The death of a close or loved one is sure to leave 

one shattered and having mixed feelings or 

emotions. When this tragic event happens to 

someone close, it is bound to be accompanied

 by a great deal of intensely agonizing sorrow

 and heartbreak.

For most people who have experienced a loss, the

 immediate and direct emotions they feel, when

 that person dies, are tremendous sadness and 

paralyzing pain.

Dealing with death is a life experience that no one 

wants to face. No one knows the deep ache and/or

 numbness one can experience when they lose a 

loved one. 

A tragic loss can be one of the most difficult

experiences one will encounter during the 

course of life. The feelings of grief is the

normal and natural reaction to loss or change 

of any kind.

The overwhelming feelings and emotions that surround 

the experience is bound to be accompanied 

by a great deal of  mental suffering, intense sorrow, 

grief, regret, numbness, disbelief, and shock.

Grief is when you have the desire to place a phone call, 

then realizing, that loved one is no longer there.

We all express grief in different ways.

The range of normal grief is vast and often related 

to an individual’s circumstances.

Let us not allow the world 

to put some arbitrary time limit on our grief.

Allowance must be made 

so that our grief may be fully experienced 

and processed in its own time.

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