According to On September 28, 1862, a commission of military officers, established by Henry Sibley, began unfairly trying Dakota men accused of participating in the war. 

On December, 26, 38 Dakota prisoners were led to a scaffold specially constructed for their execution. An estimated 4,000 spectators crammed the streets of Mankato and surrounded the land. As the men took their assigned places on the scaffold, they sang a Dakota song as white muslin coverings were pulled over their faces. Drumbeats signalled the start of the execution. The men grasped each others’ hands. With a single blow from an ax, the rope that held the platform was cut. After dangling from the scaffold for a half hour, the men’s bodies were cut down and hauled to a shallow mass grave. Before morning, most of the bodies had been dug up and taken by physicians for use as medical cadavers. 

Letter from Hdainyanka to Chief Wabasha written shortly before his execution:


"You have deceived me.  You told me that if we followed the advice of General Sibley, and gave ourselves up to the whites, all would be well; no innocent man would be injured.  I have not killed, wounded or injured a white man, or any white persons.  I have not participated in the plunder of their property; and yet to-day I am set apart for execution, and must die in a few days, while men who are guilty will remain in prison.  My wife is your daughter, my children are your grandchildren.  I leave them all in your care and under your protection.  Do not let them suffer; and when my children are grown up, let them know that their father died because he followed the advice of his chief, and without having the blood of a white man to answer for to the Great Spirit." 


Source: Isaac V. D. Heard, History of the Sioux War and Massacres of 1862 and 1863, NY: Harper & Bros., 1863

 We can see structural racism almost everywhere

 in this fallen world. Structural racism has given

 birth to structural pride and entitlement. Many 

Whites have been forced into a role of keeping

 generational lies on the hush. This curse was 

handed down from their forefathers. 

Many are quick to remove themselves from the 

uncomfortable conversations about our history. 

They are quick to shut the conversations down

 stating they are not guilty of the crimes that 

were committed against Black people by their 

forefathers. This may be true in one sense, but 

if the whole truth be told, they have greatly

 benefited from the crimes and the desperately

 wicked deeds of their forefathers. 

Your forefathers, held human beings as property.

They left a bloody trail of tears and lies as a 

legacy. Their true legacy had a worldwide stench

yet, they still attempted to call themselves devout 


Yes, you are a product of privilege built by

 slavery. Your slave-owning forefathers put 

you in your privileged position by committing 

some of the worst atrocities known to mankind.

When they gave their accounts of historical events, 

they lied and attempted to make themselves appear

 as heroes, and the lies were printed in the text books

 and woven into the fabric of our society. That was 

pure evil.

There is an old saying, 

"If it doesn't come out in the wash... 

it will come out in the rinse". 

Now that the chickens have come home to roost, 

the responsibility falls on us all to assist in 

cleaning up the horrors, violent crimes, theft, 

rape, sodomy, senseless murders, and 

fatherless children the evil slave-holders 

and promoters created and left behind.