What does it mean to be an 

evil person? 

Evil is not always synonymous with secularism,

heathenism, or the belief that God does not exist.

Evil is acting as if God does not exist. It does not

 exclude God, but it never considers God; it does 

not expect God to be present, involved, and 

active at all times.

According to On September 28, 1862, a commission of military officers, established by Henry Sibley, began unfairly trying Dakota men accused of participating in the war. 

On December, 26, 38 Dakota prisoners were led to a scaffold specially constructed for their execution. An estimated 4,000 spectators crammed the streets of Mankato and surrounded the land. As the men took their assigned places on the scaffold, they sang a Dakota song as white muslin coverings were pulled over their faces. Drumbeats signalled the start of the execution. The men grasped each others’ hands. With a single blow from an ax, the rope that held the platform was cut. After dangling from the scaffold for a half hour, the men’s bodies were cut down and hauled to a shallow mass grave. Before morning, most of the bodies had been dug up and taken by physicians for use as medical cadavers. 

Letter from Hdainyanka to Chief Wabasha written shortly before his execution:


"You have deceived me.  You told me that if we followed the advice of General Sibley, and gave ourselves up to the whites, all would be well; no innocent man would be injured.  I have not killed, wounded or injured a white man, or any white persons.  I have not participated in the plunder of their property; and yet to-day I am set apart for execution, and must die in a few days, while men who are guilty will remain in prison.  My wife is your daughter, my children are your grandchildren.  I leave them all in your care and under your protection.  Do not let them suffer; and when my children are grown up, let them know that their father died because he followed the advice of his chief, and without having the blood of a white man to answer for to the Great Spirit." 


Source: Isaac V. D. Heard, History of the Sioux War and Massacres of 1862 and 1863, NY: Harper & Bros., 1863

We live in a world where God's truth is 

blossoming all around us, but some people 

are busy covering it up, hiding it, suppressing

 it, and keeping it from being prominent and 

dominant in our thinking. 

Life has become tragic in so many cases 

because the world has been deprived of the 

truth that is necessary for life, liberty, freedom,

 and godliness, and it has been hidden and

 suppressed by men. The nature of the 

suppressed truth is the existence of a God

 of eternal power and majesty.

Unrighteousness and/or wickedness, selfish 

and hurtful acts of men toward one another 

result from godlessness. 

Why do we behave so selfishly? Why do we 

cause each other harm? Because we ignore God 

and expect there to be no consequences. That is 

Paul's assessment.

God knows that certain individuals will attempt 

to suppress the truth about Him, despite the

 fact that He clearly discloses His existence.

 Why would someone do 

such a thing?

People suppress the truth because

 they do not like revelation in 

their sin. 

If revelation reveals the existence of God, then 

truth is objective, eternal, and apart from them..

God's wrath is being revealed from heaven 

against the godlessness and wickedness of 

humans who, through their evilness, attempt 

to suppress the truth. Everything they need 

to know about God is evident to them 

because God has made it plain to them. 

God's wrath is caused by "godlessness and

 wickedness of mankind who conceals the 

truth by their wickedness." 

The tragic aspects of existence are caused by

 men's beliefs and subsequent actions. Take 

note of the order: godlessness comes first, 

then wickedness.

Because evil behaviors are the result of a 

godless mindset, God's wrath is constantly 

expressed from heaven towards man.

People act unjustly, unrighteously, 

maliciously, hurtfully, cruelly, wickedly, 

evil and hateful toward one another... 

as a result of godlessness. 

Moral decay, intolerance, spiritually 

corrupting influences, forces of darkness, 

ravages, turbulent, destructive energies 

and behaviors are 

not of God. 

Some people are just devilishly malicious 

beings who hurt others for reasons other

 than merely perceived threats. 

Why are people so evil?

Some people are desperate for connections, 

even if they are hateful ones. Many lonely, 

unfulfilled people join hate groups to satisfy 

their need for belonging. As a result, they

 share their hatred for others as a way to fit 

in and strengthen their ties. 

Common moods and psychological demands 

bring out the worst behavior in certain people, 

pushing them to spew out hateful remarks 

about others. 

There is no stronger temporary connection

 than two people who hate the same people.

Some people feel that putting others 

down and seeing who agrees is a better 

way to establish connections than proving 

to others that they are interesting and 

worthwhile companions. They don't need

 to be accomplished... do anything or be 

about anything special; all they have to 

do is be hateful towards other people, 

outside of their clan. 

People have been found to form 

relationships based on how they can 

spew their hatred for someone outside 

of their group, according to our findings.

Humans are the earth's pride as well as its 

filth. Humans do things in order to get 

pleasure or avoid pain. Some individuals 

make horrifyingly cruel judgments out of 

desperation, insecurities, lack of self-

esteem, fear of the unknown, and


Misinformed fear can sometimes 

trigger hateful and malicious actions 

from someone else who is 

unreasonably convinced that their 

venom and hostility are warranted

 and/or required.

People are looking for a scapegoat... 

someone to blame and point the 

finger at. Some people choose to

 channel their negative energy into 

blaming others rather than confronting

 their own participation in their messy 

issues. Hating anyone, let alone 

someone you hardly know... is insane.

 It derails normal perception and 

behavior. It is a degenerative state 

of mind.

According to studies, some people 

form deeper ties through mutual 

animosity than through favorable 

sentiments for someone. Hatred 

breaches social barriers and exposes 

vulnerability, which can satisfy 

others' need for connection. While 

this may aid in establishing 

relationships, it is a dangerous 

approach to actively seeking out 

sincere friendships.

When people's consciences are shattered, 

they begin to normalize disobedience to God, 

anticipating no consequences.

Their heinous and self-serving actions bury

 the reality of God and truth.

The Bible discusses a burned conscience 

in 1 Timothy 4:2. The conscience is the moral 

awareness that God has given to everyone of us.

Romans 2:15

If the conscience is rendered indifferent, 

""Cauterized"... as if "spiritual scar tissue" 

existed... because the awareness of good and 

evil has been diminished... such a conscience 

does not function properly. The human heart with 

a burnt conscience grows desensitized to moral 

pains, just as the skin of an animal seared with

11 a branding iron becomes numb to even more misery.

The world is deprived of the truth that is vital for 

life, liberty, freedom, and godliness, and it is 

concealed and suppressed by men, which is why 

life has turned sad in so many situations.

According to the Bible, God has revealed Himself 

to man. Truth is not a vague, obscure, or a 

challenging concept to understand; it is clear to 

see. That has been promised by God himself. 

God is seen in everything which is made, the 

Scriptures say, alluding to creation. It has been 

seen since the beginning of time, i.e., it has 

constantly, just about everywhere, been present. 

There is no one who is excluded from reading

 God's truth, if they so want. 

This argument from the design and order of 

creation has never been refuted. Those who 

reject God are unable to explain it since truth 

about God is blossoming all around us.

People are so without excuse, according to the

 Scriptures. Nobody needs to overlook God 

if they truly desire to seek God.

It is evident that Truth is being suppressed

 openly in the public square. What about our 

own personal lives? Is it possible that we are 

suppressing God's Truth by failing to understand

 and obey the revelation of Truth in His Word?

 We can see structural racism almost everywhere

 in this fallen world. Structural racism has given

 birth to structural pride and entitlement. Many 

Whites have been forced into a role of keeping

 generational lies on the hush. This curse was 

handed down from their forefathers. 

Many are quick to remove themselves from the 

uncomfortable conversations about our history. 

They are quick to shut the conversations down

 stating they are not guilty of the crimes that 

were committed against Black people by their 

forefathers. This may be true in one sense, but 

if the whole truth be told, they have greatly

 benefited from the crimes and the desperately

 wicked deeds of their forefathers. 

Your forefathers, held human beings as property.

They left a bloody trail of tears and lies as a 

legacy. Their true legacy had a worldwide stench

yet, they still attempted to call themselves devout 

Christians... ???!!! 

Yes, you are a product of privilege built by

 slavery. Your slave-owning forefathers put 

you in your privileged position by committing 

some of the worst atrocities known to mankind.

When they gave their accounts of historical events, 

they lied and attempted to make themselves appear

 as heroes, and the lies were printed in the text books

 and woven into the fabric of our society. That was 

pure evil.

There is an old saying, 

"If it doesn't come out in the wash... 

it will come out in the rinse". 

Now that the chickens have come home to roost, 

the responsibility falls on us all to assist in 

cleaning up the horrors, violent crimes, theft, 

rape, sodomy, senseless murders, and 

fatherless children the evil slave-holders 

and promoters created and left behind.