The lessons garnered from all of this:

1. People will talk. They always have, 

and they always will. Some people enjoy 

belittling as opposed to building others up.

People will judge us, hurt us, put us down 

and try to break us, and more often than not, 

this will have nothing to do with us.

In many cases, they are too emotionally stuck 

and afraid to change or deal with 

their own shortcomings... and will try to highlight 

the supposed flaws of others.


In most cases, they do not care to see or accept 

another person who is trying to change for the better. 

Rather than putting their energy into 

improving themselves... they tend to criticize 

and tear others down in an attempt 

to make others feel miserable too.

Think about it:

No matter what we do or say, how we behave, 

or the decisions we make, we will always 

be scrutinized by others. 

Some people work as agents for Satan. They are 

looking for those they can taunt and torment. 

It is important for us to take the high road. 

We cannot allow the negative, ill-intentioned 

opinions of the naysayers and the purveyors of 

negativity to hurt us, define us, 

or have the pleasure of insulting us

It is imperative that we tune them out.

God knows what is in us, 

and even when others 

purposefully insult or overlook us… 

God is fully aware of the treasure

He placed in us.

We must tune out the inner and outer critics 

and concentrate on mastering 

our God-given talents and abilities.

No one has the right to re-direct our lives 

to fit their agenda. 

May we utilize our God given talents and abilities 

and not allow the naysayers to beat us down or break us.

Let us not become guilty of taking 

what God so graciously placed inside of us... 

to the grave.

2. People are either part of the problem... 

or part of the solution.

3. We must be careful who we trust, 

careful of negative and cold influences, 

and be careful of our associations.

Association really does bring 

about assimilation. 

Spirits can be transferable. 

We, in essence can, unconsciously, 

conform to their behavior, 

and we don't even have to be in their presence long 

before we begin speaking like others, or making 

gestures and facial expressions like them. 

Some people are poisonous, depressing, 

and weaken us by their very presence.

We must tune into our own intuitions... 

turning within to see what is true 

and false in any dynamic.


We need to choose our company 

wisely, and trust those who are 

capable of being trusted. 

Association with people who are God-fearing, 

living their faith, and practicing what they believe 

reinforces the good in us. 

Good association can inspire us to reach higher 

and dig deeper so that we may improve ourselves 

and thrive.

Bad company really can 

corrupt good character.

We are not obligated to trust those that we love. 

And we are not obligated to trust someone... 

just because other people do. 

We must trust our own gut feelings, 

and stay away from anything or anyone 

who keeps us from living our best. 

Let us trust our ability to see what is happening... 

without denial.


Trust can be lost within seconds,

but it can sometimes take a lifetime to regain, 

and it is never as strong again after all is said and done.

4. Strong people lift others up. 

They are not merely an influence, but an inspiration.

By their very presence they are a tower of strength 

to the souls around them. 

It is beneath their dignity to knowingly oppress,

suppress, or depress others.

5. When people harshly judge others… 

it is usually something within them… 

that they don’t want to face.

When one is a forward-thinker 

and begins to make progressive moves in life... 

some may see it as a threat to their goals and interests.

6. The one who follows the crowd… 

goes no further than the crowd. 

One becomes who they spend time with.

7. If we are under attack, the blessings must be close. 

The vaults are loaded and the thief is dying to rob us. 

When we are betrayed, 

we must release disappointment at once… 

so the bitterness has no time to take root in us. 

We cannot waste time hoping someone will suffer 

the consequences for what they did to our heart.

If we don’t let go of the crazy-makers 

and let God abide... 

it allows them to hurt us a second time in our mind. 

God knows... an God can handle them.

8. When God calls us… He fully equips us. 

We are not expected to be perfect. 

God equips us with everything good 

for doing His will.

Followers of Jesus have experienced this truth 

through the centuries from 

the calling of the first disciples. 

The disciples were ordinary people 

like you and me. 

They were not the most highly educated, 

charismatic, perfect, 

or influential people of their day. 

They did not hold the highest positions 

with the best pedigree or 

biographies filled with accomplishments 

and awards.

Jesus called the ordinary 

and then did extraordinary things through them. 

He changed the world 

and continues to change the world!

Without God, I know would fail, miserably. 

I am totally dependent upon God... 

moment by moment to give me what I need 

and equip me to do what He calls me to do.

So, think about it, naysayers,

you also have a calling on your life 

that you may not be able to answer 

because you’re not in your lane. 

If we are not in our lane... 

we may not be able to answer our call.

We will all have to answer.

9. If what we are doing is not fixing 

or improving the situation then… 

it is time we open our eyes and see that 

we are wasting precious moments of our life 

that we will never be able to recoup.

10. No pressure no diamond. 

Without manure, the plant may suffer 

and fail to grow.

11. When someone betrays you, 

it is the reflection of their character, 

not yours.

May we always remember and never forget:

Even if our pain is the teacher… 

there lies an opportunity for growth.

12. People may make cutting remarks, 

make jokes about us, 

gossip about us, dig up bones, 

or even hate us for being different 

and not following the ways of the world, 

but if the truth be told, 

they would love to have the guts to face their fears, 

dare to fail, and do the same.

13. Some people we need to forgive them in our heart 

and allow them to get off the bus of our life, 

and take all of their toxins with them.

Yes, we have to let go... 

and allow those who find joy 

in creating pain in our lives... 

to get off the bus.

Allowing devilish spirits to exit our lives... 

can be the best decision ever. 

Sometimes we have to reward 

loyalty with loyalty… 

and disloyalty with distance.

14. If you have a dream for your life, 

then a crab bucket is no place 

for you to remain. 

If you feel like you’re suffocating, 

or have joy and spirit drainers...

it might be time to fight your way out... 

quickly detaching from the toxic bucket of crabs.

If we continue to expose ourselves 

to infectious dis-eased people

 or toxic situations... 

we could fall ill or get hurt, yet, again.

15. We must be careful who we vent to and listen to. 

There are some individuals who may be knowledgeable 

in some areas,  

but they do not know what is best for our soul... 

God does.

According to Ephesians 2:8, the Scriptures tell us, 

“For by grace we have been saved

through faith. 

And this is not our own doing;

it is the gift of God.”

16. We must learn to spot the pitfalls that await our spirits 

and avoid them, if possible. 

Let us keep ourselves strong and healthy in Christ 

and help others find the same victory.

I pray that God will open the eyes of our hearts 

so that we will sense the magnitude 

of His plans and purposes for our families.