We pray these humble offerings will be

 acceptable to God 

and never serve as a stumbling block or 

barrier in anyone's life.....

My son, John, and my granddaughter,

 Jasmine Leilani, have both been priceless 

gifts from God... extremely vital parts of 

my journey. May God bless you both with the 

wisdom and the firm determination you need to

act responsibly and make righteously sound

life decisions.

I am claiming and declaring God's peace 

and strength over your lives, and I pray

that the words and beliefs expressed on 

this website will empower you to embrace 

what gives you life and reject what is 

unhealthy for your mind, body, and soul.

May you find and enjoy the profound 

tranquillity and spiritual fulfillment that 

comes from living a righteous life, as well 

as, be filled with empathy and compassion

 for future generations.

May your lives be fruitful, and bring 

glory to God.

To the warriors who have prayed for us, lived a

 life with purpose and devotion to God, patiently 

endured many trials and tribulations, shared 

testimonies of God's faithfulness, encouraged 

and assisted us through our storms, darkest days,

 barren deserts, and wilderness experiences, 

this website is dedicated.

We have been incredibly blessed to benefit

from and glean amazing pearls of wisdom, truths, 

beauty, practical guidance, and valuable life 

lessons from many of your shared life experiences. 

The takeaways were so broad that they have been 

relevant not only to us today, but can also apply 

to many fields... and future generations.

We would like to express our appreciation to each 

of you for lighting the lamps of truth, inspiration, 

and godly principles which are assisting us, daily, 

to live more godly and upright lives. Your wise 

counsel, shining examples of living with a sense 

of purpose and commitment, and unwavering 

goodwill has inspired us to do everything we 

can... to add value to people's lives, to faithfully 

and humbly... march onward, pressing ahead to 

our higher calling, and begin preparing ourselves

 to embrace the vast amount of knowledge we 

have yet to absorb.

Thank you for covering us in prayer and sowing

 a treasure trove of rich, refreshing, and priceless

 deposits into our lives. We appreciate your 

thoughtful generosity, well-timed empathy,

 encouragement, and countless words of 


We owe you a continuous debt of gratitude.

In His love,

May the virtual chapters that follow be both 

edifying and inspirational. May the information 

provided be a blessing in our lives.

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God calls you to the place where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet.

Frederick Buechner

As God's masterpiece,

let us live our lives

 through and for God. 

Let us joyfully discern what good deeds we are being called to do. We believe, in doing so... we will graciously



God's greater 


Carole C. Good