God's magnificence is beyond

 comparison. God's greatness 

has no equivalentrival, or 


Then God said, 

"Let there be light," and there was light."

Every individual aspect of who God is always

so uniquely glorious that it cannot be fully 

expressed or properly understood. 

God is beyond the constraints and boundaries 

of every other phenomenon; He is the greatest 

in every way.

God’s holiness means He is distinguishable... 

completely separate. God is unique to Himself; 

He is in a category of His own.

All things come from God, pass through God, 

and return to God. To God be glory forever. 

Romans 11:33-36

God will make a way, because 

God is our Way Maker. 

God is always present. We can always rely on God. 

God is our Promise Keeper. Every truth comes from 

God. God is the Source of all Truth. 

God's justice is righteous, unwavering, unbiased

impartial, devoid of misperception, accurate, fair 

and balanced.

God is unbounded, unceasing, unchangeable,

Steadfast, and Absolute. 

God is merciful. God's mercy forgives offenses, 

pardons the unpardonable, and saves the unworthy.

God is Spirit in its purest form. God is indescribable... 

beyond words. 

God is our Shepherd. God is Merciful. God is a 

Generous Giver... always giving. God is 

Deserving of Praise. 

God is the Source of all goodness.

 God's wisdom is supreme. The guidance 

of God is pure, faultless, thorough, and meticulous. 

God is Awesome... always producing that which is


God is Holy. God is our Eternal Rock of Ages. 

God is our Strong Tower... our Fortress. 

God is where we find refuge. God is our Safe Haven. 

God is our Creator and loving Father. 

God is Peace. 

God is our Mighty Healer and Great Physician. 

God is our Comforter. God is our Teacher. 

God is Justice, and God's Law is unquestionably 

spotless, righteous, proper, perfect, beneficial, honest

equitable, and morally superior. 

God is Abundantly Sufficient and resides 

within everyone of us. 

Our Sure Foundation is God and God alone.

God Is Good

Song by Jonathan McReynolds


May your struggles keep you near the cross

And may your troubles show that you need God

And may your battles end the way they should

And may your bad days prove that God is good

And may your whole life prove that God is good

An overwhelming number of people in the 

world regularly feel empty and unfulfilled. 

Many individuals struggle to find more than 

momentary relief from the wailing of their 

souls and are too frail to face another day.

Many are discouraged to discover that the 

future will essentially replicate the past. 

They are left with voids in their existence 

because the deity/idol they worship is unable 

to fulfill their needs.

Our soul has a desire that 

only God can satisfy.

We all have a spiritual thirst for God, a 

void in our lives that only God can fill. 

The Psalmist in the Bible put it this way: 

“My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.

The problem is that people seek pleasure, 

celebrity, money, lustful entanglements, 

dependency on narcotics, and drunkenness 

instead of turning to God and allowing 

God to fill their souls. 

In an effort to find the truth and fill the

 void in their lives, some people even 

turn to bogus philosophies or faiths. 

They may believe they have discovered

 what they were seeking for, but in the

 end, they are still empty. 

Sadly, some people could nearly destroy 

their lives.

God is no respecter of persons. God is Almighty.

God is infinitely exalted above and beyond all of

creation. God is unfathomably elevated. 

All-knowing, All-wise, and All-powerful 

describe our Sovereign God. The past, present, 

and future are all known to God. God has 

complete knowledge.

God is above all, within all, and throughout

all. God is  the center of everything that 

exists. God is boundless and self-contained.

God is the center of everything...

 the Epicenter of all existence.

When life seems to be aimless and going 

nowhere and we try to figure out what this

 time of our life is supposed to be about…

 let's resolve to wait patiently… with God

at the center... not mindlessly, but with an

 understanding that the breakthrough might

 not come right away, but we won't give in

 to despair in the interim.

Let's not be fooled by people who want 

to lead us into searching for God down the

 wrong path and in the wrong places. Let's

place God at the center of our lives instead. 

Only God can fulfill our inner yearning, 

and He will do so when we turn to Him

 and, by faith, allow His transformative 

influence to permeate our hearts and lives. 

God the Creator Who spoke the universe 

into existence and made man from the 

dust of the earth is eternal. God has no

beginning and no end. God is the same

yesterday, today and forever. God is the 

Creator, Preserver and Sustainer of all things.

Acts 17:22-34

God's perfections and essence 

are limitless and completely 

beyond human comprehension.

There is no way for man to make a statement 

that encompasses everything that God is. 

Perfect knowledge is beyond 

our scope... our capacity to

 know everything is limited. 

This means that a certain 

amount of faith is necessary.

In terms of exhaustively defining God, we 

simply cannot. It is impossible to adequately 

and/or completely define God. Man is 

incapable of expressing all that God is. To

attempt to do so would constrain God; it 

would limit God, and there is no dimension 

that can impose restrictions on God

How can the finite define 

the Infinite?  

As a way of articulating Who God is, we can only 

describe or express God in light of everything we 

have come to understand about God.

Without a shadow of a doubt or hesitation, one

 thing is clear: the more we learn about God, 

the more we would like to learn about God.

We are compelled to share what 

we have observed and heard. 

Necessity is laid upon us.

"We cannot help speaking about what 

we have seen and heard."

Acts 4:20

This commentary was not produced as an attempt 

to present ourselves as experts or flawless humans 

who are free of errors and failures. We are

 undeniably aware of our shortcomings. 

We recognize that we still have much more to 

learn, which is why... we humbly remain teachable

spirits and usable channels for greater works.

We shall do everything we can to further 

God's purposes and correct our errors.

Far too many individuals nowadays devote little

 to no time at all reflecting on God's personal 

perfections. Surprisingly, some who regularly 

read the Scriptures are unaware of God's 

awe-inspiring magnificence.

Many individuals are allowing the world's chaos,

 ideological dysfunctions, and divisive issues

to dominate their lives. Some have abandoned 

God's glory in favor of profound divides and

 other things produced and altered by man's 

hardened hearts and corruptible hands.

We were created to know and revere God's 

majesty beyond all else.

In today's culture, there is a pervasive

 lack of reverence for God. Our society 

characterizes God as "Love," but we must

 keep in mind that even before the Scriptures 

revealed God's loving essence, God was 

also described as "Holy."

Everything exists because of God. "The

 heavens reveal God's magnificence." 

Psalm 19:1

"The Lord God Almighty, Who was, is, and

 is to come, is holy, holy, holy." 

Revelations 4:8

God is termed Holy more than any other 

quality in the Bible. The most common 

epithet associated with God's Name is

"Holy," and recognizing His Holiness leads 

to awe and reverence for God.

We owe God our whole existence, for God 

gave us life, breath, and vitality. Our 

Creator is God and all of creation is 

incredible, awe-inspiring, wondrous, 

and amazing to behold

God used immense strength and great 

precision and power to construct creation.

So, what existed before


People of all ages and stages have

 speculated about God's beginnings

 and how He came to be. Simply,

plainly, directly, without exception 

or doubt, God was the only entity 

that existed "Before" Creation.

Psalm 90:1-2 

It is challenging for our finite understanding

 to comprehend that God has always existed 

and will continue to exist.

God has always existed. God is separate from 

both time and the Universe. There was God

 existing in eternity. God created without a

 beginning. Not even "nothing" existed.  

There was no “before” God created. There 

was God existing in eternity.

God, You have been our dwelling 

place in all generations. 

The "Law of Cause and Effect" 

is one of nature's most powerful laws. It is 

stated that everything occurs as a result 

of something.

So, what was the catalyst 

for creation?

Only existing life has the potential to give 

birth to new life. Life can only begin from 

living things, not from spiritless, lifeless 


God does not need a cause.

God has eternal life in Himself. God has 

existed from all of eternity. Only the 

physical world has been shown to 

have cause and effect relationship.

God is eternal Spirit. God is 

the ultimate uncaused cause.

God is all-knowing and all-present. God is

 timeless and spaceless. God is over all, 

through all, and in all.

Only God could declare, "I Am," before eternity, 

before time. We know from the entire book of 

Revelation that there is only one God, the one 

and only God Who inhabited eternity before time.

According to the Scriptures, God had no beginning! 

The "First cause" had no beginning... that is, 

God was created by no one because the 

"First cause" is everlasting. Not a single thing 

caused God to exist because the

 "First cause is eternal." 

God is the ultimate uncaused 

"First Cause."

According to Scripture, before anything was 

created...beyond time and space... 

God existed in eternity.

God will never cease to exist. God is always 

existing in eternity past, present, and eternity 

future. God was, is, and will always exist from 

everlasting to everlasting. 

God has no beginning and no end. God is the 

Originator of time, something else that has no

beginning and no end. 

Psalm 90:2 says, “From forever in the past to 

forever in the future, You are God.” 

The eternity of God concerns His existence 

beyond time. 

Drawing on verses such as Psalm 90:2, 

"God has no beginning, end, or succession of 

moments in His own being, and He sees all time

 equally distinctly; yet, God sees events in time and

 acts in time."

God is uncreated and eternal in His being. 

God is timeless, eternal, self-existent, One Who 

existed in eternity. God is all existence. God has

 existed for all eternity. God always existed and 

always will exist. God is the One Who always is, 

always has been, and will forever be. God is our

"Everlasting Father," our eternal God, Whose 

existence has neither a commencement or a period

 with time. This means, God already existed prior

 to the creation of time, space, and, matter.

God is infinite, Self-existing, and without origin. 

God was never created because God is infinite 

and eternal in His nature. God is eternal, outside 

of time, from everlasting to everlasting, without 

beginning of days or end of life. 

God is timeless. 

Scripture reveals that God transcends time. 

God is above and outside the sphere of time, 

as we know it. God was before all time and 

all worlds. God's existence extends endlessly

 in the past and in the future, and God sees

 all of eternity's past and eternity's future. 

Time is actually a created entity. 

The first verse of the Bible reads: 

In the beginning God created the heavens

 and the earth” 

Genesis 1:1

God is the Creator of time.

“In the beginning . . .” is when time began!

There was no time before time was created!

Time began when God created the universe.

God created time as a limited part of His

creation for accommodating the workings 

of His purpose.

You are My witnesses,” declares the Lord,

“and My servant whom I have chosen,

so that You may know and believe Me

and understand that I am He. Before Me 

no god was formed, nor will there be one 

after Me.

Isaiah 43:10

There was no "Before" God. God existed in

eternity prior to the creation of time, space,

 and matter. God existed before the universe 

and time began. There was not a time when 

God did not exist. Before time, space, and 

matter were established, before the

universe was born... there was only God. 

"All things were made through Him, 

and without Him nothing was made 

that has been made."

John 1:3

"In the beginning, there was God." There was 

no heaven, earth, or universe. God existed

from everlasting to everlasting before creation.

Time was created with the universe by God. 

There was no time "Before" God created. God is 

timeless truth. God's creation of the universe 

was the commencement of time. “In the 

beginning...” is when time began! Before 

creation, there was God, the timeless, eternal, 

self-existent One Who existed in eternity.

There was a period, if you may call it that, when 

God, in the oneness of His nature resided entirely

alone. There was nothing but eternity before time 


God gained nothing by creating 

mankind at the time He did. 

God's free will was not constrained, obligated, 

or required to create. That He decided to do so 

was solely a sovereign act on His behalf, 

caused by nothing external to Himself and 

determined by nothing but His own will.

God is not an impersonal or random energy

 that influences the world. God is not 

some vague, pompous, pretentious 

"Man-in-the-sky" concept. Clearly, God 

created and cares for all of creation, beneath 

the earth, and in the heavens above; yet, God 

exists above and independent from them all.

John 4:24

Scripture teaches that we can have an honest

and personal understanding of God, but this does

 not imply we will ever completely comprehend 

God. God can never be fully known. God will 

always be a mystery to our finite understanding.

It is impossible for the finite to sufficiently 

or totally define God because...

God is Spirit...

Infinite Spirit!

God is the original Life Giver. 

God is the uncreated Creator of time, space, 

and matter. God is the Giver and Author of 

Life and Breath. God is the Source of all life... 

the ideal and timely Provider of all we could

possibly want or need.

God gave us life and breath, and we


owe our whole existence to Him.

We may know that there is a God because

 natural reason informs us that the universe

 we see around us could only have been created

 by a self-existing Being Who is all-knowing,

all-powerful and pure goodness. 

We can know God not just through natural

 reason, but also through supernatural revelation — 

that is, by the truths revealed to us by God 

Himself in the Scriptures. 

The more we know about God... the more we 

would like to know about God.

All scripture is beneficial for teaching, rebuking,

 correcting, and instructing in righteousness

because it was inspired by God. 

Titus 3:16

When we say God the Supreme,

 we believe God is self-existent,

the Ultimate, Eternally Holy

Presence Who exists above 

and beyond all others.

When we state that God is self-existent, we are

 referring to the fact that God is not beholden

 to anyone. God's existence is not dependent 

on anything or anyone else.

Knowing to Whom we belong 

is the most important fact in

life. Everything originates with 

God, flows through God, and 

returns to God.

In God... everything within 

creation exists.

All things are upheld by God's mighty power 

(Hebrews 1:3), yet God is upheld by Himself 


In God we live and move and have our being

Acts 17:28

Heaven's greatest Treasure is God's only begotten 

Son, and God gave His only begotten Son to us 

with profound love. 

To speak about love means to speak about God. 

God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, 

and God in them. 

I John, 4, 16

God's love is indescribable. While we 

should and must talk honestly about 

God's love, we will never be able to 

comprehend it because it is divine love, 

which is as distinct from our love as 

His being is from ours.

One of the most significant divine Names

for glorifying God is Lover of mankind.


God is incomprehensible to humans. We 

will never fully define God. We are 

unable to provide a complete picture of 

God. "God lives in an unapproachable 

light," according to the Scriptures.

God is all-knowing. God is aware of

 everything that has happened... is 

happening, and will happen in the 

future, even our most private thoughts, 

words, and acts.

When we say God is all-present, we imply 

that God is present in all places.

Where can we escape from God's spirit?

 or where can we hide from God's gaze? 

138:7 (Psalm)

God is exceedingly lovely in Himself,

 and everything good we have originates 

from God's fatherly love.

There is nothing that can compare to God. 

God is all-powerful. God has the ability to 

do anything. 

God is all-knowing, all-holy, all-merciful, 

and all-just. In all of God's ways, God is 

righteous, and God's handiwork is

 immaculate. 144:17 (Psalm)

With God, nothing will 

be impossible. 

Luke 1:37

God is our greatest 


God is unchangeable, boundless, and eternal. 

All wisdom, power, holiness, justice, and 

goodness are part of God's essence. 


Everyone, whether good or evil, is under 

God's watchful care. God's eyes are all about

us, watching over both the good and the bad. 

Proverbs 15:3 

God not only desires to watch over us, 

but He also desires to teach us and 

counsel us on what we should do.

When we say that God is endlessly perfect,

 we mean that God is flawless in every way, 

without limits. God is eternally perfect. 

The attributes of God, which are revealed

 in the Scriptures, demonstrate how 

complete God is as our benevolent God.

 God's characteristics demonstrate the 

completeness of His divine being. God's 

perfections include being everlasting, 

all-good, all-knowing, all-present, and 


When we say God is everlasting, we mean

 that God has always been, will always be, 

and will always be the same. 

God declares, "I am the Alpha and the Omega, 

the beginning and the end." 

Revelation 1:8

God's boundless loving kindness, light, truth, 

justice, and grace are evident to us. God's

 eternal holiness, righteousness, power, and 

pure goodness are all evident to us. Divine 

Providence refers to God's loving care for us.

Cast all of your worries on Him,

 for He is concerned about you. 

I Peter 5:7; I Peter 5:8; I Peter 5:9

God's divine power has granted to us all things

 that pertain to life and godliness, through the

 knowledge of God Who called us to His own

 glory and excellence, by which He has granted 

to us His precious and very great promises, so 

that through them we may escape from the 

corruption that is in the world because of 

passion, and become partakers of the divine


2 Peter 1:3-4

Knowing God, being loved

by God, and becoming more 

Christlike is the goal of our

 soul's mission. 

According to Scripture, God is personally 

involved in the comings and goings of 

mankind and genuinely loves us and is

 completely individual, personal, caring, 

powerful, and willing to help us all.  

God created love and has the ability to 

flood our hearts with His unending love.

God desires to have a relationship with us 

and freely offers us the gift of His 

everlasting love.

When we know God loves us, it becomes 

reasonable, doable, feasible, and achievable 

to obey God and trust God with the outcome

 of things.

Scripture reminds us: No, in all these things 

we are more than conquerors through Him 

Who loved us. For I am convinced that neither

 death nor life, neither angels nor demons, 

neither the present nor the future, nor any 

powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything 

else in all creation, will be able to separate us 

from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus 

our Lord.

Romans 8:37-39

"All That We Are,

We Owe"

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Our greatest quest and the most supremely rewarding

 treasure for the soul is our relationship with God.

"... God is Spirit, and all who worship God 

must do so in Spirit and in Truth."

John 4:24

Creation itself gives evidence that a Creator exists. 

Creation also demands that its Creator has 

always existed.

There is no place where God is not. 

God is the infinite Creator, Designer and Sustainer

of the universe.

God is Eternal Spirit, 


God has no beginning and will have no end.


God has no limitations. God is above and 

before all of the past, present, and future.

God is the Greatest Being conceivable and is

 not dependent on human beings. Unlike humans,

 who change from one day to the next, God is 

immutable and unchanging in His love and 

justice. This means, that even in the midst of 

life's storms, God's nature is love, and God's 

love is perfect, Holy, and unchanging.

God has all the answers.

God's wisdom is infinite and will never be 

exhausted. God is the answer to any and 

all challenges or troubles we could ever have.

When God speaks...

 it shall be done.

God is perfect in power, love,


 and holiness. 

To glorify God means to give God the

 dignity, honor, respect, praise, and worship 

due Him as the gracious gift He is to us.

Our response to God's greatness 

should be...


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