The exquisite and stunning diamond is one of the best

known and most sought after gemstones. While nature 

determines the color of the diamond... 

the hand of a master craftsman is needed to release 

its fire and beauty.

Diamonds are well known to transmit light and sparkle 

intensely. The beauty, sparkle, and clarity of diamonds 

comes from the harsh and extreme pressure they endured 

during the refining process. Once they are cut (with the 

proper proportions), then shaped, buffed, and polished... 

their inner beauty is revealed.

The same holds true for each of us. Just as the diamond... 

our Master Craftsman is needed in order that our fire 

and beauty might be revealed.

Satan is notorious for trying to trample and 

torment our souls. He loves pointing out our past 

mistakes"I remember who you were." 

But we can confidently bind and rebuke Satan, 

in Jesus' Name, and send him and his misery

 back to the pit of hell with our answer of...

'Yes, I may have been, but seasons change...


I'm not there anymore'.

God has a way of allowing us to bloom wherever

we have been planted. It matters not about the 

fertilizer we have gone through. God has 

strategically allowed us to be placed precisely

where we need to be, at each stage of our 

journey, and for such a time as this.

This all-encompassing season does not have to 

dictate the season we are in; that is

 God’s decree. 

No matter how hard the waves and the

 winds are crashing against you, the boat 

you’re in has its own environment because 

God is in the boat with us

God often uses these storms in life

to create a greater purpose for our destiny. 

This season may not feel like a 

blessing at the moment, but be still. God is 

working during this storm and has positioned

us for greatness. Although the waves and

 winds are tossing us about, let us speak 

the Name of Jesus and be still. 

God not only calms the seas, but stops the 

winds from howling. 

Our quality of character, righteousness, and worth are 

forged in the furnace of affliction to teach us, prepare us, 

equip us, perfect us, and purify us for greater works. Yes, 

our inner beauty, sparkle, and clarity comes from 

the extreme pressures endured during our refining seasons 

of trials and tribulations. 

God's intentions toward us are always pure 

and for our good. At times, a certain amount of pain 

and suffering is what God will use to help shape, 

mold, and transform us. 

God is much like a Master Gardener

God prunes and lifts up every branch in us, 

whether the branch is a person, place, or thing that bears 

no fruit, misdirects us, weakens the energy of our 

spiritual life, stagnates us, or diminishes our 

growth in Him.

God desires for each of His children the very same things 

we desire for our own offspring. God seeks maturity 

in terms of our relationship with Him. 

God calls us to make a difference as we abide in Him. 

We are called to bear fruit in this world so the world 

will know God.


Apart from God we cannot produce a fruitful life. 

We are not independent, but completely dependent on God 

to produce fruit. 

God created us to be fruitful, to multiply, and transmit

light... regardless of who we are or what may have 

happened in our past. 

God wants us to grow, increase, abound, flourish, 

and reproduce much fruit.

Although life is filled with physical and 

emotional bumps, bruises, and setbacks... these 

experiences are not meant to deplete us of 

our spiritual oxygen. God loans us these golden moments 

and uses even our times of suffering to mold and shape us 

for His purposes and our ultimate good.

According to Romans 8:29, Trials and tribulations have a 

divine purpose. Trials and tribulations can push us forward

 and develop godly character which can enable us to 

"Rejoice in our suffering."

We know that suffering produces perseverance;

 perseverance, character; and character... confidence.

God's ultimate purpose for 

allowing trials and tribulations is for

us to grow more and more into 

the image of His Son. 

As we turn within for healing, deeper truths, 

and Divine Guidance... we discover that life's bumps,

bruises, and setbacks can be excellent teachers 

who remind us of the greater gifts inherent in our wounds.


Pain can transform us and work for our ultimate good. 

Pain and suffering has a way of stripping away 

those things that will not bring out the best in us. 

Pain can often help us find a new sense of purpose, 

a beautiful and new chapter in our lives, and the 

realization of our inner peace.

Some have come to realize, hidden in their pain, 

was God's purpose for their lives. They were able to 

make their greatest strides, in their Spiritual development 

and personal growth... in the midst of their pain and 


The most terrible events... can contain sublime 

expressions and powerful purposes to prepare us 

for greater callings. God can take our most extreme 

despair and create something profoundly beneficial 

in us and through usthat can possibly help and heal 

others and ourselves.

Each of us has excellent diamond-like qualities 

embedded within us. These qualities are waiting to be 

unfolded, revealed, and brought to the light. 

God is able to do all of that...
 exceedingly and abundantly above all that we ask or 

think, according to His power that is at work within us.

Ephesians 3:20

Consider the complete and absolute complexity 

and sheer genius of God's marvelous works and 

design. God is masterful enough to orchestrate all of 

our experiences in such a way that they reveal facets 

that we would have never thought possible. 

Ultimately, God, in His loving kindness, draws us towards 

being the people He desires for us to be, so we can do 

the good things He planned for us long ago.

No one comes out of the valley of pain and suffering 

unchanged. God shows Himself strong on our behalf and 

works out a much higher perfection than was attainable in 

our own strength. God can do what would be impossible 

for us to ever accomplish on our own.

God helps us to grow by allowing us to be challenged 

beyond our strength. In our own strength we may stay 

wounded. We gather strength for our journey 

by trusting God and feasting on God's Word.

When our backs are against the wall... 

it's the eleventh hour and all we can see before us 

is the Red Sea... it forces us to cry out to the One Who can 

give us rest. God is in control of every hour, 

created all there is, and is perfectly able to part the Seas.

God is able to make all grace abound to us, 

so that in all things, at all times, having all that we need, 

we will abound in every good work.

2 Corinthians 9:8

Only God can be God.

It is God and God alone Who has the power to save 

us, rescue us, help us grow, change us, perfect 

us, and deliver us. 

We must be willing to 

trust God's process.

Even for those who are enlightened, let us not think 

of ourselves more highly than we ought. Knowledge can 

puff us up, making one arrogant, haughty, and even falling 

into the temptation of trusting in their own understanding 

rather than God's sufficient grace.

Proverbs strongly encourages us to trust in the Lord 

with all our hearts and not lean on our own understanding.

May we willingly be emptied of self and humbly live to 

bring glory to God. Let us keep our egos at zero and not 

give too high of an estimate of our own powers or allow 

pride to keep us from coming into the fullness 

of all that God has for us.

According to Romans 8:13, 

"By the Spirit... put to death the deeds of the body" 

God is still God... 

Creator of the universe 

(matter, energy, space, and time).

God's power and ability to 

deliver are far beyond our 


None of us are qualified 

to behold the glory of God.

Our margin of error shrinks each day... 

no matter who we are.

It is the power, greatness, and strength that comes 

from God that meets our deepest needs. 

Through the raging storms and our bleakest struggles... 

It is God and God alone 

Who carries and sustains us.

No one else deserves the praise and worship

that we give to glorify God.

Isaiah 42:8 confirms this: "I am the Lord; 

that is My Name! I will not give My glory to another or 

My praise to idols."

To glorify God is to honor God

for Who God really is.

Glorifying God begins with taking 

God at His Word, 

especially about Himself. 

May we glorify God in our thoughts, 

words, and actions.

It is abundantly clear that 

Only God is Supreme.

It is impossible for the finite to adequately and completely 

define God; however, we have listed a few of God's 

attributes gleaned from God's Word:

God is Divine and absolutely Holy.

God is Ever-Present (Omnipresent), 

and all-knowing (Omniscient). 

God is all Powerful (Omnipotent).

 God is able to accomplish any task.

God is the self-existent One... 

having no need of being created. 

God existed forever and is the cause

of all things, including the dimension 

of time... to which He is not subject.

God is the Most High. 

God is the Creator, Sustainer, and 

Ruler of the Universe. 

God is Compassionate, God is

Ultimate Reality, God is Trustworthy, 

and Awesome in Glory.

 God is Life and God is Glorious in 

His Perfection. 

God is Majestic, Immeasurable,

 Boundless, Eternal Spirit, 

Infinite Mind, and not restricted by 

Time or Place.

 God is Endless, Immense,

Universally Vast, and Complete. 

God is Faultless and Forever.

God is, according to His Word,


ultimately Incomprehensible to us, 

yet knowable. 

God is Rich in Mercy. God is 

Absolute, yet Personal. 

God Knows all, Sees all, 

and Hears All.

God is Totally Sufficient in Every 

Aspect of His Ways and Being, 

and Beyond Our Capacity to

Understand or Explain Exhaustively.

We cannot go it alone. Regardless of 

our race, creed, color, religion, 

language, educational background, 

socio-economic differences, 

experiences, or realities... if we are not 

connected to the Power Source... we 

are powerless.

Let us rely, boast, and be in awe 

only in God,

and live in a manner that glorifies God Who leads 

us through the Valley of Death so that we will 

trust in Him alone.

When we are at our weakest... we cannot sustain 


God's grace is sufficient.

In our brokenness...

if we are struggling with any issues in life... 

God's power is made available, 

and God's grace is omni-sufficient.

Let us ponder, for a moment, 

all the ways God displays His power. 

Who else, but God controls the raging torrential storms?

 Who else but God can cause the pompous, haughty, 

arrogant kings of the world to rise and fall? 

When the odds are impossible and there is no way, under 

normal circumstances, one can win... Who else but God 

can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat?

When problems seem to be compounded, all seems lost, 

and we are overwhelmed with the sense of imminent 

defeat... Who else but God allows us to reach deep 

within and find the strength to press on to victory?

As Believers, the refining process 

can reach particularly great heights. 

When going through... 

let us always remember and never 

forget the examples and sacrifices of 


Suffering can call us to a 

greater trust in God.

By turning to God for help during times of trials and 

tribulations we can become more aware of how 

God works through our suffering 

to call us to a greater awareness 

of His love for us. 

The more we are aware of God's love for us... the more we 

love God and draw close to God. This intimacy with God 

builds our spiritual strength and stability. The more we are 

strengthened... the more we desire to serve, praise, honor, 

worship, glorify God, and reflect God's character.

Let us glorify God, acknowledge God's greatness 

and give God honor by praising and worshiping God, 

primarily because God alone, deserves to be praised, 

honored, and worshipped.

As we walk under God's authority 

and in God's strength... we come to 

realize when we depend on God...

there is no trial too overwhelming or 

daunting for God to overcome.

Whatever God requires of us... 

He also supplies.

As God faithfully pours out His grace 

upon us, in God's strength, 

we can overcome.

"My grace is sufficient for you, for My power 

is made perfect in weakness."

2 Corinthians 12:9

Overcoming trials is about God's 

grace, God's power, God's comfort, 

and God's truth.

As long as we faithfully serve God... 

God will strengthen us to overcome 

and benefit from every trial.

God can accomplish anything. 

Throughout Scripture, 

God makes it clear that we should 

have a healthy fear of Him. 

May we yield to the strength that God provides 

us, and recognize that God's power is the greatest 

and is best displayed when we are at our weakest.

No one can do God's work or stop it. 

To leave God out of the equation is to 

overlook our only solution.

Let us never forget...

we can find the solution as we 

look to God.