Gratitude is the recognition, 

affirmation and expression of

 appreciation, spontaneously 

generated from within, for what we 

have. It is anecessary part of any

 joyful, healthy and happy existence.

So often, many take God's grace and mercy for granted.

Many walk outside and see the mark of God all over this 

world and take for granted that it is theirs... no big deal. 

Many blessings are too often taken for granted. May 

we take a few moments, daily, to consciously 

acknowledge our blessings and give God the thanks and

 praise that God and God alone deserves.

God has showered us with blessings 

upon blessings that we don't deserve.

Murmuring and complaining seemed to have been the 

dominant theme of Israel’s life in the wilderness.

 In Exodus 16, we find Israel began to complain and 

murmur against Moses and Aaron about the lack of food, 

which in reality they were complaining and murmuring to 

God. Moses made this point very clear in Exodus 16:8: 

“You will know that it was the Lord when He gives you 

meat to eat in the evening and all the bread you want in 

the morning because He has heard your grumbling against 

Him. Who are we? Why are we growing impatient, 

disgruntled and outright offensive towards God? You are 

not grumbling against us, but against the Lord.”

At one time or another, especially in times of crisis, we 

have all grumbled, groaned, whined, complained, 

whispered, murmured, held pity parties, been victimized 

or played the role of the victim

Murmuring is how one expresses their discontent at others

 or situations they find themselves in; although, 

ultimately, if the truth be told, murmuring expresses our 

displeasure with God's direction for our lives. 

When people grumble, murmur, sputter rumors, lies, and 

make baseless claims... their hearts can become darkened 

and twisted. 

God is not fooled when our murmuring is directed at 

others. We see this in God’s response when the Israelites 

grumbled against Moses and Aaron in Numbers 14: “The 

Lord said to Moses, ‘How long will these people treat Me 

with contempt? How long will they refuse to believe in 

Me, in spite of all the miraculous signs I have performed 

among them?'” (v. 11).

All murmuring is against God. It is treating God with 

contempt, saying that somehow God failed to make us 


While in Egypt, the people of Israel were slaves to 

Pharaoh and the Egyptians. When they complained, 

Pharaoh made their conditions even harder. Then they 

cried out to God, Who delivered them. He brought them 

out of their cruel, suppression and crushing slavery to 

lead them to a land flowing with milk and honey.

 In keeping with His covenant with Abraham, the Lord 

came to their rescue, redeeming them to worship and obey 

Him only as their God and King. So in Exodus 15:26, God 

told them, “If you listen carefully to the voice of the Lord 

your God and do what is right in His eyes, if you pay 

attention to His commands and keep all His decrees, I will 

not bring on you any of the afflictions I brought on the 

Egyptians, for I am the Lord, who heals you.” 

 Jesus refused to murmur and yield to the devil. Instead 

Jesus prayed, 

"Thy Will be done."

This is a vital point that each of us needs to be aware of. 

Being grateful is good for us.


We should deliberately 

cultivate gratitude.

The Bible commands us to be thankful (Colossians 3:15; 1 

Thessalonians 5:18). Each one of us should strive to be 

more grateful for the wonderful gifts God has give to us. 

These blessings of God grow more sweet and precious the 

more thankful we are for them.

Every breath, every moment, and every experience

 is a precious gift from God.

Sometimes we feel that we don’t have much; however, 

there are some people out there who would love to trade 

places with us. 

Life is a blessing from the hand of God.

Preservation from hurt, harm, and danger... 

are blessings from God.

Our health and well being 

are blessings from the hand of God.

Our liberty... is a blessing from God.

The ability to see, hear, walk, talk, think, and to imagine...

all comes straight from the hand of God.


Our capacity to love is a wonderful gift 

from the hand of God.

Our lives are blessed 

exceedingly abundantly,

beyond all we can ask or think, 

by God.

Cultivating gratitude 

is one of the most beautiful

and spiritually enriching journeys 

we can take in life.

Cultivating gratitude

helps us to realize a greater sense of spiritual

and emotional well-being. 

Thankfulness cultivates humility.

Cultivating a spirit of thankfulness honors God

and strengthens our faith.

Gratitude is a beautiful quality

that individuals can successfully cultivate further.

A grateful heart can become 

one of the most powerful ways

to change our lives for the better.

A thankful heart of praise

removes mountains of concerns.

It provides a perspective from which

we can view life and not become overwhelmed

by worldly circumstances.

Giving thanks to God 

is not just an occasional thing to do, 

but it is to be a way of life.

Everyone can live in thanksgiving...


Our giving becomes receiving

when we live a life filled with thankfulness.

When gratitude comes from a pure heart...

it blossoms.

May we appreciate all God has blessed us with like...

breathing in fresh air.

Every breath we take is a gift from God.

Every breath we take is an undeserved miracle...

a blessing, and a wonderful gift from God.

We should be thankful that we are able to speak,

hear, do and be.   

Our life, our breath, and all that is seen or unseen...

are gifts from God.

God is the Source of all good gifts.

It is God alone Who deserves praise.

When we praise and thank God

we come to realize a gladness of heart.

Those old burdens seem to roll away...

when we bless and thank God.

Thank You, God, for giving us the breath of life.

Thank You, for Christ Jesus.

We know that it is You

who has made our lives worth living.

Thank You, God, for all You have done,

for all You have planned,

and for all You are doing.

We know that everything we have

or will ever be...

are gifts from You.

Thankfulness allows us to be grateful,

 to the Giver of all good gifts,

in any circumstance,

and it keeps our hearts in right relationship

to the Giver of all good gifts.

When we live with a spirit of thanksgiving

we can rejoice in the midst of tribulation.

The more we focus on our blessings

and the many things we have to be thankful for...

the less fear, negativity, and anxiety we will nurse.

 When trouble comes or if it never does...

let us think about all we have to thank God for.

Who, but the Creator gives to all men life and

breath and everything else? 

(Acts 17:25)

To God be the glory for every blessing, abundantly and 

unceasingly, bestowed upon us.

When we concentrate on finding the good in every 

situation, we discover that our lives are filled with

an ocean of reasons to praise God!

The practice of giving thanks to God

 acknowledges the benevolence 

of God.

Sincere gratitude, and thanksgiving, are born of humility. 

These are the healthiest of all human emotions. People 

who give thanks count their blessings rather than listing 

their grievances and misfortunes.

Counting our Blessings... 


We believe God wants us to learn to be thankful... and it is 

in our best interest to be reminded: 

Every good and perfect gift is from God.

James 1:17 

A person can almost be defined by their attitude toward 


The evidence of greatness is demonstrated by our ability 

to see and acknowledge causes for thankfulness in our 


Being grateful is a sign of one's closeness and love of God.

Many enjoy the blessings of life, shelter, food, and good 

health and never even say 

"Thank You" to God.

How this lack of appreciation must grieve our heavenly 


Whenever we fail to give adequate gratitude for the 

blessings we have received from God... we become 


Without gratefulness, 

one can become arrogant, vain, and self-centered, with an 

excessive sense of self-importance. They tend to take 

blessings for granted and embrace an attitude of

 entitlement. They tend to believe they have achieved 

everything... on their own. 

Entitlement is at the core of narcissism. Entitlement and 

self-absorption are major impediments to gratefulness.

Thankfulness keeps our hearts in right 

relationship/alignment to 

the Giver of all good gifts...

We have not earned,

nor do we deserve all that God has given;


the Giver of all good gifts...

just keeps on giving.

Every morning we wake up...

we've been given a wonderful gift...

another day of life.

Let us be grateful each day for the gift of life.

We are richly blessed by God,

Who fills each and every day with blessings.

Each day offers us authentic and beautiful moments

to experience and embrace.

Every day is a new canvas—

each moment of every day is 

a new opportunity to reflect upon,

to live in thanksgiving,

and be grateful.

In our greatest distress...

let us praise and thank God.

Let us bless the Lord at all times...

even when trouble seems to overwhelm us.

Let us praise and thank God...

even before we cry.

Let us never ignore the countless blessings

that God freely and lovingly gives, daily.

Let us seize each day and understand that

it is God's grace and mercy

which is allowing us to see the sunrise and the sunset.

 Without God's grace and mercy we could not even exist.

 Diligently giving thanks to God 

for everything in our lives, daily,

helps us to realize that

nothing in our lives should be taken 

for granted

or looked upon as anything short of


Everywhere we look... 

there are so many beautiful things to be grateful for, 

and as we practice being grateful... 

we will notice our cup running over with 

more and more blessings.

The more grateful we are...

the more power we acquire to press on

to greater heights.

Gratitude is a mark of a noble soul 

and a refined character.

Gratitude is the recognition that life owes us nothing,

 and all the good we have is a gift.

Where there is a grateful heart, 

there is courtesy and concern for others.

Without it... there is arrogance and haughtiness.

When we open our eyes and give thanks

for the bountiful beauty of this life, 

we live in thanksgiving, daily.

The Scriptures are filled with commands 

to give thanks to 



Psalm 106:1; 107:1; 118:1

1 Chronicles 16:34; 1Thessalonians 5:18 

Most verses go on to list reasons why 

we should thank God, such as 

“His love endures forever”. 

Psalm 136:3 

“God is good”. 

Psalm 118:29

“God's mercy is everlasting”.

Psalm 100:5 

Thanksgiving and praise always 

go together!


We cannot adequately praise and worship God...

 without also being thankful.

Gratitude turns a meal into a feast!

By giving thanks continually we are reminded of 

how much we do have.

 When we focus on blessings... 

rather than wants, 

we are happier.

One of the most beautiful Psalms of 

Thanksgiving is the 100th Psalm.

 When we are grateful...

focusing on all we have to be thankful for,

it is easier to keep our problems, wants, and concerns

in the right perspective.

God is constantly giving us overflowing reasons

to be thankful...

in good measure....

pressed down, shaken together, and running over!

When we begin to realize the many causes for thankfulness

 the more grateful we begin to feel.

The more grateful we are...

the nearer we will draw to God, our Source.

In everything... 

we are asked to give thanks... 


everything is working together 

for our good!

Let us search...

until we find cause for thankfulness.

Let us go from a complaining life 

to one which cultivates

and is grounded in a spirit of Thanksgiving.


there are always causes for 


With the blessing of God

we can be rich even when we are poor.

To God be the glory for every blessing abundantly

and unceasingly bestowed upon us.

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