God is exceedingly and abundantly 

awe-inspiring and ever present 

within the innermost heart of all.

We believe defining God is difficult because God is, by 

nature, beyond and greater than what any of us can know 

or understand. We can never fully comprehend God's 

whole being because our limited faculties are incapable of 

defining or fathoming the greatness of God. 
God's majesty and splendor far 

exceeds anything we can comprehend. 
We believe it is impossible for the finite to adequately

 and completely define God... because Almighty God is 

Infinite Spirit... not restricted by time or space. 
The invisible essence of God is Infinitely above anything 

and everything we can attempt to discern or express. God 

is beyond our capacity to understand or explain 


We know nothing at all concerning all there is to know

about God except... what God has revealed. Therefore, we 

can only describe God by analogy and cite His attributes 

as He has revealed to us... as found in the Scriptures.

We realize the finite span of our human mind will never 

encompass the infinite nature of God; however, we pray 

that you will be blessed... by these humble offerings.

God is the ultimate being in existence. 

According to Scripture, God alone is immortal and dwells 

in unapproachable light.

The Bible says that God is the 

uncontained One. God cannot be 

contained within the universe. 

(1 Kings 8:27)
According to Scripture, before anything was created...

God existed and is eternal. God is beyond limitations. 

Nothing can contain or restrain God. God is endless, 

boundless, immeasurable, universally vast, immense, 

forever, and Omnipresent. We can never be out of the 

sight of God.

The fact that no one place can be said to contain God 

should help us to better understand that there is no one

special place of worship that gives people special access 

to God. God cannot be contained in any one place.

God is both transcendent and immanent... simultaneously. 

God is perfect in power, love, and character.

God is near, so God can be known.

We believe God makes Himself known to the humble 

heart that longs to know Him.

The longing for God resides within each of our hearts.

As we, personally, encounter God's tender, personal,

and incomprehensible way, as a totally loving Father,

we come to realize voids being filled with all the love we 

could ever need.

The Bible contains around 170 instances where God is 

referred to as the Father. Fathers are traditionally the 

protectors of the family, and historically the bread-

winners. God is proclaiming Himself as our Protector and 


God is Spirit. However, it is clear in the Bible that God 

chose masculine pronouns and responsibilities to reveal 

Himself to us. By using the male titles, God made it easier 

for us to understand Him.

According to our research, the term "Man" is used to refer 

to the whole of humankind... both men and women. Men 

and women are only patterned after the image of God-not 

identical replicas. This fact does not require God to have a 

body like a man or a woman. Being made in the image of 

God has nothing to do with physical characteristics.

God is never described with sexual characteristics in the 

Scriptures, but He does consistently describe Himself in 

the masculine gender. This is in no way meant to 

minimize women.

While God contains all the qualities of both male and 

female genders, He has chosen to present Himself with an 

emphasis on masculine qualities of fatherhood, protection, 

direction, strength, etc. Metaphors used to describe Him in 

the Bible include: King, Father, Judge, Husband, Master, 

and the God and Father of our Lord and Savior, Jesus 


C. S. Lewis, has suggested that gender is far deeper than 

our human distinctions reveal. He suggests that God is so 

masculine that we all are feminine in relation to Him.

Even though the term "Him" is frequently used when 

speaking about or referring to God... God is Spirit. God is 

also a living, personal being Whom we can know 

personally and walk in personal fellowship with. 

We must have Spiritual eyes to "See" God, yet we 

as human beings have difficulty attempting to fit an 

infinite concept into our finite minds.

God, the invisible, was made known to mankind through  

Jesus. Although Jesus is fully man... He is eternal, 

omnipotent, and all-knowing. He is God robed in flesh 

and blood. He has the same essence as God and existed 

with God, the Father, from the very beginning. 

Jesus was exactly like God in nature. God's attitude is best 

reflected in the teaching and behavior of Jesus. Although 

God remained invisible entirely... God the Son came 

to earth in human form (John 1:1). Jesus, the Son, is 

the visible representation of the invisible Father. 

Jesus, Who took up the human condition from His 

conception is God Who took on human flesh. God came 

as man in the person of Jesus Christ. He was 100% 

humanity and 100% deity. 

Jesus is unique as Emmanuel, “God with us” 

(Matthew 1:23). 

God is completely good and completely sovereign. God is 

supreme in power and authority. There is absolutely 

nothing that happens in the universe that is outside of 

God's influence, authority, and/or control. 

God has no limitations. God is above and before all of the 

past, present, and future.

God is Complete, The One, Divine, Mighty, Faultless, 

Majestic, Holy, Glorious in His perfections, in control, 

Awesome in glory, Sovereign, and rich in mercy.

God is Faithful, Infinite, Self-existent, Supreme, 

Righteous, Compassionate, Just, Omnipresent, 

Omnipotent, Omniscient, Transcendent, and Immanent. 

God is Master of the wind and waves. God is our 

Chain-breaker, Way-maker, and the Source of all 

Goodness. God is King, Master, Judge, Shepherd, Light, 

and Father. 

God is all powerful and totally sufficient in every aspect 

of His being and ways.

God's power over creation is absolute. God controls 

matter, energy, space, and time at will. God is all powerful

and all knowing. God has knowledge of all things that are 

possible to be known and able to accomplish any possible 

task He wills to do.

Because God is all powerful (omnipotent) and all knowing 

(omniscient), He is also able to be present at all places at 

all times (omnipresent).

God created, sustains, and governs all things.

God is truly the Source of all Love.

God's intimate care brings about

a wonderful change in us.

God’s existence is conspicuous, both through creation and 

through our conscience... which is that small subtle voice, 

an inborn feeling, a spiritual instinct which clearly and 

quickly differentiates between good and evil. It opposes 

our evil desires and intentions. It is the voice we never 

regret heeding to. The  Scriptures also calls the conscience 

the heart.

God, in His loving-kindness, gave us life. Life is a 

precious gift, but the psalmist says, God's love is better 

than the best this life can ever be.

How precious is God's loving kindness.

All things in Heaven and on earth are under God's 

authority. The perilous winds and the most

dangerous waves are calmed by God's command.

Without God… life would be absurd. Both man and the 

universe would have no meaning, no value, and no 

purpose. We would inevitably be accursed and doomed

 to decline.

We cannot imagine the power of God, and yet, God is 

ever-present and active in every aspect of creation... 

everything visible and invisible!

God sees everything we do, every breath we take and 

every step we make.

There is no place within the entire universe we could find 

ourselves where God’s presence could not be.

God rules and governs His entire creation. God governs 

all things and knows all that is. No one can turn God from 

His purposes.

According to the Scriptures:

God established light and darkness.

 Only God can take light and darkness to its home.

Only God can command the morning to appear

and cause the dawn to rise in the east.

God made daylight spread to the ends of the earth and

 robed it in brilliant colors. God set the shorelines of the 

world by perpetual decrees, so that the oceans, though 

they toss and roar, can never pass those bounds.

God created everything visible and invisible, and nothing 

was created except through God. God created, sustains, 

and upholds everything in existence. God created 

everything that is and will be.

God knew us before the time of our conception.

God knows each and every one of us intimately.

The most minutest details about each of us are known 

completely... and are on full display before God.

God has known every subtle intricacy of our entire 

existence. God even knows the number of hairs on our 

heads. God knows us better than we know ourselves.

There is nothing about us that God does not know. God's 

knowledge of us is so vast that there is nothing we can 

do or imagine that God does not already know about.

God knows all and sees all. God knows all our days... 

their beginning, their number, and their end.

God is... God of love, God of grace, and God of mercy.

God is our Supreme Judge... never wicked or unjust. The 

souls of every living thing is in the hand of God. Isn't it 

amazing how God can be so immense; yet, be so 


Think about it...

God pervades and sustains the universe; yet, He has 

intimate knowledge of our soul, emotions, and thoughts.

God has provided us with a fuller understanding of His 

character through His God-breathed revelation to us...

His Word. God has a way of revealing Himself also 

through nature. Nature has a way of telling us how great 

our God is.

"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim 

the work of His hands."

Psalm 19:1.

What God destroys cannot be rebuilt. 

If God withholds the rain the earth becomes a desert. The 

sun will not rise and the stars will not shine if God 

commands it so. 

Scripture teaches that we can have an honest and personal 

knowledge of God, but this does not mean we will ever

completely figure God out.

God can never be fully known. God will always be an 

inexplicable mystery to our finite and limited 


The Scriptures are clear and certain that God is the only 

Supreme, Infinite, eternally self-aware Being, and God is 

ultimately... incomprehensible to us.

According to Scripture, God has no beginning nor will 

God cease to exist. God's greatness, power, grace, 

holiness, thoughts, ways, justice, wisdom, and God's past, 

present, and future judgments are perfect and beyond our 


Some of God's attributes include Holiness, All Mighty,

 Supreme and Infinite in power, Absolute, unlimited, 

present everywhere at the same time, and the Most High.

"Great is our Lord and mighty in power;

His understanding has no limit." Psalms 147:5

There is nothing outside the realm of God's knowledge.

All of our thoughts, words, secrets, and deeds are an open 

book before God.

God is not confined, as we are, in our knowledge and 

understanding. God is boundless. God is limitless in every 

quality He possesses. God cannot be contained by anyone 

or anything. All that God is and all that God does is 

beyond our finite knowledge.

In light of God's unfathomable greatness... those of us 

who seek to know God... should be profoundly humbled

and unafraid to explore and learn more.

In the process we will come to realize... the more we learn 

about God... the more we have to learn... and the more we 

desire to seek God.
God is our Rock, our Rescuer, our Refuge, our

Defense, our Fortress where no enemy can reach us.

God is Infinite, Incomprehensible, knowable, and 

Intimately aware of all of creation... simultaneously!

God is everywhere, is all-knowing, and is all powerful. 

God is without any limits. God is endless, vast, 

immeasurable, and universally Omnipresent.

God is our Creator and the One who created all that we 

can see. We cannot flee from God's all seeing eye nor

 experience anything that God is not aware of.

God knows all about our secret sins; yet, God is forgiving 

and will forgive us from the moment we begin a loving, 

intimate relationship with Him.

 God chose us to be sons and daughters before the 

foundation of the world. God's extreme pleasure and 

supreme delight is for us to experience, as a reality in our 

lives, His Fatherhood.

God desires for us to get to know Him... to talk, 

interact, and relate to Him. As a child of God we will 

sense, feel, taste, and hear God's overflowing, everlasting 

love for us that nothing or no one can block, stop, or take 


God is Ever Present. God is Truth. God is immutable.

God is Pure Spirit. God is Indescribable. God is our 

Shepherd. God is Forgiving. God is always Giving.

 God is Worthy. God is Awesome. God is Mighty. 

God is our Rock of Ages. God is our Strong Tower. 

God is our Hiding place. God is our Refuge. God is our 

Father and Creator. God is Peace. God is our Great 

Physician and Healer. God is our Comforter. God is our 

Master. God is our Teacher, God is Rich in Mercy. God is 

our all Sufficiency. God is dwelling within us. God is our 

sure Foundation. God is No Respecter of persons. God is 

Almighty. God is infinitely exalted above and beyond all 

creation. Our Sovereign God is All-knowing, All-wise, 

and All-powerful. God is aware of the past, present, and 

future. God's knowledge is total. God is over all, through 

all, and in all. God is the center of everything that exists. 

God is Self-contained and unbound. 

God is majestic, perfectly good, just, and righteous.

God is the Highest Authority, and sovereign over all men.


God is our Supreme strength. God is unconquerable. 

God is incapable of being overcome, subdued, or 

vanquished. God is King and Lord over all.

Before the mountains were born or You brought forth the

 earth and the world, from everlasting to everlasting You

 are God (Psalm 90:2). 
The principles of the laws of nature, the beginning of time,

 and the first existence of this world all are the result of 

God, the Creator who possesses never-ending wisdom and

 power. God was before all time and all worlds.

God gives life to everything.

God is God of all flesh, Father of mercies, and God of 

all comfort. God's pure love is within each of us. God 

gives pure love, life, breath, and spirit to everyone. All of 

creation depends on God. God is subject to nothing

and answers to no one. 

God is Omniscient and wise. 

God has complete and unlimited knowledge, awareness, 

and understanding. God is all-knowing. God has infinite

 knowledge and understanding.

God is the GREATEST!

God always does what is right and fair, and God does it 

consistently without partiality or prejudice. God is faithful 

to His promises.

God is not human, that He should lie, not a human being, 

that He should change His mind. Does He speak and then 

not act? Does He promise and not fulfill?

Numbers 23:19

God is trustworthy, dependable, and reliable. Every 

promise God makes to us can be fully counted on. We 

know that God will never leave us or fail us.

Our Father is the only true God of Scripture, and God has 

no equals. God has no contenders. God is matchless.

There is no one like God. No one can compare to God...

God never changes. 

God is not subject to anything outside of Himself. God 

and God alone is self-sufficient. God has life in Himself.

God and God alone brings out the starry host one by one.

He who is the Creator and life Giver, in His great power 

and mighty strength, created the Universe in all of its 

magnitude and creative details.

We inhabit a galaxy comprised of billions of stars, and we 

can only see a fraction of them; yet, God has given each 

one a name.

God is the Creator of time.

God was before all time and all worlds. From everlasting 

to everlasting Thou art God, our eternal God, whose 

existence has neither a commencement or a period with 


When we consider the evidence throughout the universe

it logically demands that either something or someone

 caused it. The universe could not just exist on its own.

 Creation demands that there must be Someone who has 

always existed.

God's existence extends endlessly in the past and in the 

future. God transcends time itself.

Before earth and time began, God existed.

There was not a time when God did not exist. God never 

came into being and God will never cease to exist. God is 

timeless. God has neither a beginning or end. God is 

without beginning of days, or end of life, or change of 

time. God dwells in eternity.

God, quite simply, is endless time.

God is our beginning, middle, and end.

God is the One who always is, always has been, and will 

forever be. 

 God is our "Everlasting Father"

(Isaiah 9:6).

God's character is the very personification of love.

Holy is the character of God. God is holy and pure.

Knowing Almighty God, personally, will change our lives

God's grace can make a powerful difference!

With God we can overcome adversity. With God we have

the comfort, guidance, and power of His Holy Spirit in our 

daily lives.

Those of us who know God personally... truly desire 

fellowship with God. God is our daily bread. God is not 

just a priority; 

God is and should be our Priority!

God should be the first priority to every decision and 

should hold first place in our hearts.

God has all the answers.

God's knowledge is limitless and can never be exhausted.

God is the Solution to any problems or concerns we 

could ever have.

God is completely holy—without any moral or character 

shortcomings. In fact, the Bible says that God does no 

evil; although, God is all powerful. God is unchangeable. 

In other words, God does not change any of His attributes 

or character at any time. Regardless of humanity's 

tendency to change its definition of morality, God's moral 

character does not evolve with the times, but remains 


We are not co-equal with God. 


When God speaks...

 it shall be done.

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