There is one thief who steals from us 

and robs us, it is Satan.

“The thief does not come except to steal, 

and to kill, and to destroy.”

(John 10:10)

We’ve all experienced excruciating 

loss and that agonizing feeling when 

we realized the magnitude of 

Satan's ugliness. 

Perhaps you are able to recall the seasons in your life 

where you felt deprived or defeated by the enemy. Perhaps 

you’re walking through that season right now. 

When we go through adversity, sometimes we can forget 

that whatever the enemy has taken from us can be 


We serve a faithful God. We find in Scripture 

that God wants to abundantly restore what the enemy took 

from us.

It's easy to feel drained and lose our joy in periods of

suffering, but when we hold onto God’s promises and 

reclaim what has been taken from us... God will restore 

and re-establish everything Satan and his demons stole, 

lost, or damaged.

God is able to renew, restore, and fill our lives with 

blessings and restoration... to over-flowing.

Reading the Word of God is one of the most powerful 

things we can feast on. Trusting and resting in what the 

Word says can bring about that restoration.

Restoration of




God's will is justice, 

and justice will prevail.

God is fully aware of everything the 

devil has done to us. 

Full restitution and compensation are not a foreign 

practice in God's court of justice. Any wrong doer when 

proven guilty by the Judge, must make reparation or 

restitution for the damages caused to the victim...

God promises this.

We are commanded to speak 


May God restore 

what has been taken or

destroyed by the enemy.