God has a divine purpose, specific

 way, will, timing and plan for each

 of our lives. 

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God is orchestrating all that is required to shape and mold

our character so that we may be well equipped 

to complete the mission He has given us.

There are times when one may be all about promoting 

themselves, and the ego convinces them... 

'It can't get much better than this'. 

Then... out of nowhere... the storms come in 

and wreak havoc to their plans.


No matter how we plan our lives, 

sometimes we may have to lay down those plans...

especially if they are contrary to God's way.

Let us always remember and never forget...

None are wise or perfect in themselves. 

God is in control.

God is the only wise 

and perfect One. 

Once we can decrease 

and allow God to increase in our lives... 

we will come to realize... 

nothing is going to be better than 

what God has planned for us.

Let us consider that we may

be exactly where we should be...

and going through exactly

what we need to go through

in order to be promoted, by God, 

to do far more 

than we would ever dare 

to ask or even dream of.

We cannot control these 

things, but God can. 

"I know the thoughts that I think towards you."

They are hidden from you.

"My way," says God, "is not yet discovered."

My purposes remain unrevealed.

None can know perfectly the mind and will of God. 

God’s Will can give us peace 

in the midst of it all.

We know there is not a person or circumstance

in the world... that can hinder us

from doing the Will of God.

A man's heart plans his way,

but God determines his steps.

Proverbs 16:9

We know that God will guide us

to our highest good.

We acknowledge that we cannot understand

or comprehend God's ways.

We acknowledge that our limited understanding

 can easily distract,

fluster, frustrate, and mislead us.

We acknowledge that when we choose to direct our lives

according to personal preference 

and what seems right in our own eyes,

we often reap disaster. 

Judges 21:25

The time we spend alone with God,

reading and immersing ourselves in 

God's Word, 

meditating on God's Word, 

and talking to God in prayer, 

is essential. 

God's guidance, wisdom, instructions, 

directions and the 

strength we need to get through it all


is readily available to each of us.

The key is wanting God’s will, 

not our own.

God knows every inch of our path.

God’s Word is our compass. 

It lets us know if we are walking in the right direction. 

As we read God's Word and listen to God...

we’ll become receptive and sensitive to His guidance.

Our own understanding was never 

intended to bleaned upon.

God’s Word tells us to follow God, 

not our own limited understanding.

We do not have complete or unlimited knowledge,

awareness, or understanding.

We do not possess the ability, as God does,

to completely comprehend all there is.

God knows all, sees all, created all, and controls all.

There is no place we can go

where God does not see our every move

and know our every thought.

God is fully aware of our sorrows and joys,

our down-sitting and uprising, and

God keeps watch over us as we come and go,

both now and forever.

Nothing in all creation is hidden from God's sight.

Everything is uncovered and laid bare

 before the eyes of Him

to whom we must give account.

Hebrews 4:13

 Only God has the capacity to know 

everything there is to know

and do all that needs to be done.

God is omnipotent and


May we align ourselves with God...

rather than expecting God to line up with us.

God's thoughts about us are honest,

earnest, fruitful, and momentous. 

God is never deceived about our actual thoughts,

desires, or motives.

Our finite minds cannot see the whole picture

and often will not understand how God is causing

 "All things to work together for good" Romans 8:28, 

but God sees the whole picture.  

 There are great and profound realities

that we will not understand.

GOD has the perfect goal, plan, 

and timing for each of us.

God understands the entire picture. 

“He has made everything beautiful 

in its time.”

God’s mysterious providences

are difficult for the human mind to comprehend.

To insist that God answer all of our questions

would be the height of pride.

Pride can lead to downfall.

It is insane to lean on our “Own understanding”

based primarily on our own perceptions and intellect.

 Whenever we base our decisions more on logic

than on allowing God to be God...

we are in danger.

It is foolish and dangerous for us to expect God

to remove all mystery and give us a full explanation of

His Ways, Will, and Timing in our lives.

As much as we want to… 

we cannot control everything in life.

Sometimes God will not allow events to unfold 

until we we have learned the spiritual lessons

 that will allow us to handle the advancement.

Everything we have gone through and will go through


and/or experience...

leaves us with a life lesson to better prepare us 

for the next step up. 

May we recognize that God is only protecting

 and preparing us for the next matter in our lives.

Everything in life has its own timing, 

season, and evolution.

With a clear conscious we know that 

God's Will is always best.

We know God truly has our best interest at heart,

and all of God’s arrangements are for our highest good.

We believe there is a glorious end

in walking in the Purpose God

designed for our lives.

May we humbly say yes to...

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