Why are we telling children stories 

that we know to be false? Lies and other 

intentional falsehoods are the worst solutions

 to our problems. A lie is a lie, whether it is 

by commission, omission, or assent. 

Let's be honest, for over 400 years, white 

supremacy has exploited humanity and 

plundered the planet. 

If we know better, why

 aren't we teaching our 

children the truth rather

 than a whitewashed version

 of U.S. history? 

Why are we, as Believers in God, 

not telling the truth and not trying to 

bring this selfish and horrible deed to 

all humanity... to a halt? 

How can anyone continue to 

live with such horrible lies?

The prehistory of the United States

started with the arrival of Blacks and 

Native Americans before 15,000 BC. 

The arrival of Christopher Columbus 

was in 1492.

Why are we not telling the truth about

how Native Americans were stripped

of their culture and pushed off their