Let us not lose sight of who the enemy really is.

As quiet as it's kept... 

we're in a day to day battle in this life. 

We face an active enemy 

every single day that we're here breathing air.

The enemy is notorious for dividing families, 

friendships, and even churches

Satan goes beyond the call of duty to create friction.  

His main objective is to have us fighting one another, 

even turning against our own team. 

We lose power and effectiveness 

when we fight against ourselves. 

And nothing could make Satan happier 

than to see us at war with each other.

If a kingdom is divided against itself,

 that kingdom cannot stand. 

And if a house is divided against itself, 

that house cannot stand.

Jesus said, 

“Any kingdom divided by civil war is doomed.

A town or family splintered by feuding will fall apart.”

(Matthew 12:25)

In Unity There Is Strength


Once upon a time, there was a flock of doves 

that flew in search of food led by their king.


One day, they had flown a long distance

 and were very tired.

The dove king encouraged them to fly a little further.

The smallest dove picked up speed

 and found some rice scattered beneath a banyan tree.

So all the doves landed and began to eat.


Suddenly a net fell over them and

 they were all trapped.

They saw a hunter approaching carrying a huge club.

The doves desperately fluttered their wings 

trying to get out, but to no avail. 

The king had an idea. 

He advised all the doves 

to fly up together

 carrying the net with them.

He said that there was strength 

in unity.


Each dove picked up a portion of the net 

and together they flew off 

carrying the net with them.

The hunter looked up in astonishment.

 He tried to follow them,

but they were flying high over hills and valleys.

They flew to a hill near a city of temples

 where there lived a mouse who could help them.

He was a faithful friend of the dove king.

When the mouse heard the loud noise of their approach,

 he went into hiding. 

The dove king gently called out to him

 and then the mouse was happy to see him.


The dove king explained that they had been caught

 in a trap and needed the mouse's help 

to gnaw at the net with his teeth and set them free. 

The mouse agreed

 saying that he would set the king free first.

The king insisted that he first free his subjects 

and the king last.

The mouse understood the king's feelings

 and complied with his wishes.

He began to cut the net and one by one

 all the doves were freed including the dove king. 

They all thanked the mouse and

 flew away together, 

united in their strength.

The Four Oxen and the Lion

The fable reads as follows:

A lion used to prowl about a field

 in which four oxen used to dwell. 

Many a time he tried to attack them; 

but whenever he came near 

they turned their tails to warn another, 

so that whichever way he approached them

 he was met by the horns of one of them. 

At last, however, 

they began to quarrel amongst themselves,

 and each went off to pasture alone in the

 separate corner of the field. 

Then the Lion attacked them one by one 

and soon made an end of all four.

United we stand, divided we fall.

The enemy works to create disunity.

Satan comes "as a roaring lion,

seeking whom he may devour."

What is his strategy?


To be divisive is to cause division in an active way.

Some seem to have a knack for pulling people apart.

They do this by:


Starting arguments, lying and spreading gossip with

 incredible speed from person to person, creating cliques,

 carrying grudges, and backstabbing.


They deliberately undermine others.

Satan never fights fair. 

This evil one comes in with his opposing forces 

when we are at our weakest, most vulnerable moments.  

He’s cruel. He will try to kick us while we’re down, 

and attack when we are already struggling. 

and at our weakest, most vulnerable moments.

Satan is an accuser, 

a cunning deceiver, 

and a liar, 

who loves twisting the 

truth and dividing 

loved ones.

He likes to use the old trick of warfare...

 divide and conquer.  

He loves to have people fight with one another

 so that they will not join together against him.

He has been successful in this tactic so often

that we separate from one another along these lines.

Satan knows that if we were to go out

like the disciples did;

in One Name,

for One purpose

and with One goal in mind,

that we would be a mighty,

unstoppable force. 

The tighter the group is,

the worse such divisiveness can get.

 In division, Satan is able to orchestrate

the best of all worlds for his side.

 Some people will not only stop pursuing their mission

of growing disciples for the kingdom of God,

they actually begin destroying each other.

The lingering effects of division can go on for years.

Satan knows military doctrine like nobody else, 

and one of war’s basics is “divide and conquer.”

Anytime a general can divide enemy forces,

he’s in a position to defeat them in detail; 

the smaller segments are no match 

for the power he can concentrate against them. 

 Satan uses his preferred weapon,

 the one for which he’s named:

accusation (diabolos, the devil, means accuser).

We often think of his accusation as being against God,

or accusing a believer in the sense

 of making him feel too guilty to draw close to God. 

Satan plants hostile interpretations of others’ actions 

and words in the minds of his victims.

The accuser begins to plant accusations

in the minds of people and those who know better.

We may be attacked with lies from people 

we would never have believed would do such a thing... 

this is how Satan works;

 by planting accusations in the minds

 on both sides of the divide,

he makes communication and reconciliation difficult.

“These people can’t be trusted, 

they can’t be dealt with, they are our enemy, 

and they must be fought or avoided.”

Sowing suspicion in the name of Satan’s game.

He can usually ground suspicions in facts, at least partially,

 subtly adding assumptions about people’s motives. 

Some people are remarkably susceptible 

to suspicious thoughts about others.

They never consider 

that the accusing voice in their heads 

might be Satan.

The Evil One knows which individuals 

have immature conflict-management skills.

These self-centered individuals rarely go to people

 they harbor suspicions against with a humble spirit 

and open mind.

Instead they become bitter and spread their suspicions

 to others, often exaggerating for effect.


Divisive people deliberately and aggressively 

form cliques of haters who will stand with them. 


They contact others with the aim of dividing 

and pitting one person against another.


They may even travel from place to place 

with the intention of causing division,

 unrest, confusion, disharmony, 

and all kinds of vile and evil acts.

Watch out for those who cause

 divisions and create obstacles.

Let us be careful who we stand with.


The person we choose to stand with

 often indicates the belief we embrace. 

"With" and "against" show not just source, 

but position in relationship to Jesus.


Men often will stand with a friend 

and without realizing it, 

will find themselves standing "against" God 

and His Word.

People who scatter the flock of Jesus 

are clearly "against Jesus."

Let us pray and ask God to 

expose the schemes of the enemy.

The wicked and divisive may believe that they 

have gotten away with their evil, 

but God sees all... and will judge all.

Wicked people may even fool those in authority,

but they cannot fool God.  

They will eventually pay... if not in this life, 

they will pay in eternity.

At the foot of the cross... the ground is level. 

One day there will be a judgment, 

and all will be brought to light. 

Let us ask ourselves this question:

 "Is the person we are listening to

 scattering or gathering the flock?"

The answer to that question will indicate the source:

 Is it God or Satan?

In the Sermon On The Mount Jesus was quite specific

 about dealing with difficult people in love and humility:

 “But I tell you who hear me: 

The Bundle of Sticks

The phrase, “United we stand, divided we fall,” 

is not used directly in this fable. 

However, the moral of the story is the same.

This short fable tells of a man whose sons 

often quarreled amongst themselves. 

To show them the benefit of working together, 

he brings them a bundle of sticks.

 He asks them to break the bundle of sticks. 

As expected, the brothers cannot break the sticks 

when they are bundled together. 

However, they can easily be broken individually. 

The moral of this story is written:

"My sons, if you are of one mind, 

and unite to assist each other, 

you will be as this bundle, 

uninjured by all the attempts of your enemies; 

but if you are divided among yourselves, 

you will be broken as easily as these sticks."

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