'Endurance' tells of the power and ability to be strong in

situations and events which may come against us.

The Bible offers us many positive examples of endurance:

 the greatest of all, being that of Jesus Christ;

 throughout His earthly ministry: 

and above all... at the Cross.

He endured in very active and confident ways.

Each of us who aspires to the prize

of our high calling must be spiritually prepared 

for the conflicts and trials of faith and patience 

that we may suddenly be confronted with.

Long-suffering is not giving up

 and yielding under pressure, 

but trusting God to turn our difficulties

 into fruitful breakthroughs 

and developmental opportunities. 

The test of endurance is one of the 

severest tests of faithfulness.


It is the test which measures the strength 

of every other virtue and grace.

Faith in God gives us the confidence 

we need to press onward and upward 

despite trials and setbacks.

When everything is going our way, endurance

is easy to demonstrate. 

The true test of endurance comes when 

our rights are violated, when we are treated unfairly, 

when we are faced with hardships, 

difficulties, and betrayal.

As servants of God we will face resistance 

from the world. However, in troubles, in afflictions, 

in hardships, and in distresses... we are to endure.

Persevering in faith has to happen every day. 

It is an ongoing process which, eventually, brings about 

the desired rewards... if we endure to the end.

We must faithfully and patiently endure the attempts of 

the evil one who wants to deceive and mislead us.

Let us hang in there, putting our trust in God, 

no matter what, to the very end.

Luke 21:19 tells us,
By our patient endurance, 

we will gain our souls.

We must patiently endure and trust God.

God is able. 

"All things work together for the good of those 

who love Him, 

who have been called according to His purpose", 

means God's plan will work and... 

no devil in hell will be able to frustrate, 

derail, or prevent God's plan.

Let us not grow weary, but quietly go through...

 knowing... a day of reward will come. 

The end goal is worth it. 

The process may take a long time, 

a lifetime, or a day. 

There are many times we feel like giving up. 

However, we are to accept God's will and walk 

according to His process. 

Then, and only then, will true peace, 

joy, happiness, and success be realized. 

This is true for everyone.

Yes, it may look as if God’s plan ebbs and flows, 

but the proper process is always progress... 

regardless of what one may see.

In God’s timing... 

His plan will be high tide!

Joseph's brothers were jealous 

and hated him for being 

the object of his father's affection. 

His brothers would not speak a kind word to him.

 They referred to him as a dreamer.

Joseph had a difficult journey. His brothers 

plotted to kill him. Later, they decided, 

rather than kill him, 

they would throw him in a pit. 

A little while later, a group of traders came by 

and the brothers sold Joseph into slavery. 

Sometimes people in life who are closest to us 

can misunderstand our intentions 

and try to cause us grief.

Joseph started out as a slave,

but God was with Joseph, 

and He helped him do everything right.

As a result,

Joseph went from the pit... 

to the palace.

Joseph became second-in-command of Egypt, 

saving their lives with the food program 

he developed. 

Up close, 

this looked like tragedy, 

but when you look at 

the big picture,


it was the tapestry of God.

Joseph's past was riddled with 

broken family relationships, false accusations,

imprisonment, and abandonment. 

The great plan of God led him to Egypt. 

Then he was able to save thousands of lives, 

including the lives of his own family.

God is the ultimate recycler. 

He can take the trash of our life 

and recycle it into treasure. 

If we will only endure, go through, 

and pass the test...

God will take our broken pieces 

and turn them into masterpieces, as well. 

How does He do that? 

God will do it with His power, 

if  we will do our part in the recycling process.

Talking to his brothers, Joseph said, 

As for you, you meant evil against me, 

but God meant it for good, 

to bring it about that many people

 should be kept alive, as they are today.

Genesis 50:20

God blesses those who patiently endure testing.

May we continue to believe in God and trust God...

even when it is difficult to do so.
Despite and amid all of the discouragement, 

despair, disappointment, failures, and temptations... 

we are more than conquerors through God who loves us.