A lie promises what it cannot produce.

There may be missed communications between people...

and side-liners will, sometimes, 

hit the ground running with any hot piece of news.

They are quick to believe what they perceived.

Then, there are those who are notorious for embellishing. 

Before the news gets old... things get piled on, 

either inadvertently or sometimes intentionally, 

and escalates into a dispute. 

Satan is also famous for using a more subtle weapon 

against us...

petty distractions. 

The enemy does not want us to fulfill 

God’s calling in our lives.

Satan is literally hell-bent on perverting 

and preventing God’s plan.

He does everything he can to deter us 

from hearing God’s voice and sharing God's Word 

with others.

 Satan endeavors to distract, destroy, steal, kill, 

sow discontentment, he scrutinizes, slanders, tempts

attempts to divide us, he deceives many

he tries to control souls, he is a con, and 

a discourager, just to name a few of his traits and tricks. 

Satan is in the business of tearing people down. 

He is the accuser, and he approaches people 

with no love, but with a tone of condemnation. 

He is constantly planting seeds of negativity. 

His plan is to crush spirits and lay heavy burdens 

and strongholds on his victims.

We must guard against anyone

who is undermining the effectiveness

of our walk with God.

A lie promises life, but ends in death;

A lie promises ecstasy, but ends in misery;

A lie promises satisfaction, but ends in suffering.

Satan conceals truth and targets the mind.

Satan is the ruler of the demons... they are his agents.

They work together 24-7 and are good at what they do

and never miss opportunities to attack. 

Satan's ultimate aim is to make people

ungrateful to God.

Satan is miserable, and he wants us to be miserable too. 

He is notorious for using those closest to us.

Satan will do all he can do to keep us from accomplishing 

God's Will in our lives. He may slander God to us in order 

to cast doubt on God's goodness and shipwreck our 

faith. He will tempt and deceive us, corrupt our minds 

and steer us away from God. He is  a thief who will steal 

and hinder unsuspecting individuals. He will wrestle and 

fight against our progress, which includes whispering 

(or in some cases, shouting) every lie under the sun. Satan

 is notorious for creating disunity. He is a persecutor. He 

prowls about seeking to capture and destroy us. He may 

even try to kill us.

When the focus of our lives is on God’s plan

 and walking in our calling... 

he is notorious for trying to shut people down 

so that they will be too worn out and fearful 

of speaking out about 

God's goodness and tender mercies.


His preferred strategy is to lead people away from God...

causing them to stumble by emphasizing 

the philosophies of men over God's teachings. 

The adversary will try to convince us that we 

don't matter and we will never be good enough. 

Discouragement is a tool that Satan knows 

will burst our bubble. He wants us miserable, 

insecure, bitter, mad, and full of malice.


One of the main methods Satan uses in families 

is the oldest trick in the book of:

divide and conquer.

Satan is a diabolical liar and an instigator.

 He thrives on the negative energies of others.


Satan is Spiritually poisonous 

and emotionally destructive.

Satan uses hearsay to set others off. 

He feeds directly on the negative energies he stirs up.  

Satan knows that he can keep us in 

a perpetual state of conflict...

as long as he can keep us divided.

The adversary knows that lies, accusations,

confusion, money, gossip, misunderstandings, 

pettiness, and quarrels can cause division. 

So he keeps stirring the pot.

It would be naive to think 

that when we have Spiritual emergencies 

and there is confusion, temptation, division, 

accusations, misunderstandings, 

and lies that Satan and his diabolical 

destroying agency, 

with their voices of condemnation...

are not on the scene trying to wreak havoc. 

History is deplete with examples of 

Satan's devilish influence, in the world 

and in our families. 

Satan is very comfortable taking up residence

in a person who is a liar. 

Many have inadvertently given a place to the devil 

by creating an atmosphere where he feels 

comfortable and at home.

John 8:44 calls the devil a liar and the father of lies. 

Every time we tell a lie, we are acting like the devil; 

and we've given a place to him.

For some, they would rather choose to be 

bamboozled by a lie and trust its bogus assertions

than accept the truth. 

Some, will intentionally mislead another 

to accept false, fraudulent, and invalid statements 

as true and or valid.

Satan’s lies become their truth.
Satan, the originator and father of lies

and the deceiver... is notorious for

 orchestrating such vile actions.

So what is truth?

Truth is a verified or indisputable fact, 

proposition principle, or the like. 

Truth is in accordance with 

real facts about a situation,

event, or person.

Truth is reality as it is, 

not as it seems to be or as we 

want it to be

It is what actually happened.

Can one know the 

unadorned, plain, bare, 

straightforward, unadulterated 

truth of a situation? 


The more we seek truth 

and embrace truth about ourselves, 

others, and life, in general...

the more we will be able to see past 

Satan's smokescreens.

Truth trumps a lie... 

every time.

Our thoughts are the seeds of our actions.

Sometimes we give too little thought 

to the things we believe and say.

The book of Proverbs reminds us again and again 

that if we are wise, we are careful about our words. 

A fool expresses his wrath by his speaking; 

We must be careful about our language.

We need to notice and make sure

the seeds we broadcast are in alignment with 

what is true and righteous.

May the words we speak 

reflect God's love.

Strong concrete evidence should be our cornerstone. 

Bogus assertions and/or intentionally misleading others 

with invalid statements does not enhance one's credibility. 

Lies and betrayal gives tremendous insights 

into one’s character. Betrayal does more than 

hurt feelings, it goes directly to our hearts... 

the seat of all our emotions.


The enemy of our souls is trying to get 

our hearts exposed for the sake of destroying us.

The simplest little lie, which we take lightly, 

has the power to hurt, discourage, 

or hinder.

Hurtful and thoughtless words... 

downloaded into another’s heart and head 

can devastate one's life.


The goal of betrayal is to poison the heart.  

Guard it.

The deepest scars 

are those we do not see.

The greater the trust, the greater the pain.

The deeper the love, the deeper the wound.

Words have great power. Words are persuasive. 

By our own words we can inflate our own 

ego and self-esteem out of its proper perspective.


We need to be careful of those who would flatter us

 and also those who would condemn us.

They can cause one to believe things 

about others or themselves that are not true, 

and often, the negative words or flattering lies 

are remembered long after they are forgotten 

by the one who spoke them.

Research shows that words have an emotional, 

physical, and spiritual impact. 

They are messengers; that can carry defeat, 

bring worry, and death... 

or transmit victory, peace, and life for many! 

When we listen to the rantings of the wrong voices… 

we tend to believe things we should not believe. 

Listening to the wrong voices can have one unleashing 

anger on someone undeserving of it. 

Until we know what voices someone else has 

been listening to, 

we don't know how to understand them.

Let us avoid giving the instigator any ammunition

 that they can use against us.

Unfortunately, people with loose lips don't spend 

a lot of time getting the facts.

They're usually spreading second or third hand,

toxic, one-sided misinformation.

Let us watch our words. Let us be careful 

of what we talk about. We can be a host to God 

or a hostage to ego and negativity.

If we want to attract good in our lives...

let us think about God... 

and talk about God. 

As we get in harmony with God... our thoughts 

and words will become elevated. 

They will shift and align with God 

and bear seeds that can help others to 

realize God.

Let us speak life... encouraging others,

rather than finding ways to cut someone off 

and put someone down. That is unproductive.


Our words should uplift and encourage... 

rather than crushing and hurting others.


Idle minds and a willing tongue can be used 

as the devil's mouthpiece.

May we be an example of 

God's righteousness 

with purity in our speech 

and in our deeds.

Within each of us lies the power to direct 

the flood of feelings that surges forth.

1 John 4:1 reminds us:

Beloved, do not believe every spirit, 

but test the spirits to see whether they are from God.

In my family, it appears that both, 70 plus-year-old, 

brothers are 

wasting the one precious thing in our lives that we will 

never be able to acquire again once it's gone... 

our time.

Time, not money, is our 

most valuable asset.

Why would anyone waste precious time... 

making accusations of such horrendous nature

where no evidence exists to 

substantiate those accusations?

God does not intend for us to let time slip away 

with such frivolousness.

Every minute someone leaves this world behind. 

Our time to transition may come much later than 

we are expecting. On the other hand, 

it may occur much sooner.

Life is a glorious opportunity, if it is used well, 

to condition ourselves for eternity.

Let us not squander this amazing opportunity 

to prepare to meet God.

Our purpose in life is to 

have a personal relationship 

with God, 

to fellowship with God, 

and allow God to order our steps.

We find purpose... in God.

Our relationship with God 

is far more important 

than any human relationship.

The greatest joy for every person,

 and for every relationship 

is knowing God is within us. 

Despite our corruption, 

God still remains in us.

There is much more to life than just living day to day.

It would behoove us all to make the most of our time

 here on earth, complete our life plan, 

and learn the lessons included in our life plan. 

When we see life as a journey of learning 

and embrace the concept of being lifelong students… 

we open ourselves up to a more enlightened 

and productive life.

God created us with a “Spiritual need,” 

which includes the desire to find 

the true and deeper meaning of life.

Seventy plus years of life has to be and mean

much more than being hurtful, senseless, 

thoughtless, and mean-spirited. 

Our lives mean much more than being born, 

living a short while, then dying.

It is my prayer that these two men, whom I once 

held in high regard, will not become familiar 

with these acts of emotional misery, 

but embrace their calling and do what they know.

Every day is a gift, a fresh start for us to 

realize our truth and authentic selves. 

If what we are 

 hearing and the words 

we are speaking have 

no truth and no light... 

they are contrary to


 God...Who is 

Truth and Light.

God is Holy and 

without any kind 

of shadow of 


I will add on additional caveat about truth.

Truth gives us focus, meaning,

 and substance in our lives.

This truth can only be learned 

through spiritual means. Knowing the deeper, 

spiritual truths of life requires that we 

turn within to the most powerful 

and life-sustaining of all... 


Chaos serves Satan's purpose.

Let us stop dancing to Satan's tune.

The questions become:

O learned and enlightened ones,

Why are you allowing Satan 

to fill you with negative energy?

How can pettiness, fault-finding, gossiping, and

attempting to drag and tear another down

make life better or be pleasing to God? 

Is this edifying?

Why are you allowing gossiping to become 

a part of your consciousness?


When did gossiping and backbiting become 

God realized thinking? 

Does gossiping honor God?

How is it beneficial to depress, dishearten, confuse, 

weaken, block, or discourage one who is really trying 

to seek truth, discover and walk in their calling, 

and glorify God? 

Is treating another condescendingly... 

developing you or advancing the universe?

 When did hurling insults and hurtful language

become edifying? 

Are you proud of your output?

Is it leading any of us to better behavior 

or noble goals?

With your roots so deep and experience so extensive... 

is this really the way you want to 

crown the years of your life?

Does any of this leave the world

better than we found it?

Why not reflect on the good things about people rather 

than assuming the worst and making destructive remarks.

Maybe it's time for all of us to re-examine our lives 

to see where and how our time, allegiance, energy, 

and affections are spent on a daily basis. 

In doing so we could then see whom or what 

we are truly worshiping and adoring.

God has a plan for our lives, to use our lives to benefit 

others and for His glory. 

Our relationship is now with God. 

God is within each of us. We should be about our Father's 

business... producing good works.

According to the Scriptures...our purpose in life 

is to build a personal and loving relationship

 with God.

Our enjoyment of life is a by-product of 

seeking to please God.

We are the heirs of all that man has ever dreamed,

thought out, fought and died for, 

all that he has eloquently written 

and left behind for the guidance 

of future generations. 

Every generation has enjoyed the use of the

rich deposits passed on to it 

by the great civilizations of antiquity.

Does any of this backbiting, gossiping, 

and crushing another's spirit 

leave future generations better off?

Come on... can this insanity help any of us

gain greater self knowledge?

Let us wake up, and bless God!

There are so many positive and productive things

 for us to do, learn, and experience. 

Being reminded of our own mortality should lead us to 

analyze our lives and seek deeper meaning to it all.

We were created to fulfill God's purpose 

and glorify God's Name.


There is no one in this world 

more important than God. 

Love God first.

There is nothing in this world greater 

than loving and honoring God.


There is nothing greater than 

dedicating ourselves to God's cause.

May God guide all of the relationships 

in our lives.

Life is very brief, fragile, precious, and unpredictable.

As we transition into a more knowledgeable, 

and experienced person... 

we start looking at what is really important 

in our lives... 


This day could be our last moment... 

let us make the most of each day 

by cherishing every day, 

being grateful to God 

for allowing us to see another day,

 and pouring forth a heart of gratitude 

for every breath and every moment of life 

God has blessed us with.

We are alive... able to see the sunrise 

and the sunset. We can hear the birds singing. 

We can walk outside and feel the breeze 

and the sun's warmth on our skin. 

We woke up this morning with a sound mind.

We have a roof over our heads,

 clothes and shoes to wear. 

We live in a country that protects 

our basic human rights 

and civil liberties.


We are reasonably strong and healthy. 

We have overcome many obstacles and roadblocks. 

We have untapped God-given gifts, talents, and drive.

We have access to clean drinking water, 

medical care, and internet.

We can read and write.

We are doing better than a lot of people in this world.

So, rather than wasting time with 

unproductive comments and behavior...

let us be reminded...

every breath we take is an undeserved miracle, 

every moment is a wonderful blessing from God, 

and every experience is a precious gift from God.

May we seek God, 

seek and speak truth, 

praise God more, count our blessings,

cultivate gratitude, give thanks, 

be kind, grow spiritually, 

quietly and sincerely help someone,

let us read more, learn new things, 

use our time wisely,

and be the best we can be.