By the grace of God rather than becoming enraged, 

as probably expected by them, 

God had me to remain still and silent. 

He reminded me that this battle was not mine.

Jesus also knows the feeling of support falling away. 

He is all too acquainted with having the very ones 

who should stand up for Him… 

to shrink back and turn against Him.

Jesus knows exactly how it feels to be betrayed.

Not only is He touched by our feelings of betrayal, 


"He is that Friend 

who sticks closer than a brother."

Proverbs 18:24

It is easy for my siblings and others to sit and look in 

from the outside and criticize, disparage, 

or otherwise cast aspersion on me, 

but God knows... 

He has witnessed it all.

God is our Perfect Judge,

and we can trust God, implicitly.

I am reminded of a quote of Albert Einstein, he tells us, 

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, 

but by those who watch them without doing anything.”

I am now seeing how... even the people who betray us 

are part of God’s Master Plan. 

The pain God allows is not meant 

to make us weaker or break us down.

It is sent to raise us up and make us stronger. 

Jesus could not have gone to the cross 

without Judas and his betrayal.

True, they were attempting to hurt me, 

but obviously, what they have not come to realize is 

how they are betraying the God part of themselves.

Their participation with Satan and all of the noise, 

confusion, and chaos that comes along with him, 

is silencing and keeping them from hearing the directives 

of the still small voice of God inside of them. 

I am sure if they knew better... 

they would begin to do better by resisting Satan... 

and not falling for his evil schemes.

Jesus says, 

“Have no fear of them, 

for nothing is covered 

that will not be revealed, 

or hidden that will not be known” 

(Matt. 10:26). 

The truth will win in the end.

I am trusting time will reveal the truth. 

God is able to see behind enemy lines. 

God knows exactly the strategies

 that will be used against us. 

With God as our witness, 

we will not be outwitted by Satan. 

By the grace of God, 

the truth is relentless, unyielding, 

inevitable, and invincible. 

It’s the king of...



I love Spurgeon's metaphor: 

“A great lie, if unnoticed, i

s like a big fish out of the water—

it dashes and plunges and beats itself to death 

in a short time.”