Written:  Good  Friday,  April  22,  2011

 God came to earth as a human being in the person of 

Jesus Christ and willingly laid down His perfect life for 

sinful mankind. He assumed full responsibility for all our 

sins and took the punishment that we deserved.

Christ has not only spoken to us by  

His life, but has also spoken for us by 

His death.

God gave us life; the Spirit of life; newness of life; eternal 

life and abundant life because of the depth of His loving-

kindness and sweetest compassion.

Not one of us is beyond the reach of 

God’s saving grace 

(Isaiah 59:1).

It doesn’t matter who we are or what we have done. 

Jesus Christ came into this world to save sinners 

(1 Timothy 1:15). 

All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God

(Romans 3:23).

Jesus has existed as One with the Father since the 

beginning... before time and before anything was created. 

Jesus' life did not begin at the moment of conception.

Jesus came into the world from pre-existence. Jesus is the 

only baby born into this world who existed before His 


John 1:1; 17:5

Jesus' human birth was a unique 

experience... never replicated on any 


Jesus is God, the Son,

manifested in the flesh,

justified in the Spirit, sent by 

God, the Father, to dwell 

with man.

Immanuel - God is with us.

God is universally present in person, in understanding, 

and in power at all times.

When Joseph learned that Mary was 

pregnant, he did not know the 

supernatural circumstances

 surrounding the conception.

Matthew said that when Joseph found out that Mary was 

pregnant he, being a righteous man, did not want to 

disgrace her. Joseph planned to send her away, 

secretly; however, God intervened. An angel of God 

appeared to Joseph in a dream and told him not to be 

afraid to marry Mary,

as the Child conceived in her... was an 

act of the Spirit of God... in the womb 

of a virgin.The Child she carried

 was the Son of God.







"... the things which are impossible 

with men are possible with God."

Luke 18:27

God arranged the orbits of the

 earth and the moon so that the 

earth would come between the

 sun and the moon periodically

 and eclipse the light of the 


This same God,

 Who arranged

the orbits of the 

earth... the sun 

and the moon... 

also used Mary, 

an average 

young woman, to 

aid in the birth of 

His only begotten 


"She will bear a Son; and 

you shall call His name 


for He will save His people 

from their sins."

All of this took place to fulfill what was spoken by God

through the prophet.

The Bible prophesied hundreds of years in advance, before

 the birth of Christ, the coming of God's Son.

"God with us"

was the baby’s distinctive 


It was foretold, by Isaiah, Jesus would be born of a virgin.

The Bible teaches that God Almighty, 

the God of possibilities, was 

supernaturally conceived in the 

womb of a virgin.

Matthew 1:23

Luke's gospel relates Mary's encounter with the angel 

Gabriel, who explained that God will bring an unexpected 

addition into her family. He will be great, and will be 

called the Son of the Highest.

Then Mary said to the angel, 'How can this be, since I do 

not know a man?' And the angel answered and said to her, 

the Holy Spirit will place God's Son in your womb.

Matthew 1:35

A simple peace and composure guided the exchange

between Mary and Gabriel.

The complexity of the Universe is not a product of 

random chance. The Universe, our Galaxy, our Solar 

System, and the Earth were intelligently designed, on 

purpose, by God. 

God created everything visible and 

invisible, and nothing was created 

except through God.

Scripture teaches that God Almighty

allowed Himself to be supernaturally 

conceived in the womb of a virgin.

This is the same God of all possibilities Who put the sun,

moon, and stars in the sky. 

Think about it... this same God has the 

power to place the promised One in a 

virgin’s womb.

Let us be reminded...

a miracle is an event that would be impossible by natural 

lawbut is brought to pass by 

the supernatural power of God.

Nothing is impossible with God.

The Scriptures are clear and certain... 

God is ultimately... incomprehensible 

to us. God is able to do immeasurably 

more than we can comprehend.

God can say...


and it will be!

God is limitless in every quality He 


According to Ephesians 3:20,

God is able to do above and beyond 

anything we could ever ask, think, or 


God's promise came to earth

in an unadorned package of human innocence, without 

any ostentatious boastfulness or vanity.

Jesus was born in an obscure village, 

in Bethlehem, in a stable, to a virgin.

The promised one entered human life

while still being totally divine.

The idea of the humanity of Jesus co-existing with His 

supreme divinity is difficult for some to comprehend,

but God does not always do things the way we would do 


God is God.

Scripture teaches that we can have an honest and personal 

knowledge of God, but this does not mean we will ever 

completely figure God out. God can never be fully 

known. God will always be an inexplicable enigma to our 

finite and limited understanding.

It is impossible for the finite to sufficiently or totally 

define God because

God is Spirit... 

Infinite Spirit!

Mary is a model believer. She took God at His word. 

God's choice of Mary to carry His only begotten Son 

comes from God's grace... not from any intrinsic asset that 

Mary possessed.

Mary did not ask for or seek this role in God's plans; God 

simply stepped into Mary's life and brought her into His 


Mary's distinction was her faithfulness.

Mary should be recognized, not 

worshiped, for her model of 

faithfulness and her receptiveness to 

serve God.

We can never fully comprehend God's whole being.

Our limited faculties are incapable of defining or 

fathoming the greatness of God. God's majesty far 

exceeds anything we can comprehend.

God's greatness, power, grace, holiness, thoughts, ways,

justice, wisdom, and God's past, present, and future 

judgments are perfect and beyond our perception.

God is beyond and greater than what any of us can know 

or understand. God is Infinitely above anything and 

everything we can attempt to discern or express. 

God who is larger than the universe... created and sustains 

the whole world!

This same God... humbling Himself...

became an embryo. His nourishment 

was from a young virgin.

Jesus Christ, God the Son, was born in a manger.

The complexity of the unusual 

conception and birth of Jesus Christ, 

the Holy One of God, is one of the 

Bible's most amazing miracles.

Jesus was born in Bethlehem, as 


 “O Bethlehem Ephrathah, you are but a small Judean 

village, yet you will be the birthplace of my King Who is 

alive from everlasting ages past!”

Micah 5:2

 Jesus entered into this world in a 

lowly manner.

Jesus went from the throne of heaven... to being born in a 

stable and laying in a long open box or trough that horses 

and cattle used to eat and drink water from.

Jesus went from the presence of angels

to a humble structure filled with 


Jesus was Servant of all, and He went about doing good. 

However, when He came to visit His hometown of 

Nazareth, He was rejected by both the people in His own 

hometown and His own family members. He came to His 

own people to set up the promised kingdom of God, but 

His own people rejected Him and His hometown of 

Nazareth gave Him little or no respect.

Jesus was poor; He was despised; He was tempted; He 

was persecuted; He suffered physical pain; and He 

endured the sorrows of a prolonged and most atrocious 

death... on the cross.

Jesus faced all the same kinds of trials

 and tests we are subjected to... and 


Because Jesus had these human 

experiences... He could sympathize 

and empathize with our weaknesses, 

struggles, and temptations.

Jesus has been there and gone through it all. Jesus is fully 

aware of and sensitive to... the feelings, thoughts, and 

experiences we now have.

Jesus' humanity enabled Him to

 sympathize with our human frailties

 in ways others never could.

Jesus lived a human life, but He did not possess a sin 

nature as we do. He grew up in still another village called 

Nazareth, where He worked as a carpenter until He was 

thirty years of age. Then for three years He was a 

wandering preacher.

Jesus was tempted, but never sinned. Because Jesus did not


have a human father... He did not inherit a sin nature. He 

possessed the divine nature from God, His Heavenly 


Jesus was introduced by a messenger, 

as foretold.

( John the Baptist)
Jesus was criticized, persecuted and 

rejected as predicted.

Some people are so bound up with jealousy, envy, greed 

and self-righteousness... they can not bring themselves 

to see the truth. These people knew Jesus came from God, 

but they were so bound up with legalism and religiosity 

that their eyes were blinded to the truth that Jesus was 

God incarnate. The beautiful healings that were performed 

by Jesus Christ were twisted into something profane.

They labeled Jesus a blasphemer and sinner Who made 

Himself to be equal with God, which infuriated the 

religious leaders of the day. For this reason, they sought 

all the more to kill Jesus.

So... by Jesus' own words, He offers this proof, "The Son 

of Man is going to be delivered into the hands of men, and 

they will kill Him. And when He is killed, after three days 

He will rise." 

Not for one moment does Jesus cease

 to be righteous.

“Then I will pour out the spirit of grace and prayer on all 

the people of Jerusalem. They will look on Him they 

pierced, and mourn for Him as for an only son, and grieve 

bitterly for Him as for an oldest child who died.


Zechariah 12:10

One of the soldiers pierced Jesus' side with a spear, and 

blood and water flowed out.  

John 19:34

Jesus was pierced in His side, as 


Many did marvel at Jesus' words and 

work, and some believed.

"The enemy, this gang of evil men, circles Me like a pack 

of dogs." 

When the soldiers had crucified Jesus, they put his 

garments into four piles, one for each of them. But they 

said, “Let’s not tear up His robe,” for it was seamless.

“Let’s throw dice to see who gets it.”

This fulfilled the Scripture that says,

“They divided My clothes among them and cast lots for 

My robe." 

John 19:23-24

According to John 4:10, it is not our love for God:

it is God's love for us in sending His 

Son to be the way to take away our 


As foretold,

Jesus would suffer crucifixion.

Jesus saved man. Jesus is grace, love, compassion, 

forbearance, patience, humility, care, and tolerance. So 

much of the work Jesus did was the redemption of man. 

As for His disposition, it was one of compassion and love, 

and because He was compassionate and loving, He had to 

be nailed to the cross for man. 

Jesus endured the cross. 

As He hung on the cross, the judgment and wrath of God

was poured out on Him instead of on us.

Jesus was born into this world, taking 

on human flesh, for one purpose.

Jesus was the only person in the 

history of the world who was born to 


All people die, but death is not our life’s purpose.

Each of the prophecies were fulfilled precisely,

although, predicted hundreds of years before time.

The most compelling and dramatic example of sacrifice 

and substitution for our punishment is... Jesus' blood shed 

on the cross for us.

When our Savior cried out from the cross, “It is finished” 

(John 19:30), our sin debt was forever paid in full. Jesus 

Christ saved us from a horrible, godless eternity.

When Christ died on the cross, He 

paid the price for our sin.

May we bless Jesus' Name, and proclaim Christ as 

Sovereign over life and death!

Under normal conditions, a person’s greatest 

accomplishments are completed while he or she is still 

alive, but think about what Jesus achieved through His 


Christ has not only spoken to us by  

His life, but has also spoken for us by 

His death.

Jesus offered up Himself in 

His entirety.

 Jesus was saying, "Yes, I'm the Messiah, the King, but I 

came not to live, but to die. I'm not here to take power,

but to lose it;

I'm here not to rule, but to serve.

And that's how I'm going to defeat evil and put everything 


Christ gave His perfect life for sinful 


He assumed full responsibility for all our sins and took the 

punishment that we deserved.

“In a moment of weakness we may cry out, ‘No one 

knows what it is like. No one understands’

But the Son of God perfectly knows

and understands,

for He has felt and bore our burdens “And because of His 

infinite and eternal sacrifice...

He has perfect empathy

and can extend to us His arm of mercy.”


God knows what suffering 

feels like.

Jesus was the final, perfect sacrifice that satisfied forever 

God's wrath against sin 

(Hebrews 10:14).

Jesus' divine nature made Him fit for 

the work of Redeemer; His human 

body allowed Him to shed the blood 

necessary to redeem.

As humans with a sin nature... we could never pay such a 

debt. We could never meet the requirements to become the 

sacrifice for the sins of the whole world.

If Jesus were merely a good man, as 

some claim, then He had a sin nature 

and was not perfect.

Had that had been the case... Jesus' death and resurrection

would not have had the power to save us.

Because Jesus was and is God in the 

flesh, Jesus alone could pay the debt...

that we owed to God. 

Sooner or later, all of us will need the Savior. We all make 

mistakes we cannot resolve. We will all experience losses 

we cannot recover, and face pains, persecution, tragedies, 

burdens, and disappointments we cannot handle alone.

The Good News is...

we don’t have to handle any of them alone.

Let us always remember and never forget:

No matter who you are or who you were... 

"God is with us."

May we return to the Word and tell our children

about the price Jesus Christ paid for our salvation.

The Greatest Man in 

history... His Name is Jesus.

In spite of all that Jesus went through,

three days later, the boulder that 

formerly sealed the tomb... had been 

rolled away from the tomb. The body 

was gone! 

Only the grave linens were found in the tomb. Critics and 

followers of Jesus agreed that the tomb was empty and the 

body was gone.

The Resurrection of Jesus

 is important for many 


It witnesses the immense power of God Himself.

In resurrecting Jesus from the grave, God reminds us of 

His absolute sovereignty over life and death.

Jesus' victory over death and the grave won the victory

for everyone who puts their trust in Him

(John 1:12; 1 Corinthians 15:3-4, 17). 

To believe in the resurrection is to believe in God.

God is all powerful, and God has the 

power to raise the dead.

It was impossible for death to keep its 

hold on Jesus.

Acts 2:24

He was buried in a tomb, yet,

He lives today.

When Jesus Christ rose from the grave, He broke the 

power of sin and death in the lives of all who believe.

“Death has been swallowed up in 


 Jesus' supreme evidence of deity was His own

 resurrection from the dead.

Several times in the course of His life, Jesus predicted the 

way He would be killed and affirmed that three days later...

He would rise from the 

dead... and He did!

Only God who created life can resurrect it after death.

Only God can reverse the hideousness that is death 

itself. Only God can remove the sting and gain the 

victory over the grave. 

1 Corinthians 15:54-55

God became Man, died for our 

sins, and was resurrected the third 

day. The grave could not hold Him.

The Resurrection brings life meaning, direction, and the 

opportunity to start over... regardless of our 


Jesus had no servants;

yet they called Him Master. 

Jesus washing the feet of the disciples

 was the display of His humility and His servanthood.

Jesus Teaches Truth.

Jesus had no degree; yet, 

they called Jesus Teacher.

Jesus had no medicines; 

yet, they called Jesus


Jesus healed every disease and sickness among the people.

Jesus had no army; yet, kings

feared Jesus.

He won no military battles; yet,


Jesus conquered the 


Jesus committed no crime; yet,


they crucified Him.

Jesus was buried in a tomb; yet, 

He lives, today!

It was impossible for death to keep its hold on Jesus.

- Acts 2:24

When problems try to bury you on 

Friday... always remember and never 

forget... Sunday is on the way!

May we always remember and 

commemorate the death and 

resurrection of

Jesus Christ,


our Friend, Leader, Guide, our 

King, our Well-spring of Life, the 

Light, our Savior Who can save the 

sinner, heal the hurting and rescue 

the perishing.

The love of God for mankind appeared in the person of

the Lord Jesus Christ Who, went up on the cross without 

the slightest self-regard, laid down His life for 

the sin and redemption of the whole of mankind.

Jesus Christ stretched wide His arms of love and willingly 

gave up His life for His friends - for you and for me.


The effort to seek God is a 

gift from God. 

May we all wholeheartedly continue

 to seek after Him 

(Jeremiah 29:13).

Christ’s finished work on the cross saved us from eternal 

separation from God, and it also saved us from the power 

that our lower nature currently has over us in this life. 

Once we accept Christ, His Spirit lives in us and we are 

no longer controlled by the flesh. This freedom makes it 

possible for us to say “no” to our lower nature and 

overcome our enslavement to the wicked and unrighteous 

desires of the flesh.

Praise God, Christ 

conquered Satan and sin... 

on the Cross and saved us 

from eternal separation from 


Thank You Father for Your Love towards me, and for the 

abundance of Your gift of Life, which is simply through 

faith in the Person of the Lord Jesus and His work on the 


When our Savior cried out from the cross,


“It is finished” 

(John 19:30), 

our sin debt was forever paid in full.

May we never forget the price Christ paid for our sin, for 

we were not redeemed with perishable things like silver or 

gold, but with His precious blood.

We have been saved by grace through believing. May we 

never lose sight of Christ’s triumph on the Cross. 

Jesus shines forth the radiance of the glory of God, for He 

is the exact image of the essence of God, and upholds all 

things by the word of His power. He is the visible 

representation of the glorious, eternal, invisible God, who 

has invited us all to COME.

The invitation to 'come' is from Jesus, 

and contains no limitations or 

restrictions. He will turn no one away.

Christ calls all to draw close to Him. He alone can lift the 

heavy yoke of the bondage of sin and set the captives 

free. And His invitation is open to all who will believe on 

His name.

'Come To Me," 

is an invitation for the broken-hearted soul and the 

burdened sinner. 


just as you are. 

Come unto Me, all you who labour and are heavy laden, 

and I will give you rest. 

This promise of rest that Jesus offers is a rest that He 

freely gives. It cannot be earned or purchased. The rest He 

offers is freely available as God’s gift of grace. It is true 

rest for the soul and perfect peace in our heart. This offer 

is to whosoever will COME to Him for salvation.

Jesus is fully God and fully man, but He chose to set aside 

His heavenly glory and come to earth in the form of a 

man, and live the perfect life the Father wants ALL His 

people to live - a life totally dependent on HIM; a life that 

listens to His voice; a life that obeys His voice; a life that 

is walking in spirit and truth; a life that dies to self and 

lives for Him - a life that is willing to say NOT my will 

but Thine be done, so the Father may be revealed.

Thank You, Father that Jesus came to earth and turned our

bitterness into sweetness and saved us by grace. 

May we keep low at the cross and broken before You.

May we live our lives in a way that is pleasing to God so 

that through us God's life-giving love may stream out to 

those who are lost and hurting.

‘Let us fix our eyes on...


the Author and Perfecter of our faith. 

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