Family is a group of one or more parents and

their children living together as a unit. 

household consists of one or several persons 

who live in the same dwelling and share meals. 

It may also consist of a single family or another 

group of people.

 Family, as a socially recognized group (usually

 joined by blood, marriage, cohabitation, or adoption)

 that forms an emotional connection and serves as an

 economic unit of society. Sociologists identify 

different types of families based on how one enters 

into them. A family of orientation refers to the family

into which a person is born. A family of procreation

 describes one that is formed through marriage. 

These distinctions have cultural significance related

 to issues of lineage.

Drawing on two sociological paradigms, the 

sociological understanding of what constitutes a 

family can be explained by symbolic interactionism 

as well as functionalism. These two theories indicate

 that families are groups in which participants

 view themselves as family members and act


In other words, families are groups in which people

 come together to form a strong primary group 

connection and maintain emotional ties to one 

another over a long period of time.

Our families raise, maintain, and pass on to each

 succeeding generation the values we share and 

treasure, values that are the foundation of our 

God-given and constitutional rights.

Family, is believed to be the oldest

 and most needed institution in


The family is the foundational institution of 

human society, ordained by God

Genesis 2:20-25, 4:1, Exodus 20:5-6, 

Joshua 7:10,15,24-25, 2 Kings 13:23

Families create generations.

 Families perform vital roles for society, both internally 

(for the family) and externally (for society). 

Families provide for one another’s physical, 

emotional, and social well-being.

At its best, the family carries out a wide range 

of invaluable undertakings for its members. Perhaps 

most importantly, family supports each member's 

emotional and psychological safe keeping, especially 

through the kindness, mutual affection, compassion, 

goodwill, camaraderie, solidarity, and love.

Family is essential for the very building of our 

character. Family cares for and teaches us our first

 lessons in everything, be it responsibility, mercy, 

grace, compassion, charity, understanding, kindness, 

leniency, socializing children and instilling in children 

to let go of petty fights and care for one another.

A family has an unbreakable bond, that can be 

challenged, but never severed. No matter how 

difficult the times are, our true family will be 

there, in mind, body and/or spirit.

Family values represent the core values and 

guidelines that parents and family members hold

 in high regard for the well-being of the family. 

To be a part of a family is a beautiful phenomenon.


 It's where we and our voices matter. 

Family has the ability to bring joy to our hearts 

as soon as we see them. Being in the midst of 

our true family gives us a sense of tenderness, 

respect, warmth, appreciation, love and

 belonging, which we all desire. 

The word "family" implies unselfish, genuine 

affection, consideration, and care for others. 

family doesn’t necessarily mean our parents, 

our siblings or our immediate blood relatives. 

Family is not only about who we birth… it’s who 

God puts into our lives. This is a brotherhood and 

sisterhood which transcends blood relations, race, 

age, or nationality. 

Whether a biological family or an extended family

 of people, though unrelated by birth or marriage,

 we are individuals drawn to each other based on

 who we are as God's offspring. A sister or brother

 in Christ... is who we are as God’s offspring. 

Family is the cornerstone of our society. Family 

is the basis, the backbone, the foundation, the 

infrastructure, and root of our civilization... the

 bedrock from which all other communities

 and nations stem from.

The benefits of living in a family are more 

important than ever. Healthy families produce

 people who make positive contributions to 

the community. This includes minors, the 

elderly and disabled, or simply those who can't

afford to live by themselves. 

Basic needs such as food, water, shelter, and 

clean air are accessible when one or more members

can combine resources to pay bills and manage their 

money to ensure that financial necessities are 

always taken care of. They are able to have each 

other's back.

When family members are under pressure, 

someone close to them is most likely to see the

 expressions, signs, and clues that they are in an

 "Eleventh hour" mode. 

People may hide their problems with outsiders, 

but their family almost always recognizes that there is 

an issue, they usually understand, and are ready to 

assist, no strings attached. 

Our children live and learn best through their 

everyday observations and experiences of and 

with the people they love and trust. 

In a world or situation where everything is 

perfect, family would be those related 

individuals and that safe and secure place of love, 

where there is a true sense of belonging, a refuge, 

a retreat, shelter, built in support system, and place 

of comfort.

There are many families who 

intentionally focus on 

producing productive citizens. 


These families nurture, love, work together, and 

spend quality time and energy supporting each 

other through difficult times and sharing one 

another's burdens. These families are supportive 

and encouraging. They listen, counsel, and

 console their members.

Getting someone as pure as a little child to trust

 you is easy. What makes it hard is to maintain that 

trust as they grow up. That means their secrets 

should remain secrets, no matter how silly they 

may seem. That means you should be able to make

 time to hear them out.

 This also means being able to trust your child to 

tell the truth, no matter how iffy things may 

seem. Parents have the primary responsibility 

and God-given authority to teach and prepare their 

children for the tough future they may have to face. 

It is the parents’ duty to rebuke as well as reform. 

Every relationship blossoms on the basis of trust. 

If your child begins to trust you fully and 

completely at an early stage, the odds are, 

they’ll still be that connected to you in their 

teenage stage.

Parents are responsible for their children's 

general education. 

Galatians 4:1-2

Parents are responsible for their children's 

spiritual and theological education. 

Deuteronomy 6:6-9, Proverbs 1:7

One of the most important ways parents contribute

 to society is by educating their children. Teaching 

them good manners, and taking advantage of 

learning opportunities in basic life skills in their 

daily lives. The learning doesn't go just one way, 


In a healthy family, learning has a high priority.

 Many families contribute to society by working

 to ensure that their family gets the best possible,

 well-rounded educational opportunities. 

Children enjoy a healthy lifestyle when they live 

in a healthy family. Some researchers have provided 

evidence to support their claims that people, who

 live with children in their family, tend to live longer.

Since God’s purpose spans the generations, our mission 

should be to help our children to develop a relationship 

with God by talking about God and explaining, as soon as 

they are able to comprehend, God's instructions on how to 

live. Wherever and whenever there is a window of 

opportunity... we need to seize the moment.

We have a sacred duty to rear our children in love and 

righteousness. We must equip our children, spiritually, so 

they will be able to navigate, stay on course, and have the

 highest and most fulfilling life.

Our goal as parents should be to endeavor to pass down

our faith to the next generation in such a way that they 

will be able to pass down their faith to future generations.

Our role and privilege is to model, with pure truthfulness,

what we have in our relationship with God. Our children 

yearn to see the reality of who God is in the natural flow 

of our lives.

Our children need to see that faith matters, that it is 

relevant to our daily situations, and that it is honest.

Children watch our actions, and they need to witness, 

firsthand, that our faith is not merely something we 

exhibit when it is convenient to do so. 

There's no need to preach... just let it flow. When the 

conversations and our actions are born from a deep 

and abiding relationship that we ourselves have built 

with God and are maintaining... the words will flow 

and minister to us as well. Everyone is blessed when 

we make talking about God a natural part of our 

conversation and teach by godly examples. 

We cannot afford to relegate spiritual discussions 

to a Sunday morning service, only... especially 

when God's grace and mercy are both available... 


Our goal should be to help our children/family 

to desire to know the Source of our joy and fall 

in love with God.

We can raise up godly generations, not only through 

our children, but also through our children's children.

It begins in our homes...

with us as the teachers.

One of the most important purposes of the family is to 

impart a godly heritage. Family should teach our children 

well... filling our communities, cities, states, countries, 

the entire universe with God-fearing, decent, fair, honest, 

upright, morally mature, emotionally sound and respectful,

 Spirit-filled, righteous, productive citizens who will not 

have to recover from their childhood, but will in turn... 

teach and raise a godly heritage when they become 


God’s desire is that families concentrate on building 

character and a godly spirit into their children. God's

desire is that we would extend a godly heritage throughout 

our family and future generations.

God has designed the family as the first source of spiritual 

training and preparation for life.

The family should provide the physical, emotional, social, 

economic, and spiritual needs of its members so that they 

can become productive and useful for God and His work 

in the earth.

Every family has a specific God-given calling 

and purpose to fulfill.

The family must impart and 

perpetuate their experiential 

knowledge of God.

The family must impart the qualities that 

enable memberto rise to their fullest potential.

The concepts of love, acceptance of others, morality, 

peace, justice, mercy, and self-denial for the good of 

others, are learned best within the structure of a God-

fearing family.

If the family, for any reason, is
prevented from producing people

 who possess these special qualities,

the whole society suffers.

The bedrock of all societies, a haven 

in a heartless world, the birthplace of 

passion, the most reliable unit in 

society should be the family.

Too little love tears at 

family harmony. 

Based on our research, of recently released 

data, over 26 percent of Americans are estranged

 from a member of their own family. Research 

discloses that roughly 42 percent of Americans

 have experienced estrangement, at some point. 

It appears that the most common form of 

estrangement is between adult children and

 one or both parents.

Although most regard family as their most gratifying 

aspect of life, they also regard it as their most difficult 

to understand. People seem to be more strained, 

frazzled, tensed, stressed, and losing touch with each 

other. The family is changing, and sad to say, not for 

the better. Sadly, many families are operating, being 

consumed, and divided by ongoing differences of 

opinion, unnecessary squabbles, and conflicts of 


Dysfunctional and abusive homes with little or no 

relational connection where there is a lack of 

communication, little or no quality time together, 

no respect for one another, no boundaries, 

emotional and physical scars, a lack of nurturing 

or encouragement,

left to themselves... 

can produce dysfunctional children who in turn

 pollute our society.

Our children will never live right...

if we do not lead right.

As a family, we should have core values that

 we live by. We should lovingly teach our 

children to imbibe these core values.

Virtue, integrity, initiative, respect, and love

 are examples of what we should pour into

our children and in any society. 

Emotions like love for God, unspeakable joy,

 peace, care, kindness, and other positive, 

God-like qualities 

are what we should be passing on to our 


It was God’s intention for these positive attributes

 to be nurtured and maintained through the 

relationships and interconnectedness of the 

human family.

God designed into human beings a need and

 desire for positive, loving relationships.


Some family members are 

spirituallstarving to death.

Without family, that successful 

entrepreneur may become that inmate.

That genius may become a dope dealer.

That great scientist, aircraft mechanic, architect, 

teacher, preacher, CEO, chef, conductor, officer, 

consultant, financial advisor, manager, lawyer, 

editor, paramedic, developer, college grad, intern,

 producer, nurse, writer, actor, accountant, mom, 

dad, student or florist, could become that homeless

 person searching for crumbs to eat.

One can suffer untold damage 

without family interconnections.

Unfortunately, for some, the very people they look to for 

love and affection are the ones who have wounded them

 most. Sometimes the ones who are quick to wound us are

members of our own family.

Some family members can be super-critical, quick to find 

problems, and/or faults, they tell cutting jokes that are put 

downs (at another family member's expense) leaving deep 

and painful wounds which can last a lifetime. 

Many family members have watched their parents,

children, siblings, and spouses go to the graves 


"We never really talked,"

or "I never really knew him/her."

Far too many families know what the other does, 

but they do not know each other. Too many are 

searching for significance through mundane 

activities; yet, in the midst of it all...

they have lost the significance 

of what they were designed to be...

a member of the highest institution

 in the entire universe...

When the families' foundation

 crumbles, eventually nations will.

Today, in our easy going, accommodating society, we're

 faced with tremendous family issues. Many families are 

confused and scattered. Many children don't experience 

healthy parent, child relationships. Unfortunately, many 

parents don't feel the need to be committed parents.

There is an overflow of teen rebellion, child abuse,

spousal violence, alcoholism, and other devastating 

problems which are robbing families of their happiness.

What should be that safe haven of security 

for every man, woman, and child has become

 or has been more of a living hell.

Our families need to feel safe, no matter how

trouble-filled the outside world may be. 

They need to know that if they get sick, 

family has their back and will care for them. 

They need to know if they have problems with peer

 pressure, school, or work they can 

go to family and get sage, godly advice 

and support.

A strong family is one that sustains its 

members. A strong family supports and 

nourishes the members throughout the span 

of that family. A strong family unit creates 

and cultivates a safe, positive, and a 

supportive place for all members to not 

only survive, but thrive!

Strong families create environments 

that allow children to not only hear God's Word, 

but also to put God's Word into practice. 

A strong family will utilize their resources and 

live together in a fairly healthy manner. A 

strong family sincerely seeks God every day, 

asking God to reveal His plan for them.

The adults in a strong family understand

 the importance of setting the tone for a 

peaceful and loving environment. 

They understand the importance of being 

good role models and leading by positively 

good examples.

Good families inscribe: 

good morals, values, spirituality, love, 

self-respect, acceptance of others, placing 

a high value on life, mercy, justice, peace, and

 dignity on the hearts and minds of their members. 

High self-esteem and respect comes from positively 

good family environments and experiences. 

In order for our society to eliminate crime, violence,

 and other societal ills...each household must cultivate

 environments for our children's faith, in God, to grow. 

These special qualities and concepts are learned best

 within the structure of a strong family. 

We must come to realize that a strong identity 

in Christ will guide all of our choices in ways 

that we as parents, in our own strength, simply 


May we help our children fall in love with 

Jesus and teach our children how to cultivate a

love relationship with God as we cultivate our 

own. May we live our lives authentically in front 

of our family members so that they become 

eyewitnesses to our own transformation. Most

 importantly, we must pray that God's Spirit 

will transform our children into His likeness.


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