Cultivating a grateful heart honors

 God and strengthens our faith.

To God be the glory for every abundant and 

unending blessing lavished upon us. Trust... 

there are always reasons to be appreciative.

We can be rich with God's blessing... even if 

we are poor. Every breath, every moment, and 

every experience is a priceless gift from God.

To God be the glory for every abundant and 

unending blessing lavished upon us. Trust... 

there are always reasons to be appreciative. 

We are instructed to offer thankfulness

 in everything... since... everything is 

working for our good!

God continuously showers us with reasons to 

be thankful... in good measure... pressed down, 

shaken together, and running over!  The more

 we recognize the countless reasons to be 

thankful, the more grateful we become.

May we enjoy all that God has given us, such

 as breathing in fresh air. God gives us every

 breath we take. Every breath is an undeserved 

miracle... a gift from God. 

We should be grateful for the ability to talk, 

hear, do, and be. Our life, our breath, and 

everything visible and unseen... are all 

miraculous gifts from God.

Gratitude is the acknowledgment and appreciation 

of what is good in our lives. That inner warmth 

is what radiates and makes the heart rejoice. It 

gives our existence meaning.

A grateful existence is essential. 

Gratefulness gives us a viewpoint from which

 we may observe life without becoming 

overwhelmed by worldly circumstances.

It allows us to view a world much 

larger than ourselves.

We have not earned nor deserve anything 

that God has bestowed us; nonetheless, the 

Giver of all good and perfect 


just keeps on giving.

Gratitude is a beautiful quality 

that individuals can successfully

cultivate further.

We may cultivate gratitude by recognizing and

 appreciating the things we already have in our lives.

Cultivating appreciation allows us to experience 

greater spiritual and emotional well-being.

Gratitude is a lovely characteristic 

that individuals may grow further.

May we intentionally recognize and cultivate 

the positive aspects of our lives... rather than 

taking them for granted.

Gratitude is both a temporary sentiment and 

a human attribute.

Making a conscious effort to 

count our blessings has a 

profound effect on our lives.

Gratitude liberates us from 

poisonous mental states.

Grateful individuals tend to be happier and 

have greater self-esteem because they are not

 harboring harmful feelings and are not shackled 

by envy and violence.

We can be thankful for the food on our tables, 

the shelter over our heads, and the numerous 

times God protected us from making bad 

decisions in lives.

Gratitude is an expression of appreciation. 

It is a natural emotion that arises spontaneously

 from within. It is recognizing and embracing 

the added value of favorable life experiences 

that we did not work for or request.

Gratitude begins with seeing something as 

simple as a spring shower and watching the

 rain clean everything. Being aware of our 

heightened sensitivity to kindness, tenderness,

 and decency in life is humbling. 

Thankfulness fosters humility.

Gratitude permits us to experience more 

authentic and enjoyable sentiments. We can

 enjoy the modest yet magnificent moments 

that are happening in our lives more fully. 

Gratitude is an appreciation of something that

 might not be monetary in nature.

The expression of thankfulness is critical to the 

growth and survival of humanity. Practicing 

gratitude is a wonderful approach for improving

 and enhancing our own lives as well as the lives 

of others around us.

Sometimes, individuals who have plenty, may

 take generosity and compassion for granted. 

Being grateful is when  individuals have little; 

yet, they recognize and appreciate God's hand

 in their lives, 

Being grateful entails appreciating what we 

have and not taking our blessings for granted.

The inner representation of thankfulness 

and gratefulness is bringing meaning to 

our existence by understanding life as 

something given, a good deed or an act 

of kindness.

Gratitude is an unscripted emotion that 

emerges from within. It's like the bond 

that perpetually keeps society and 

relationships together.

There is graciousness and compassion for others...  

where there is a grateful heart.  There seems to be

pretentiousness, self-entitlement, conceit, and 

haughtiness without it.

Our ability to perceive and acknowledge

 causes for thanksgiving in our lives reflects 

one's relationship and love for God.

Many people enjoy the gifts of life, shelter,

 food, and health without ever thanking God.

Without gratitude, one might become arrogant,

 conceited, and self-centered, with an 

overestimation of one's own value. People 

tend to take their blessings for granted and also

 have an entitlement mentality... not good.  They

 have a tendency to feel they have accomplished

 everything... on their own.  Entitlement and 

self-absorption are significant impediments to 


Thankfulness keeps our hearts in right 

relationship with the Giver of all blessings.

We live in thankfulness every day when we 

open our eyes and give thanks for the abounding 

beauty of our existence.

Giving thanks to God is something that should 

be done, not just on special occasions.

Everyone can and should live a daily life of 


When we live in a spirit of thankfulness, we 

may smile even in the midst of difficulty.

Thankfulness enables us to express our gratitude 

to... the Giver of all good gifts in all circumstances.

 Gratefulness keeps our hearts connected to the 

Giver of all good blessings.

Cultivating thankfulness costs nothing, 

but the rewards are tremendous!

A thankful heart full of praise lifts 

and removes mountains of concern.

The more appreciative we are... 

the more strength we gain to press on

 to new and greater heights.

Every day is a blank canvas... every instant 

of every day is a fresh opportunity to reflect, 

to live in thankfulness, and to be grateful.

Gratitude is the realization that life owes us

 nothing and that everything we have is a gift.

Every morning, we wake up to a magnificent 

gift... another day of life. Let us be grateful for 

the gift of life every day.

God has lavishly gifted us and filled each and 

every day with blessings. Every day brings us 

authentic and lovely moments to savor and cherish.

The more we focus on our blessings and the 

countless things for which we are thankful, the

 less fear, negativity, and worry we will harbor.

People who express gratitude count their 

blessings rather than their problems and 


People have occasionally taken God's grace

 and mercy for granted. Many people walk 

outdoors and see God's mark all over the 

universe and assume it is theirs... 

no big thing.

Many blessings, which we all have every day, 

are sometimes forgotten or taken for granted.

It is extremely beneficial and invigorating to 

spend a few quiet minutes to count our blessings... 

to acknowledge the many things for which we 

are grateful. This also allows us to recognize 

and appreciate God's majesty as displayed 

through His amazing creation.

Counting our Blessings... 



We believe God desires for us to learn to be

 thankful... and it is in our best interests to be 


Every good and perfect gift is from God. 

James 1:17

It's interesting how quickly our moods, 

health, and outlooks change when we have 

grateful heart.

When hardship comes, or if it never occurs, 

let us remember everything that we have to 

be thankful for.

Who, but the Creator gives to all men life and

breath and everything else? 

Acts 17:25

Many studies over the last decade have 

indicated that persons who deliberately 

count their blessings are happier and 

less sad.

Resilience is generated by the practice of 

kindness, graciousness, and thankfulness. 

It may contribute to our capacity to sleep 

soundly at night and our lifespan. Simply 

being aware of all of our blessings provides 

us the power to weather any storm.

May we spend a few moments every day 

to carefully notice our benefits and give God

the praise and honor that only God deserves.

A thankful heart may become one of the most 

powerful ways to improve our lives. Gratitude 

may help us see a plethora of blessings. It can

 help us appreciate our lives more!

Life can be challenging at times.

We may feel as if we don't have much, 

yet there are countless others out there who 

would gladly switch places with us.

Let us build a thankful heart whether 

confronted with tangible or intangible and/or 

negative, unproductive situations in life.

God's blessings include protection from hurt,

 harm, and danger. God has blessed us with

good health and well-being. God has blessed 

us with liberty. The capacity to see, hear, move,

 communicate, think, and imagine comes directly 

from God's hand. Our ability for love is a 

magnificent gift from God.

Our lives are blessed exceedingly, abundantly,

 and beyond anything that we can ask or 

conceive, by God.

God's hand has blessed us with life.

An attitude of thankfulness helps us in seeing

what is harmonious and beneficial. We may 

overcome negative thinking and discover 

benefits and tranquility in every situation by 

cultivating a thankful heart.

Gratitude elevates a meal to a feast!

Gratitude transforms emptiness into fullness,

displacement into welcoming, dismissal into

 implementation, and opens the floodgates for 

blessings to overflow.

Practicing gratitude and being thankful are two 

critical components of living a better and healthier 

life. Even in our darkest moments, we all have the

potential and opportunity to cultivate thankfulness.

Gratefulness transforms what we have into 

enough. Choosing a thankful heart allows us to 

identify blessings even in the midst of adversity. 

Gratitude comes with many benefits, tranquility, 

and forgiveness.

Giving thanks to God for everything in our lives 

on a daily basis... makes us recognize that nothing

 in our lives should be taken for granted or seen as

 anything other than extraordinary.

God has lavished us with benefits that we do not 

deserve. The humble appreciative heart understands

 that the world owes them nothing. They recognize 

that whatever they have is better than what they 


There are so many lovely things to be grateful 

for everywhere we turn, and as we practice being 

grateful, we will notice our cups filling up and 

running over with more and more blessings.

Humility is one of the fundamental characteristics 

of a thankful person. Gratitude is the outpouring 

of a truly humble heart. A thankful heart humbles 

us and allows us to see how far we've come and 

how privileged we are. In thankfulness, humility 


God is the Source of all good gifts.

All good gifts come from God, and

Only God deserves to be praised.

The Bible is replete with directives to... 

offer gratitude to God.

"Praise God!" Give thanks to God, 

because God is good; His mercy endures 


Psalm 106:1;

Give thanks to the LORD, because God 

is good; His kindness endures forever.

Psalm 107:1;

Give thanks to the LORD, because God is good,

 and His compassion endures forever.

Psalm 118:1;

Give thanks in all circumstances, for this 

is the Will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

Thessalonians 5:18

The large percentage of passages go on to 

offer reasons why we should be thankful to 

God, such as 

"His love endures forever."

Psalm 136:3

"The God is excellent."

Psalm 118:29

"God's mercy is everlasting."

Psalm 100:5

Thanksgiving and praise go hand in hand!

We cannot fully praise and glorify God...

 unless we are also thankful.

The 100th Psalm is one of the most

 beautiful Psalms of Thanksgiving.

Cultivating gratitude is one of the most beautiful 

and spiritually satisfying journeys we can embark

on in life.

The dominant theme of Israel's life in the 

desert appeared to be murmuring and 


In Exodus 16, Israel begins to complain 

and grumble against Moses and Aaron over

 a shortage of food, while they were actually 

complaining and whining to God. 

Exodus 16:8 makes this argument 

extremely clear:

"You will know it was the Lord when He 

provides you meat to eat in the evening and 

all the bread you desire in the morning because

 He has heard your grievance against Him."

 Who are we? 

Why are we becoming impatient, 

disgruntled, and even insulting to God? 

You are complaining about God, not about us."

We've all moaned, sighed, whined, complained,

 mumbled, murmured, held pity parties, been 

victimized, or played the victim at some point 

in our lives, especially during times of crisis.

Grumbling is a way of expressing one's 

disapproval with persons or situations one 

finds oneself in; nevertheless, if the truth

 be told, mumbling ultimately shows our

 disagreement with God's direction for our 


People's hearts might become clouded and 

distorted when they complain, grumble, 

regurgitate rumors, twist lies, and make 

unfounded assumptions.

God is not deceived when we complain about 

others. This is shown in God's reaction to

 the Israelites' complaints against Moses 

and Aaron in Numbers 14: "'How long will 

these people regard Me with contempt?' 

replied the Lord to Moses."

'How long will they refuse to believe in Me, 

despite all the amazing signs I've done 

among them?'

All grumbling is an insult to God. It is

 resentful of God, suggesting that God has 

failed to make people happy.

The Israelites were slaves to Pharaoh and

 the Egyptians while in Egypt. When they

 grumbled, Pharaoh made their situation worse.

 They cried out to God, who had delivered 

them. He delivered them from brutal, 

oppressive, and crushing servitude and led 

them to a land flowing with milk and honey.

In accordance with His promise to Abraham,

 the Lord came to their rescue, redeeming 

them to worship and follow Him only as

 their God and King. So God promised them 

in Exodus 15:26, "If you diligently listen to 

the word of the Lord your God and do what 

is right in His eyes, if you pay close attention

 to His instructions and keep all His decrees, 

I will not bring on you any of the afflictions 

inflicted on the Egyptians, because I am the 

Lord, Who heals and restores you."

 Jesus refused to speak or acquiesce to the 

adversary. "Thy Will be done," Jesus 

prayed instead. This is an important detail

 that each of us should be conscious of.