Egyptian pyramids and the Nile civilization 

are only a small portion of the history of 

Ancient Africa.

The first humans emerged in 

Africa, about two million years 

ago. Africa is where human

 history actually began. 

Long before the modern humans, known as 

Homo sapiens (the species to which all living 

humans on this planet belong) appeared on the 

same continent.

The earliest signs of human existence has 

been found in Africa. Scientific research

speaks to the fact that all human beings

have African origins.

Africa was the birthplace of humanity... the 

cradle of early civilizations. Africa has

 contributed greatly to the world and is still 

highly regarded, by those who know, today. 

Over 5,000 years ago, in the Nile valley, the

 great accomplishments of the early African 

civilizations were first developed.

Africans were creating some of the most complex 

political systems in the history of the world 

thousands of years ago.

African knowledge was well-known to Europeans, 

but  European leaders started to deliberately 

ignore earlier sources of information to justify 

racial discrimination and colonialism.

That being the case, why do some people insist 

on calling Africa the Dark Continent?

Africa is sometimes referred to as the 

"Dark continent" to legitimize Black people's 

enslavement as well as the use of Africa's 


Lying begins when 

people attempt to twist or 

misrepresent the truth.

 They give in to Satan’s 

schemes and end up 

speaking Satan's native 

language of lies, 

exaggerations, and 

misrepresentations of the