It has been demonstrated, across a variety of investigations, 

that writing yields a number of intellectual 

and emotional benefits to individuals.

Life with God is not immunity from difficulties, 

but peace in difficulties.

Tragedies, sorrows, and sufferings can be blessings in disguise. 

Pain can transform us.

God can take our utter despair and create something 

that can heal many. 

The most terrible events can contain hidden blessings. 

While in the classroom of our season of pain… 

these times of pain and disappointments 

can give way to God's mighty appointments. 

Though painful... 

we must write.

Journaling helps us to steer clear of Satan and his vicious forces. 

Rather than allowing others to destroy our inner peace... 

I find it better to unplug, quiet myself, reset, 

and maintain my cool, by journaling.


A moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, 

feelings, environment, and experiences allows us 

to regroup, recoup and turn those swarming dramatic times 

into a real creative story that many can relate to 

and hopefully be blessed by.

Satan will try every trick in the book 

to distract us and shift our focus.

Journaling allows us to shift our experience. 

Instead of affirming the experience of struggle, 

distraction, and strife...

we can remove tension from those 

unpleasant situations by journaling.

Reading, brainstorming, researching, and writing

helps to extend the light within us. The effects can echo 

and extend far beyond the moment. 

Many times we are able to channel difficult feelings 

into healthy and creative outcomes.

Through the ups and downs... one viable option that has proven 

to be therapeutic for me time and time again is writing.

Writing allows brainstorming, logic, and other forms of complex thought 

to perhaps open our eyes so that we might see 

that there may be a bigger picture to consider... 

than our momentary discomfort. 

Writing is a powerful life tool that gives us 

an outlet of expression and it helps to keep us grounded.

Writing can keep us so engaged... we have no time to 

get caught up in any long and negative discourse.

Writing helps us to better see, process, 

find our voice, and understand certain experiences. 

Writing seems to be an emotional release 

which helps to un-clutter the mind, 

outline our innermost thoughts and feelings 

while allowing us to use it as a vehicle 

of emotional exploration and healing. 

Bottom line: 

Writing can help us to steer clear of the chaos

and create more positivity.

Taking those swirling thoughts and writing them out

helps to clarify our thoughts and feelings... 

and helps us put things into perspective. 

Writing helps us release the emotions involved, de-stress, 

and focus more on God... and how, even in the worst case scenario, 

He is working all things together for the good. 

Writing allows us to explore thoughts and feelings 

of the events in our lives, become more resilient, and give language 

to those dramatic experiences that may have deeply wounded us. 

Writing empowers us to shift our viewpoint 

so that we will not find ourselves backsliding 

into a stressful pity party mode.

The mind, according to some, is for processing... not for storage.

Writing helps us clear the clutter from the mind 

so that we are able to see all sides, objectively.

It is my wish, others may be able to connect with my pain and struggles

and have a more insightful way to approach and resolve 

their family struggles and pain.

People in pain really just want to have validation that...

what they are going through is painful and difficult.

People, for the most part, just need to know that they are not alone.

Let's be clear... you are not alone... not even close.

If you feel strained in your relationship with your family... 

trust... there are countless individuals who know 

exactly what you are going through.

Those of us who have been there and done that... 

know all too well what that feels like and 

would never try to diminish your experience.