God provides the breath of life.

God is our Redeemer.

God saves the vulnerable and needy.

God provides for us even when we are at our

 weakest and lowest.

Even when we resist, God loves and 

comforts us.

God can cause all grace to overflow for us.

God grants us peace that exceeds all 


God satisfies not only our physical needs for 

food and clothing, but also our daily physical


Whatever our spiritual or physical situation, we 

can be confident God will provide abundantly.

God provides both the spiritual and physical

 necessities of humanity.

God delivers us from the clutches of the wicked.

When resources are scarce, God meets our needs.

God leads us over, under, and through perilous

 times and places.

God has bestowed every spiritual blessing on

 us from on high.

1:3 Ephesians

God is involved with every aspect

of our existence.

The same God who delights in the

 beauty of flowers and nourishes a

fledgling sparrow chose to populate

the planet with various types of life 


God created a wide range of life forms in His 

wisdom, as seen by animals and plants. God

 created providential beings who inhabit 

providential environments.

Consider more about the following: 

God provided desert creatures with a range of 

methods for dealing with a scarce supply of water. 

Despite the fact that God established a diverse 

range of environmental conditions, God has

 prepared all of creation so that we can exist in 

dynamic settings and have our needs supplied.

God's detailed provisions for these tiny animals, 

even the sparrows, should motivate us to appreciate 

God's providential care, suited to each of us who 

bears our Creator's image distinctively.

God is capable of performing any action at any

 moment and in any way. 

God's grace is sufficient...

more than enough.

In times of need, we are never alone.

We have constant access to our

beautiful Provider... Who performs

 incredibly amazing things! 

God's wonders are limitless.

God distinguishes between our necessities

 and our desires because He understands that 

our heart is where our treasure lies.

6:21 Matthew

God wants us to understand that this is not 

our final resting place, and that part of what 

we need is to shift our focus to eternal life 

while still living in this one.

God fully deserves our trust. Because God is 

consistent and unchanging, we can trust Him 

to provide for us every day.

In the person of Jesus, God has already

 provided the greatest sacrifice. How can 

we not trust Him in the smallest details 

when He was prepared to suffer and die 

for us?

Even when things are difficult, God is with 

us. We can find comfort and pleasure in the 

knowledge that God would never leave or 

forsake us. And we can look forward to the 

day when God fulfills His promise of eternal 

peace for all who believe in Him!

May God's blessings 

pour down upon you and yours

in His richest and choicest measure.

I sing because I’m happy, I sing because

 I’m free...

His eye is on the sparrow, and I 

know He watches me.

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