We are all on a journey of growth. Our development 

includes roles, chapters, and experiences.

God always has a next step for 

us to take in order to grow.

Trials and tribulations are inevitable...

they are an unavoidable part of life.

James did not say...

 “If we encounter problems consider it joy,” 


When we encounter problems 

consider it joy."

 For the most part, adversity gets our attention.

In light of what Christ did for us by providing 

redemption, the difficulties we face in life take

 on new significance. They are a means by 

which God works in our lives to accomplish His

 Will: to shape us so that we reflect the character

 of Christ.

When adversity strikes, we are forced to confront

 issues and pressures that are too large for us to 

handle. God gets our attention in this way.

Indeed, the problems we are experiencing have 

a purpose. We are not traversing the desert or 

wilderness in vain. It is during those experiences

 in the barren desert and wilderness... God is 

doing something in us, with us, and for us.

Trials teach us valuable life lessons.We may 

be unable to control our trials and tribulations,

 but we can learn from them.The Scriptures tell

us to remember that God is sovereign, even 

over our adversities.

 Ecclesiastes 7:14  

Paul admits to having a problem with pride and 

admits that God was justified in dealing with

 him to correct his issues.

Paul's honest guilty plea lightened his suffering,

allowing him to say, "Therefore I am well content

 with weaknesses, insults, sufferings, persecutions,

 and struggles for Christ's sake; for when I am weak,

 then I am strong."

Despite all of life's trials and tribulations... Paul 

accepted that such weakness in his life was 

exactly what was needed. It is what pushes Paul's 

earthly self aside, allowing Christ's strength to 

do what God has called Paul to do.

Believers must have the most faith in God in 

areas of their lives where they are weakest

God's power is never more compelling than when 

human reasoning yields no solution to the problem 

at hand. In the same seemingly counterintuitive

 way, believers who trust God are most powerful 

when they have the least amount of self-reliance. 

God can do far more than we could ever ask 

or imagine. This is what encourages us to go to 

God with great faith, knowing that God can do

 whatever God wishes... He does it... not by 

pushing us around, but by working powerfully 

and gently within us.

May we deal with adversity with Joy.

God's ultimate goal for us... is for us to become

more and more like His Son.

Romans 8:29

Whatever our circumstances are... God can 

make everything work for our good and benefit.

When we can see God's hand at work in our 

trials and tribulations, we can be empowered 

rather than impaled by them. 

We have the ability to become victorious

 rather than victims.We can find peace and joy 

in knowing that... everything works together

 for our good. 

Romans 8:28

Romans 8:28

Even in the midst of it all, God 

has the power to turn our entire 

world around.

God's power and strength are greater than anything we 

might see as an obstacle, barrier, gridlock, impediment, 

interference, or hindrance to the fulfillment of our needs 

or desires! 

We all fail, from time to time, but how do we 

react when difficulty and failure comes?

Do we become discouraged and give up, or do we 

pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and try again?

 Trying is the most important 

feature of growth.

When we fail... all we should take with us is the

experience and knowledge of what happened...

learn from it... and then move on.

God is exceedingly ingenious in how He orchestrates 

things in order for all things to work together for our

spiritual maturity.

Adversity, trials, tribulations, and suffering have 

the power to shape us more than anything else. 

Strength of character is formed through adversity. 

It is like a fertile ground for the mind, body, and 

soul. It has the potential to stimulate tremendous 

growth and bring out the very best in us.

When we face a crisis, trust... there is nothing 

God cannot do. God will certainly help, heal, 

protect, and uphold us, bringing us through 

whatever trial we face.

God permits some things to happen. Every adversity 

in our lives serves a purpose for God. Nothing happens 

in God's universe by chance, accident, or without 

God’s approval or purpose. 

God allows things to happen for a reason. 

God doesn't always prevent tragedy, but His 

grace is always sufficient to see us through it.

 The created will never fully comprehend our 

Creator's wisdom, but we must trust God's 

Will in every way.

It's virtually impossible to go through life 

without encountering pain, difficulties, 

inconveniences, rough patches, and hardships.

Trouble exposes our weaknesses 

and flaws and prompts us to rely 

on God.

Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, 

in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses 

for Christ’s sake

for when I am weak, then am I strong.”

II Corinthians 12:7–10

When those grueling, out-of-control challenges

 enter our lives, we may find ourselves perplexed

 and completely unable to comprehend why these

 things are happening. The enemy is bitter, 

angry. jealous, and malicious, and he is well-known

 for using adverse situations and conditions to attack

 and undermine our faith and conviction. He is 

constantly on the lookout for someone to devour.

 He wishes to make the believer's life miserable. He

 wants to rob us of our faith, joy, productivity, and 

peace of mind.

Satan, in actuality, does not want to see any of us 

walking in our callings, seeking, praising, or 

worshiping God. He slithers on the fast track of the

 mind, casting doubts and questions about God's 

grace and our faith.

He will even try to persuade the Believer that they

are not a true believer. The devil is a liar! His 

intention is to end our lives. 

He wants to divert our attention, hurt us, make us 

doubtful, weak, deceive us, devastate us, discourage

 us, and cause us to become anxious and angry. He

 wants Believers to miss out on everything God 

has in store for us... He is an evil monster!

The Scriptures warns us to stay alert,

awake and watchful.

God is perfectly able to carry out anything whatsoever to a 

bountiful culmination without the possibility of 

imperfection or failure. All of creation is under God's 

control, and anything under God's control... is ever out

 of reach or control.

Adversity is a call to re-evaluate our priorities, 

motivate us to have a closer walk with God, help

 us to grow to be more like Jesus, and less like 

our carnal-selves, in our daily lives.

We all carry around emotional baggage of some kind; 

baggage that can bring with it uneasiness, nervousness, 

fear, discomfort, hurt, guilt, regret, remorse, shame, 

disgust, self-doubt, anxiety, unpredictability, fragility, 

instability, insecurity, and the dreadful butterflies in 

the stomach. 

People can grow after a crisis. Many have proven 

themselves to be more powerful than the opposing 

forces. They managed to get to the other side of 

adversity. More likely than not, they discovered 

part of themselves, as well as new paths and 

purposes in life they did not know existed.

Highly challenging life crises can help us grow, 

develop wisdom, find resilience, inner strength, 

transform us in profoundly, fundamentally 

positive ways, and help us lead deeper and more 

meaningful lives.

In the face of hardship, some people may be 

vulnerable; yet mentally, physically, and 

spiritually stronger. Rather than bury themselves 

in guilt and fear they manage to grow through 

their suffering and find deeper and more 

meaningful lives. 

Adversity is the catalyst for self-discovery and new 

growth. People who have proven themselves to be

more powerful than the opposing forces and have 

managed to get to the other side of adversity, more

 likely than not, discovered a part of themselves 

they did not know existed.

God's ultimate purpose for us is to grow more

 and more into the image of His Son.

Romans 8:29

Adversity is designed to strengthen our faith. Every 

step in life prepares us for the next one. We may not 

realize it, but where we are now... is providing us 

with vital life lessons for our next adventure.

We may not be where we want to be in life, just yet. 

So, instead of becoming a slave to discomfort or

bitterness... let us try blooming where we have 

been planted.

 How we weather the storms of life shows what 

we have built our lives on.

Matthew 18:16

The rains, the winds, and the floods will come…

and there is no social scale of more godly

 and less godly. In other words... no one escapes

 the storms in life.

Through life's storms we can learn that…in our 

own strength, we lack sufficient resources and 

abilities to meet these challenges, but with God...

no matter what our trial or test may be... no 

matter how severe or destructive the storm…

there is nothing big enough to prevent God 

from accomplishing His will.

One of the most valuable results of adversity

 is that through it we receive God’s comfort, 

which we are then able to share with others 

who face similar troubles.

God tests us to bring out the best in us.

May we seek to understand

 the lessons God wants us to learn.