The family is not an institution designed by man. 

According to Genesis 2:22-24, the first institution 

God established for human interaction was family.

We see from Scripture that family was created by God 

for the benefit of man, and man has been given

stewardship over it.

Clearly the earthly family, intended by God 

as an institution for spiritual instruction, 

is very important in God's eyes.

We can also see that families are close to God's heart.


From the beginning, when God created man, 

He said, "It is not good for man to be alone," 

so He created woman as a “help-meet, suitable for him”

(Genesis 2:18). Then, He blessed them and told them,

“Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish 

(fill) the earth” (Genesis 1:28). 

Even after they fell into sin, God continued 

with His plan for families, and even spoke prophetically 

of the salvation that would come through the seed 

of the woman (Genesis 3:15).

Later, after the Flood, He restated His plan to Noah 

and his sons, “Be fruitful, and multiply, 

and replenish the earth” (Genesis 9:1). 

God continued His plan when He chose Abraham 

and miraculously gave him a son in his old age 

(Genesis 21).

Despite the corruptions family has suffered 

throughout humanity's past, family is widely considered 

as the oldest and most indispensable institution 

where civility is first taught.

It is the first educational institution.

It is the first social unit for developing qualities 

of the heart. The family serves as each person's first 

classroom in communication. 

A family's ethnic heritage may set norms for 

communication that influence generations unless they are 

consciously altered. Well-functioning families work at 

managing their communication patterns. Such families 

develop the capacity to adapt and create change, to share 

intimacy, and manage conflict. Well functioning 

families value the goal of effective communication.

Family is the core of all humanity. 

Family is the cornerstone and one of the primary

building blocks of our society. Family members are 

influenced by their cultural backgrounds that affect 

lifestyle and behavior.

The family is the basis, the backbone, 

the foundation, the framework, the infrastructure, 

the root of civilization, our sanctuary, and the bedrock 

from which all other communities and nations stem from.

If the family does not provide the basics 

for its members... 

it delivers to the doorstep of society... 

an under-developed person.

May we protect, maintain,

and strengthen families.

Dear God, 

Our families are hurting and broken. 

We confess our need for You.

This project is about broken pieces 

and God's power to turn those broken pieces

into masterpieces.

The genesis of this project was born in prayer and 

from a cry deep within my spirit while, once again, 

in the classroom and season of pain.

Problems can occur in the process 

of bringing God's vision to birth! 

Whether God has called us to bring forth

 a vision or a purpose, obstructions can arise.

We have no right to believe that God will do 

or allow anything to hurt or hinder 

our Spiritual growth.

We believe that life's difficulties and troubles

are not intended to impede our progress,

but to catapult us to greater heights.

Adversity, trials, tribulations, and suffering

can shape us better than anything else.

Strength of character is shaped through trials. 

It is like a good fertilizer for the mind, body, and soul.

It can stimulate tremendous growth

and bring out the very best in us.

“And we know that in all things 

God works for the good of those who love Him, 

who have been called according to His purpose.”

This verse says to those who love God 

and are doing their best to respect and 

adhere to God’s commands... 

even when foul, wicked, vicious, heinous, 

vile things touch our lives... 

God will use those people, places, and/or things 

to ultimately bring about His good and our good.

Our family, since dad passed, has been  

filled with conflicts. 

Dad strived to make our home a worthy place 

for God to make His abode. Despite our family situations 

he tried to help us to maintain a Spiritual environment.

Although spirituality must come from within, 

we can sometimes nurture Christlike qualities 

through external influences. We can surround ourselves

with reminders that God has a place in our homes.


Dad was good about steering us towards activities 

that would allow us to pray, spend quality time 

with family, to be kind and considerate, to show 

gratitude, respect, humility, and responsibility. 

He was pretty keen at setting a Spiritual tone 

for the home.

When he passed it was much like the hub was removed, 

and the spokes flew in many strange directions.

Although stress and disagreements in families are 

common, they can become destructive… especially 

when conflicts and clashes are pushed and pulled 

in many directions and they get out of hand.

Sometimes, indifference and misunderstandings 

 in families can metastasize into toxic resentment.

Consequently, what my family is now realizing is... 

toxic resentment, no support system,

no safe haven, 

sibling estrangement,

and what some may consider as... 

'Cold war'.

Most everyone has at least one person in their life who 

goes over and beyond to rain on their parade. 

Unfortunately, we are sometimes related to them. 

No matter how kind we are to some people... 

it doesn't mean they will treat us the same.

Sometimes, the people we love the most 

can turn out to be the people who we can trust the least. 

and hurt us most.

Each of us bears either a wound, a secret, 

a blemish, or people who inquire, kill the truth, then, 

go out and brutally bash us. 

We need to dismiss from our lives. 

We all have bleeding wounds or wounds 

finally beginning to heal, and some are blessed 

to have fully recovered. 

I have come to realize that the afflicted can be most 

effectively used by God. Afflictions, as painful as they 

are, can benefit us greatly. 

Some may think they are above getting hurt, 

or they may think an admission of problems and pain 

is an admission of weakness or failure. 

The truth is... we cannot heal what we do not 


Consciously acknowledging the events of our lives

 can deepen our relationship to our experiences. 

This is important because it brings us into closer 

connection with God, life, and the moment.

Only when we acknowledge what's happening to us 

can we truly benefit from life's teachings.

I believe, God uses the problems in our 

lives to teach us to depend on Him 

and to help us grow into 

the Spiritual maturity of Christ.

In the Spiritual realm there must be growing pains...

just as in the physical realm.

It is important when pain comes our way 

to honor the experience, as it is usually a great teacher.

Honoring the experiences we have in our lives 

is an invaluable way to communicate with God, 

our greatest Teacher.

Afflictions stir us to pray and keep us dependent on God. 

As long as we can handle things in our own strength, 

we won’t see God’s power. 

It’s when the burden becomes unbearable... 

that we see God's power made perfect 

in our weakness.

 2 Corinthians 12:9

I don't believe suffering is indicative of God's disfavor,

but of God's favor. I believe God permits sorrow, grief, 

tears, and heartaches.

Through the seminary of affliction, I believe,

God grooms, prunes, molds, and shapes us

in wonderful, much needed ways we would have 

never learned or known any other way.

I believe one can learn, grow, know and do better

after going through the, humbling, seminary of affliction.

I know God can do things far beyond our puny 


I believe, through my own knowledge, observation, 

and experience that God is able to reach down

and touch the point of our greatest need, 

and in due season He will make all things right.

Even when times are incredibly tough... 

we must trust God and press on knowing... 

this is not the end. God has shipwrecked us 

for a divine purpose.

God has a purpose for every trial 

that comes into our lives. 

Nothing happens to us without God’s 

approval or purpose.

When we are faced with a crisis, trust...

there is nothing God can NOT do. 

The clouds will lift and the storm will pass. We will get 

through this. God will help us, heal us, protect us,

and uphold us... bringing us through whatever 

the trial may be.

Troubles point out our weaknesses 

and prompts us to rely on God.

Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities,

 in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, 

in distresses for Christ’s sake

for when I am weak, then am I strong”

(II Corinthians 12:7–10).

Adversity is a call to re-evaluate our priorities.

Adversity is the catalyst for self-discovery 

and new growth.

The problems we are encountering, have a purpose. 

We are not going through the desert

 or wilderness in vain. 

It is during those barren desert 

and wilderness experiences...

God is at work doing something in us...

with us... and for us.

Adversities motivate us to have a closer walk with God, 

and they help us to grow to be more like Jesus, 

and less like our carnal-selves.

God's ultimate purpose for us is to grow 

more and more into the image of His Son.

Romans 8:29

Adversity gets our attention and will come to teach us 

the big lessons we are meant to learn and would not have 

learned any other way.

Adversity is designed to strengthen our faith.

Every step in life prepares us for the next one.

We may not realize it, but where we are now... is 

providing us with vital life lessons for our next higher 

level, our next incredible chapter, our next great 

adventure... our most incredible season of life.

People who have proven themselves to be more powerful 

than the opposing forces and have managed to get to the 

other side of adversity, more likely than not, discovered a 

part of themselves they did not know existed.

Trials and tribulations are inevitable.

James did not say...

 “If we encounter problems consider it joy,” 


When we encounter problems

 consider it joy.”

Regardless of the circumstances we are facing... 

when we trust God first, rest in God, lean on God, wait for 

God, listen to God, and endure the storm... we can 

overcome our circumstances.

God can make all things work to our good 

and to our benefit.

When we can see God's hand in our trials and 

tribulations... we can become empowered by crisis and 

stronger than our circumstances... rather than impaled 

by them. We can become victorious rather than victims.

God's purpose for us is that we grow and experience 

the life He intends for us and become more like Jesus...

by doing good and becoming a faithful and much 

stronger version of ourselves.

May we continue to move forward and achieve what God 

desires of us. May we grow in His grace

knowing that with God...

no matter what our trial or test may be...

no matter how severe or destructive the storm…

it can never be big enough

to prevent God from accomplishing His purpose.

By the grace of God, I have been bountifully blessed


to benefit and glean from the life experiences of many 

determined people, nations, cultures, and generations. 

I've been truly blessed by mentors who generously 

passed-on wonderful pearls of wisdom 

 and treasure troves of truth, beauty, 

and pragmatic advice. 

Their rich experiences and deposits sown... 

have been invaluable to me.

It is my prayer that some of the important and painful life 

lessons I'm learning more about and have learned... will 

help others who are facing some of the same struggles.


I have been shipwrecked and brought safely to shore more 

times than I can number. Those profound experiences of 

going through many hard trials and tribulations, 

walking by genuine faith, and embracing much 

pain has given me greater strength and determination. 

The many things I have observed and undergone

throughout my journey have produced greater insights and 

gratitudeBy the grace of God, I've garnered many 

life lessons, ideas, energies, and testimonies.

I simply cannot afford not to pass 

these vitally important lessons and 

blessings on. 

I believe this story has a purpose and speaks to 

many of us. 

It is my prayer these offerings will be encouraging, 

useful, and substantial for anyone who may be 

experiencing worry, heartache, pain, regret, and 

family dysfunction.

 I am sharing my story in hopes that it may help you and 

me to patiently endure and see God's hand 

working all things together for our good.

These messages are from my soul to yours, 

from my spirit to yours, from my life to yours.

May you find within the following twenty-eight,

virtual, pages... at least a morsel that will 

speak to your heart and to your concerns.

In His Love,

I believe, blessings can come in the midst of being broken. 

If we allow God to be God and complete His work in us...

we will find ourselves in the 

Center of God's Perfect Will 

and blessings will follow.