It's safe to say that Jesus was not well accepted 

by the people in His hometown. In essence, they

 denied Him! And just as He was rejected, so too, 

are we at times.

Jesus did not hesitate to inform His followers

 of the difficulties they would face. In fact, 

He told them the world would hate them 

(John 15:18-21; see also Matthew 10:22-23 

and 2 Corinthians 2:15-16). 

Nevertheless, when Jesus’ followers 

were facing their darkest hour, Jesus said 

to them, as He does to us in ours: 

“In the world you have

 tribulation. " 

Jesus' gloomy prognostication was 

coupled with joy; 

"But be of good cheer, 

I have overcome the world”.

John 16:33

God started this, and 

God will finish it.

Even in the midst of the storm, God remains

 in command, orchestrating all events for

 our benefit.

A large number of Believers are put to the

 test. We believe that individuals who have

passed through the crucible of testing and

 struggle have experienced some of the 

richest, fullest, and most prolific lives. 

Just as friction, resistance, and pressure 

are needed to polish a diamond, so are 

trials and tribulations for mankind. 

We need the friction challenge in our lives 

to evolve as individuals and as a society. 

When there is no pressure/friction, we 

stagnate; we don't ask why things are the 

way they are. And we can only obtain

 answers when we question our 


Friction moves mountains, builds fires, and 

gives us heat. Without being challenged, we 

become docile, apathetic, and without 

anything to react to, to name a few. We 

would be inactive, lifeless, unconcerned,

insensitive, indifferent, complacent, 

half-hearted, lethargic, unresponsive,

 and/or slow. 

Friction has the ability to both create

 and destroy. It is dependent on how 

it is used.

There's nothing exceptional about a stone

 when it's unearthed... it's still in the rough. 

It resembles any other stone you would come

 upon. It is necessary to refine the stone in 

order to bring out its true beauty.

“Behold, I have refined thee, but not with silver; 

I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction”. 

Isaiah 48:10

The trials and tribulations God allows in our lives 

are part of the working together of all things for good. 

Therefore, for the Believer, all trials and tribulations 

must have a Divine purpose. As in all things, God's 

ultimate purpose for us is to grow more and more into

 the image of His Son.

Romans 8:29

Everything that comes from God is attributable

 to God's grace. Our ability and strength comes

from the One Who can do anything. 

God, indeed, is the Giver 

of all good and perfect things.

We think that through enduring our burdens 

in life and passing through the classrooms of 

affliction, we are witnessing and learning

 profound and purposeful life lessons that will 

not only benefit ourselves, but will also enter 

the hearts of others.

We pray that as we continue to experience 

hardships and suffering, we will not ignore 

or miss the larger treasures hidden in our 


We are convinced that God uses even the 

most agonizing wounds and tumultuous storms

 for our good, and any circumstance that might

 bring us closer to God... is our greatest 

blessing and inspiration.

Our interests and paths have evolved and shifted

over the years. It's amazing what God can inspire

us to do when we allow God to move in and 

through us.

With God as our Guide, we can explore new 

territory and break new ground. Nothing will 

be able to crush us as long as God is in the

 forefront and at the center of our affairs and 

we are under God's protection. Whatever it 

is, we shall overcome it.

God does not promise us a life of joy. 

Instead, God promises us a life of 

satisfaction in all situations.

We understand that being a Believer

 does not exempt us from facing life's

 harsh challenges, hardships, valleys, 

conflicts, storms, or adversities.

Trials, hardships, and adversities, we 

believe, encourage us to strengthen our 

bodily and spiritual endurance, and 

above all, to experience God's power.

There are no coincidences in life; 

God has a solid plan for allowing

 and arranging our experiences. 

Contrary to common belief, the 

crucible of testing may cause us to 

cry out to God, to rely more on God, 

and to ponder, not what is our purpose, 

but what is God's purpose for our lives.

However vital our choices seem, and

 however passionately our ambitions burn, 

God determines our calling. 

We believe, God purposely and uniquely 

created each of us to reflect specifically 

and uniquely His character and majesty 

in a way that no one else could.

While we are in spiritual training, God 

can guide and prompt us to rethink our 

priorities; they can mold us, point out 

our deficiencies, correct us, get us 

spiritually stronger and wiser, refocus 

us, reveal and unmask those who wish 

to get or give.

Challenging times can become a vehicle

 through which God can work  to 

accomplish His will in our lives. It is not 

to rob us of our peace. It is not God's

intention to knock us down, but to 

raise us to a higher level of Spiritual 


In many cases... we may more readily 

discern, push through and embrace 

God's purposes when we are faced with

those difficult, "back up against the wall," 


Scripture reminds us, "When our faith is 

tested our endurance has a chance to grow."

We believe, the trials and tribulations God allows 

in our lives... are part of "Working all things 

together for good." "God's strength is made 

perfect in our weakness."

"We are God's workmanship,"

created in Christ Jesus for good works,

which God prepared beforehand, that we 

should walk in them."

Ephesians 2:10 

God always has our best interests at heart.

If we do not become weary in doing good, if 

we faithfully persevere and patiently endure 

testing... our seasons of trials and tribulations 

can reveal Whom and what we love most, and

we can function the way we were intended to 

function; as thinking, reasoning, living beings

pursuing life for the glory of God and doing

the good things God calls us to do... for the

good of the world, and for the sake of 

God's glory.

Going through God's seminary of hardship

 yields precious outcomes. God is good, and

 everything He does is good, as we can see.

Regardless of how much pain God 

providentially ordains... we must remember

 that God has a Kingdom view, a Master

 plan and a Divine purpose for arranging

or allowing hardship. 

God has assigned and created everyone 

of us with a certain purpose... to conduct 

good deeds. God began the good work 

in us and will continue to work in... and 

through us, gradually developing us and

 completing the transformational process 

He began in us.

God will not leave us where we are. 

God will not abandon us in our current 

situation. God will keep molding us 

until His work within us is finished. 

Trials and tribulations may cause 

discomfort, but they are not an end in

 themselves. Trials and tribulations


leave the essence of what we really 

are and clarifies what we were called

 to do and be.

We learn to see God's good intentions

 and rejoice in His plan.

God calls us to be faithful, and to cling 

to His promises.


“But those who wait for the LORD shall

 renew their strength; they shall mount up with 

wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary;

 they shall walk, and not faint.” 

Isaiah 40:31

Storms will occasionally arrive to usher in 

the new season. If we are doing our part, 

being patient, and remaining committed 

to the vision God has given us... God will 

continue to work, often behind the scenes, 

to restore what was broken and bring us 

out better... far better, stronger, and wiser

than we were before.

God hasn’t brought us this far to let the 

accuser throw us under the bus! 

God is the only One Who knows what 

is best for us.

"He Who began a good work, 

will be faithful to complete it!"

 Philippians 1:6

God started this, and God will finish it. 

As a result of pain, loss, grief, false accusations, 

rejections, and betrayals, that were disguised

 as acts of family, friendship, and brotherhood...

 this website was created.

We suffered through agonizing labor pains!

Another way to say it is that we experienced 

"The Judas kiss"... a betrayal... presented as a 

sign of affection. 

The expression references to the biblical 

story of Judas, who betrayed Jesus by 

kissing Him in order to identify Him to 

the people arresting Him.

Satan possessed Judas in hopes of using him to 

destroy Jesus’ ministry and getting Jesus out 

of the way. 

Satan used a kiss, a sign of affection, 

to unleash a surge of hatred.

Judas was one of the

original twelve disciples

 who followed and was 

taught by Jesus.

Judas betrayed Jesus to the 


The pre-arranged signal was that the person 

Judas kissed was to be arrested and taken 

away to be crucified. 

Mark 14:44

Judas used an intimate expression of love and 

respect to betray Jesus. For a student who had

great respect for his teacher, a kiss fell well 

within the healthy expression of honor. 

Judas’s actions were hypocritical. His actions

 said, “I respect and honor You,” at the exact

 time he was betraying Jesus to be crucified.

Being in Jesus’ “Inner circle,” Judas had a closer 

relationship to Jesus than most people during 

His ministry. 

When Jesus was betrayed with a Judas kiss, He 

identified with the troubles of David, who 

wrote, “If an enemy were insulting me, I could 

endure it; if a foe were rising against me, I could 

hide. But it is you, a man like myself, my 

companion, my close friend, with whom I once 

enjoyed sweet fellowship at the house of God, 

as we walked about among the worshipers” 

(Psalm 55:12–14).

Often, foes disguise 

themselves as friends.

 Evil often wears a mask to 

conceal its true purpose.

Judas was “seized with remorse” (Matthew 27:3) over 

what he had done. He threw the silver back into the 

temple and, out of guilt, went away and hanged himself.

(Matthew 27:5).

Job’s emotional pain also foreshadowed Jesus’ sorrow: 

“Those I love have turned against me” 

(Job 19:19).

We are all aware that betrayal can be devastatingly

 cutting... shattering... and piercing to our hearts

and souls, particularly when it involves someone 

we loved or cared about.

We have come to realize... there can be no deeper hurt or 

insult than when one is betrayed and wounded by the very

 ones who professed to be a true, tried, and trusted sister, 

brother, or friend.

Nothing hurts more than being disappointed and betrayed

by those we thought would never hurt us, especially...

during our weakest season of pain and loss.

It is difficult enough when one is attacked and conspired

against by the enemy, but when the fiery arrows come 

from those whom we have loved, looked up to, and 

trusted... the devastation and grief becomes magnified.

These words spoken by Jesus 

over 2,000 years ago... are 

very relevant for many 

Believers in the world, today.

Like most people, we've experienced a 

great deal of grief and loss, but we can rest 

easy knowing that our pain wasn't in vain. 

We believe God is using the grief and 

suffering to draw us all into a closer 

relationship with Himself. 

This website serves as a kind of journal of 

some of the most difficult years we have

experienced with adversity, grief, and 


This website's development was the result of a 

profound spiritual cry on March 23, 2009. We 

were experiencing a barrage of evil encounters 

with several narcissistic and abusive family 

members who were vicious, entitled, selfish, 

greedy, cunning, and morally repugnant

We were deceived, alienated, defrauded 

out of inheritances, truly heartbroken, and 

incredibly devastated

Loved ones who were dear to us and significant 

in our lives had shamelessly betrayed us, violated 

our trust, and threatened our safety by seeking to 

turn others against us. 

While we naively held them in high regard, they attempted to poison others against us 

by sowing long-lasting, devastatingly draining 

discord and division.

The series of tragedies and misunderstandings 

were unpleasant and painful, yet, we believe 

they were divinely orchestrated.

Therefore, we will boast all the more 

gladly about our weaknesses, so that

 God’s power may rest on us.

That is why we delight, by the grace of God, 

in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in 

persecutions, and in difficulties.

For when we are weak, then 

we are strong.

2 Corinthians 12:7-10 

We are aware that God has good intentions

 for us and our future. It does not, however, 

guarantee that we will never experience

 adversity. Many instances of God using 

unpleasant things that happened to one of 

His people for good may be found in the 


In order to overcome an obstacle and go 

to the next level, the evil things, the

 adversaries are occasionally deployed 

to help us get beyond the norm and 

move on to the next level.

In one well-known account, David was a 

Shepherd, and what he needed in order to 

be catapulted higher wasn't a friend, but 

an opposing force! 

David wasn't held back by Goliath; rather, 

he was advanced! 

We believe, God will treat us accordingly.

Thank You, Father and 

Creator of the universe,

 that Your work is 

independent of my 


I offer myself and my 

limited resources to do 

Your Will. I am very well 

aware that You alone 

must provide the strength

to carry out this mission, 

the resources to complete 

the assignment, and the 

time required to finish

 the tasks. Knowing that 

all Your power requires 

to operate in our world 

is a willing heart and an 

accessible vessel, I 

confess to You today 

my shortcomings and 


Please make use of me 

every day to carry 

out Your Will, not only 

today, but each day.

 I ask in the name of Jesus. 


We believe God allows us to go through trials,

tribulations, and the crucibles of life

 to refine us so that we might grow, mature, 

 build, and solidify our faith and character... 

as we learn to trust and depend on

God and God alone.

We believe suffering is not only leading us to perfection 

of character, but it is also allowing us to have a closer,

more intimate, relationship with God.

We know that God never allows any of us to go through 

more than we can handle, and we know that God will not 

allow us to be tested beyond our ability to endure the test.

We have no right to believe that God will do or allow 

anything to hurt or hinder our Spiritual growth. We don't 

believe suffering is indicative of God's disfavor, but of 

God's favor.

We believe God permits sorrow, grief, tears, and 

heartaches. We believe that life's difficulties and

troubles are not intended to impede our progress, 

but to catapult us to greater heights... allowing 

us to press past our difficulties, focus on and 

embrace the life lessons learned, and get in 

harmony with God's Will... even when we 

don't understand it.

We know God can do things far beyond our 

puny comprehension.

We believe God is able to reach 

down and touch the point of our 

greatest need.

Through our up-close and very personal knowledge

observations, experiences, and common sense...

we know God is able

to make all things right.

Joseph's brothers treated him very cruelly and sold

 him into slavery causing Joseph to experience 

chain of painful, but divinely purposed events.

God caused all things to work together for 

Joseph's good and bountifully blessed Joseph

 in the land of his afflictions.

We know that no matter how deep the pit...

God is able to divinely orchestrate the most

 painful events in our lives... into the most 

beautiful and amazing experiences we could

 ever hope for.

According to Scripture,

some of the greatest saints in the Bible

had to face severe adversity. We believe 

God’s purpose, for our lives, is sometimes 

hidden in our pain.

God's shaping, molding, 

and transformation process

 can be a very painful process at times;

however, some people have made their greatest 

strides in spiritual development and personal 

growth in the midst of their pain and suffering.

God, Our Maker, our Master 

Gardener, and Sculptor

has a way of grooming, pruning, cutting, burning, 

filing, purifying and expelling anything that is not 

of Him. God buffs, polishes, molds, shapes and 

refines our affections and desires so that as the 

good is implanted in us we can bloom, thrive, 

and totally be assured that we can rely on Him, 

the most remarkably powerful influence we 

can know.

Through the seminary of affliction, we believe, 

God grooms, prunes, molds, and shapes us

in ways we would have never known...

had we been left in the world

 floating on our worldly egos.

We believe one can learn, grow, know, and do

 better after going through the, humbling, 

seminary of affliction. 

This process of perfecting us is not a painless 

task, but it is what we need so that we might

 bloom, flourish, and reflect God in every facet 

of our lives.

We have seen, up close and very personally,

that God is able to use our trials, tests, and

 tribulations to prepare us for greater callings.  

We believe tests and trials are inevitable,

and are generally temporary, but they have a 

purpose, a Divine purpose which, eventually, 

becomes profoundly beneficial for others

 and ourselves.

We believe God is able to turn our painful 

experiences... into beautiful and powerful 


 We also believe God is able to 

turn our times of difficulty and pain 

into times of sublime expression!

We know the power of God can be 

demonstrated in our trials, tribulations,

 conflicts and adversities and God's glory

 can be shown through us.

May we use our personal trials, tribulations,

 conflicts and adversities as a springboard to 

become much better people.

We have come to realize that the overcoming

is never the overcoming of the one or ones 

who troubled us, but the overcoming of the 

weaknesses and corrections needed in our 

own nature... aroused by such a one.

We believe during times of crisis

we gain insight into certain areas of suffering

that helps us to empathize and encourage others

when others are faced with similar tests. 

As gold is proved in the fire and separated from 

impurities, and as steel is strengthened in

 the smelting furnace, so our faith can only 

be purified by perseverance under pressure,

and can only be strengthened when we learn

 to rely on God in times of crisis.

The "Fiery trials of life", as Peter refers to them

(1Peter 4:12),

also serve to refine our faith.

We believe the qualities of character and 

righteousness are forged in the furnace of 

affliction to teach us, prepare us, equip, perfect,

 and purify us for greater works.

We are God's artistry... His diamonds in the rough.

Within each person are diamond-like qualities...

waiting to be mined.

The beauty of diamonds come from the extreme 

pressure that the refining process takes it through.

The same holds true for each of us.

Just as the diamond... our beauty and worth 

comes from the extreme pressures that trials 

and tribulations bring.

We are comforted in knowing that God's Touch

still has that same ancient Power to part

our Red Sea experiences.

Scripture has reminded us...

the same ancient Power is promised to help us, today.

That same ancient Power is able to turn those dry,

 barren desert experiences, in our lives, into pools 

of water. That same ancient touch... lovingly brings 

us through the rough terrain of our wilderness 


For everything that was written in the past 

was written to teach us,

so that through the endurance taught in the 

Scriptures and the encouragement they provide

we might have hope.

Romans 15:4 

We have a deep appreciation for each dry, 

barren desert experience.

We are grateful to God that He has allowed

the low points in our lives to unfold.

Most of us can look back on our seasons of 

pain and see that we have become stronger 

because of them.

God's training and teaching time

has taught us well.

We count these lessons fashioned of

difficulties, trials, tests, wounds, healing, joy, 

and sorrow simply as the necessary rungs 

in the ladder.

We realize the lessons we've learned,

through our many trials, tests, and tribulations...

could not have been learned any other way.

We have learned from our life experiences

that God is sufficient to deliver us from any trial

 in life.

No matter how much circumstances 

may have weighed in...

we know that with God charting our course...

our scars, loss, and disappointments

are being perfected.

Through our many trials, tests, and tribulations...

we are, now, realizing and embracing

a deeper understanding of our purpose, ourselves,

and our God. 

We know that "Man proposes, but God disposes."

"What the devil meant for evil,

God intended for good."

I encourage you not to waste 

your pain. 

God will use it if you give it to Him.

We are trusting God's grace 

to move us forward.

These messages were born in prayer, 

bathed in tears and founded on the 

Word of God.

God measures not our worthiness, but makes us 

worthy by dwelling within us. 
We are here because of God's amazing grace. 

We are alive because of God’s amazing 

generosity, which we cannot buy, nor do 

we deserve. 

God's measureless love and 

amazing grace endures forever.

Many are inclined to see pain as a negative

 experience and will try to circumvent the pain 

as much as possible. Unfortunately, pain is an

 inevitable consequence of life. 

When tempest tossed troubles, disappointments 

and despair eventually befall us, we can endure

 those tests and trials through God's grace. 

Scripture is very clear about our response: 

“In every thing give thanks: for this is the Will 

of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”

I Thessalonians 5:18

Instead of despairing when we encounter trials, 

we are to glory in our weaknesses and be 

thankful... responding to trials... in the 

grace of God. In doing so, we will experience

 the power of God's Spirit. As God faithfully 

pours His grace and mercy upon us we will 

be better equipped to endure hardships and

 overcome the enemy in God's strength. Rather

 than complaining we can focus on the strengths 

we are realizing and the lessons we have learned 

and are learning.

God's goal through our trials is to strengthen

 our dependence on Him. 

God alone must become our

 Source of strength, provision,

protection, and direction.

God uses tests and trials to develop our character. 

We believe, it is important, when pain comes our 

way, to honor the experience. Scripture teaches 

us that there is always a God-given purpose 

within our suffering. The Scriptures remind us 

that God permits suffering because God has a

 purpose for suffering. God doesn't merely want 

to move us out of our suffering; the hard truth

 is... God wants to change us through our suffering. 

As painful as many of the hard knocks have been... 

we must admit, some of our most precious lessons 

learned... have been in the school of affliction. 

Many of those painful and perplexing difficulties

 were our greatest teachers. They taught us 

powerful life lessons we would not have learned

 any other way. 

While in the classroom and season of our pain

 we discovered blessings, growth, conviction,

 strength, and purpose. We became honor

 students in the school of hard knocks and

 discovered, first hand, that God, in His infinite 

wisdom, is able to use even the most painful, 

difficult, heart-breaking suffering for good.

We have come to realize through many of 

these difficult experiences... that suffering

 can teach us important lessons. If we don't 

experience storms we don't grow. Our God 

appointed afflictions can prune us, stretch us

 and help us to die to "self" and grow up


Tragedies, sorrows, interrupted plans,

mistakes, disappointments,and "Rock 

bottom" can be blessings in disguise. It is 

when we reach the bottom of ourselves and 

are stretched so thin that we feel that we have 

no more fight left... that is when God will often 

open up the windows, doors and floodgates

 and pour into our lap His most precious


"A good measure, pressed down, shaken

together and running over." 

Luke 6:38 

Sometimes we will never truly realize that 

God is all we need... until God is all we have. 

The Scriptures teach us that the bottom is

 the place where we can truly experience 

God's provision. When we put our faith and 

trust in God it helps us to be more objective 

and consequently more thankful and alert

 to the reasons why God may have allowed 

the tests and trials to happen.

Many of the hurtful situations, I have gone

 through, have increased my hunger for God. 

They have also been great groomers and

 pruners for character building. 

I am grateful to have moved through... 

and now find myself in the position to witness 

the pain and the many disappointments giving

 way to, what I believe are, God's mighty 


The knowledge, observations, and up-close

 experiences have helped me to grow in my

 spiritual walk and equipped me with extremely 

meaningful and worthwhile life lessons that 

have been very eye-opening for me and could 

very well be beneficial to others.

Those painful experiences have become my

 spiritual work and service. They are helping

 me to grow. I'm learning and have learned 

many powerful lessons from these experiences 

and it has become a passion for me to share 

what... and 

Who I know.

Some of our virtual chapters, in this website, will touch on 

many of the trials and tribulations, by the grace of God, I have 

been blessed to pass through.

These meaningful and worthwhile experiences 

have and are richly educating and enriching my

 life. They have proven to be extremely useful 

and relatable to anyone who needs to be 

encourage. They have been a reminder of what 

is important in life, Who we should put our trust 

in, and Who we can always depend on.

Our main purpose for developing this website is to 

do all we can with what we have... in the time we 

have... in the place we have been planted. 

These commentaries are not written in an effort, 

by any means, to place or present ourselves as 

the experts or as flawless individuals without 

faults or failures.

Having a heart for God 

does not equal human 


There are times when we all regrettably do

 things and speak without thinking first, make 

bad judgement calls, and behave immaturely. 

In other words, none of us are incapable of 

making mistakes or being wrong.

We realize we are flawed and far from 

perfect. We certainly do not have a shortage

 of faults. We know that we have much more 

to learn, this is why, with great intentionality... 

we humbly remain teachable spirits and usable

 channels for greater works.

We believe, our contribution to the world is an integral 

element of our journey if we are to develop our

abilities and... 

pursue God's best for our lives.

God has stirred people's hearts throughout history

 to carry out His plans and purposes for each 

generation. God can use any of us to persuade 

the aristocratic and kingly, rulers, bureaucrats, 

dignitaries, paupers, and working class to... work

 for His purposes.

God chooses anyone He desires, regardless of their 

achievements, skills, or special experiences. 

We are well aware that God does not always

 call the equipped; rather, 

 God equips the called.

God has a way of orchestrating a series of improbable

circumstances that will work together for our good. 

God understands exactly what is going on behind

enemy lines and what it will take for us to become... 

His fierce warriors. 

God takes delight in transforming what the

eyes of the world sees as useless, meaningless, 

unimportant, and inconsequential into the most 

extraordinary things!

Our claims are clearly supported 

by the Scriptures.

We believe that good objectives are moving, 

breathing assertions of who we are becoming,

 rather than immobile, inflexible, set

representations of what we once desired.

We believe that timely, genuine, and 

compassionate encouragement may 

make a significant difference in the 

lives of others. When the correct thing 

is uttered at the appropriate time, we

 feel it can be like essential life-giving

 and life-sustaining oxygen for the soul.

We have realized that, just as we 

require physical nourishment for physical 

health, we also require spiritual nourishment

 for spiritual power. The Word of God,

as "Soul nourishment," awakens the soul 

and provides the vitality and grounding we

 require to keep our lives on track.

God, the source of all comfort, soothes us

 in all our problems so that we can comfort 

others as God has comforted us.

1 Corinthians 2:14

We strongly believe in the power 

of walking with God and prioritizing

God's love and glory over our 

immediate gratification.

Our goal is not to receive applause and/or

 praise. Applause and accolades, while intended 

to flatter and feed the ego, are hollow and 


Regardless of what we can or 

cannot see, our goal is to 

humbly remain driven to... 

accomplish God's Will, 

to contribute to, build on, and

 improve the quality of life for

 others and ourselves..


☆We know that God has authority over 

all things in heaven and on earth; 

☆We know that God has a purpose and

 plan for our lives, and God's purposes for us

 are far greater to our goals. 

☆We know that God has a way of 

orchestrating a series of unexpected 

circumstances that will work together 

for our good.

☆We know that God, Who breathed 

life into us, loves us enough to plan 

for our future.

☆We are aware that God has promised 

that if we will seek Him, we shall find 

Him, as well as...

His Will for our lives.

We are taught that if we 

“Seek God first, all the other 

things shall be added unto us.”

“As we keep on asking, we will receive what we

 ask for. Let us continue to seek, and we will find.

Continue to knock, and the door 

will be opened to us. 

Everyone who asks, receives. Everyone 

who seeks, finds. And the door

 will be opened”

for anyone who knocks.

  Matthew 7:7

☆We know that God grows and builds our 

character and revives our spirit with

new insights and deeper 

revelations... during times 

of testing.

Even in the midst of it all, God offers us 

wisdom and fills us with joy. And from our 

greatest tests comes... 

our greatest testimony!

☆We believe the first step in honoring God is to

 agree with all God says, especially about Himself.

We understand that God's thoughts and ways are 

not the same as ours. We are awestruck by God's 

magnificent deeds and unfathomable kindness as 

we open our eyes to the incredible work 

God is accomplishing around us.

God's magnificent ways have brought us to awe 

at the vastness of  His goodness, greatness, 

dominion, majesty, and might... all of which

 we are completely undeserving of. 

We trust God's ways completely.

To glorify God, complete

devotion to God is required.  

“Whatever you do, work at it

 with all your heart, as if you


were working for the Lord.” 

1 Corinthians 10:31

“Do all to the glory

of God.” 

We believe, to do all to the glory of God is 

the first principle of all godly life. 

The “Glory of God” means, in every area of 

life we carry out God's Will, honor God and 

serve God in all we do. 

Every thought, word and deed 

must be aimed towards bringing 

glory to God.

When we focus on God’s Word, 

we know what is right and are able 

to do what is right.

We are endeavoring to positively and

creatively sow encouraging seeds of goodwill 

and serve as a source of Spiritual upliftment 

to assist us all in leading a less anxious, more 

fruitful, creative, and all-around improved 


Many of the crucial and difficult life lessons 

we are learning and have learned are being 

passed on to the next generation... so they 

might avoid costly mistakes and have a 

deeper and better understanding of life.

In the same way that our ancestors so 

generously passed-on pearls of wisdom to 

us... we are freely sowing seeds in order for

future generations to benefit from the vital life 

lessons we have learned, as well as glean

 from the wisdom, perspectives, and happiness 

we have acquired throughout the years.

We pray the contents of this website will serve 

as a storehouse of encouragement and a fresh

 incentive for people to obtain strength, victory, 

a spiritually richer and more fulfilling life.

May these humble offerings equip and point 

others to live a more awakened and 

self-actualized life by turning back to...

the Perfect One 

within us...

Who is Majestic, Perfectly Good, Just, Righteous, 

without Partiality, Faithful to His Promises, 

intimately aware of all of Creation and...

 "Able to do exceedingly 

abundantly above all that 

we ask or think."

May the uplifting words equip and point 

readers back to their purpose and the path

they committed to before birth.

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