Crabs In A Barrel

Put a bunch of crabs in a barrel... 

as one draws closer to the edge of the barrel,

 nearing their escape...

all the other ones will drag him 

back into the barrel.

Some people suffer from, the unfortunate,

crabs-in-a-barrel syndrome.

They don't want to see others succeed.

When they see another ascending...

they try to hold them down.


All of the struggling crabs

could easily escape from the barrel,

but instead they grab at each other...

spending far too much time and energy

in a futile competition

which prevents any of them from escaping to freedom,

and in the process they are collectively

subjected to suffocation and death.

When people engage in this kind of behavior...

it can pretty much guarantee our communal demise.



People who have a crab mentality

are always trying to bring their opponent down.

If you go where live crabs are sold,

you will notice that they are sold out of an open barrel.

There is no need for a lid because

as a crab attempts to elevate itself...

the others will immediately grab him

and pull him back down into the barrel

to share the fate of the rest.

If you are trying to better yourself...

you may find yourself in a similar situation.

For instance:

 You desperately want to achieve a goal, 

but every time you try to ascend...

there are a few who may disguise themselves

as your friends or loved ones 

and they pull you back down...

and hold you down. 

The closer you get to escaping...

the more your efforts are sabotaged. 

Those who get most bent out of shape

about the success of others

typically struggle with inner questions

about their competence

and suffer feelings of inadequacy and low self-worth

when others press on to their higher calling.

They waste time holding another down...

 not even realizing that we stay down?


   Don't let the crabs discourage you.

Keep pressing on.

Those who make every attempt to suppress,

oppress, and discourage others

are being derailed and/or sidetracked from achieving their true calling.

They are making, absolutely, no progress for themselves.

They exhaust themselves with the full-time duty

of holding others down.

They're obsessed with the idea

that someone else is going to steal their thunder...

not good.

Stagnating, attacking, ostracizing, undermining,
and harming another doesn't make one better.
Envy is a by-product of a lack of identity.
If one knows who they are
and are confident about their ascension...
then what is there to covet?
Generally, we feel less distressed

about the success of others

if we are attaining success of our own.

Those closest to you may be crabs in disguise.

They may not be as happy with your progress

as you would like to think they are.

Sometimes even family members will become jealous

and try to derail or sidetrack our efforts

by attempting to destroy our spirit.


Regardless of the obstacles that come against us...

we can make it.

We must love our enemies, 

and bless the ones who curse us,

and do what is beautiful to the ones who hate us,

and pray for those who speak evil about us

and persecute us.

Let us stay focused on our goal,

and stay true to ourselves and our God. 

Sharing our dreams with one who has another agenda

or may not have our best interest at heart 

could be disastrous.

Too much information allows crabs

to sabotage our efforts.

You know that you don't belong in a barrel.

Keep climbing out of the barrel

regardless of all the crab claws

that may be snapping at you.



their are kindred souls outside of the bucket

who will take pleasure in pulling you up

and over to freedom.

When we allow or assist one to climb out of the barrel,

we can give them the ability to reach back in

and pull others out, too.



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