The Scriptures strongly encourage us and urges us

 to honor God in our families. Regardless of our 


we are called to honor God 

through what we do and how we do it.

In the context of the Scriptures we see that 

God calls children to honor their fathers and 

mothers. Children are expected to show 

respect to their parents from a young age, 

and the best way they learn how to be

 respectful is through their parents. Home 

is the first place children begin to learn

 about respect.

Respect matters.

Respect shapes the internal compass. 

The relationship a child has 

with their parents has a 

profound impact on the 

child’s development.

The role and impact of the parent in a child’s 

life cannot be overstated. The parent will serve 

as the main example for the person the child 

ultimately become. As such, parents should be 

keenly aware of the impact they will have on 

their child’s development. 

Parents should not exasperate their children 

or provoke them to anger. Respect is a 

critical concept for children to understand 

and act upon. 

This is another reason why parents should 

also honor and respect their children... that’s

how the child will learn to respect themselves.

Parents should respect their child because that’s 

how the child will learn to respect themselves. 

Parents serve as the first and most important role 

model for everything a child does now and later 

in life. 

Parents, family members, teachers, community 

leaders who intentionally model appropriate 

and respectful behavior daily, for children, are 

more likely to facilitate the development of 

well-adjusted young adults who know how 

and why they should treat others well.

Parents actually have the ability to positively

 influence their children. Many children feel 

that their parents are relevant anymore. Listen, 

we had better be relevant in this toxic culture in 

which we live or our children are done for... 

finished. However discouraged we may feel, 

we must continue to fight the good fight for the

 sake of cur children. And this battle begins 

with respect!

Are we paying attention to what God is pointing 

out that He would like us to grow in... as we model 

honoring and trusting God to our children?

When we honor God, we are demonstrating

 the high regard we have for trusting God with

 all that we are and all that we have. We are 

totally resigned and committed to trust 

God's Will. 

The principles, in the Scriptures, are like tools that 

enable us to build a happy family. (Proverbs 24:3)

As we wholeheartedly pursue a relationship with God 

and make God's glory the purpose of every day... 

we fulfill the purpose for which we were created 

and live in a growing relationship with God...

the One Who created us.

As we follow God's lead and light... we, too, 

can graciously and fearlessly take advantage of every 

opportunity to honor God. 

With gentleness and respect in our sincere thoughts, 

words, and deeds... we can be the beacons of light 

we are called to be.

Jesus said, 

“Let your light shine before others”


(Matthew 5:16).

Jesus explained that no one lights a lamp just to hide it 

under a basket. A lamp is meant to be placed on a stand 

to give light to everything around it. 

We are called to be a light to the people around us. The 

light we reflect is God's, not ours. Like the sun and the 

moon, the light we reflect comes from our 

Power Source, God.

As we reflect God's glory...

others will desire to know the Source of our light... 

the Source of our joy.

May we willfully and cheerfully allow 

God's Light to shine through us,

not to bring recognition to ourselves, 

but to bring glory to God.

As we endeavor to honor God...  even mature 

Believers will encounter opposition. 

As we seek to serve God and walk in our greater 

calling... Satan will do all he can to oppose and stop us. 

He will use any willing vessel.

As we pursue God... we may find ourselves reaching new 

levels and becoming targets for new devils. Let us not 

forget that we are also engaged in the battle between 

God's truth and Satan's lies. 

Some of Satan's agents would rather hinder us, hurt us, 

harm us, and get even... rather than turning within to the

heartfelt embrace of all the beauty, value, and love 

God provides. 

Even though life will have tragedies and challenges... 

let us choose to bless the Lord at all times. 

God is worthy of praise in hard times and good times...


simply because God is God. 

No matter what we lose.. let us always honor God. 

Let us focus on the things that ignite our spirit and our joy. 

Let us keep an attitude of gratitude, and never allow 

Satan to steal our joy or our praise.