The world, the winds of life, the conflicts, 

the pressures of life, 

and sometimes our family betrayals, 

will try to break us, 

but God has a way of taking all 

of the broken pieces of our lives and He uses them 

to make us more resilient and stronger in Spirit. 

Our present sufferings do not define us.

They are just shards of brokenness that God will use

to lovingly refine our beauty. 

The transformation from broken into beautiful 

is neither easy nor instantaneous. 

It demands a yielded heart and can be quite painful, 

but it comes with great reward. 

Thank You, God, for taking all of our broken pieces...

our scars, rejections, insecurities, betrayals, and failures...

and turning those broken pieces into Your Masterpieces.

God is lavish in His grace, often liberally 

dispensing His favor without even the least bit 

of cooperation and preparation on our part. 

We can routinely avail ourselves 

of these revealed paths of blessings, 

or neglect them to our detriment.

Thank You, Father God, 

for allowing us to keep company with You.

The people who should have been there for us weren't. 

The people who should have cared for us didn't.

God gives us more than we request 

by going deeper than we ask. 

 God is able to make our brokenness whole. 

God wants not only our whole heart; 

He wants our broken heart whole. 

God wants to help us and future generations.

Yes, our family history has some sad chapters. 

But our history doesn’t have to be our future. 

History has been changed time after time 

because of prayer. 

History could be changed again. 


Let us make sure that future generations 

will receive our best. The generational garbage, if any, 

can stop here and now.