God calls back the past.

Ecclesiastes 3:15 

God is in control and God has

providential power and appointed 

times. Our past, present, and future 

takes place under God's Divine


Ecclesiastes 3 reminds us:

There is a time for everything,

 and a season for every activity

under the heavens:

Time and the events happening 

in it are parts of a ceaseless flow.

Whatever is... has already been, 

and what will be... has been before;

and God will call the past to account.

All of history and the way we view 

history is important. 

Some are inclined to think that 

former days are gone, forever.

 Ecclesiastes 3 shows that this

 concept is not necessarily true. 

It is evident that God allows the 

past to revisit us, for His purposes

 and our good. God makes positive

 use of history repeating itself for

mankind's betterment. 

The past helps us remember 

who we are and Whose we are!

It is through history that we can

recall man's past calamities... and

take notice of God's unmerited

favor and grace. 

History has shaped us. When we

look over our shoulders... we are 

humbled and thankful to see what 

God has delivered us through and 

what God has delivered us from. 

As we journey through life... a 

historical perspective allows us to 

make sense of today's world, and 

do all we can today to improve 

our tomorrows.

History compels us to look back. 

When we look back and examine 

our past and see how far we 

have come... it compels us to 

look at both darkness and light. 

We can embrace the light, but 

we don't ignore the darkness

Both can motivate us to keep 

moving forward... giving us the

 resolve to tackle the obstacle(s)

 we may be up against, right now, 

or take a different approach.  

The best foreseer of future 

actions would be... past actions. 

One of the best ways to gain

 perspective is to examine our past.

 Some may believe the past is best 

left behind, but we believe taking a

 look back can be incredibly useful

 when we purposefully learn, grow 

and gain insightful wisdom from our

past experiences, then move forward

Past actions are great guides 

for anticipating how someone


 might conduct themselves 

in a situation and/or with a


The past helps us see the bigger

 picture. Our past motivates us to 

look forward. It can be great fuel 

to prepare us for our future. 


History is not just about man... 

history is about knowing

God, reckoning with God

 and keeping our minds 

fixed on God, the Source

from which our highest 

good flows

In all of history, God is 

the ultimate possible good 

for us. A good which has

 no rivals or superiors. 

God is our Instructor,

 our Guidance, the 

explanation for... God is our 

clarity, the meaning of


Scripture is full of history!

We must not lose track of... 

or disregard our history.

God bids an account of mankind's 

past, and God will bring every deed 

into judgment. 

(Ecclesiastes 12:14)

A noticeable theme in Ecclesiastes is... 

judgment and justice.

God's Will is justice and justice will prevail. 

History repeats itself, and one who does not 

learn from the past... will pay the price in the


The day of reckoning will not end 

in political arenas or the boardroom... 

it ends at the throne of 


God is in control of history... and evil, 

unrighteous circumstances will never

 be able to subvert this fact.

All of mankind is flesh and inclined to deviant

behavior. By the grace of God, God seeks to 

help those of us who have muddled our past. 

By His grace and mercy... God seeks to 

recover and restore what seems, from our point

 of view, to be forever lost. 

God has the power to bring forth the 

experiences from our past so that we may 

have an opportunity to sort through our previous 

egregiousness, remorselessness, abuses of power, 

gluttony, barbarousness, violence, anger, foulness,

shadiness, wrong-doings, brutality, viciousness,

heinousness, destructiveness, cruelty, nefariousness, 

wickedness, corruption, confusion, agitations, 

exploitations, selfishness, chaos, lawlessness,

unrest, messiness, rebellion, devilishness, 

deceitfulness, and troubles... 

with a greater degree of noble-mindedness, 

uprightness, and clarity.

God has a purpose for our lives...

always does things with good 

purposes in mind, and will


fulfill His purposes for us all.

We can trust that God will 

never abandon His work in 

our lives... He never has and 

never will.

With God's help, we can do the righteous 

thing... learn from our history to better 

ourselves, and pay it forward.

God does not bring the past up for the 

purposes of condemnation, but for


History is being written for the generations to 

come and our decisions have lasting implications.

What is happening right now... has already 

happened in the past, and what will happen in 

the future... our lifetime will shed light... or dim

 the light that will drive future generations.

In Ecclesiastes 3, Solomon is essentially saying, 

History is made up of three parts:

the past, present, and future. We are

 surrounded by history, the present 

moment, and future possibilities.

 They are all linked together...

all are interconnected.

While not all of our history is good, 

it is true... it happened.

It is the truth which will free us

and guide us forward.

If most of us, in my era, would think back to our 

school days, we would probably remember history

as being unrelatable and difficult to connect with. 

How can we learn from the past

 if we select and filter, omit, and/or 

erase history?

All inclusive historical truths 

can teach us important lessons.

We all deserve to know the whole

 truth and nothing but the truth of 

our existence.

How can we expect to build 

better future without 

acknowledging injustices and 

being honest about our past? 

To erase everything that is related to the 

dishonorable parts of our history does not 

mean that those events never happened. In fact, 

it does more harm than good.

To expunge or rewrite history 

filling it with misleading opinions, 

alternative facts, or manipulated  

events (according to the choosing 

of a few) is a mistake which can 

lead to a very dangerous path. 

Erasing or attempting to sanitize 

the facts about the negative and ugly 

parts of history does not make it go 

away or mean it never happened. 

To not share the good, bad, and 

ugly truths about history means... 

no one can learn or grow from the 

mistakes or the accomplishments 

from the past.

To fear the truth being taught 

speaks volumes about the 

person in fear. 

If history offends people, this

 may be the necessary motivation 

to keep us from repeating 

historical mis-steps and tragedies.

If we cannot learn from the 

mistakes of the past and 

history is re-created by the 

vocal minority... 

who is served?

History is not for a few to 

censor, destroy, or erase. 

History is history... it was not 

always pretty or kind, but

it happened, and it belongs 

to all of us!

When we love our country or someone... we should 

be able to honestly express our anguish, and point 

out where one or the other may be falling short. 

This does not imply that one is unpatriotic or does 

not love. It is an indication that one is awake,

concerned, and has one's best interest at heart. 

It means holding our country accountable to the 

ideals that it proclaims. It means we strive to live

 out the stated ideals of the United States Declaration

 of Independence: that we each have unalienable

 rights given to all humans by our Creator, and 

among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of

Happiness", which governments are created to 


American history is not pretty. However, we owe

 it to the millions who lost their lives and those 

who were oppressed for the entirety of U.S. 

history. To bring up America’s troubled past 

is not about guilt or shame, it is about justice 

and reconciliation for all. To speak truth to 

power does not make one  “Anti-American.” 

It does not mean that a person does not feel

 devotion, loyalty and respect for their country. 

True patriotism acknowledges our historical 

truths... it rights wrongs, and works to not 

repeat it.

God recognizes that we often choose paths 

that lead us away from living out the promise

 of "One nation under God, indivisible, with 

liberty and justice for all."

God loves us. God never disappoints, never 

deludes or shames us. God wants the best for 

us... something better.

Does God have our best interests at heart? 

Jeremiah 29:11 says, 


 "For I know the thoughts that I think 

toward you, says the LORD,

 thoughts of peace and not of evil, 

to give you a future and a hope." 

It is important that we all truly consider 

what American patriotism means to us. It 

should not simply be accepting our country in 

its entirety, i.e., man-made evil doings, bigotry, 

systemic faults, obstructions, racism, fractures,

 imperfections, shortcomings, pitfalls, injustices 

and all. It should mean being awareidentifying 

its infirmities and downsides, while recognizing

our exceptional strengths, and with great 

enthusiasm... working to be a more perfect union.

It is very crucial to thoughtfully, intelligently, and 

empathetically teach historical truths. This is a 

multi-cultural country and the vast majority of us

 have a desire to know the truth, but many have 

found themselves stumbling into indoctrination. 

It's funny how other countries teach more on 

American history than America.

It is absurd to call any educational institution racist 

because they are teaching the historical truths of

 colonization, slavery, the civil war, native American

 genocide, and the deep roots of racism throughout

 American history, etc., and refusing to breathe out 

lies to young people about U.S. history and current

 events. That is dishonest and ungodly! 

Truth may make some students 

feel uncomfortable or sad, 

but... it is the truth! 

Our youth need to be taught 

the truth if we expect them to

 make meaningful contributions

 to society and not repeat the errors

 and cruelty of the past. 

Students deserve to understand 

and care about the experiences 

of those like and unlike them. 

They deserve to learn the truth. 

They need to be educated and 

prepared to become active and

 engaged members of our society 

with a full understanding of 

America's failures to live up to 

its ideals... and its successes... 

it is their right!

Is it not better to live the truth 

than a lie?

God never lies (Titus 1:2).

God is the Source of truth. 

“It is impossible for God to lie” 

(Numbers 23:19).

Jesus called Himself the way, the truth, and the life 

(John 14:6), and 

He expects those who follow Him 

to be people of truth. 

The truth is to be expressed in love (Ephesians 4:15),

 offering hope to those seeking redemption 

from the lies of the world.

The most authoritative way to destroy people 

is to twist, rename, alter, confuse, nullify, 

falsify, and destroy records; then, rewrite

 their past by dissolving, weakening, 

undermining, rubbing out, and annihilating 

one's awareness of their history.

Why are we telling children 

stories that we know to be 


It is a disservice to the future of

 this country to not acknowledge 

the inhumane struggles, sacrifices, 

injustices, rivers of blood, and

 senseless, torturous lynchings,

and murders that happened 

throughout history.

Without truthful information and 

documentation about our nation's 

past and present, how can our 

youth build a better future?

To teach a dumbed down account

of history not only damages our 

children... it undermines and burdens

our societies as well. A whitewashed 

version of history fails to empower

 young people to be conscientious 

and upright critical thinkers. B

failing to teach truth...this can

 stagnate our young people's 

growth and well being

Why would any godly parent want

 their child to be mis-educated with a

dumbed down, white-washed version

of American or World history? 

Students deserve to learn 

the truth!

It’s true that knowing history is empowering, 

but not knowing history is disproportionately 


Historical truths stimulate and gives us rise to 

learning more and to respect what we are reading.

Our history is our birthright! 

In fact, history is one of the most important 

subjects we will ever study. 

Think about it:

How can we ever move past all of the bigoted 

"isms" if we can't acknowledge the past and come 

to understand how it connects to the present?

To remember the past in our own life helps


to unite us to that authentic self and reminds 

us of who we have been and then compare 

that to who we feel we are today. That gives

us a sense of who we want to be down the 

road in the future. 

When we study history we learn and 

understand more about what and who 

created our present day society. In other 

words, history helps us come to realize 

how we got to where we are, and why we 

live the way we do. 

History helps us to better understand successes 

and failures, and if we are wise enough to glean

 lessons... we will be more inclined to reach 

higher and dig deeper... positioning ourselves 

to build forward to something greater.

History does not stay behind us, it can directly 

impact our lives, today. It is important to 

understand the past and how the complicated 

choices and events in the past have impacted

our current social and political conditions.

  Through history we can learn how past

 societies, systems, ideologies, governments

 and cultures thrive while others fail. Events 

of the past have created systems and

 conditions that have lasted generations.

The rich history of the world studies the 

past and the legacies of the past. It helps 

us to paint an all-embracing picture of 

where we stand today. 

When historical truths are taught

it can help students connect to their

roots, which is something many

 African Americans have been 

deprived of.

At this present time, it is of the utmost importance

 to know and understand the connections between

 past and present. It is eye opening to see how 

history connects people, places, and situations,

through time. 

We learn from history. In observing and analyzing

the past events of life... we discover warnings,

 pragmatic advice, direction, and we can garner

greater clarity.

To understand who we are, we need to develop a

sense of self. History gives us the opportunity

 to learn where and how we fit in the story of our 

country and the global community. 

True history is a story of us. It is a story of 

who we are, where we came from, and it can, 

potentially, reveal where we are headed.

History tells us where our ancestors came 

from and tells us who they were. Most

importantly, it gives us the ability to realize 

(and appreciate) the legacies we may have 

inherited from them. 

The languages we speak were inherited from 

those who came before us. Our cultures, 

traditions, genetic makeup, and religions

 were all inherited from the past. 

History helps us develop a better understanding

 of the condition of mankind. It tells us the 

story of how our nation, cities, and/or communities 

came to be

History teaches. It helps us determine how to 

approach the future, as it allows us to learn 

from our past mistakes and triumphs, as a 

society. History helps us better understand how,


when, and why things happened as they did 

and why things unfold as they do.


History gives us the tools we need to be 

decent citizens. Productive citizens are informed 

citizens, and no one can consider himself to 

be an informed citizen without a working

knowledge of history. 

History helps us become more effective

members of our society. It helps put us in a 

position to better inform others as well.

Through the knowledge of our true history, 

we can step into a whole new world of 

possibilities that will change who we are, 


“Those that do not learn 

history are doomed to 

repeat it.” 

Those words were first spoken by 

George Santayana, and they are still very 

relevant today because of how true they are.


History gives us the opportunity to learn 

from past mistakes. It helps us understand

the many reasons why people may behave the 

way they do. As a result, it helps us become 

more compassionate as people and more 

impartial as decision makers.

Some people try to falsely accuse,

  antagonize and/or destroy the 

lives of others with lies because

 their lives can be destroyed with 

the truth.

To fear the truth being taught

 speaks volumes about the person 

who opposes it.

Some individuals' relationship to reality is 

tarnished, tainted, and/or compromised. They 

are profoundly fearful of life and light. Many, 

come hell or high waters, will not address the 

truth. There is no place and they give no place 

for truth in their lives.

 Some choose to deny reality, cling to illusions,

or they downsize the truth and file it into

miniscule viewpoints. 

Many people are so afraid of losing their power

 that they will never cease rejecting the truth, no

 matter how compelling the evidence.

It is amazing to see just how far people

 will go to oppose, disregard, and downright 

fight against addressing issues of the 

past that still plague our present and creates 

a great divide and grim fate for our future. 

Many of the issues we are faced with today... 

stem from problems of the past. We need 

actual, honest dialogue if we are ever going 

to have any degree of optimism of mending

it, but we also know there is a very brutal, 

resistant body of people who benefit from the

 status quo and will sabotage any effort to make 

things right... unless enough people 

rise up and drown out 

their voices and their

devilish, smug, 

self-aggrandizing agendas

Some evade the truth like the plague. 

They come up with irrational distractions, denials,

malicious deflections, inhumanness, confusion, 

or outright lies as a way to avoid and/or deny

the existence and validity of uncomfortable truths.

It is unfortunate that some people prefer to not

deal with the unpleasant truth, even though 

the truth is available to themSadly, some prefer 

not hearing it, they avoid it, would rather be left 

alone, or just remain silent about it

Some would rather be assured that what they 

have chosen to believe (knowing that their choice

is nothing short of comforting lies) will work 

for them and keep them in their comfort zone. 

Some have been so traditionally entrenched

in inequities and their ideologies that any 

deviation from it... is deemed dangerous.

There are some who are hell bent on reshaping 

and silencing the truth about our country's 

history of racial injustice. Instead, they pretend 

that others are bad and evil so they won't feel 

guilty about the inhumane things they have 

purposely overlooked, ignored, done and/or



Many embrace the idea that they are 

self-sufficient individuals rather than 

active participants in a generational 

web of lies.

"Pretending a dis-ease doesn't

 exist... will not cure it." 

Many spew false narratives that are harmful 

and continue to castigate and deny 

African Americans the possibility of rational 

thought, agency, and/or liberty. They prefer


things stay as they are and the current

 state of affairs remains the same. 

Some groups and/or individuals have taken 

extreme actions (for psychological effect on 

another, typically for amusement or competitive


advantage) deliberately alienating, shutting out, 

blocking, excluding, rejecting, and marginalizing

Africans and African Americans.

These racial slights are done in an attempt to 

make African Americans question their abilities, 

their existence, feel invisible, feel systematically 

ignored and disregarded. These are psychological

operations and mind games that manipulative 

people play. These are attempts to make others feel 

less confident and/or to gain control over people.

Listen, when toxic people, are ignorantly 

bound to a false and extremely deceptive 

sense of identity, they become bent out 

of shape when they cannot control others.

Encountering repeated racial slights can 

create psychological invisibility. 

Some may resort to trying to control how 

others see Africans and African Americans 

by actively tearing them down and instilling 

fear in others. They demonize, denigrate, 

and diminish African Americans with vile,

scornfully abusive remarks and accusations 

like: "Blacks are not equipped to run things,

 they are lazy, thugs, the enemy, they must

be fought or avoided."

That is evil!

 Evil is the absence of good. 

Evil is what happens when

 man rejects good.

What we can know is whatever God does is holy 

and perfect and ultimately will glorify God.

Some will even stoop as low as propagating the 

myth of the predatory Black man to justify their 

brutality and violence against Black individuals, 

communities, and continents. 

Think about it, at one time, regardless of the 

program or the network, White males were 

always... cast in positions of comfort and 

power. This good white life was projected to 

little White children. It instilled a since of 

entitlement to authority... an expectation of 

looking down on Black people. Typically, 

when Blacks were cast for roles... they were 

often cast as criminals, shown as thugs, and/or 


Insecure and weak individuals make ridiculous 

assumptions and accusations. They create distance,

fear what they do not understand about 

African Americans, become suspicious of them, 

and look for reasons to abhor them. 

These are generational misconceptions and

accusations. These manipulations are used

to make communication and reconciliation

difficult as well as insuring injustice against

 Africans and African Americans.

Jesus says of Satan, "He was a murderer from the

beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because

 there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks 

out of his own character, for he is a liar and the 

father of lies" (John 8:44). 

We need to be wise to Satan's tactics so we 

will not succumb to his deceptions or accept 

the shame he wants others to bear the weight of.

Some people are irrational and have fragile

 egos. They struggle to accept when they

 have been exposed and called out for their 

wrong-doing. Instead of owning it and taking 

the blame, they act as if they have the right

 to do or have what they want. 

They have a hard time believing they are not 

perfect or worthy... so they get annoyed and 

lash out... looking for reasons to shift the 

blame and hurl insults. They gaslight others 

for what they themselves did. These are the 

entitled ones who believe the world revolves 

around them, and they cannot do anything 


When people allow themselves to get caught up

in generational lies, self-centeredness, and

ego-gratifying illusions and then feel their

self-regard has been threatened, they do 

others and themselves a grave disservice. This 

could limit their intelligence and inner freedom.

All of the generational "isms", coddling,

deceitfulness, worry, headaches, anxiety and

setbacks harms and/or injures the offender,

and no one is healed from that.

All mankind is flesh and are inclined to sinful

behavior. The question we must ask ourselves is: 

Would God be well pleased with the behavior 

and examples of our forefathers?

We must not do as our deceased, rabble-rousing, 

ungovernable, and devious forefathers have 

done. Some of the choices and decisions they

 made were diabolically cruel, deplorable, 

 totally inhumane and ungodly. 

With God's help, we must reach higher 

and dig deeper so that we can better 

ourselves and live righteously before God,  

our children, grands, and generations to 


When we know better... 

we should do better.

 1 Corinthians 10 God provides a ‘written memorial’

 of the deceased in order to teach those living... 

regarding the wayward and lawless behavior

 of some of “Our fathers”.

“With many of "Our fathers"...

God was not well pleased”

 (1 Corinthians 10: 1, 5).

It should be beneath our dignity, as human beings,  

to imitate the evil, immature, egregious conduct

passed on by some of our ancestors.

Love gives, receives and serves.

When we fail to acknowledge as part of reality 

the worth of all mankind, it becomes difficult 

to hear the cry of nature itself;

everything is, connected.

African Americans have been fighting 

never ending, long overdue systemic battle 

against oppression and racism. However, 

some who have been intergenerationally 

indoctrinated in a racist White supremacist 

culture... would rather embrace a plausible 

lie... than face truths that makes them feel 

uncomfortable, afraid, or placed in a

 position that may disrupt their lust for 

power, privilege, bigotry, and unbridled 


Many have remained obstinate, unreasonably 

attached, narrow-minded, and firmly fixed on 

their skewed sense of reality, they have 

chosen to believe, regarding Africans and 

African Americans being inferior, sub-human

 and not having place in history.

Racism lies about everything. It is a game

 learned from the elders. It covers up many

 of the valuable contributions African and 

African Americans have made to the world, 

all across history. Some have been notorious 

for trying to make others believe they are less 

capable and less deserving than they are. 

"Man’s inhumanity to man” 

is baseless and vile.

Absurd and twisted realities and thinking 

can become dominant threads in the fabric of

creation which can lead to the perpetuation of 


which suffocates everyone. 

Harmful dysfunctions of parents can be 

passed down from generation to generation

making some weak, toxic, ignorant and fragile.

Lying, sad to say, has become a standard way 

to communicate for many people. When we 

whitewash or diminish aspects of history

as a means of protecting our children, we're

 not providing them with all the information 

they need to truly understand the systems of 

oppression that affect us all. 

We do our children a disservice when we pass 

on generational supremacy and lies as truth. The

 answer to lies is not more lies. The children, the 

innocent children, can easily be influenced and 

groomed to become the fruit from the tree of 

white supremacy.

Some people have been filling voids and pain 

of separation from God and generational lies

with a multiplicity of sins served up on a platter 

of grossly offensive generational lies and unfair 


On closer examination, we find that family

 traits, i.e., stereotyping, "isms", negativity, 

myths about race, and other destructive 

behavior is often passed down from parents 

to children. They are closely linked with 

one's family background.... it is a genetic 

inheritance. This cycle has been repeated

 for centuries.

Listen, just because an ancestor passed down

their set of convictions does not make them right...

it does not instantly qualify their way... as the

 righteous way.

There may, indeed, be a 

dysfunctional generational

influence in our lives that 

needs to be broken!

When these areas of sin become deeply 

ingrained in us, they can be difficult to 

overcome under our own efforts.  

 Identifying areas of generational influence 

is critical in our lives. When generational 

influences are at work in our lives, customary,

dysfunctional patterns can or will emerge. 

 Sometimes, a generational influence will 

cause us to repeat the sin we saw modeled

 in our family. Other times, our sin will be 

something committed in response to the sin

 in our family. 

Historical distortions and/or ideologies were

 created by those who came before us and they 

passed these distortions and/or ideological 

influences on to generations following them. 

Disgracefully, some have latched on to these 

delusional beliefs and claims which devalued 

the humanness in others, based totally on 

melanin... as if these belittling, unjust, 

repressive assertions were the gospel truth.  

Abraham was an obedient 

"Friend of God" 

(James 2:23).

 He abandoned the pagan sinful culture of his

 family line and chose to live a new and 

positively unwavering way of life. 

At God's request Abraham left that 

region and even his own family to 

follow the path God set for him. In 

doing so he became known as 

"The father of the faithful."

Because of Abraham's willingness to 

refrain from the sinful habits and practices of 

generations, God made specific promises 

to him about the future of his descendants. 

God told him, that He would make his descendants 

as the dust of the earth; greatly multiplying his 

offspring so that they would be too numerous to


(Genesis 13:16).

God further told Abraham, 

"I will bless those who bless you, and I will

 curse him who curses you; and in you all the

 families of the earth shall be blessed" 

(Genesis 12:3).

Almost 2,000 years later Jesus Christ, 

a direct descendant of Abraham, 

would be born to make good for all sin 

and offer eternal life to all mankind. 

The entire world came to be blessed, 

through Abraham, because of his willingness 

to break with the patterns of past generations 

and embark on a new way of life revealed

 by God.

John 8:32 - And ye shall know the truth, and the 

truth shall make you free. 

That's a wonderful promise that can be taken


The definition of truth in "Harper's Bible Dictionary" 

includes the statement... 

"God is truth." 

We must be earnest and steadfast in pursuing truth. 

God will reveal it to us, and the truth will give us 

a better perspective on life.

We must expand the 

African and 

African American 


There is no question that the slave trade exerted

 a profound influence in many parts of Africa; 

however, to look at African history as the history

 of slavery and the slave trade is an inaccurate


The West focuses only on slavery, but the 

history of Africa is so much more than a

 footnote to European imperialism. 

Slavery is just one chapter amid a plethora

of inventions, events, complex systems of 

participatory government, powerful states, that 

covered large territories with extensive regional 

and international links. Art, learning and 

technology soared, and Africans were 

exceptionally skilled with medicine,

 mathematics, and astronomy. In addition to 

domestic goods, they made fine luxury items

 in bronze, ivory, gold, and terracotta for both 

local use and trade.

Societies had become highly developed 

in terms of their own histories. 

West Africa had many ancient cultures and over 800 

languages. West Africa had many rich and diverse

 histories and cultures centuries before European 

slave traders arrived. 

Africans had a wide range of political 

arrangements including kingdoms and 


According to material, we gleaned, in large part,  

from the International Museum of Slavery, 

"West Africans traded with Europeans through

merchants in North Africa for centuries. The first 

traders to sail down the West African coast 

were the Portuguese in the 15th century. The Dutch, 

British, French and Scandinavians followed. They

 were interested in precious items such as gold, 

ivory, spices, and especially pepper.

From their first interaction, 

European traders kidnapped

 and bought Africans to be 

sold in Europe.

It was not until the 17th century, when

 plantation owners wanted more slaves to satisfy 

the increasing demand for sugar in Europe, that

 transatlantic slaving became the dominant trade." 

The expansion of the transatlantic slave trade 

disrupted in West and Central African societies,

and over the centuries extracted an immeasurable

 human toll. 

Europeans first made contact with African 

societies centuries before, and had long 

maintained trading posts on the continent's

 coasts. As European colonies in the Americas 

expanded, their governments increasingly

 looked to Africa as a source of cheap labor 

to power their growing farms, mines, and 


The poverty of some... is due 

to the greed of others. 

Slavery, greed, a resilient system of oppression, 

corruption, inequality, white supremacy, malice,

 ignorance, a sense of entitlement, ego, 

self-importance, injustice, and lies have all

 greatly contributed to the impoverished and

 broken state of Black societies... and the 

source of White prosperity and undue 


We must acknowledge that Africans and 

African Americans were and are an 

integral part of shaping American history.

Racism and biases can distort and disrupt how 

people think. Many times people who have very

 fragile egos make assumptions and essentially 

deny the freedom and dignity of members of 

the hated or disdained race. Some live with a 

sense of vain deceit and alternative reality. 

They interpret and arrange truth so that it 

can keep their fragile egos... inflated.

According to Scripture, 

Satan is a subtle, 


manipulative, and malicious 


Satan and his demons are fully out, and they have increased 

their activities. They are determined to turn as many humans, 

as possible, away from doing the will of God.

Jesus describes Satan as a manslayer.

Satan is just as dangerous as any leader of a well organized crime.

He sees to it that his will is accomplished through his cohort, 

the demons, especially when he knows his time is over. 

Why do people deflect 

and project?

Deflecting and projecting are defense 

mechanisms which involves condemning 

others for their own emotions, traits, 

reactions and behaviors.

Deflecting and projecting usually occurs 

when a person is afraid and does not have 

the ability to move past their inner conflicts 

and acknowledge truth. They project things 

they don't like about themselves onto others. 

In other words, they scrape the mud off of 

themselves and smear it onto others.

In their heads, projecting protects them from 

having to acknowledge parts of themselves 

they don't like. They transfer, or project, their 

unwanted emotions or traits and... attribute 

them to someone else. 

Some people tend to feel more comfortable 

seeing negative qualities in others rather 

than in themselves. If a person disagrees 

or confronts them, they will, like lightning, 

shift inta deflection mode. 

They will do anything to run counter, transfer,

and confuse the communication, in an effort to 

skirt around the topic at hand and take the 

attention off of their fears, etc. 

Deflecting and projecting does what all 

defense mechanisms are meant to do: 

It keeps discomfort about oneself at bay.

Biases impairs rational judgment and becomes

major obstacle in decision-makingBias is the

 tendency to search for, interpret, deviate, and recall 

information in a way that confirms or supports 

one's prior beliefs or values. Biases can lead to 

poor decisions and accumulated corruptions.

Some people believe that their beliefs, biased 

accounts in historical descriptions, interpretations, 

explanations, and their colonial way of thinking is 

right and the only way to go; although, they have 

been profoundly and appallingly proven wrong.

Despite there being overwhelmingly credible 

evidence to debunk stereotypes and tackle 

systemic injustices... the biases of the status quo

shuts out anything, with the exception of what 

they want to acknowledge. Some would rather

keep blinders on, choosing to see only the events, 

people, and situations any other way than the

 way they are. 

Pyramids of Giza - Ancient Egypt

In ancient times they were included among the Seven Wonders of the World.

All three pyramids were plundered both internally and externally in ancient and medieval times. Thus, the grave goods originally deposited in the burial chambers are missing, and the pyramids no longer reach their original heights because they have been almost entirely stripped of their outer casings of smooth white limestone; the Great Pyramid, for example, is now only 451.4 feet (138 metres) high. That of Khafre retains the outer limestone casing only at its topmost portion. Constructed near each pyramid was a mortuary temple, which was linked via a sloping causeway to a valley temple on the edge of the Nile floodplain. Also nearby were subsidiary pyramids used for the burials of other members of the royal family.

According to Wikipedia,  Egypt is the most populated country in the Arab world 

and the third most populous on the African continent, 

with about 95 million inhabitants as of 2017. 

The history of Egypt has been long and wealthy, 

due to the flow of the Nile River with its fertile 

banks and delta, as well as the accomplishments

of Egypt 's native inhabitants and outside influence. 

Much of Egypt's ancient history was a mystery

 until Egyptian hieroglyphs were deciphered with 

the discovery and help of the Rosetta Stone.

  • 1st Intermediate Period: 2181-2055 BC

  • Middle Kingdom: 2055-1650 BC

As per Encyclopedia Britannica, Egypt, country located in the northeastern corner of Africa. Egypt’s heartland, the Nile River valley and delta, was the home of one of the principal civilizations of the ancient Middle East and, like Mesopotamia farther east, was the site of one of the world’s earliest urban and literate societies. Pharaonic Egypt thrived for some 3,000 years through a series of native dynasties that were interspersed with brief periods of foreign rule. After Alexander the Great conquered the region in 323 BCE, urban Egypt became an integral part of the Hellenistic world. Under the Greek Ptolemaic dynasty, an advanced literate society thrived in the city of Alexandria, but what is now Egypt was conquered by the Romans in 30 BCE. It remained part of the Roman Republic and Empire and then part of Rome’s successor state, the Byzantine Empire, until its conquest by Arab Muslim armies in 639–642 CE.

Nile River, Arabic Baḥr Al-Nīl or Nahr Al-Nīl, the longest river in the world, called the father of African rivers. It rises south of the Equator and flows northward through northeastern Africa to drain into the Mediterranean Sea. It has a length of about 4,132 miles (6,650 kilometres) and drains an area estimated at 1,293,000 square miles (3,349,000 square kilometres). Its basin includes parts of TanzaniaBurundiRwanda, the Democratic Republic of the CongoKenyaUgandaSouth SudanEthiopiaSudan, and the cultivated part of Egypt. Its most distant source is the Kagera River in Burundi.

During a time period in history known as the 

4th dynasty of the Pharaohs, in Egypt, nearly

 5000 years ago, an incredible feat characterized 

by ingenious design, resourceful technique, and

 the labor of tens of thousands of men was 

developed... accomplished... established. 

These men contributed with their bare hands

 in creating massive tombs which were as tall

 as a 40 story building. They did this for their 

Pharaohs. This was the most ambitious and 

spectacular undertaking ever attempted by 


Today’s civilizations owe an immense debt 

to the powerful empires and mighty cities of

 antiquity. Their inventions, techniques and

 concepts enabled the advancement of 

humankind and laid the foundation for life

in the modern world.

Egypt's impact on later cultures was immense. 

Egypt provided the building blocks for Greek

 and Roman culture, and, through them, 

influenced all of the Western tradition. Ancient

Egyptian civilization lasted for more than 3000

 years and showed an incredible amount of 


The influence of the Nile river on Egyptian 

culture and development cannot be overstated,

without its presence, the civilization would 

have been entirely different, and most likely

 entirely elsewhere. The Nile provided not only 

a constant source of life-giving water, but 

created the fertile lands that fed the growth of 

this unique (and uniquely resilient) culture.

(Text adapted from Khan Academy)

There are some who use psychological and 

emotional manipulations to impose their will.

They purposely create an imbalance in terms 

of power, rights, control, and responsibility. 

Some have purposely hidden the truth from 

the masses and will not accept it for themselves. 

They don't question themselves; yet, will blame

 others for their misdeeds, especially when the

 person they have oppressed and created all 

sorts of roadblocks for, despite the setbacks, were

 blessed to tap into their God-given

abilities and talents, come from

behind, push upward, despite

feeling overwhelmed,  

accomplishing what God had already 

ordained, written, and brought them

 into this world to do

They rise!

Whenever we open the door to any twisting or

misrepresentation of truth, it is fairly easy to 

continue down the road of deliberate deception. 

Some people have lied so much... they lose sight 

of the truth and start believing their own lies.

Their deliberate lies and deceptions have 

caused untold damage, and the human cost

 has been devastating.

Systemic white oppression is one of the most 

insidious, resilient, and adaptive social forces

 in all of human history. It is a diabolical force 

that reinvents itself, generation after generation. 

Each subsequent recurrence emerges more subtle, 

vast, and undetectable. It is barely perceptible.

Oppressors, although they are bankrupt of valid

arguments, fear and hate free speech and free 

African Americans. They have always tried to 

silence any people or speech that threatened

 their power. 

They become uncomfortable exchanging error 

for truth. For many, deceit holds the key to 

money, prominence, vindictiveness, and/or power

In history, this has often resulted in unspeakable

 cruelty, suffering, disingenuousness, forgeries, 

shams, and in some cases... millions of deaths.

Satan is well aware of the fact that time is 

running out on him. He is not only deadly,

 but often well camouflaged. 

Let us dare not be ignorant of Satan's 

schemes and strategies. His plan of attack 

is aimed at the mind. He wants to keep our

 lifespans short and our minds weak, 

re-educated, and controlled while pretending

 to do the opposite. 

God's Word has a lot to say about 

the mind, which serves to further underline

its crucial role. Our approach must be one

 of soberness, for the issues at hand are life

 and death, heaven and hell.

Brainwashing - also known as mind control, 

menticide (which is the systematic effort to 

undermine, destroy and manipulate a person's

conscious mind, mental independence, values 

and beliefs, as by the use of prolonged 

interrogation, drugs, tortureetc., can induce 

radically different ideas). Coercive persuasion, 

thought control, thought reform, and 

re-education is the concept that the human

 mind can be altered or controlled by certain

 psychological techniques. 

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary,

 brainwashing is a forcible indoctrination to 

induce someone to give up basic political, 

social, or religious beliefs and attitudes and 

to accept contrasting regimented ideas. It is

 persuasion by propaganda or salesmanship.

For those who choose to maintain the status quo, 

change is perceived by them as a loss or detriment.

 It can be a scary thing, and it makes them resistant 

and uncomfortable, which is why many tend to 

prefer things simply stay the way they are.

Many are generationally taught to not acknowledge, 

respect or appreciate the valuable contributions

made by African Americans. Many are taught

 not to respect or appreciate the diversity in the

African American experience. Ultimately, this 

can result in insensitivity, distrust, and a disdain

 for treating other people, particularly

African Americans and other people of

 color, as they should be treated.

It would be a very sad commentary

 if we found that discrimination and 

racial inequality has actually been 

built into our country’s laws and


To honour, accept, and appreciate the

 uniqueness of everyone... realizing and 

respecting the fact that we are all created 

equal in the eyes of our Creator... this

would be a process worth developing

If we can look beneath the superficial 

appearances that seem to be the source

 of our prejudices, then we could see the 

inner strengths and values of all humans.

It is our loss, if we don't.

As a first step in exterminating and/or 

eliminating a people... the evil one erases 

their memory, wipes out their books, their

 culture, their history, and then have revisionists

 gloss over past events, grossly impacting 

the sacrificial person's life... creating a series 

of events that were not so. It is a case of he 

who has the pen and the press creates... 


Let us acknowledge that there are two histories: 

the actual series of events that once occurred; 

and the ideal series that many, right or wrong,

maintain, support, and uphold in memory. 

How can silencing truth correct the mistakes

 of the past? Repeating mistakes of the past is 

worse than regretting mistakes. It is a conscious

 and harmful choice that is made. 

Much of the worry, regret, heartache, suffering,

and unhappiness in people’s lives is caused by

 an unwillingness to learn from mistakes. Some 

people are notorious for doing the same things

 over and over again... expecting different results. 

If we do not learn from the lessons that

 life is trying to teach us, then, they will be

taught to us again and again until we do. 

It is wise to see the blessing or lesson in 

what could snowball into major stressing. 

To put it simply, life lessons can teach us not

 to make the same mistake twice.

When people begin to forget what is... and what

 was... it can sabotage the root and the branch.

In order for us all to understand our history... 

we must tell the truth, even when 

it is uncomfortable. We must 

unlock the vault of our authentic 

history, and tell the whole 

truth and nothing but the truth...

so help us God.

Truth is likened to a two edged

 sword... it will either cut one 

down or cut one free. 

History is not hatred. 

History helps us all develop a better 

understanding of the world. Through history, 

we can learn how past societies, ideologies, 

systems, and cultures were constructed. 

History can equip us with the necessary tools to 

analyze and explain problems of the past and 

patterns that may have infested our present. 

It is important to know about and learn from 

the mistakes... the good, bad, and ugly of our

nation's past. Otherwise, those who are in a 

position of power can broadcast and program 

the masses with one-sided, distorted narratives 

about our nation's past. Some have even 

stooped to extinguish any source of 

enlightenment by ridicule or death.

There has been gross inaccuracies and 

mischaracterizations regarding Africans,

slavery and people of color, in general. These

 mischaracterizations of historical events 

continue to haunt our present and threaten 

our future.

If our great nation understood the notable moments, 

contributionsstruggles, bloodshed, and sacrifices 

of life made for our great nation by Africans and

 African Americans... it could very well weaken, 

threaten and/or sabotage some people’s mindset

 and/or suggestions of black inferiority. 

It would behoove us all to cultivate an honest 

representation of the past and learn to treat all

 people with respect and understanding.

People tend to learn more about a nation by 

looking at and carefully examining what a 

nation chooses to forget. 

Loving our country means 

teaching historical truths about 

its past. The more enlightened 

we are about our past, 

the better prepared we are 

for the future. 

History is not taught to make one love or hate

 our great nation... it is taught to help us all  

become more enlightened. It helps us all better 

understand our country, our history, our origin 

and culture.

History is the creation and recording of our heritage.

It is our prayer we will be fortunate enough, before we 

die, to gather up as much as we can of our civilized 

heritage and transmit it to our children and future 


History, as we have been taught, is a one-sided 

narrative at odds with actual events. It has 

been grossly distorted and misrepresented.

Unfortunately, history is

overflowing with

 inaccuracies and omissions.

History is a lamentable error! 

Throughout history, forgeries, perjuries,

 and intentional deceptiveness abound and 

a myriad of errors have grossly littered the 

ancient past. Much of what has been 

passed on as "History" are nothing short 

of egregious ancient myths. 

Many historical lies are told by commission, 

which is making things up that are not true. 

Some of it is made by omission, which is 

leaving out information or details, not telling 

the full story. And some of it by assent, which 

is... remaining silent when not in agreement. 

Much of history that was taught in school was 

riddled with blatant generational lies. It has 

been exaggerated and filled with obvious false

 statements written and published by others who 

knew they were telling lies and twisting the truth.

Some of the most powerful forces that shaped

history were dressed-up lies people made up

about events that never happened with the

 intention to deceive and lead others to accept

 those lies as truth.

Many are so stuck on historical lies... they

 cannot bring themselves to acknowledge that

 which is inaccurate or true. That, in and of 

itself, is alarming and cultish. These distorted 

interpretations, perceptions and ideological 

influences presents insidious historical lies and 

sensational claims about America's past. 

These disingenuous accounts have threatened

 democracy and undermined reality.

Furthermore, these lies, omissions, and 

misrepresentations only compound the 

problems we face, today. These lies and

distortions about our racist legacy have laid the

 deceptive groundwork for imminent catastrophes, 

i.e., racial indifferences, injustices, systemic 

oppression, redlining neighborhoods, inequalities, 

police profiling, police brutality, mass incarceration

 and many other expressions of hostility and/or 

discriminatory practices.

These historical distortions and/or ideologies 

were created by those who came before us. 

They passed these distortions and/or ideological 

influences on to generations who followed them. 

This is a phenomenon called the illusion 

of truth effect. It basically proves that any

statement some people read, see, or speak 

regularly... is seen as more valid than one 

they are exposed to only occasionally. For 

some, it makes no difference whether the 

information is true or false... the only thing 

that matters is how often they are exposed

 to it. 

Disgracefully, some have latched on to these 

delusional beliefs and claims which devalue

the humanness in others, based totally on race, 

as if these belittling, unjust, repressive 

assertions were the gospel truth.  

Research shows that an unsound message 

rehashed continually becomes more convincing 

than a strong and truthful statement, only heard 

once. Whatever one can plant, in the mind,

and nourish, with repetition, can become

 one's reality.

The law of repetition can be a strong 

reinforcement and change one's perception 

of reality. Repetition and/or programming

has the power to rewire the brain, change

one's mind, and consequently govern one's 

thoughts, belief system, and behavior. 

A lie repeated often enough becomes the truth, 

for some. The same goes for visuals, which are 

just thoughts and ideas concentrated into an 


Repetition can rewire the brain and increase

one's mental validation of anything they are

exposed to, repeatedly, which is why it works

 so well in newspapers, magazines, radio,

 television advertisements, and political 


According to Wikipedia, history is a social 

resource that contributes to shaping national 

identity, culture, and public memory. Through the 

study of history, people are able to make inroads

 with a particular cultural identity. 

By negatively revising history, one can craft a 

specific ideological identity contrary to reality.

There are ongoing cases of deceptions, revisions

 and consciously falsified reinterpretations of 

history shamelessly taken out of context by some 

who would blindly accept a lie to avoid 

uncomfortable truths. 

Many historians are credited as people who, 

without compromise, pursue truth, by way of 

facts. On the other hand, revisionist historians 

capitalize on the historian's professional 

credibility, and present their pseudo history 

as true scholarship. By adding a measure of 

credibility to the work of revised history, the 

ideas of the revisionist historians are more

 readily accepted in the public mind and tends

 to fit their political, social, and ideological 


These devious lies have revealed an arrogance

 and entitlement which has affected every 

generation of humanity, and sadly, this

 disinformation is still being condoned, 

promoted and actively embraced by those 

who would rather live generational lies... 

than face the truth. This is a disturbingly 

relevant narrative of oppressors versus the 

oppressed and resistance to systemic

 exploitation of African Americans.

Some have chosen to continue demonizing, 

denigrating and dismissing African Americans,

 brutally mistreating, denying, and ridiculing

 the truth and even killing African Americans. 

There are facts about the oppressed that are

 still being overlooked by historians. We can 

no longer, in good and righteous conscience

 be buried by satanically inspired philosophies, 

twisted human reasoning, or warped, evil and 

distorted belief systems.

Power has influenced the production of the 

narratives we tell of the past. Power also 

protects and reinforces, for the sake of argument, 

the epistemic validity of Western historiography, 

and Western ways of knowing and using the past.

Unequal power structures have worked to create

 and reinforce historical narratives that contain 

a boat-load of silences. These silences are found 

not only in academic historical accounts, but in

 sources, archives, and in how societies recall

 and cast their minds back to the past, depart from

 the truth, invent historically inaccurate narratives,

 and establish historical significance.

Like the old proverb says, 

“Truth is the only daughter 

of time.”  

The truth will come out 

sooner or later.  

What doesn't come out in the 

wash, more likely than not, will 

come out in the rinse.

In an incredible journey of over 400 years, of 

World and American History... are missing pages.

Pages of untold stories have mysteriously

 vanished. They have been left out and/or 

have been silenced from history books. The 

enduring power of counter-storytelling has

 purposely created a wall of silence regarding

 the untold stories of Africans and 

African Americans.

Many cannot imagine what the history was

 like before the slave trade. To grow up 

believing African Americans' history started 

in slavery is a lie.

We must unlock the vaults of African 

and African American truths. There is a 

wealth of in-depth, sobering, unshakeable, 

unyielding, steadfast and resolute African 

and African American History. African

 American History is deeply rooted within the 

American story. Regrettably, this history has 

been, purposely, enshrouded in silence and 

hidden from public knowledge. 







Slavery and American racism 

were born in genocide.

White supremacy has been

 ingrained in our nation's 


America was founded upon ideals and,

generational lies, genocide, tyranny, cruelty,

 brutality, slavery, theft, terror, and immorality.

America has a deplorable legacy of bigotry /and

 violent crimes against humanity committed

 either outside the law or in the name of  "Law 

and order"... a record that stretches back centuries. 

The system of white supremacy was presented

to the Americas by European colonists and 

took effect in early U.S. society through the

genocide, enslavement, and internal colonization

 of indigenous populations, and the enslavement 

of Africans and their descendants. 

Historically, white supremacy has been 

understood as the belief that white people are 

superior to people of color. As such, white 

supremacy was the ideological whip of the 

European colonial projects and U.S. imperial 

projects: it was used to rationalize the groundless, 

unreasonably excessive and unrighteous rule 

of people and lands, theft of land and resources, 

enslavement, and genocide.

The phenomenon of colonization is a well-known

demeanor of gross, deplorable bigotry, tormenting

violence, systemic oppression, and insidious

 injustices against African Americans. 

Unfortunately, what happened to George Floyd, 

in 2020, stands within America's prejudiced 

tradition of oppression, implicit bias, heartless, 

warped, inhumane, unmerciful, and narrow-

mindedness... the enduring evils that 

perpetuates white supremacy. 

History helps us to better understand many

 of our present-day issues and why things are the

 way they are. Our country has a long and rich

undocumented history.

By negatively revising history, one can craft a 

specific ideological identity contrary to reality.

The revised history documented was made 

widely available by those who robbed, erased,

 ignored, oppressed, subjugated, enslaved, 

plundered, captured, colonized, lied, and 

murdered. As a result, their version of 

history has been infected with blatant lies, 

gross distortions, and countless omissions. 
History and context matters.

History helps us to dig deeper to see the 

importance of slavery to the American narrative.

 It helps us better understand the cause and effects 

of slavery and see how and why people of color

 are still being racially marginalized.

When students are miseducated and can only 

glean from unfavorable stories and stereotypes 

reported on the news, read in newspapers, 

heard on radio, seen in movies and on 

television... they end up having little to no

respect or appreciation for African Americans 

because of negative slants, etc. 

In all too many instances, African Americans 

are often overlooked or never described in

 a positive light to any of us. The children

 and our world need to be taught the truth

 about African Americans both historically

 and currently. 

There are some who have tried endlessly to

perpetuate generational lies regarding their 

delusion of white supremacy. Some have lied on, 

murdered and tried to keep African Americans

ideologically and economically downtrodden. 

They have been and are notorious for omitting 

and/or downplaying those critical narratives

which have shaped the character of our nation.

True history helps us to understand ourselves and

 the world around us. It gives us a clearer picture 

of how the various aspects of society works and 

how people have behaved, generation after 

generation, in an effort to impose their 

delusional idea that a superior race exists. 

How can anyone justify

 unequal treatment based 

on melanin? 

How can we promote liberty, freedom and 

democracy, on one hand, and a system of 

subjugation and exploitation of people who 

are of a different hue... on the other?

The colonizers proclaimed that the African people 

had no history. Everything has a history, including 

our nation’s deplorable record of violence against 

African Americans, committed either outside the 

law or in the name of law enforcement itself. 

We are born into a rich heritage of change-makers.

We were born to experience, harness, and 

contribute to this unparalleled journey of

rich diversity of people and cultures. 

Our collective past, from the first civilizations, 

the middle ages and into the modern era are 

overflowing with astounding discoveries of 

strong, faithful and fearless people who, may 

not be mentioned in our classroom books, but

 they have contributed greatly and provided 

strong and sound shoulders for us all to 

stand on.

When people get desperate or feel threatened 

they create illusions of victory... where no 

evidence exists. They turn blind eyes and bend

 reality, creating historical fiction, to selfishly suit 

their desires and personal preferences. They will 

go to extreme measures to cover up their misdeeds. 



of humanity...

and Father 



All people alive today 

descended from Africa. 

The Homo Sapiens species evolved in Africa. 

We are all descendants of the African continent.

  Genetic research has shown that all humans 

are closely related, inextricably interconnected. 

We all have the same collection of genes, but 

slightly different versions of some of them.

The color of our skin has nothing 

to do with race ...  it’s a by-product of 


The family tree of humanity is much more 

interconnected than some tend to think. Few 

people realize just how intricately the web 

of life connects us all. It is not just to 

people living on the planet today, but to 

everyone who ever lived. Every journey 

began in Africa. This means that all of us 

have ancestors of every color and creed, 

and every Klansman’s family has African


If you didn't know... now you know.

Ancient African 


Paper was originated in Africa. 
Our ancestors were change-makers. 
African Inventions Have Changed 

the World!

It is in our genes to be change-makers!

Mansa Mussa, King of Mali from 1306 AD to 1332 AD, 

was a great scholar, an economist with great business 

skills, and an art lover. He earned worldwide respect 

as he led a holy pilgrimage of about 72,000 from 

Timbuktu to the Islamic mecca. He was able to make 

Mali the wealthiest kingdom.

The Kingdom of Mali is in West Africa along 

the Niger River. It is highly renowned for its

trading centers, especially the city of Timbuktu. 

Timbuktu was renowned all over the world as 

a center of trade and exchange. 

The Kingdom of Mali is also attributed with 

the construction of vast libraries and one of the most 

prestigious Islamic universities, globally. 

It became a center of knowledge. 

It was at its height during the reign of Mansa Musa. 

A rich tradition of 


precedes us.

These are pyramids built by African

 people in what is now North Sudan.

Africa is not the 

"Dark Continent" 

some tried to make it 

to be.

This heritage of dedicated and resilient 

change makers have established historical 


Many people with low self-esteem look for ways 

to feel better about themselves. Some will attempt

 to put others down. They are notorious for 

belittling, condescending and even using 

patronizing speech.

Ignorant, uncultivated, and crude people seem

 to find pleasure and mock the shortcomings and

 faults of others... or their ideas. They vilify and/or 

discredit what they do not understand. They make

accusations often with offensive and dishonest


Satan's lies become their truths.

Lies and betrayal gives 

tremendous insights into one’s 


Idle minds and a willing tongue

 can be used as the devil's 


Satan is very comfortable taking up residence in 

people who are liars and intentionally mislead 

others to accept false, fraudulent, and invalid 

statements as true and valid.

This kind of speech, by Ian Smith, is a 

passive-aggressive approach to giving someone

 a verbal put-down while maintaining a facade

of reasonableness or friendliness.

We can tell a lot about a person by what they 

choose to see in others. People who lie and 

belittle others do it for the purpose of raising 

themselves up. 

Some people belittle others as a way of 

expressing their own bitterness, anger and 

ignorance when they purposely make 

unproven assertions in order to cast a bad 

light on what is thought to be a 

shortcoming of another.

It's been said,

"To belittle... is to


be little".

Misrepresenting the truth creates confusion 

and doubt. These dangerous distortions can

corrupt and cause eventual destruction. 

Historical narratives and the assumption

that the subjective interpretation of history 

is automatically rendered into a historical

 truth on account of its historical impact is

 clearly wrong. 

Delusional opinions and false assumptions

 based on incorrect interpretations of 

another's reality and cultural norms is evil. 

Some deliberately devilish people have 

allowed Satan to profoundly influence their 

human sphere. They are greedy, troubled 

people who are filled with an insatiable 

hunger for power.

Some stick to and live what they know to

be lies. It is an evil which causes widespread

harm, i.e., vicious cycles of animosity, ugliness,

warped justice and racism. Generational lies 

have caused and continues to cause unspeakable

suffering, untold destruction, and millions of 


People can sometimes have opinions about facts. 

Some people are not content unless they are in 

an accusing, invalidating, degrading, dismissive, 

unhinged attack mode. Some would rather be 

bamboozled by lies and trust bogus assertions

than accept or tell uncomfortable truths. 

No one wants to be deliberately lied to, told 

half-truths or given exaggerated accounts of 

people or experiences. The simplest lie, which

 some may take lightly... has the power to hurt,

 discourage and hinder. 

Words are persuasive messengers that could

 have one unleashing anger and hatred on 

people who are undeserving of it. Hurtful, 

one-sided misinformation can devastate 

one's life.

One lie causes others to question 

everything one has ever said.

 It is important that we tell the truth. Truth 

telling is essential for authentic communication 

to occur, and it makes genuine interactions 

between people possible. 

So what happens when our history is fabricated, 

erased... rubbed out and forgotten?

There are sizable holes in the narrative of history, 

some believe if they tell a lie loud enough and 

often enough, people will accept it as truth. 

Some have purposely endeavored to destroy 

historic relics preserved from humankind's 

earliest era just to support their creatively 

constructed narratives.

Erasing history is a dangerous path because

it means that the truth becomes something 

yielding, malleable. 

History has been constructed 

instead of recorded.

 Revisionist history can easily turn into a 

disaster of historic proportions! Picking and

 choosing which details to omit and/or focus 

on may make the events seem like they were 

heroic... or when the blinders are removed...

 the history shouts, this is not so... it has 

not been!

Erasing the facts doesn’t mean that events 

will go away, and they never happened. 

Neither does it mean that one has 

succeeded in narrowing another's range 

of thought. It just means no one, all 

inclusive, can learn very much if 

they depend only on historical fiction... 

which is a false path of understanding.

The truth is the mortal enemy 

of the lie. Let us be willing 

to search for the truth.

The impact of African Americans is 

undeniable and deeply deposited in the 

social fabric of America. 

We cannot talk about or tell American history 

without talking about African and African

American history. Like it or not... these 

narratives are basically connected, coupled, 

affixed, entwined, and related.

We all need the truth!
Shaka Zulu is one of the most popular and powerful

African kings. He is globally remembered as a great

military innovator and one of the most formidable

 leaders in African history. 

One human being of the ancient world who left a profound impact 

on history was the world's first documented multi-genius Imhotep

which means “he who comes in peace.” Imhotep held many titles

 such as sage, scribe, poet, chief lector priest, architect, 

astronomer, magician, chief physician to the king, and 

second in command of Kemet (Egypt).

Imhotep received accolades for his literary mastery that 

earned him recognition in modern times as; "the first man of 

science in recorded history," "the real Father of Medicine 

and healing," and "the world's first doctor". Sir William Osier

 also commented that, "The first figure of a Physician to stand

 out clearly from the mists of antiquity".

Imhotep lived in Kemet – Egypt at the court of King Zoser

 (Djoser) of the 3rd Dynasty around 2,980 B.C. and designed 

Kemet’s first pyramid. He established such a reputation as a 

physician and healer, that during the later stages his adoration

 grew into deification where he was worshipped as a god for the 

next 3,000 years in Egypt, Greece and Rome.

Imhotep, as a physician,

 was acknowledged as the

 author of the Edwin Smith

 Papyrus which describes

 more than 90 anatomical

 terms and 48 injuries. In

 Memphis, Imhotep also

 founded a school of

 medicine known as

Asklepion that remained

 famous for two thousand

 years. This took place well

 over "2,000 years before

 the Western Father of

 Medicine Hippocrates was

 even born"

A medical document that he authored is still studied to this

 day by medical students around the globe. In the area of

 medicine therefore, Hippocrates, who was born around

 460 B.C., is regarded as the “father of medicine”,

 whereas Imhotep, who was born around 2,700

 B.C., was worshipped as the “God of medicine.”

Imhotep, who also 

performed surgery and 

dentistry, diagnosed and 

treated over 200 diseases 

with some related to the

abdomen, bladder, rectum,

eyes, skin, hair, nails and 


He extracted medicine from

 plants and cured such

diseases as spinal

tuberculosis, gallstones,

appendicitis, gout, mastoid

diseases, rheumatoid and


There were thousands of homes around the 

huge square, all in the shape of beehives.

Cattle breeding, milking cows and hunting big

game were all considered as being honorable

 activities, and for this reason they were usually 

carried out by men.

More importantly, in terms of livelihood, 

social status and also as the subject of 

economic transactions... was cattle. 

For their protection against wild beasts 

kraals were constructed. These circular corrals 

were located in the center of each homestead. 

At night the herd was enclosed there. Cattle 

were extremely highly valued, because the 

size of the herd represented a benchmark of 

social success for every man.

History has been significantly shaped by the 

influence of Africans and African Americans. 

African Americans have made significant

 contributions to every field of the human

endeavor, including, but not limited to: a 

body of knowledge in science, the practical 

application of electrical knowledge and

sciences of technology. They have extensively 

researched brain function to develop and design 

the mechanical system.

Africans and African Americans were able to 

make complex mathematics appear simple. 

Historically, Africans and African Americans 

have left an indelible mark in theology, 

astronomy, architecture, medicine, education, 

agriculture, arts, literature, athletics, politics, 

and especially to the American economy. 

In every facet of the 

American experience lies

 the story of Africans and

African Americans.

John 10:10 reminds us, "The thief comes 

only to steal, kill, and destroy." 

"Woe to those who enact evil statutes

And to those who constantly record unjust 

decisions, So as to deprive the needy of 

justice And rob the poor of God’s people 

of their rights" there are consequences.

God’s Word is clear, it says we’ll be known

 by our fruits. Not by how much money we have. 

Not by how many followers we have. Not by 

how many books we have written or the great

 things we have done. We will be known by 

what fruit exists in our lives.

 At its height, 

slavery was a $3 billion-

plus industry and a 

major engine of the U.S.


The belt-tightening of slavery 

wasn’t relegated to the South: 

it crossed state lines. Even those 

states with low slaveholding

 populations were turning a 

profit from the tedious,

 exhausting, back-breaking 

blood, sweat, tears and 

subjugation of the enslaved.

 From tobacco cultivation, in

Virginia, to shipbuilding in 

Rhode Island, industries 

throughout the states both 

supported, and were

 supported by, slavery. 

By 1850, 80% of American 

exports were the product of 

slave labor. 

The estimated value of enslaved people

 increased 500% between 1790 and 1860,

 from $200 million to around $3.059 billion.

 Slavery’s profitability far 

outweighed the moral outrage 

it gave rise to. 

The South, in particular, was so dependent

on slavery that after the passage of the 

13th amendment freed the enslaved, many

 Southern states leveraged the vague nature 

of the amendment text, "Neither slavery nor 

involuntary servitude, except as a punishment 

for crime whereof the party shall have been

 duly convicted, shall exist within the 

United States, or any place subject to their 

jurisdiction," to criminalize African Americans 

and reinstitute them as a free labor source. 

Freedom... liberty?

The Constitution actually

 protected slavery.

African and African American history holds 

a long, rich and deep spiritual heritage. 

Jesus is central to

that heritage. 

Various theories about the race of Jesus 

have been proposed and debated.

True, we should be more concerned 

about our salvation and not the 

color of one's skin, but the question 

becomes... if color doesn't matter, to those 

waking up from the white Jesus myth, then 

why is it assumed, through countless 

illustrations, that Jesus was of European 


After research and revelations, it is extremely 

unlikely that Jesus looked white with blonde hair 

and blue eyes. He probably looked like the 

average man in that time period and place.

Why would Mary and Joseph take a blonde

 haired, blue eyed baby... to hide in a Black and 

Brown Egypt and Africa?

Everyone was Black, Brown or tan 

(As the Romans were) during that time. 

Odds are that Mary, the mother of Jesus, 

didn’t have blue eyes or even a recessive gene

 that would allow a child of hers to have blue eyes.

There were NO blonde Jews or Hebrews on the 

continent. None!

Egyptian culture before the British occupation.

Jesus was before the Diaspora, and they 

were Semitic, with brown features, 

dark brown almost black eyes, and black hair.

For eons, it depended on who painted the picture. 

All of the artists who drew or painted pictures 

of Jesus, for the most part, were European. 

So naturally they drew Him to look European. 

While Christ transcends skin color and

 racial divisions, this heinous default 

assumption of Jesus being light-haired,

 blue-eyed, and very white has caused many 

to become disciples of a white Jesus... 

which is inaccurate.

In the Book of Revelation, Jesus is described 

as having hair like “white wool,” eyes like 

“flames of fire,” and feet “like burnished 

bronze, refined as in a furnace.”

Burnished bronze is closer to a dark brown.

Jesus was about 30 years old when He began 

His ministry (Luke 3:23), but the Bible tells us

 virtually nothing about what He looked like...

except that He didn’t stand out in any 

particular way. 

When Jesus was arrested in the garden of 

Gethsemane before the Crucifixion 

(Matthew 26:47-56) Judas Iscariot had to point 

Jesus out to his soldiers among the disciples...

presumably because Jesus blended in with

 the rest of the population, He didn't stand out,

or at least with His followers, enough so that

 Judas had to identify Him for the guards who 

were coming to arrest Him after the Last Supper.

They all appeared similar to one another. 

Painted in the sixth century A.D., is the

 earliest known image of Christ found in

Israel, and the image portrays Him with 

shorter, curly hair, a depiction that was 

common to the eastern region of the 

Byzantine empire... especially in Egypt 

and the Syria-Palestine region, but it 

disappeared from later Byzantine art.

 We should not need Jesus to be either 

black or white, but we should need the 

Word of God to be represented accurately.

In church, depictions of Jesus have been 

used for centuries. A white image graced 

church walls for decades and travelled around 

the world with missionaries, military personnel

 and in American publications. This Protestant 

image was, in some ways, a modern expression

 of portrait trends in the work of some master 

artists in the European Renaissance.

For years, Sallman’s Jesus “represented the

 image of God, a white notion of the sacred. 

These depictions also influenced the idea

 that Jesus was a man with blonde hair,

 blue eyes, and white complexion.

Leonardo da Vinci was a leading artist and

 intellectual of the Italian Renaissance 

who was known for his enduring works 

“The Last Supper” and the “Mona Lisa.” 

Rembrandt van Rijn, another painter, 

rendered a drawing of 

The Last Supper after Leonardo da Vinci.

Obviously, some had a crude and somewhat 

infantile fascination with skin color. 

Why was it necessary to depict Jesus as white? 

Could it be that some may have used the Bible

 to push their heretical, racist, divisive agendas?

As Jesus' following spread out of the

Middle East ... sometimes via devoted 

missionary work and sometimes by more 

aggressive methods... people across western

 Europe started casting Jesus in their image.

Scholars have a better idea of what people,

in general, looked like in the Middle 

East around the first century... and they 

were not light-skinned. The Bible reflects 

countless unsung heroes who have been

 portrayed quite differently. 

For centuries, the most common image of 

Jesus Christ, at least in Western cultures, has 

been that of a bearded, fair-skinned man with

 long, wavy, light brown or blonde hair and 

(often) blue eyes. 

The famed painting, which has been 

reproduced at least a billion times, came

 to define what many generations thought

 was a accurate portrayal of Jesus Christ.

The evidence we do have indicates Jesus 

probably looked very different from how 

He has long been portrayed.

Yet, a white Jesus remains the standard in 

most modern depictions. 



Cesare Borgia was the illegitimate son of Cardinal 

Rodrigo Borgia, who later became Pope Alexander VI.

He was the son of his father’s most famous mistress,

 Vannozza Catanei. Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia, 

was vice chancellor of the church and had three 

earlier children by other mistresses. 

Cesare befriended Leonardo da Vinci during 

his life. Leonardo used Borgia’s likeness as a

 base for his depiction of a caucasian Jesus. 

Apparently, it was common place for artists to 

do such things to please popes and monarchs. 

Jesus' teachings elevated humanity 

to a higher level of spirituality and enlightenment. 

This authoritative man with dark curly hair 

like wool (or with a rastafarian hairstyle) and

 burnished brown skin died for our sin and is 

God’s Son. 

Jesus was manifested in the flesh, justified 

in the Spirit, sent by God, the Father, to dwell 

with man. He came and died and resurrected 

for all races and ethnicities.

Jesus faced all the

same kinds of 

trials and tests we

are subjected to...

and more.

"With humility comes 


Without humility, there is strife 

and division. 

We cannot stop people from doing evil, 

but they cannot force us to participate 

with them. It takes no power, might, or

 wisdom to retaliate against evildoers.

"The way of fools seems right to them"

Death is the shepherd of all mankind. 

And “in the morning” those who are evil 

will be the slaves of those who are good. 

For the power of their wealth is gone when 

they die; they cannot take it with them.

Psalm 49:14-16

"When pride comes, then comes disgrace."

The angry, lawless, hate-filled lynch mob 

mocked, and treated Jesus shamelessly. They 

spat in Jesus' face, brutally struck Him with 

their clenched fists on His temples and

 tormented Him. 

Others slapped Him with the open palm

 of their hands. They blindfolded Him and 

cursed Him, beat Him, and whipped Him. 

Jesus was even beaten by some of the council. 

They too, ridiculed Jesus. 

Jesus was falsely accused by so-called 

witnesses, unjustly condemned by His judges,

 and insulted by all. They continued to strike 

Jesus and even beat Him with a whip before 

He was lynched and/or crucified. 

This was the greatest contempt and most 

disgraceful punishment which could 

possibly be shown.

The Romans murdered 
the Son of God.

History and current events are full of examples 

of people who may win a series of battles to get ahead,

 but they lose the war and will eventually have to 

suffer the consequences of their actions.

In other words, we are talking about cause and effect.

The law of consequences states that every result or 

outcome (effect) happens for a reason (cause).

Let us not think that we are so deserving and

entitled that we can get away with bad choices... 

even if it seems like we will never get caught. 

Listen, no one... regardless of 

their race, tribe, creed, color,


class, religion, language, age, 

culture, political beliefs, 

educational background, or 

socio-economic differences,

experiences, or realities can

 escape the consequences 

of their actions. 

All walks of life will experience

sowing and reaping.Whatever 

we sow into the lives of others, 

be it happiness or misery, we

will eventually reap. 


Reaping is no respecter of 

persons. Each of us will reap

 the fruits of our actions. We 

will inherit goodwill or 


Negative deeds will eventually

bring harmful repercussions. 

If we sow evil... we reap evil.

It comes back to us... one way 

or another.

God is not only the Creator of what is visible

 but what is invisible (Colossians 1:16). 

This includes everything in the spiritual 

realm, including our emotional state.

Some people’s disposition has 

become supremely vicious. 

Their conscience is dominated

 by the evil one.

Jesus knows how stubborn 

mankind is.

Jesus knows what cruel,

violent, indecent treatment 


Humility humanizes a leader.

Humility is the trait that strengthens

all other positive attributes. 

When we respond to evil in humility and grace, 

we are proving that good triumphs over 

wickedness. Returning good for evil is one 

of the greatest demonstrations of strength.

Jesus died on the cross for us all... 

even the very same people who

crucified Him.

All history should be a lesson in humility. 

We should be concerned with what is right. 

Seeking to be humble is a series of ascending 

stages to divine understanding.

Because Jesus had these human experiences... 

He could sympathize and empathize with our 

weaknesses, pain, struggles, and temptations.

Jesus has been there, done that, and gone 

through it all. Jesus is fully aware of and 

sensitive to... the feelings, thoughts, and 

experiences we now have.

Jesus' humanity enabled Him 

to sympathize with our human

 frailties in ways others never 


God loves us and is under no illusion about

 who we are, where we have been, what we

 have done or acquired. 

Some of our deepest personal problems

are rooted in something we can't control... 

dysfunctional generational behavioral 

patterns our ancestors left behind. 

The cycle has been repeated over and 

over again. It is time that we consciously

 control our choices. After all, we will, at 

some point, become our children's 

children's ancestors. Our behavior becomes

 a model or example to the next generations.

We must stop the cycle that has polluted 

the minds and hearts of our families for 


The struggle for civil rights and human 

rights are the most basic rights of

 all human beings. It is not a privilege... 

it is a right. All human beings are born

free and equal!

Civil rights and human rights

 should matter to everyone, 

especially to those 

who know God. 

Treat others the way you would want to be 

treated. Having said that, what would Jesus do, 


Jesus would have us think about others the 

way we would want to be thought of.

 Feel about others the way we would want 

others to feel about us, and speak to others the

 way we would want to be spoken to or 

spoken of.

All are equal, in God's sight,

but treated unequally by man.

Man has made a mockery of 

"All men are created equal." 

Some have spoken out calling 

this a myth... a self-evident lie.

Some have admitted that belief in God’s

 equality in human creation would form

 the basis for a powerful attack upon the 

brutality of the slave trade, slavery, and 

every other kind of injustice.

Unfair practices and an uneven playing field 

may have allowed some to get to the top 

of their profession, but God knows. Pride 

has a way of bringing one back to the 



There are numerous people who made it to 

the top, but they are not wise. In fact, some 

of the most prominent people in our society 

claim to be the smartest ones. But, when you 

see their behaviors... chauvinism, bigotry, 

lying and laziness... you realize they are not 

wise. Their intelligence helped them achieve 

success in academia, athletics, politics, business 

and entertainment. But, their lack of wisdom


brings disgrace upon them, their families and 

everyone who ever supported them.

To gain wisdom, we must exercise Humility 

and be willing to learn from our history and 

current mistakes. Without Humility, even the 

most intelligent people walk a road to 


Regardless of social rank, wealth, or knowledge... 

God does not ignore or change

 His standards for anyone. 

All human beings were given life by God 

and are made in God's image and likeness 

(Genesis 1:27).

Human rights should be rooted in God and 

in our being. 

May we arise and embrace our inherent

 dignity as human beings and not deprive 

any person of life, liberty, or the pursuit

of happiness.

One important aspect of God’s character: 

He does not favor... and never has favored...

one person or group of people over others. 

No matter what external circumstances, 

such as socioeconomic status or nationality, 

for there is no respect of persons with God. 

God’s fairness is toward 

all humans:

Job 34:19: “Yet He is not partial to princes, 

nor does He regard the rich more than the poor; 

for they are all the work of His hands.”

Let us break free and clean up the 

generational mess some of our fallen, 

unchecked, and unsaved ancestors passed 

down. It is not a legacy to embrace, it is

 a lie that can affect one's descendants. 

Just think for a moment of the sins that

 could be visited upon our children. 

Whether we like it or not, our children are 

becoming just like us. And as time goes by we 

will find that they have inherited some of the

 same tendencies toward sin that we learned 

from our own parents and grands. 

Dag Hammerskjold, former Secretary to the

 United Nations, once said, “You cannot play

 with the animal in you without becoming 

wholly animal; play with falsehood without 

forfeiting your right to truth; play with 

cruelty without losing your sensitivity of mind. 

He who wants to keep his garden tidy doesn’t

 reserve a plot for weeds.”

If one is sincerely trying to do the right thing 

and emulate the character of God, they 

understand and value honesty and integrity.  

Despite our heritage, we each have to make

 our own choice if we want to righteously follow 

God and live our lives in reverence to Him.

“The earth is the Lord’s 

and everything in it” 

(Psalm 24:1). 

God is the Source of all there is! 

Everything that exists is God’s property, and

we exists for God's purposes. God's rights 

and His creation are being violated every day... 

where is the outrage?!

How can we speak with authority to the world

 about human rights when we have yet to 

achieve racial equality?  

America, we must taken an enlightened look 

at the degradation, dehumanization, injustices, 

inequities, police brutality, civil rights and 

human dignity in our own communities.

Why aren't we, as Believers, standing up for

the rights of the oppressed and the vulnerable?

When will we stand up and say injustice is


Make it make sense???

Thank God, there are multitudes of hearts and

 minds working together for a much higher 


God's twin purposes for creation is to reveal 

His character and nature, and to provide for 

what God has made. Humanity's use of God's 

amazing creation must promote... not 

compromise the ability of creation to reveal

 God and to provide for humans and other

 creatures on the earth now... and in the future.  

As stewards of God's creation, let us persevere 

and not allow the world to be defined by the 

injustices, inequities, death and destruction 

caused by some. Rather, let us intervene on 

behalf of the oppressed and try to resolve the

inequities or injustices many face... based on

 their melanin. 

Civil rights and equality is the process of making 

things right and fair. It need not be out of the 

question; and contention coupled with police 

brutality need not be the inevitable. 

Without humility, all of a one's other strengths

 become watered down... like a vapor... 


Jesus' parable said,

"Whatever you did for one

of the least of these brothers

and sisters of mine,

you did for Me."

Although stained by Eurocentrism, 

human rights is inherent to being

human. It is the heart of the 

Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is what 

Jesus pronounces, declares, asserts 

and establishes in the gospel accounts.

The answer lies in Jesus Christ and in the 

sacrifice He made on the cross. 

2 Corinthians 5:21 tells us: 

For He made Him who knew no sin to be

 sin for us, that we might become the

 righteousness of God in Him. 

Jesus, having lived a perfect life without sin, 

was the only acceptable sacrifice for our sins.

When Jesus suffered and died on the cross, 

He bore the penalty for all of our sins – 

including any generational influences at 

work in our lives.

Generational influences can be ingrained. 

What our parents and ancestors lived through 

and by can have real impact on our lives today.

 These influences have, in many cases, positively 

shaped us or... burdened and damaged our 


 But if we repent and acknowledge what 

Christ did for us on the cross, we can walk

 free from the sin that has entangled us for years. 

Not only can we walk free, but our children and 

future generations can walk free as well!