We pray these humble offerings will be

 acceptable to God 

and never serve as a stumbling block

 in anyone's life.
To my son, John and my granddaughter, Jasmine Leilani,

both of you have been a treasured gift from God... 

a precious part of my journey. May God grant you 

the discernment and conviction to make the right 

choices in life. 

I am claiming and declaring God's blessings of peace 

and strength over your lives, and I pray the words 

and values expressed throughout this website will 

encourage you to choose what brings life and reject 

anything that is unhealthy for your soul. 

May both of you enjoy the abundant peace and 

Spiritual fulfillment of a godly life, and have 

compassion for the generations that shall come 

after you. 

May you continue to be faithful and upright in 

heart, so that God will fulfill His promises of 

blessings to you and future generations.

May your lives bring glory to God.

To the warriors who have prayed for us, lived with a 

sense of purpose and commitment to God, patiently

endured numerous afflictions, shared testimonies of

 God's faithfulness, encouraged and helped us through

 our storms, darkest times, barren deserts, and 

wilderness experiences... 

this website is dedicated. 

We have been bountifully blessed to benefit and glean 

wonderful pearls of wisdom, truth, beauty, pragmatic 

advice and important lessons from many of your 

shared life experiences. The takeaways have been so 

broad they are not only useful for me, today, but can 

apply to other fields... and future generations.

We humbly thank you for lighting lamps of truth,

inspiration and godly principles by which to live

 uprightly. Your sage advice, your shining examples 

of living with a sense of purpose and commitment, 

and your endless kindness has stirred us to do what 

we can... to add value to lives, to faithfully and humbly 

march onward... forging ahead to our higher calling, 

and preparing ourselves to embrace the magnitude of

 knowledge we have yet to absorb.

Thank you for covering us in prayer and sowing a treasure 

trove of rich, refreshing and invaluable deposits into our 

lives. Your support, well-timed good deeds, and countless 

words of wisdom and encouragement are appreciated,

more than you know.

We owe you a continuous debt of gratitude.

In His love,

May the following virtual chapters be edifying and have 

immortal significance in the lives they touch.
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God calls you to the place where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet."

Frederick Buechner

As God's masterpiece,

let us live our lives

 through and for God. 

Let us joyfully discern what good deeds we are being called to do. We believe, in doing so... we will graciously



God's greater 


Carole C. Good