Hatred is unrest and madness over 

misunderstandings, suspicions, and 


Hatred or hate is a profoundly bitter, 

and intense emotional dislike directed against individuals, 

groups, entities, objects, behaviors, or ideas. 

It is often associated with feelings of animosity

disgust, and an inclination towards hostility.

More often than not...

hatred corrupts and consumes

 the vessel that harbors it.

Hatred is a poison that pollutes 

and destroys from within.

It produces bitterness that eats away

 at the hater's heart and mind.

Hatred is a useless and misplaced 

emotion that takes over the mind,

pollutes the heart, 

and robs individuals of their

peace and joy.

When nursed...

hatred is the most unhelpful, uncivil, 

divisive, vindictive, unproductive, 

and destructive of all emotions...

and says far more about the hater...

than the hated.

Hatred is malicious. 

It confuses and paralyzes life;

 it it Spiritual suicide! 

It distorts the vision and retards people

 from becoming their best and highest self.

Hatred often reflects more upon the hater

 than the hated.

How is it possible that one could hate "Others"

without knowing them at all?

Most definitions of hate focus on 

the ways in which some see 

entire groups of people as... 

"Those people." 

When people shift their fears

 and hatred to "Those people," 

they are declaring that "Those people" 

are unacceptable things... 

they have no value; no worth. 

According to some..."Those people"

do not matter to them or 

God because... 

"Those people" are less than human.

They can then "Justify" 

acts of violence and degradation


they have denied the humanityof 

"Those people."

Some are so blinded with hatred... 

that they use their inventive faculties, 

not for the good,

but for the sole purpose of 

disregarding the personhood of others

and going down into the most 

devilish parts of themselves 

in order to exclude

and mortify their victims. 

They do this as a means of 

elevating themselves...

not a good look.😔

A perverted heart spreads strife and devises

malicious, vicious, vindictive, and evil scheming... 


A perverted heart consciously considers

how to do that which is hurtful to others.

A perverted heart is full of malicious, vicious, 

and vindictive scheming.

According to the Scriptures... 

such people are an abomination

 in God's sight!

Those who perversely scheme

 against others in their hearts...

will reap a harvest of woe!

God is mindful of each person He created, equally.

As we search the Scriptures and come to understand 

our equality before God and the origins of creation...

that, in and of itself, should be enough to...

stop the madness!

According to Scripture...

We are all made in God’s image.

The Windows of the World / What the World Needs Now - Luther Vandross

Life is very brief. 

Generating hatred is a waste of precious time 

and energy.

God is the Only Solution!

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