One of the most important purposes of the family 

is to impart a godly heritage. 

The Family should be built upon the solid foundation of God's truths 

and serve as a powerful model of God's truths. 

Building strong families and serving as a powerful model of 

God's truths is critical to the life, health, and well-being of our families,

communities, cities, states, countries, and world.

God established the family to help advance His Kingdom 

and to support the flourishing and the continuation of societies.


Strong families are the most reliable unit in society 

and the single most important influence in a child's life. 

The family is just as relevant as it ever was.

Family provides love and warmth to all of its members and 

teaches the members how to function in the real world.

It is within the family that children learn the values 

that will guide them for the rest of their lives.

We must equip our children, spiritually,

so they will be able to navigate, stay on course,

and have the highest and most fulfilling life.

We raise children with the goal of relinquishing them...

setting them free, as adults, into the hands of God. 

We can then, parent in the Spirit... 

pray for them and trust God to do what we cannot do.

Our children yearn to see the reality 

of who God is in the natural flow of our lives. 

They need to see that faith matters, 

that it is relevant to our daily situations, and that it is honest.

Our role and privilege is to model, with pure truthfulness,

what we have in our relationship with God.

Our goal as parents should be to endeavor to pass down

our faith to the next generation, in such a way,

 that they will be able to pass down their faith

to future generations.

Since God’s purpose spans the generations,

 our mission should be to help our children to develop 

a relationship with God by talking about God and explaining, 

as soon as they are able to comprehend, 

God's instructions on how to live. 

Wherever and whenever there is a window of opportunity... 

we should seize the moment to model and share God.

We have a sacred duty to rear our children 

in love and righteousness.

Whatever their age, our children need to know who they are... 

and Whose they are.

Our families carry our history with them. 

They are where we connect ourselves to past, present, 

and future generations. Plus, who better than family 

can reminisce with us about our childhood?

A connection to a strong and godly family provides 

a certain type of dependence, caring guidance, and social support 

that we can't get from other people. There is rarely a viable alternative 

where we can experience our biggest triumphs, a sense of belonging, 

and our deepest vulnerabilities. 

No matter how much life changes, 

the love and common interests, that binds strong families together,

will probably continue to be absolutely essential.

Strong families are unified.

Strong families unite their energies and focus those energies 

into strength and power.

Strong families are not always ideal or perfect.

Members may have different views, disagree, or argue, 

but not all the time. They tend to resolve the conflicts 

before they are escalated by raw emotions 

or one's unproductive state of mind. 

Because they are closely bound by their love, 

respect, and concern for one another...

they are committed to improving the well being of its members.

They never try to diminish another's experience.

Strong families have open lines of communication 

where they can impart or exchange information, 

and all of the family members,  

regardless of their station in life, feel heard and respected.

Strong families try to be present... 

they try to understand how the member feels...

connecting with the members... where they are.


They don't allow egos, opinions, or judgments to get in the way 

of their ability to experience and express empathy.

Instead, they realize that it is essential to listen 

with an open heart and mind, and really hear and feel 

what the other shares.


Strong families actively listen... 

allowing members to talk things out,

to communicate their side of the story, clearly and honestly,

no matter how young or old. 

They are able to talk about their needs, concerns, thoughts, 

and feelings... expressing themselves, in appropriate ways, 

and not having their honest expressions and/or ideas 

disrespected, disregarded, or ridiculed.

Strong families try to identify the problem or situation, 

reach out to those involved, exercise less judgment, and 

show more compassion and empathy.

Compassion is the ability to see the deep connectedness between 

ourselves and others. It allows us to see past our own self-concern 

to accommodate concern for others. Our compassion grows most 

in the presence of difficulty.

 Empathy is the capacity to feel another person's feelings, 

thoughts, or attitudes vicariously. It helps one to widen 

their understanding. They are better able to see the situation

 from the perspective of the other member 

and work through things they disagree on by focusing 

on the solutions, rather than, focusing on the problems or... 

"Tearing each other down."

One of the best ways to strengthen our families 

is to increase our listening skills, be fully present in the moment,  

put ourselves in their shoes, and try to understand and really hear them. 

An important part of communication is not just talking, 

but listening to what others have to say. 

Until we can hear each other, 

we cannot build strong relationships.

The challenges in life we encounter become easier to handle 

when we have a godly family who share expressions of love, counsel with us, 

who give us the foundation of divine truths, who share wisdom, 

and life experiences with us. 

Strong families encourage, support, comfort, assist, respect, cry with, 

and laugh with their members. They help each member 

to feel more fulfilled and better about themselves and the world.

When we have a loving family, if one falls, 

the family members, come hell or high waters, 

will be there to pull us up.

Family should be the birthplace of passion. 

Family should encourage their members to set and reach goals, travel,

follow their dreams, tap into their God-given gifts and abilities, 

and take on all of the assignments God has for their lives.

When tolerance and respect permeates family life, 

they will translate into values that can positively shape societies. 

Strong families are the models of what a better world can be.

They provide love, the physical, emotional, 

social, economic, and spiritual needs for its members 

so that they can become productive members of our society.

If we all were less critical and judgmental and more empathetic... 

our homes, communities, cities, states, countries and world 

would be in a much better place.
Peace in society is a result of 

peace in the family.

Paul encouraged empathy when he exhorted fellow Believers to 

“Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn” 

(Romans 12:15).

True empathy is the feeling of actually participating 

in the suffering of another.

Families should teach its members how to relate to one another... 

filling our homes, communities, cities, states, countries, and 

world with God-fearing, decent, fair, honest, 

upright, morally mature, loyal, emotionally sound, respectful, 

 righteous, cooperative, trustworthy, productive citizens... 

who will not have to recover 

from their childhood,


but will in turn, 

teach and raise a godly heritage, 

they for theirs... and so on.

Strong families facilitate more rewarding sibling relationships. 

They give their members the strong roots to help them

withstand and rebound from disruptive life challenges. 

They equip their members to adapt to change 

and accept those things they cannot change. 

They encourage their members to press on bravely 

toward their future, their mighty purpose, 

and those higher possibilities.

Strong families encourage their members 

to have an optimistic outlook, 

and give them the respect and moral support they need 

to make it through those tough times in life. 

They do not allow, negative, outside influences 

to interfere or interupt their flow as a family.

They are not only a good influence for each member, 

but they are an inspiration. They encourage their members 

to be faithful. They encourage them to learn from their failures 

and allow their failures to be their turning point to greater heights.

Strong families are like a laboratory for experimenting 

with our potential, beliefs, and our identity.

The effects of family can substantially influence one's personality.

It is through family life we learn, intentionally or inadvertently, 

the behavior, habits, beliefs, emotional responses, obligations, 

and values that will shape us as adults. 

No matter how much life changes, 

the love and common interests, that binds strong families together,

will, more likely than not, continue to be absolutely essential.