Family is the cornerstone, the backbone, the 

infrastructure, and the core of our civilization...

 the bedrock from which all other communities 

and nations stem from.

The term "family" signifies selfless, sincere

 regard, consideration, and concern for others. 

A family does not always consist of our parents,

siblings, or biological relatives.

Family isn't just about who we give birth to; it's

 also about who God brings into our lives. This

 is a brother and sisterhood that is not bound by

 blood, ethnicity, age, or nationality.

God's family is made up of those

 who live or exist in a direct

relationship with God.

The traditional family consists of one or more 

parents and their biological offspring living

 in the same house as one unit and sharing meals.

 It could either be a single family or a group 

of people.

 Family, as a socially recognized group (typically

 connected by blood, marriage, cohabitation, or 

adoption) that develops an emotional bond and

 serves as a societal economic unit. 

Sociologists classifies families into many 

types based on how one enters them.

A person's birth family is referred to as their 

family of orientation. A family of procreation 

refers to one formed through marriage. These

 distinctions have cultural relevance in relation

 to lineage issues.

The sociological idea of what defines a family 

can be articulated using two sociological 

paradigms: symbolic interactionism and 

functionalism. According to these two views, 

families are groupings in which people see 

themselves as family members and act 


In other words, families are groups of individuals 

who get together to develop a strong primary group

 connection and to sustain emotional ties with one

 another through time.

Our families instill, uphold, and pass on to each

 successive generation the values we share and 

cherish, values that serve as the foundation for 

our God-given and constitutional rights.

Family is considered to be the 

oldest and most important 

institution in existence.

The family is the foundational institution... 

the cornerstone structure of human society, 

ordained by God

Genesis 2:20-25, 4:1, Exodus 20:5-6, 

Joshua 7:10,15,24-25, 2 Kings 13:23

Generations are created by families.

 Families play critical roles in society, both 

domestically (inside the family) and externally

 (for society). Families provide for another's 

physical, emotional, and social needs.

The more grounded our families are, the 

more grounded our society as a whole is. 

The family is turning the entire world, since

 it plays a crucial role in the survival of the

 entire society.

At its best, the family provides a wide range

 of vital services to its members. Perhaps most

 importantly, family provides emotional and 

psychological support for each member, 

particularly through kindness, mutual affection,

 compassion, goodwill, camaraderie, solidarity, 

and love.

Family is vital for the development of our

 character. Family takes care of us and teaches

 us our first lessons in everything, whether

 it's  responsibility, accountability, mercy, grace,

 compassion, charity, understanding, kindness,

 tolerance, socializing youngsters, or teaching 

them to let go of petty arguments and care for 

one another.

A family's relationship is unshakable; it can be 

tested but never severed. Whatever the

 circumstances, our genuine family will be 

present in mind, body, and/or spirit.

Family values are the core beliefs and guidelines

 that parents and family members hold in high 

regard for the family's well-being.


Being a part of a family is a wonderful thing.

It is here where we and our voices are heard.

As soon as we see them, family can bring joy to 

our hearts. Being in the presence of our genuine

 family provides us with the tenderness, respect,

 warmth, appreciation, love, and belonging that

 we all seek.

We are individuals drawn to each other based on

 who we are as God's children, whether we are a 

biological family or an extended family of people. 

As God's progeny, we are sisters and brothers

 in Christ.
Our society's foundation is the family. 

The advantages of raising a family are more 

essential than ever. People with healthy families 

make positive contributions to the community. 

This includes minors, the aged and disabled, as 

well as people who cannot afford to live alone.

Basic requirements such as food, water, shelter, 

and clean air are available when one or more 

members pool their resources to pay bills and

 manage their money to ensure that financial needs

 are met at all times. They would have each other's 


When family members are distressed, someone 

close to them is more likely to notice the expressions,

signs, and clues that they are in "Eleventh hour" 


People may hide their issues from others, but their 

family almost always recognizes that there is a 

problem, understands, and is inclined to assist with 

no strings attached.

Our children learn and live best through their

 daily observations and interactions with the 

people they love and trust.

In a perfect world or situation, family would 

be those kindred persons and that safe and secure 

place of love, where there is a true sense of 

belonging, a refuge, a retreat, shelter, built-in 

support system, and place of comfort.

Many families are intentionally

focused on raising productive 


These families nurture, love, work together, and

 spend quality time and energy supporting and 

sharing one another's burdens during difficult times.

 These families are supportive, encouraging and 

loving. They are there to listen, counsel, and 

console their members.

It is simple to gain the trust of someone as 

innocent as a small child. What makes it 

difficult is maintaining that trust as they grow 

older. That implies their secrets should remain 

secret, no matter how ridiculous they sound. 

That implies we should be able to make time to

 listen to them and hear them out. This includes 

being able to trust our child to tell the truth, no 

matter how shaky things appear to be.

Parents have the primary responsibility and 

God-given duty to instruct and prepare our 

children for a challenging and important future. 

It is the responsibility of parents to both 

reprimand and reform our children.

Every relationship grows on the foundation 

of trust. If your child begins to trust you entirely

 and completely at a young age, chances are they 

will still be that connected to you when they 

make the transition from childhood.

Parents are in charge of their children's 

whole education.

4:1-2 Galatians

Parents are accountable for moral and 

ethical education of their children.

Proverbs 1:7, Deuteronomy 6:6-9

Education is one of the most essential ways 

parents contribute to society. Teaching kids good 

manners and taking advantage of everyday 

learning opportunities in basic life skills. Learning 

does not just happen in a fixed sequence.

Learning is a major priority in a healthy family.

Many families contribute to society by working to

 ensure that their children receives the best possible, 

well-rounded education.

Children benefit from a healthy lifestyle when

 they grow up in a healthy family. Some 

researchers have offered evidence to support their 

beliefs that adults who live with children tend to

 have longer lives.

Because God's purpose spans generations, our 

mission should be to help our children 

develop a relationship with God by talking 

about God and explaining God's instructions 

on how to live as soon as they are ready to 


We must seize opportunities wherever and 

whenever they present themselves.

Our sacred duty is to raise our children in love 

and righteousness. We must spiritually equip our

 children so that they can navigate, stay on course, 

and live the highest and most fulfilling life 


Our objective as parents should be to pass down

 our faith to the next generation in such a way that 

they can pass it down to future generations.

Our responsibility and privilege is to authentically 

model what we have in our relationship with God. 

Our children long to see the reality of who God is

 in the ordinary flow of our lives. Our children must 

realize that faith is important, that it is relevant to

 our daily lives, and that it is honest.

Children observe our activities, and they need

 to see personally that our faith isn't just 

something we show when it's convenient.

There is no need to preach... simply allow it to flow. 

When our discussions and deeds are born from a 

deep and abiding relationship with God that we 

have nurtured and preserved... the words will flow

 and minister to us as well. Everyone benefits when

 we make God a natural part of our conversations 

and teach through godly examples.

We cannot afford to limit spiritual discourse to 

Sunday morning services only, particularly because 

God's love and mercy are both available 24 hours 

a day, seven days a week!

Our goal should be to inspire our children and

 family to seek out the Source of our joy and fall

 in love with God.

We have the ability to produce godly generations

 not only through our children, but also through

 the descendants of our children.

It all begins in our homes... 

with us as teachers.

One of the most essential functions of the 

family is to leave  a godly legacy. Families 

should educate their children well, filling our 

communities, cities, states, countries, and the

 entire universe with God-fearing, decent, fair,

 honest, upright, morally mature, emotionally 

sound and respectful, Spirit-filled, righteous, 

productive citizens who will not have to recover

 from their childhood, but will instead... teach and 

raise a godly heritage when they become parents.

God's purpose is for families to focus on instilling

 character and a godly spirit in their children. God's 

desire is for us to leave a godly legacy to our

 children, grandchildren and future generations.

God designed the family to be the primary source 

of spiritual training and preparation for life.

The family should provide its members' physical,

 emotional, social, economic, and spiritual needs so

 that they might be productive and useful to God 

and His work on earth.

Every person is given a unique 

calling and purpose by God.

The family must educate and pass on their 

experiential knowledge of God. The family 

must instill qualities that allow people to 

reach their greatest potential.

The concepts of love, acceptance of others, morality, 

peace, justice, mercy, and self-denial, for the good of 

others, are learned best within the framework of a God-

fearing family.

If the family is unable to produce people with 

these exceptional talents for any reason, the 

entire society suffers.

The family should be the backbone

 of all communities, a shelter in a

 heartless world, the source of 

passion, and the most dependable

 unit in society.

A lack of love and gratitude 

shatters family unity.

According to our research of recently released 

data, over 26% of Americans are estranged from

 a member of their own family. According to 

research, over 42 percent of Americans have

 experienced estrangement at some point in 

their lives.

The most common type of estrangement

 tends to be between adult children and one

 or both parents.

Although most people regard family as the

 most rewarding part of their lives, they also 

regard it as the most difficult to comprehend.

 People appear to be more stretched, frazzled,

 tensed, anxious, and disconnected from one


Unfortunately, the family is changing for the

 worst. Sadly, many families are struggling, 

getting consumed, and being divided by 

constant disagreements, pointless squabbles, 

and unethical behavior.

Dysfunctional and abusive homes with little

 or no relational connection, little or no quality

 time together, no respect for one another, no

 boundaries, emotional and physical scars, a

 lack of nurturing or encouragement, when 

left to themselves... can produce dysfunctional 

children who pollute our society.

Our children will never live 

properly... if we do not lead


We should have core values as a family that 

we live by. We must lovingly instill these

 essential principles in our children.

Virtue, honesty, initiative, respect, and love 

are examples of what we should instill in our 

children and societies.

We should pass on to our children emotions

 such as love for God, unspeakable joy, peace, 

care, kindness, and other positive, God-like


God intended for these excellent characteristics

 to be nurtured and maintained through the human

family's relationships and interconnectedness.

God created in us the need and desire for positive,

 loving relationships.

Some members of the family are 

spiritually starving to death.

Without family support, that great entrepreneur

 could become an inmate. That genius may 

become a drug dealer. That brilliant scientist,

 aircraft mechanic, architect, teacher, preacher, 

CEO, chef, conductor, officer, consultant,

 financial advisor, manager, lawyer, editor,

 paramedic, developer, college graduate, intern,

 producer, nurse, writer, actor, accountant, mom,

 dad, student, or florist could all become homeless

 people looking for crumbs to eat.

Without family connections, 

one could suffer untold harm.

Unfortunately, for some, the people they turn 

to for love and affection are the very people 

who have wounded them the most. 

Members of our own family 

are sometimes the ones who 

are quick to hurt us.

Some family members can be overly critical,

 quick to point out flaws and/or faults, and they 

tell cutting jokes that are put downs (at the 

expense of another family member), leaving 

deep and painful wounds that can last a lifetime.

Many family members have watched their parents,

children, siblings, and spouses go to the graves 


"We never really talked,"

or "I never really knew him/her."

Far too many families are aware of what the

 other does, but they are unfamiliar with one


Too many people are looking for meaning

 through mundane activities; nevertheless in 

the midst of it all... they have lost sight of what 

they were created to be... a member of the 

highest institution in the entire universe... 


When the foundations of families 

 crumbles, eventually nations will.

Today, in our laid-back, accommodating society, 

we face enormous family challenges. Many 

families are befuddled and scattered. Many 

children do not have healthy parent-child

 interactions. Unfortunately, there are many 

parents who do not feel compelled to be 

dedicated parents.

Teenage rebellion, child abuse, spousal violence,

 alcoholism, and other devastating issues are

 robbing families of their happiness.

What should be a secure shelter for every man, woman, 

and child has become or has been a living hell.

No matter how troubled the world at large is, our 

families need a sense of belonging, safety, and security.

They need to know that if they are sick, their family will 

look after them.

They need to know that if they are having troubles with

 peer pressure, school, or employment, they may turn to 

family for sensible, godly guidance and support.

A strong family is one that provides for its members.

 A strong family nurtures and supports its members

 throughout the span of that family. A solid family unit 

produces and nurtures a secure, positive, and supportive

 environment in which all members can not only survive,

 but thrive!

Strong families create environments in which children 

can not only hear, but also put God's Word into practice.

A strong family will make good use of their resources

 and live together in a relatively healthy manner. A strong 

family seeks God earnestly every day, 

asking Him to reveal His purpose for them.

Adults in a strong family understand the significance of 

setting the tone for a peaceful and caring environment.

They recognize the significance of serving as positive

 role models and setting positively good examples.

Excellent families instill in their members' hearts 

and minds: good morals, values, spirituality, love, 

self-respect, acceptance of others, a high value on life, 

mercy, justice, peace, and dignity.

Positive family environments 

and experiences fosters

 high self-esteem and respect.

To reduce crime, violence, and other societal ills...

each household must develop circumstances in which 

our children's faith in God can grow.

These unique qualities and beliefs are best learned 

within the framework of a strong family.

We must recognize that a solid identity in Christ 

will shape all of our choices in ways that we, as parents,

 simply cannot.

May we help our children fall in love with Jesus 

and teach them how to cultivate a love relationship with 

God in the same way that we cultivate our own. May

 we live our lives authentically in front of our family

 members, so that they can witness our own 


Most importantly, we must pray for God to transform our

children into His likeness.