Some people agonize from, the miserable, 

wretched, destructive, unpromising, ill-fated

crabs-in-a-barrel syndrome.

They don't want to see others succeed. When they 

see another ascending... they try to hold them down.

Many have an abnormal need to win, at all cost.

They measure their self-worth by comparing 

themselves to others.

People who constantly compare themselves to 

others may develop awful feelings of 


When competition is motivated by a desire to 

get attention and validation from others, it’s 

ultimately coming from a place of insecurity,

defencelessness, self-consciousness, fear, 

timidity and self-doubt. 

Competition can get ugly, and we don’t want 

to fall into a viciously savage circle of 

self-loathing, reluctance, self-doubt, mousiness,

 inhibition, and skepticism because it seems 

impossible to beat our past successes.

Competition can become even more dis-eased 

when it is about belittling and tearing others down. 

It’s one thing to be motivated by self-interest, but 

another thing to start actively undermining the

 performance of others. Animosity, loathing, 

maliciousness and antagonistic energy not only

wounds others, but also eats at the core of the 

person parceling it out.

 Unwholesome competition puts a warped and 

twisted degree of emphasis on the outcome, rather 

than valuing the process or the journey involved

 in getting there. And when the outcome becomes

 the sole focus, it can promote the idea that one has 

to do “Whatever it takes” in order to succeed. This 

kind of mentality can lead to all sorts of bad

decisions and unethical practices.

 It is a beautiful thing when we focus on beating

 our best... and becoming the very best version of 

ourselves. When we try to compete with others, 

we are actually following rules instead of 

creating our own game.


Let us not find ourselves moving towards 

someone else’s accomplishments instead of just 

moving forward in a direction that is ours to shape. 

When we compete with someone else, we let their 

values define our goals and the perception of our 

own performance. 

Self-competition should be 

what drives us forward!

Those who get most bent out of shape about 

the success of others typically struggle with inner 

questions about their competence and suffer 

feelings of inadequacy and low self-worth when 

others press on to their higher calling. They waste

time holding another down... not even realizing 

that we stay down... together.

Crab mentality involves pulling down anyone who 

achieves or is about to achieve success greater than

 others. This behavior takes its name from how crabs

 scramble to get out of a boiling pot by clambering on 

top of the others.

Crab mentality creeps in and destroys fellow

crabs to the detriment of the whole. Put a bunch 

of crabs in a barrel... as one drawcloser to the edge 

of the barrel, nearing their escape... the other ones

 will drag him back into the barrel.

If you are trying to better yourself... you 

may find yourself in a similar situation.

For instance:

 You desperately want to achieve a goal, but 

every time you try to ascend... there are a few 

who may disguise themselves as your friends 

or loved ones and they pull you back down...

and hold you down. The closer you get to escaping...

the more your efforts are sabotaged. 

Envy is a by-product of a lack of identity.

If one knows who they are and are confident

 about their ascension... then,

what is there to covet?

Generally, we feel less distressed about the success 

of others if we are attaining success of our own.

People tend to be more emotionally invested in

 comparing themselves to family and friends 

more than to strangers.

Sharing our dreams with one who has another agenda

or may not have our best interest at heart could be 

disastrous. Too much information allows crabs to 

sabotage our efforts.

Often this is applied to people in an impoverished

 community where one person is starting to get ahead. 

The collective community becomes jealous or filled 

with a sense of self-loathing, so they find a way to pull 

that person back down to the community's level.

The crabs will pull down any crab 

that starts to climb out of the barrel!

All of the struggling crabs could easily escape 

from the barrel, but instead they relentlessly grab 

and pull others down in the pot. They spend far too 

much time and energy in a futile competition which 

prevents any of them from escaping to freedom, and

 in the process they are collectively subjected to

suffocation and death.

When people engage in this kind of behavior...

it can pretty much guarantee our communal demise.

Sometimes even family members will become 

jealous and try to derail or sidetrack our efforts

by attempting to destroy our spirit.

Regardless of the obstacles that come against us...

we can make it.

We must love our enemies, and bless the ones 

who curse us, and do what is beautiful to the ones

 who hate us, and pray for those who persecute and

speak evil about us.

Those closest to us may be

      crabs in disguise.

Those closest to you may not be as happy with your

 progress as you would like to think they are.


Just as a flower does not belittle or compete with the 

flower next to it, but rather it follows the movement

 of the sun so it can grow and bloom. We should also 

be doing the same. It is vitally important to make sure 

that we focus on growing and blooming, and staying

 in our own lane-- fully committed to doing the work 

we were created to do.



People who have a crab mentality

are always trying to bring their opponent down.

Those who make every attempt to suppress,

oppress, and discourage others are being derailed

 and/or sidetracked from achieving their true calling. 

They are making, absolutely, no progress for themselves.

They exhaust themselves with the full-time duty of holding

 others downThey're obsessed with the idea that someone

 else is going to steal their thunder...

not good.

You know that you don't belong in a barrel.

Keep climbing out of the barrel regardless of all 

the crab claws that may be snapping at you.


there are kindred souls outside of the bucket

who will take pleasure in pulling you up

and over to freedom.

When we allow or assist one to climb out of the barrel,

we can give them the ability to reach back in

and pull others out, too.

Most people want to be successful by earning 

money and fame. Some have achieved almost

 everything in life, but still find themselves 

feeling voids, emptiness and unfulfillment. Some 

lives are full of external reward, but their lives lack 

internal reward.

Life is a journey. What is the fun reaching a 

destination if you do not enjoy journey at all. 

We all have at least one thing that we just love

 doing. It may be sewing or playing a sport. 

It may be dancing, singing, cooking, decorating, 

raising a family, teaching, preaching, working on cars,

 helping people, etc. Maybe you draw and write 

just because you love to do it. We do these things even

if they do not bring us any income/external rewards.

We should never stop doing these things just because

 it will not get us anywhere professionally. 

Let us embrace what we do. Keep doing what 

makes our hearts smile, as inner joy is a 

tremendous reward.

When we help others, our lives seem to have 

meaning and purpose. When we give our hearts 

in kindness and love, we get the riches of the 

universe, which is far more rewarding than material 

possessions. When we are generous with others, our 

lives feel fruitful and rich with possibility. When we 

can inspire others to trust God, believe in the 

impossible, take the leap of faith, and become the

best version of themselves-- we experience, 

internally, the missing link-- joy-- that inner

 fulfillment. Our dream or our goal should be 

something that inspires us within. Then life will be 

an amazing and fulfilling journey!

Let us do what we were designed to do, and 

let God's grace do what it does.

May we always, build others up, bear with 

the blunders of those who are spiritually 

weak--and not think of ourselves more highly

 than we ought. 

May we keep God in the forefront and

commit our way to Him.



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