibly 

yield suffering for all of us in the long-term. It is much like inviting death into 

one's home.

According to the CDC and the world health organization, diseases, especially ones 

like COVID-19, can lurk asymptomatic within anyone we meet. Federal officials 

say the virus can live on surfaces up to two weeks… professionally cleaned or not.

At this point, many have been isolating at home for weeks. 

Does that mean it is safe to start spending time with others who have also been 


Because so much is unknown about the coronavirus, solid answers are hard to get. 

Everything is moving so fast, no one knows a lot. The reality is, the data is a 

moving target and erring on the side of caution is the best thing for everyone until 

we know. Experts have said, it’s still safest to stay home, right now. What you 

shouldn’t do is mix and mingle, even if you can maintain enough distance that you 

won’t spread the virus, said Suzanne Willard, associate dean of global health at 

Rutgers School of Nursing. Instead, we should follow the guidance and stay home 

except for essential trips, such as to buy groceries.

Time clearly does not relate to God and man in the same way. Human beings are 

creatures of time, and we look at time from entirely different perspectives. Most of 

us realize that time is our most precious gift. We can make money, but we cannot 

make more time. Once our lives are spent... we cannot get a refund. That time is 

gone... we will never get it back.  

In the midst of all of the busyness of rushing here and there.. entangled in the 

hustle and bustle of life… it can be very difficult to calm our souls so that we 

might be able to spend quality time with God... listening to the voice of 

God within us and focusing our attention on God, the Source of our strength. 

Spending time with God is the key to every good thing. Spending time with God 

puts everything into perspective. It renews our strength and enables us to better 

handle life. 

When we go within, what we find inside is a ceaseless stream of answers. 

Spending time alone with God fulfills the heart like nothing else can. 

This quarantine and physical distancing is a strict isolation imposed to prevent the 

spread of disease or in many cases... Dis-Ease. Since we are quarantined and our 

lives have quieted down... this may be our golden opportunity to began to look 

at the world from the inside out. 

This imposed isolation gives us all a golden opportunity to go within and look at 

our life from a different perspective. This is an opportunity to study our own 

behavior and motivations.

 To reflect inwardly requires a great deal of readiness and willingness to embrace 

the true self. When we do a good self-examination or observation of our own 

conscious thoughts and feelings… we may discover, uncover and fully expose our 

misconceptions, dis-ease and/or soul sickness about ourselves and others. 

May we take this time of isolation to strengthen our relationship with God. 

Spending time alone with God provides the opportunity to truly come to know 

God and draw closer to God. God desires "alone time" with us. This quiet time 

with God or isolation may be the most important time of our lives. It could very 

well be just what our Great Physician has ordered for us. 

When we are not in a committed relationship with God we can easily get 

distracted and easily become off centered. Spending time alone with God rids our 

minds of distractions so that we can focus on God and hear God's Word.

This quarantine can become a wonderful opportunity for each of us to wakeup, 

lookup and go within to assess and recalibrate our inner compass and realize

 our inner joy. 

Let us be courageous enough to turn within allowing our lives to be inwardly 

directed by God. Going within can reconnect us to our Power Source. The center 

of our joy is not out there. As we look up to God and turn inwardly... we will be 

able to look out there and see greater spiritual sparkles. As we awaken to God 

within us, all of the answers to our questions can be found. By going within, we 

can see ourselves for who we truly are. 

God’s didn’t just put us here on earth to fend for ourselves.

God  guides our path to safety. 

God Guides with a Still Small voice, if only we listen.

Without time alone with God, we will find needs

 unmet; we will not truly know the abundant life He


Change and beauty really does happen from the inside out... not the other way 

around. What we do inside will make us stronger souls... outside.



God has moved the hearts of people throughout history to achieve His plans and 

purposes for each generation. God is able to use any of us to influence, the 

aristocratic, upper class with old money, the governors, the bureaucrats, 

dignitaries, the new money, middle class, working class, the working poor and the 

pauper to work toward His purposes. God chooses anyone He desires. God is no 

Respecter of social stratification. God does not call the equipped; neither does 

God call people on the basis of wealth, status, or power, but God does equip the 


Praise God, there is Goodness Amid the 

Coronavirus Outbreak!

While the rest of us can take steps to steer clear of those who may be sick, it’s the 

job of first responders to get people the help they need. If the call comes in that 

someone is sick or there is a fire, firefighters, first responders and paramedics will 

respond, not knowing what they are getting into. Virtually, everywhere we’ve 

heard of positive coronavirus patients, there has been concern for those taking care 

of them.

Many have the privilege of working

from the comforts of their home office

 or dining room, while others such as 

our medical professionals, firefighters, 

first responders, law enforcement, 

grocery store employees, public 

transportation employees, shipping

 companies, and countless other selfless

 frontline essential workers are giving

 of their time and efforts and putting

 their well being on the line for others.

Firefighter/First Responder

These essential workers, whose services are necessary to maintain 

the safety, sanitation and essential operations we need, are being exposed to 

sickness while working overtime with no end in sight.

Generosity is more than giving financially. It’s an attitude of love that flows from 

our hearts into our actions. It comes through our bodies to give time and talents. It 

flows from our mouths to grant grace, tenderness, and kind words. 

During this pandemic we have all witnessed, to some degree, true champions, 

unspoken heroes with servant hearts. These unsung heroes have been stepping up, 

diligently working and putting their lives at risk, each time they've come in 

contact with people.

While the general public is being urged by the Surgeon General, the CDC and 

other experts and authorities to stay indoors and avoid crowds and gatherings 

with large numbers of people... frontline first responders, law enforcement, 

grocery store personnel, and healthcare providers are involved with critical work 

that cannot be done from home. They have to show up... ready to serve.

Given the unpreparedness of all governments around the world, we are 

hearing moving accounts of compassionate frontline people, who unselfishly put 

their family imperatives aside for the benefit of the general population. They work 

in emergency response situations and are going out of their way to help others. 

As we all continue to adjust our daily lives in the face of the evolving coronavirus

 pandemic, would like to take a moment to thank and express 

our sincere gratitude to the following supportive and invaluable frontline warriors 

who are providing the vital services we need in times of crisis. Thank you all for 

your humanity. Individually and collectively, you all are very instrumental in 

saving lives and making a tremendous difference in our world.

⭐️ Healthcare professionals 

⭐️ First responders

⭐️ Firefighters 

⭐️ Emergency medical technicians

⭐️ Law enforcement 

⭐️ Janitorial services 

⭐️ Grocery store clerks, food processing plants, 

     farmers, suppliers, and stock persons

⭐️ Public Transportation providers

⭐️ Internet providers

⭐️ Technical workers

⭐️ Utility workers

⭐️ Shipping and delivery services

⭐️ Garbage collectors...


and countless other essential workers... 

we thank you.


In the midst of all of the uncertainties 

wreaking havoc in our world, these

heroic individuals have taken every

 precaution to ensure they are spreading

 profound acts of heroism, sacrifice and


We sincerely thank each of you for 

handling this coronavirus pandemic 

with excellence and flexibility.

Just when we thought your work couldn't get any better, you all are going above 

and beyond and making a tremendous difference! We are so humbled and grateful 

for your taking on the extra work when no one else stepped up... that's huge.

We appreciate each of you.

May each of you be richly blessed.  To all of the front-line workers, be they 

persons disinfecting public places; those who are leading the battle in hospital 

emergency rooms or corridors; those who are in public transportation, scientists, 

researchers, senior care employees, disease-control laboratories; or pharmacies 

and food suppliers, thank you for all of the selfless work performed, at such a time 

as this. What is very evident is... your role is and has been important to us all. We 

can not improve further without you.

May we pray for one 

another and for those on 

the frontline. 

Praying for one another is 

not only a good thing... 

it is critically essential.


God uses many 

methods and means 

to get our attention,


in order to teach 

us deeper truths 

about Himself.

The world is filled with unchanging purpose, that is a given. We cannot control the 

outcome of this pandemic... that may not be our call. And while we may have an 

over abundance of ideas on what should or should not be done, our spheres of 

influence are limited and pale in comparison to the miracles and wonders of God. 

May we all be reminded:  

God still holds the whole world in His capable hands, 

and in these very moments, God is still performing 


This crisis is urgent! It is time to connect with God, our Creator. Let us pray, 

letting God know our specific concerns. This should be our first point of action.

Let us pray for the sick and infected, for the researchers and scientists, for 

those who have mourned the loss of their loved ones, for the vulnerable 

populations, the homeless, the children, the elderly and for the decision makers 

who are recommending strategies and regulations. 

May we go to the Scriptures and search out the promises that apply to our 

problems... and then, claim God's promises... focusing our time, emotions, care

 and affection where it matters most.

May we purposely starve our distractions and keep our 

eyes laser focused on the goodness of God, and

 persevere in prayer without ceasing.

May we saturate our minds with God's truth and turn 

our focus and attention to Who we know and what we 

know that God, the unchanging One, can accomplish.

God’s promise of power reaches us 

in our frailty and fear.

Poor information 

could help 

disease spread; 



could help stop 



Let us not allow this or any crisis to stalk us with irrational thoughts or

 immobilize our intimacy with God. If allowed, the spirit of fear can feed hasty, 

reactive, even irrational behavior. God's Word holds the key that will impart

 life-changing truths, light, reduce fear, strengthen our faith, comfort us, guide 

us and give us peace that surpasses all understanding as we press through these

 confusing and uncertain times. 

God is able to set us free from fear.

 As we remain spiritually and emotionally sober, we can face fear by taking

 a step back and inviting God's perfect love to lead us, comfort and delight

 our soul.

 We will get through these uncertain times.

We are much stronger and have much more courage in the face of adversity than 

we are often led to think or believe. In reality, we are very powerful; we need little 

in our lives to get by, and we are able to sustain an awful lot of hits and still, 

somehow, keep going.

May we focus on this truth; reminding ourselves of our ability to persevere. Think 

about it: most of our greatest life lessons were learned during periods of suffering.

May God calm the raging seas around us, and still the storms to a whisper. May we

have no fear of bad news, as we keep our heart steadfast trusting in God and God 


Whenever we become discouraged by the uncertainties of this life, 

let us trust that with God we can overcome.

May we lean on God's promises, and know that this 

season of heaviness is not permanent... nothing is

with the exception of God and God's promises. 

Everything has a season... this is a promise.

Eccelestiastes 3:1-8 represents all the seasons and the important changes of our 

lives. Some are happy times, others sad; some are productive while others seem 

wasteful; some inspire peace and others bring pain, but all of the seasons are 

necessary for us to learn, grow, and evolve as spiritual beings.

This world, in its present state, needs God. 

May we anchor our souls in God.

While much of Scripture chronicles past events of significance, others prepare us 

for astonishing and often supernatural happenings, which are yet to take place in 

the near or distant future. And in every story, we recognize God's hand of blessing 

and righteousness, guiding every event for the benefit of His people and for

His greater glory.


In God's wisdom, He 

records history in 

advance, so that we can 

trust Him today, 

and have bright hope for 

the future.

During these challenging and unprecedented times, 

may we always remember and never forget:

God is in full control of all that takes place in this world, and nothing escapes 

God's notice. God uses everything together for the good of those that love Him 

and even uses the wicked works of the enemy to forward His perfect plans and 


We cannot control the outcome of this pandemic, but 

trusting God can trump the trouble we face.

In times like these, it is easy to let fear of the unknown grip our hearts and minds. 

May we cling to the hope that God is at work, at such a time as this. Even when 

fear and confusion are on the rise, let us keep the faith... clinging to the hope 

that God is able to lead us out of the valley of worry and fear. God is able to use 

the most unlikely events for our good. This pandemic may very well give way to 

much needed spiritual reawakening for us all.

We may not always understand the details of God’s plan, but we know that God's 

unfailing love is perfect. Knowing this, let us turn to God and seek to trust God 

with all our heart... in ALL things.

Who knows how God will use this disease. 🤔

It helps to put our past and future problems in the proper perspective. 

Let us remind ourselves of life’s ebbs and flows. Change is constant. Every 

thought, feeling, emotion and situation in life is temporary. Whether it is 

disturbing, burdensome, unpleasant, or a very exasperating and depleting 

experience... it will soon pass. 

Everything changes over time. 

Be it sorrow, worries, joy or pain... it will soon pass away.

Be encouraged, and know


that God is mightier than 

our problems and 

sovereign over our 



No matter how dangerous and overwhelming things 

may seem or are, God will carry us through it, if we 

allow Him to.

Now is the time for healing... to truly experience and 

embrace a oneness of all humanity. 

With the power of healing will come the acceptance, 

tolerance and understanding of each other and our 

differences... which is long overdue. Our shared pain 

should produce compassion. 

Now that we can truly empathize with one another in 

our common struggle against this dangerous outbreak 

of coronavirus... maybe, just maybe we will be

 compelled to realized the humanity in each of us.


May this global pandemic help us return 

to God and grow in our knowledge and 

relationship with God. 

God's unfailing love can lead us through 

these troubling times and allow this 

novel global pandemic to become the 

impetus for all nations to come to know 

God and realize a Spirit of solidarity... 

the ties that bind every tribe, nation, 

creed, color and tongue together as one.

Let us always remember and never 


God's sovereignty is not limited to a 

single nation or a single country. God is 

the Lord of all the world, for He is our 


Whether we are conscious of it or not...

 we are all interconnected... living the 

human experience... breathing the same

 air and eating food grown out of mother

 earth. No matter how far away we live...

 every one of us are literally sharing 

mother earth.

Our deep seated aversions to different 

races, tribes, colors, genders, languages, 

cultures, etc., may actually be our 

response to fear that those qualities we 

see in others... also exist in us. 

There is One God and Father. We all 

share and depend on the same Divine 

Creator. We are all a part of God's divine 


The love of God is not confined to national boundaries,

 but extends to all nations, tribes, cultures, tongues, 

and people.

God's message is always

one of inclusion.

We are all the work of 

God's hand.

Isaiah’s prophecy concerning true peace will begin to be fulfilled on 

a worldwide scale, as will the prophecy that says, 

“Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither 

shall they learn war anymore”. 

Isaiah 2:4

May God's tremendous peace 

surround and protect us all.

"Glory to God in the highest, and peace 

on earth to those whom God is pleased."

May we seize the moment and become intentional

 about embracing and celebrating all races and 

cultures. We believe, inclusion propels us forward in

unity to our Divine Destiny.

God's thoughts are not our thoughts, nor His ways our 

ways, but God's thoughts and ways are higher, holier, 

and infinitely more glorious.

With God, all things are possible!