One may be able to do many things, in this world, 

apart from God such as:

acquire wealth, start a business, get an education,

buy cars and homes... to name a few,

but we truly believe...

there is no life, true peace, joy, 

or fulfillment in our lives 

apart from God.

Apart from God we are like a ship abandoned at sea,

 alone and powerless, drifting along without 

rudder or oar, tossed by the strong currents 

of the wind and waves. 

Jesus taught, "For it is from within, 

out of a person's heart that evil thoughts come."

Jeremiah 17:9 says "The human heart is the most 

deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked.

At the heart of family and societal ills we will find that the 

inner man... the human soul...the Spirit man is either 

troubled, polluted, spiritually starving to death, or has 

great sorrow and unceasing grief.

Our hearts and the hearts of each family member can be 

used to store many hurts and wounds. The heart can 

become the dumping ground for our hurts. If it is left up 

to Satan, who desires our spirit as well, one can become 

restless or will remain restless, dis-eased, blind, bitter, 

calloused, carnal, foolish, rebellious, dark, corrupt, sick, 

deceitful, hard, evil, covetous, and envious. These 

conditions can have family members acting in ways that 

are intentionally or ostentatiously immoral... until 

they find their rest in God.

The wounds come, the hurts come, and if we allow our 

Spirit, the inner self, the human soul to be opened to the 

enemy... those wounds and hurts can have a tendency to 

fester and grow.

Many families will ignore dysfunction and some will treat 

the symptoms as opposed to getting to the root cause of 

the family issues. In most cases, it is necessary for us to 

take a deep probe into our spirit in order to realize there 

can be wholeness.

Scripture clearly teaches us that the real issues of life 

are Spiritual... and are really matters of the heart, 

the inner man. May we acknowledge our wounds and 

allow God to give us the strength to overcome them and 

forgive those who have wounded us.

Much of the unhappiness and disappointment with our 

families is related to an inner identity crisis 

of not knowing who we are and 

Whose we are.


Not knowing who we are and 

Whose we are 

can create barriers to our 

inner peace, joy, and fulfillment

 because that person has alienated

 themselves from the Power Source. 

Knowing who we are and 

Whose we are,


by the grace of God, 

can bring healing and a wonderful change, 

a greater purpose, a new understanding 

about life, new attributes, a renewed mind, 

cleaner heart, a new self, and a new nature, 

we are a new creation who cleaves to God with 

supreme love and affection. 

Our walk with God is always 

a matter of the heart.

People look on the outward appearance. However, 

God is always concerned with the heart, with the reality 

and condition of what is on the inside.

Without a purpose greater than ourselves

we will end up with empty hearts and

meaningless lives.

Jesus said, His purpose was 

"To give us life, and life more


But interestingly, the way to this "More abundant life" is 

by each member of our family being engrafted into God

(John 6:56 and 15:4).

The focus of the heart and soul needs to be restored 

back to God and God alone, this remains paramount.

The human soul is longing to experience this engrafting.

God masterfully designed into human beings 

a need for positive, loving relationships. 

We suffer untold damage without these 


Regardless of the condition of our families... 

We have a Healer. One Who makes, 

by His grace, all things stronger, and better. 

When God is the Head of our families... 

we can triumphantly overcome dysfunction.

God is able to repair the decay, heal our wounds, 

and restore the heart and soul so that we may be blessed 

with a strong, healthy, and fruitful family, 

community, city, state, country, and world. 

God can and does heal families. 

God can turn mourning into dancing; 

God can create praise out of despair. 

God can bind the wounds of the brokenhearted 

and set the captive in darkness free.

God Himself is a God of love and light,

and God wants us to reflect His love and light 

in our families and in this world.

If things are not going well in your family... 

don’t give up. 

God delights in showing His amazing saving power 

through people who have nothing left.


God can restore our families and use the tragedies 

that so deeply hurt us...

to move us forward in the purposes 

for which He created us. 

God may allow us to stay in a situation that seems

impossible to overcome. During those times, 

we must embrace our faith in 

the One Who can... and will.

God is always right on time and will bless those who 

patiently endure the seminary of affliction...

in a grander way than we could have ever imagined.

God is able to fit all of the broken pieces, 

every scar and broken space... 

into a wonderful masterpiece...

exceedingly, abundantly 

above all that we ask or think.

God is able to mend our broken families, 

our broken dreams, and our broken lives, 

not only mending the breaks, but greatly 

increasing the beauty... for His eternal glory.

As children of God, 

we can rest in the assurance that 

God is not lacking in resources 

to meet our needs. 

God has the answers to our questions,

our problems, and our concerns.


God is more than able to save, 

comfort, guide, keep, deliver, bless

and sustain our families.

Only God can ultimately and 

irrevocably satisfy us.

With God as our God, our Compass,

our Architect, Leader,

Engineer, Master Builder, 

Chief Cornerstone, and 

Solid Foundation... 

God-like qualities such as:

love, joy, patience, kindness,

goodness, faithfulness, gentleness,

and self-control will mark our 

homes and guide our lives.

It was God’s intention for these positive attributes 

to be nurtured and perpetuated through 

the relationships and interconnectedness 

of the human family.

What a blessing it is to come to the realization of 

our true identity, our purpose, and role, 

individually and collectively, 

in God's plan.

Being God focused as opposed to sin focused...

 we have purpose, confidence, humility, and power. 

We can live our lives more fully, more peacefully, 

more joyfully, and more consciously when 

we are God centered, God reliant, and God controlled.

May we welcome and receive 

God to be God in our hearts and 

in the hearts of our family members, and 

may God transform our families 

into His likeness.

Our homes and families ultimately belong to God.

When God dwells in our hearts and homes 

He is taking possession of that which is... 

rightfully His.

May God have mercy on our families.