Sometimes we are caught off guard by unexpected

 circumstances. We must not allow anything to disrupt, 

paralyze or stop us from becoming the person God 

designed us to be.

Fear is a manipulative emotion that can 

bamboozle us into living an unfulfilled life. 

The enemy uses fear as 

God uses faith.

Fear can be real or imagined and can have very

 shady effects on our lives. The imagined kind 

of fear has spiritual roots. Not having peace and 

joy are spiritual issues.


Isaiah 43:1 reminds us,“Don't fear, for I have

 redeemed you; I have called you by name; 

you are Mine.” 

God actually commands us not to fear, or worry. 

The phrase “Fear not” is used at least 80 times in

God's Word, most likely because God knows the 

enemy uses fear to decrease our faith, crush our 

spirit, steal our joy, and limit our victories.

It is very difficult to feel truly thankful and

discontent, cooperatively. Something tremendously 

powerful occurs when we give thanks, particularly,

when we are going through hard times and feel

 bound by fear. 

Paul suggests that we give thanks for what

 God has done, what God has given us, praise 

God for meeting our needs, and trust 

God's timing.

Many people do not realize the importance of 

having a sound mind and a grateful attitude, even 

under dire circumstances. In far too many instances,

 we may be allowing Satan, the instigator of fear, to

 infiltrate and launch an all-out-attack on the valuable

 real estate of our minds. His plan of attack is aimed 

at our minds.

 Fear is a thief, an adversary. Satan is the thief, our 

adversary and the father of lies. The thief comes 

only to steal, kill, and destroy. Satan's job is to keep

 us fearful, confused, and immobilized. If allowed, 

fear, Satan, will blind the mind and totally sabotage 

us of our joy and peace. 


Because fear focuses our hearts and minds on 

what is wrong or missing. Satan does not want 

us to have joy or peace. Satan wants us to be

 confused, unappreciative, doubtful, fearful and 

looking to the world for all the wrong answers.

“Set your minds on things that are above, 

not on things that are on earth.” 

Colossians 3:2

For God gave us a spirit not of fear, but of 

power and love and self-control. 

2 Timothy 1:7

The adversary is a liar and the truth is not in him!

To set one’s mind on something is to choose to think 

about it. Our thoughts influence our goals and guide 

our course of action. Let us no longer take cues from 

the world around us. We must, spiritually, put to death

the old self and whatever belongs to our earthly sin 

nature. We are not there, anymore.

Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary,

 the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, 

seeking someone to devour.

1 Peter 5:8

Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be

 able to stand against the schemes of the devil. 

Ephesians 6:11

We must remind ourselves about “capturing and pulling 

down” any lies and make sure our thought life,

 especially where it concerns any bondage we might 

be in, lines up with the Word of God. 

Spending time honestly admitting our fears to

 God and asking God to lead us and guide us 

tends to foster an incomprehensible peace, 

confidence, and joy.

As the Scriptures remind us, we have to resist the 

fear that comes from the demonic spiritual realm. 

"Resist the devil, and he will flee from you."

James 4:7

May we thank God for these and the many other

 blessings of life. Perhaps most importantly, give

 thanks for what God will do in coming days, 

confident that He will work all things together 

for our ultimate good.

The more time we spend with God, the more awesome, 

impressively mighty and powerful God proves to be

The more magnificent God proves to be... the more 

insignificant our difficulties become.

God is faithful. No matter what lies ahead, God 

wants us to know that our lives are so much more 

than the fear we may be experiencing. God is able

 to change our circumstances. With God in the 

forefront of all of our affairs, we can conquer our 

fears and become fearless.

With God in the forefront, we are able to let go 

of self-doubt as well as fear of failure. After that,

we can outgrow any painful self-limitations. 

Almost every book in the Bible 

has a “Fear not” in it.😇

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