Ancient African history is much more than 

Egyptian pyramids and Nile civilization.

Human history actually began in Africa. 

The first humans emerged in Africa around 

two million years ago, long before the modern

 humans known as Homo sapiens (the species 

that all living human beings on this planet

 belong to) appeared on the same continent.

All the earliest evidence of human existence

has been found in Africa. Scientific research

 points to the fact that all human beings have 

African ancestors.

Africa was not just the birthplace of 

humanity, but also the cradle of early 

civilizations. Africa has made an immense 

contribution to the world and is still thought

 highly oftoday. The great achievements 


 of the early African civilizations, were first 

developed in the Nile valley over 5,000 years 


Thousands of years ago, Africans were developing 

some of the most advanced political systems 

anywhere in the world.

Europeans knew quite a bit about Africa, yet

European leaders began to intentionally ignore 

earlier sources of information to justify 

colonialism and anti-Blackness. 

So why do some people insist on 

referring to Africa as the Dark 


Some refer to Africa as the dark continent to 

legitimize the enslavement of Black people 

and the exploitation of Africa's resources.

Lying begins when people attempt to twist or 

misrepresent the truth. They give in to Satan’s 

schemes and end up speaking satan's native 

language of lies, exaggerations, and 

misrepresentations of the truth.