You may be in the midst of an emotional hurricane, right now, 

and wondering if anything good can come out of this situation?

Even though life will have challenges... let us not lose heart. 

God is aware of our circumstances, 

and God will guide us through.

Life with God is not freedom from adversity or 

misfortune. We get our fair share of warnings, 

but we don't get an exemption from trials and 


Through our many ups and downs... one viable option that has proven 

to be therapeutic for many, time and time again, is writing.

Writing can be considered as an act of redemption... a little patch of serenity. It 

allows us to, in a strange way, give voice to what needs to be said. It can also help 

us to make sense of and/or steer us clear of worldly chaos so that we may create 

more positivity.

The mind, according to some experts, is for processing... 

not for storage. Writing helps us clear the clutter from the mind 

so that we are able to see all sides of our circumstances... objectively.

Though sometimes painful... writing is the process of discovering 

and developing our thoughts, and understanding. 

Writing engages us to act in synthesis with our ideas, research, 

and experiences. 

Writing allows us to take many elements and creatively form a whole.

The process can sometimes force us to ask good questions, 

find the right sources to answer those questions, and discover new ways of 

thinking about a given subject.


Writing allows us to explore our thoughts and feelings 

about the events in our lives, become more resilient, and give language 

to those dramatic experiences that may have deeply wounded us.

We can use writing to describe, reveal... in words, our feelings, 

our experiences, and it gives vent to despair, pain, and/or injustice.

Taking those swirling thoughts and writing them out helps to 

clarify our thoughts and feelings... and helps us put things into perspective. 

Writing helps us to overcome issues of conflict that could, conceivably, 

if verbally addressed, lead to arguments, hurt feelings, resentments, 

damaged relationships, aggression, and/or violence.

Writing seems to offer a great degree of relief 

and can, possibly, lead us to peaceful resolutions.

Writing can serve as an emotional release which helps to un-clutter the mind,

outline our innermost thoughts and feelings... while allowing us to use it as a

vehicle of emotional exploration and healing.

Writing helps us to better see, process, find our voice, 

focus on solutions, and understand certain experiences. 

Writing helps us to steer clear of Satan and his vicious forces 

and press past our difficulties. Writing is like a regulator for our emotions. 

Rather than allowing others to destroy our inner peace... 

we can unplug, quiet and center ourselves, reset, and journal. 

In many instances, journaling can be quite effective in better equipping us 

to rebound and find positive meaning from our stressful encounters. 

Writing allows brainstorming, logic, and other forms 

of complex thought to, in many cases, open our eyes so that we might see 

that there may be a bigger picture to consider... 

than our momentary discomfort. 

Writing is a powerful life tool that gives us 

an outlet of expression and it helps to keep us grounded.

Many times we are able to channel difficult feelings 

into healthy and creative outcomes.

Through my personal knowledge, observation, and experience... 

I have come to realize how writing and not participating in an exchange 

of sharp and piercing words, diverging or opposite views, and/or heated 

disputes can help us steer clear of painful encounters and maintain our sanity. 

As we write and research we become more empowered. Writing can prevent or 

reduce the potential for heightened anger and pain. It can prevent destructive or 

damaging conflicts, and reduce stress levels. It gives us an opportunity to reflect 

on what's truly happening around us and go into quiet and 

productive introspection. 

Putting our feelings into words can actually help us 

work through our pain and help us feel better.  

Writing can keep us so engaged... we have no time to 

get involved in unpleasant and/or negative discourse.

Writing helps us release the emotions involved, de-stress, 

and focus more on God... and how, even in the worst case scenario, 

we are better able to see how God is working all things together for the good. 

Writing can be empowering. It can actually awaken the joy and bliss 

of our life experiences and flush out toxic energy.

It has been demonstrated, across a variety of investigations, 

that writing is a powerful, useful, and beneficial tool for thinking, 

and keeping our emotions from being hijacked. 

Writing helps us to translate our thoughts and feelings into written words and 

expressions. Writing can comfort others and ourselves. Processing and writing 

about the wholesome times and the difficult parts of our lives can stimulate 

our creativity. 

According to many experts, writing yields a number of intellectual, 

emotional, and therapeutic benefits. Writing has been associated with 

improving moods, improving our health and well-being, 

and, in many cases, it has reduced stress levels.

In writing about people who have hurt us, by the grace of God,

it is possible for us to vicariously see the world through their eyes 

so we can better understand how another feels and why they may do 

the things they do. It can also help us to search our hearts for anything 

that may displease God... our righteous Judge.

Writing helps us to exhale, better cope, patiently endure, be better understood, 

filter out the malignant and pathological power of negativity, and keep the faith.

Writing also has a way of showing us how 

all things are working together for our good.

We may begin to understand that the person who hurt us could have 

emotional scars, they may be self-love deficient, 

they could be experiencing a world of inner struggles they have not 

dealt with or been able to articulate. 

They may have cried out for help and were never heard. 

Sometimes people will attack others when they recognize their shortcomings.

They may be hurting, and when they feel threatened... 

they are quick to lash out at the messages and philosophy 

behind another's message rather than turning within and objectively 

addressing themselves. Sometimes people will transfer their pain to family 

and/or others. Very few are willing to look internally and honestly face

 their shortcomings. 

Hurting and then hurting others may be a vicious cycle 

they may be caught up in... and are not even aware of

Something to consider, 

and another reason why we may need to let the dust settle.

It would behoove us to remind ourselves of what Jesus 

told His twelve disciples in Matthew 10:16, 

"Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves." 

Let us remain alert and aware of our external environment 

and not allow negativity to consume us. Sometimes, we have to 

know when to say when... and when to break away.

As we write, a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, 

feelings, environments, and experiences... we are better able

to regroup, recoup, and cultivate solutions to those forces 

that would be against our good. Many times we are able to channel 

difficult feelings into healthy and creative outcomes.

It's incredible to think how swarming dramatic times 

can be the impetus for a real creative story that many may be able to 

relate to and hopefully be blessed by.

Praying and journaling allows us to shift our experiences. 

Instead of affirming the experiences of struggle, 

deep pain, weariness, confusion, distraction, and strife...

we can remove tension from those seasons of severe testing... by journaling.

Praying, reading, brainstorming, researching, and writing

helps to extend the light within us. The positive effects from the light within, 

can echo and extend far beyond the moment.

When we trust God with our circumstances, God will not only help us solve 

whatever problem we are facing, but He will restore all that has been lost 

in the process.