That which is a given does not

 require acknowledgment or a 

global protest.

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since we’ve posted. Lately, social media has been very disheartening for us, and we wanted to take the time to to respond in the best way we can. As you know, the evil of racial injustice in America continues to prevail. And as long as it stands we will continue to fight against it, just like our grandfather before us, who marched hand in hand with Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The Douglas family believes in EQUALITY, FREEDOM, and JUSTICE for ALL people! So today, we’re sharing this video with you to encourage you to STAND UP for what is right. Because at the end of the day, we are all created in God’s image. One blood, one race. Racism must end. Brutality must end. Remember- Do Good. Love Someone. ❤️❤️❤️ #standup

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since we’ve posted. Lately, social media has been very disheartening for us, and we wanted to take the time to to respond in the best way we can. As you know, the evil of racial injustice in America continues to prevail. And as long as it stands we will continue to fight against it, just like our grandfather before us, who marched hand in hand with Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The Douglas family believes in EQUALITY, FREEDOM, and JUSTICE for ALL people! So today, we’re sharing this video with you to encourage you to STAND UP for what is right. Because at the end of the day, we are all created in God’s image. One blood, one race. Racism must end. Brutality must end. Remember- Do Good. Love Someone. ❤️❤️❤️ #standup

Social justice issues have plague

and tormented our country and many 

other countries around the globe 

with issues that affected us 

historically, and today.

Justice is an established, routine 

virtue to most of us and can be

 defined as rendering to others 

his and/or her God-given rights. 

Justice must never be

godless, disrespectful, 

callous, blood-thirsty, 

brutal, vicious, wicked, 

desensitized, ruthless, 

diabolical, monstrous, 



impartial or allow

partisan influence

Justice must be blind. 

It must righteously serve the rule 

of law, and every individual must

 be treated equitably and fairly. 

Justice must ensure equal human 

rights under the law. 

The law should be fairly 

and faithfully enforced. 

The law should protect

 the safety of 



The conventional interpretation of 

“Justice is blind” 

is that the legal system is impartial. 

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Apparently, there are many in 

the justice system, who did not

get the memo.

The idea of justice occupies center stage both in 

ethics, and in legal and political philosophy.

Classically, justice was counted as one of the four 

cardinal virtues. In fact, sometimes it was the most

important of the four.

America's ongoing struggle with

injustice, widespread racial bias,

bigotry, inequality, civil rights, 

and systemic oppression is not so 

much about black and white... it

 is more about wrong and right.

Historical injustice and past moral 

wrongs committed are too often 

overlooked; yet, these ills are still 

impacting the well-being of many 

Black people, today.

False narratives of racial difference 

marginalize and exclude many Black, Red 

and Brown communities. Many Black, Red 

and Brown people have been burdened with a 

presumption of guilt and dangerousness.


That's just evil. 


The United States

of America!

Far too many people have been taught to see 

reality through a very narrow and shallow lens. 

This leaves one feeling threatened by perceived


Some people can be unkind, harsh, ruthless and 

hateful towards others because they have been

 conditioned/taught to fear people who are

 different from them or been deemed as a threat, 

based on the color of their skin.



Some have made it their life's mission to 

intentionally sow seeds of unfounded hatred. 

They create pain and hardships for others by

 demonizing, denigrating and diminishing 

others with the goal of furthering some

 ideological, religious, or political objective.


Many of these terroristic acts of violence are 

intentionally perpetuated. This, in and of itself, is 

useless, uncivil, divisive, unproductive, destructive 

and misplaced waste of emotions that pollutes the 

heart and robs people of their peace and joy. It is 

very injurious to the hater. It is like drinking poison 

and hoping the other person dies.

Hatred or hate is a profoundly bitter burden to bear. 

It confuses and paralyzes life. It distorts the vision 

and retards people from becoming their best and 

highest self.

Hating is an intensive and emotional dislike 

directed against individuals, groups, entities, 

objects, behaviors, or ideas. It is often associated 

with generational callousness, insensitivity, 

animosity, and an inclination towards hostility. 

Some violent, power hungry, control freaks are 

actually afraid of their own shadows, but when 

given the opportunity they are and have been 

notorious for painting the victim in a negative

 light by saying somehow they deserved the 

disgraceful punishment inflicted upon them...

they deserved the hate crimes that they endured.

 Hate is not a respected 

family value.

Some people are great at convincing themselves 

of their own righteousness; yet, so evil that they 

would consciously go down into the most devilish

 parts of themselves in order to hurt and blindly 

disregard the personhood... the humanity in 


People of color are all too aware that our society is 

very racialized... yes, racism exists.

The discrimination and violation of African-Americans’

 human rights did not end after slavery was abolished.

 From separate bathrooms and schools to belittlement 

and judgement of individuals based on their skin color,

 African-Americans were stripped of their rights in


The toxic campaign of white supremacy and the 

profound influence of blatant lies have been


manipulated through a multitude of mediums and 

has plagued our world, even in our supposed 

enlightened society. 

For several hundred years, some Whites have argued

and have deeply entrenched themselves under the

 veil of being superior to others in every respect. 

Every one of us, whether we are conscious of it or not, 

are living out our lives in societies shaped by history. 

In all societies structures of inequality, including 

economic inequalities, have been laid down in the 

past. In a number of cases these structures have been 

based on or influenced by racist assumptions that,

transmitted over time have continuing effects today.

These injustices and undue advantages have been


generationally perpetuated... multiplying and 

repeating themselves. Nevertheless, the lies, sins

 and guilt, maintained over several generations have

 snowballed into treacherous and diabolical atrocities 

perpetuated upon humanity. These toxic generational

 strongholds has made truth, for many, hard to face and 


Some people are so bound up with deception,

 envy, greed and self-righteousness... they can 

not bring themselves to see the truth. 

We are all created equal in

God's eyes.

John 3:16 tells us Jesus died 

for the whole world.

“ All human beings are born free and equal in dignity

 and rights...”(Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 


All of us have difficulty with the idea that although 

we are all different we all should be treated the same. 

It seems ‘natural’ to ascribe negative meanings to

 differences, to associate difference with the supposedly

 inferior or superior or the dangerous. It is not, however,

natural. It is something we learn and is therefore

something we can unlearn.

Some people are invested in misunderstanding 

African Americans and the Black Lives Matter 

Movement. They have no desire for truth or 

justice for all.

White fragility is a state in which even a minimum 

amount of racial stress becomes intolerable, triggering

a range of defensive moves. These moves include the

outward display of emotions such as anger, fear, and

 guilt, and behaviors such as tears, argumentation, 

silence, and leaving the stress-inducing situation. 

These behaviors, in turn, function to reinstate white 

racial equilibrium. White people in North America 

live in a social environment that protects and insulates 

them from race-based stress.

On the flip side, the police, are treating taxpaying 

citizens of color in a harsh, ruthless and hateful 

manner. It could very well be that they have been 

poorly trained. 

Some have made it their mission in life to sow

 seeds of unbridled hatred by over-criminalizing

 African Americans, using terrorism and white

 supremacy which intentionally creates pain

 and hardships for others, based solely on skin 


This, in and of itself, is a useless, uncivil, 

divisive, unproductive, destructive and 

misplaced waste of emotions that pollutes 

the heart and robs people, in general, of their

 peace and joy. It is very injurious to our 

society, as a whole.

Whites move through a society in which racial inequality

is the very bedrock in racial comfort as white people and

they are rarely ever out of their racial comfort zones.

White "Privilege" refers to certain social advantages,

benefits, or degrees of prestige and respect that an

individual has by virtue of belonging to certain social 

identity groups.

The fact is, police officers react differently to White 

people who are pulled over as opposed to Black people 

they pull over. For those who refuse to acknowledge the 

dehumanizing inequalities… just imagine what you 

would feel like if the situations were reversed. 

When people say black lives matter, it does not mean

 blue lives, White lives, Red lives, Yellow lives and 

Brown lives don’t matter. All lives matter is an 

accurate statement, but this is not a matter of 

devaluing or comparing lives. 

When black people have encounters with biased 

people within the judicial system and police officers, 

it becomes very apparent to black people that they 

can't or won't see the humanity in black lives. Black 

lives have been grossly undervalued and to try to

rationalize the horrible injustices is just wrong and


How would you feel if the police 

patrolled your community the way 

they patrol the Black community?

Imagine this as being your 

experience in the United States 

of America?

How would you feel if every move 

you, your child, your brother, sister, 

mother, or father made... had to be 

made with severe consideration for 

their lives being threatened or taken 

by those who are to preserve law

 and order?

Far too many bad police officers 

are routinely engaging in 

generational bad habits of hurting 

and maiming Black people simply

because of the bitter racial seeds of

 ignorance, hatred and division 

passed on from their forefather's 

self-righteous rage. It is high time

 to inspect the ways we have been

 programmed to blame and mistreat

African Americans in an effort to 

cover up generational lies, deception

anger, greed, theft, rape, and murder. 

Reader, how would you feel if the 

police and the justice system 

treated you as they treat Blacks?



Black lives are at risk. Blacks are twice as likely to be 

hurt, arrested or killed by an officer. It is said that there 

are more black Americans in the United States justice 

system than there were slaves in 1850. 

The "Black Lives Matter" slogan is to raise 

awareness of the violence and discrimination blacks 

regularly face in the United States of America. This 

is a fight against injustice.

Black lives matters denounces 

systemic racism and police 

brutality, which is excessively 

used against Black people. 

It is time that we all look through a more 

righteous lens and stop deflecting the real 

issues minorities have to face when they 

interact with bad officers.

The big "aha" is that blacks are racially

profiled and are more vulnerable to less 

than transparent judicial processes. Blacks

 are disproportionately targeted and subjected

 to biased and corrupt police bullying.

Let us not miss the point, Black people are 

being murdered and brutalized by police who

 in many cases get a slap on the wrist. These 

are real lives that are being taken. These are 

mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, 

uncles, sons and daughters. These are lives 

that have been ripped away from their loved 

ones either through wrongful incarceration 

or tragic acts of violence. 

Contrary to what some may believe... 

African Americans are also a part

of God's amazing creation!

Whether all humans accept it or not... 

Black lives really do matter and should 

not be subjected to blatant injustice,

 treated with contempt and/or regarded

 as subhuman, that is the point.

Usually, the things that others fear within 

themselves is what they hate about others.

 Some people don't like those who's strength

 reminds them of their weakness. As a result, 

they project their unlovable and morally 

reprehensible ill will and negativity... 


The Bible is clear about hate... hate is just wrong.


Generating hatred is a waste of precious time.

Unlearn that horrible generational curse. There 

are no solutions found in hating others.

According to Scripture...

We are all made in God's image.

Some of the House Republicans, 

contentiously, downplayed the

 Capital attacks, where rioters

overran the Capitol to 

overthrow Democracy.

Some called the insurrection...

 a normal "Touristvisit?


It is time for a human 

heart revolution!!! 

Let us pray for a revolution in 

the human heart. For such a time 

as this, love and a righteous

relationship with God

 is the answer. 

We need God to revolutionize 

the soul of all mankind!

Let us be honest, many Whites have unearned 

advantages over Blacks, and when it is brought

 to the light... some tend to deflect, dismiss, 

pretend to misunderstand and read into it... 

a whole different meaning. That is cruel and


Hatred is a poisonous and destructive emotion 

that eats one up from the inside out. It is 

destructive and mind consuming. The mental 

venom can pollute one's spirit. If left unchecked, 

hate will rear its ugly head corroding and 

imploding the soul and explosively 

overshadowing one's days.

Hatred is a heart dis-ease that has contempt 

for another or believes others to be inferior. 

Hatred feeds on humiliating and mistreating 

others. Hatred produces ill will, resentment,

 animosity, prejudice, bitterness, and hostility 

that eats away at the hater's heart and mind. 

It can pollute and destroy people from within...

causing paranoia, restlessness and obsessive, 

unstable thinking. It negatively impacts the 

mind and heart of the hater and leads one 

to spiritual suicide. 

Haters are more or less... walking dead souls.

Hatred corrupts and consumes the person or 

people who harbor it. It can become harmful 

both to oneself and others. 

Most of us don't know how to handle the 

dis-ease of hatred, especially when it is 

directed toward us. Let us detach ourselves 

from any hateful attacks that we face and 

follow Jesus' teachings found in the Ethics 

of the Kingdom... the Sermon on the Mount... 

sometimes called the Sermon on the Plain 


Keep in mind that Jesus wasn't a pastor of a 

church, so this profound "Sermon", on how we

 are to live, was different than the kind of 

religious message we hear today. Jesus taught

 about subjects such as prayer, justice, the 

needy, judging other people, etc.

Jesus' words are practical and concise. Jesus

taught us to do better than what society allows 

or expects.

God is Love, and God has given 

us the mandate to love others. 

Jesus had a radical view of how we would treat 

people and just exactly who our neighbor was. 

He said love your neighbor, love your brother, 

even love your enemies. 

“But to you who are listening I say: Love your 

enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless

 those who curse you, pray for those who 

mistreat you. 

If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to 

them the other also. If someone takes your 

coat, do not withhold your shirt from them. 

Give to everyone who asks you, and if 

anyone takes what belongs to you, do not

 demand it back. Do to others as you

 would have them do to you.

Luke 6:27-36

This sermon describes an attitude of the heart 

that expresses itself "Positively" when others 

are negative, and generously when others are 

selfish. Jesus is showing us what our attitude 

should be toward those we would rather hate, 

and how to develop and live out that attitude.

Isaiah 26:3 reminds us, "You keep him in perfect peace 

whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You."

Africans and African Americans have suffered horrible 

injustices, i.e., racism, prejudice and mistreatment 

including, but not limited to: slavery, isolation, 

persecution, sterilization, medical experimentations, 

disproportionate incarcerations, senseless, vicious 

brutality and murder while in police custody.

Some are so blinded with isms... that they use their

inventive faculties, not for the good, but for the sole

 purpose of disregarding the personhood of others and 

going down into the most perverted and devilish parts 

of themselves in order to create strife, devise malicious, 

vicious, vindictive, devilish exclusions and schemings 

that will hurt their victims. Many times they do this 

as a means of elevating themselves.

According to the Scriptures, such 

people are an abomination in God's 


Trust, God has heard your voices and seen your misery, 

toil and oppression.

It’s time to transform the varying levels of 

generational evil, intolerance, and ignorance. 

Racism is a life-threatening heart dis-ease. 

It is time for healing what divides us!

The 'Big Six' organizers of the Civil Rights Movement 

were: A. Philip Randolph, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., 

James Farmer, Whitney Young, Jr., Roy Wilkins and John 

Lewis. They knew it was time to organize and develop a 

set of demands that would actually transform conditions in 

African American communities.

These Civil Rights leaders and thousands of freedom 

fighters were organized and like-minded. They knew it 

was their season to speak for those who could not speak 

for themselves. It was their time to stand up and defend 

the rights of the oppressed, brutalized and all who were

Black lives do matter. African Americans have helped to 

build and shape the character of our great nation.

Generational study is important because our ancestors 

were shapers who did the best they could in spite of the 

circumstances of their lives. 

Yes, it was their time to speak up and defend those who

 had been deprived of jobs and their inherent freedom as

 humans. They wanted others to realize that African 

Americans deserved dignity and respect.

These Civl Rights freedom fighters advocated for the

civil and economic rights of African Americans. They

 called for liberty, justice and an end to racism. 

They knew it was time to march... to protest racial 

discrimination and show support for the major civil 

rights legislation that was pending in Congress.

 These leaders applied their Biblical wisdom, 

philosophical understanding, reasoning, boldness, 

humility, professional knowledge, experience, 

observations, resources and clarity about injustices,

 disparities and inequalities while reasoning with 

their antagonists. 

These leaders and thousands of freedom 

fighters believed that little could be accomplished 

through violence, and that it would behoove 

all concerned to engage people of  “Good will” 

in a nonviolent manner. In doing so, the powers

 that be would better hear their rallying cry 

regarding police brutality and/or murders of 

AfricanAmericans and not only understand, 

but be convinced of the need for equal rights 

and justice for all.

They believed by their strong, stable, reasonable, 

persistent and valid arguments... the administrative 

system would finally come to understand and support 

their efforts by working with them to resolve their 

issues and demands. They were of the belief that if 

people of "Good will" knew better... 

they would do better. 

Our ancestors hold many keys that can help us to

righteously and strategically resolve many of the 

issues we are faced with today. May we take heed,

 keep God in the forefront and march on.
Proverbs 14:31 (NIV)

“He who oppresses the poor shows contempt for their 

Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God.”

It has been almost 6 decades since the 1963 March on 

Washington; yet, many still lack the understanding about

 how to treat one another fairly.

Equal justice for all is a law and an ideal our country has 

unfortunately failed to live up to. Very few of us can say 

we have fully realized Dr. King's vision. We are still 

struggling to overcome forces of societal conflicts, official

inhumanity and ugly images of our nation's racist legacy. 

African Americans are being bombarded by 

continued brutal incidents which are painful, 

appalling, disgusting, and heartbreaking reminders 

that racism, hatred, animosity and injustice remains

a very serious challenge, for the land of the free, 

where on paper, there is justice for all. How shameful

 to see America, in 2020, still deprived of justice and 

equality for all. 

Some see entire groups of people as... "Those people." 

When people shift their fears and hatred to "Those 

people," they are declaring that "Those people" 

are unacceptable things... they have no value; no worth. 

According to some..."Those people" do not matter to them 

because... "Those people" are less than human. They can 

then "Justify" acts of violence and degradation because...

they have denied the humanity of "Those people."

These antiquated ideals of white supremacy and denying 

African Americans of their God-given rights, are ideals 

our country should be embarrassed and appalled over.

Our actions and/or decisions may affect others, and those

effects may change the world around us. 

If we sow evil... we will eventually reap evil. Whatever we

intentionally do to others...we will reap, and we will all be

held accountable before God. No one will escape the

consequences of their choices.

When we are about to make a choice, let us think of the

consequences of that decision and ask ourselves, how will

this decision affect me and those around me?

Am I doing this for the approval of a secret society that's

bent on restoring inequality and abuse?

Will the ripple effect of this decision glorify God or man?

Am I asking for God’s will to be done or only my will,

regardless of the consequences?

Think about it,

Jesus embraced others with a radical disregard for

their race, tribe, creed, color, class, religion, language,

age, culture, disability, political beliefs, educational

background, or socio-economic differences, experiences,

or realities. "Jesus ransomed people for God from every 

tribe and language and people and nation."

Revelations 5:9

Let us pray that all who are in authority, world-wide will

bear the marks of God's love, presence, and power, and

not become susceptible to lies, chaos and evil

undertakings, but advocate for peace, love and justice

for all.

It is a crucial time for our nation... our 

world to collectively seek God's 

divine intervention.

When God is in the forefront, intended evil becomes 

eventual good.

God is mindful of each person He created, equally. As we 

search the Scriptures and come to understand our equality 

before God and the origins of creation... that, in and of 

itself, should be enough to...


According to Scripture...

We are all made in God’s 


 Everybody's story is important in this huge, rich, 

beautiful, and diverse tapestry. Every individual is like a

 thread and each thread has a vital contribution to make.

 Each thread has possibility. Each thread can make a 

positively good difference in this world.

Spirit makes us relevant to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

The Scriptures affirm the fundamental equality of all 

people before God. God's Word is very clear in telling 

us that no one is insignificant. Every single person is 

precious and valuable to God. 

Today, some will drown out the chants of "Black lives 

matter"with "White lives matter" or "All lives matter". 

The Black Lives Matter movement is not a hate 

movement, a statement of exclusion, an anti-white or 

anti-anyone proposition. This is a rallying cry from human 

beings protesting the harsh, oppressive, dehumanizing 

treatment and/or murders of African Americans by law 

enforcement. It is a cry from human beings who have been

 treated as if they were invisible. These human beings are

 seeking "Liberty and justice for all", just as it is written.

This movement was born out of heartbreak, anguish, 

affliction, murders, too much invisibility, inequities and 

too much injustice. This mass movement has come 

together, from around the world to say: 


Demonstrators are united in denouncing systemic racism 

and police brutality, i.e., being vigorously policed, treated 

inhumanely with unnecessary cruel beatings, tasering, 

being kicked, faces and bodies are mercilessly slammed to 

the ground, put in fatal choke holds, being unarmed and 


These are human beings (including children) who are 

plagued with longstanding, unacceptable human rights 

issues. The excessive use of violent force against 

African Americans is something that continues to happen 

over and over again. It is blatantly unrighteous and 

painfully appalling, to say the least.

This movement is to raise and broaden awareness of the 

violence and discrimination blacks face in the United 

States of America. African Americans are intentionally 

left deprived of basic human rights and dignity at the 

hands of the state. This fight is against injustice. It is 

denouncing systemic racism and police brutality that is 

excessively used against African Americans.

Let us be honest, many whites have unearned advantages 

over blacks, in this life, and when it is brought to the 

light... some tend to purposely deflect, dismiss, pretend to 

misunderstand and attempt to read into it... a whole 

different meaning. 

That is cruel and selfish.

Perhaps it is easy for those who have never felt the 

stinging darts of segregation, injustice, racial profiling

being kicked and beaten by those who are paid, with your

 tax dollars, to protect and serve, getting wrongfully

 incarcerated or murdered by police just because 

of the color of their earthly tent. 

It is quite heartless and shallow to deflect blame on 

those who are being discriminated against... that is foul.

To those who are quick to drown out the cries for justice 

from hurting souls, please help us to understand why?

Have you ever experienced any of their pain?

This movement is not out to do anyone any harm... they 

know what that kind of pain feels like. They are not 

saying white lives and/or all lives don't matter. They are 

saying black lives are tired of turning the other cheek and 

being subjected to oppression, hatred, discrimination, Jim 

Crowism, racial profiling, awful preconceived baseless

 notions, unwarranted and mean opinions and suspicions 

about God's creation. Please help us to understand why? 

Brutal force and murder should grieve any God fearing 

soul. To see the countless unarmed Black men being

 grossly murdered and/or excessively forced and slammed 

to the ground is horribly shameful and deplorable.

African Americans are tired of being treated unjustly...  

and rightfully so. They are tired of the system, their tax 

dollars support, creating broken families. They are tired of 

seeing Black men being disproportionately incarcerated


as if someone is getting paid a commission for each arrest. 

Black men are being disproportionately incarcerated for 

things White men would never be questioned about.

Where is the 


African Americans are fed up with America's biased, 

harsh, oppressive, dehumanizing and egregious judicial

 history towards them. There has been a rallying cry from 

African Americans who have been subjected to

institutionalized racism in virtually every aspect of 

society, especially in police departments and the legal 


African Americans are enraged because in 2020 America 

is still turning a blind eye to murders by law enforcement,

 unfair housing practices, to abominable racism, police

 brutality and many horrific issues and ungodly injustices.

In blatant and sometimes subtle ways, African Americans

 are faced with pathological, festering stereotypes that 

lead to discrimination, racism and reduced opportunities,

 every day of their lives.

The vicious police brutality and the harsh treatment 

towards African Americans looks a lot like, "Buck 

breaking", the "Master mentality", and "Slave patrol"... 

just warmed over differently, in 2020.


Why are these human beings still seeking liberty and 

justice for all?

Some have been on the sidelines maintaining a dignified 

silence. Some have come to the tipping point and realize 

it is not okay to silence what you know and see is wrong. 

In order for us to leave this world better for future 

generations... it is going to take getting totally fed up with 

the lingering racism, economic disparities, exploitations,

 housing disadvantages and the overall way African 

American's human rights are being violated.


The time is now!

It is time that we all look through a more righteous lens 

and stop dismissing the real issues minorities have to face 

when they interact with bad officers.

These horrible, racially skewed, 

injustices affects us all. We can 

no longer, as citizens of this universe,

continue in silence and accept the "Jim 

Crow" racism, the evil injustices, 

murders, and the disgusting barriers

 of white supremacy to exist in this


How and why, in 2020, is there still 

this deeply rooted spectacle of vile


This is so unproductive!

"Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make 

you commit atrocities." 

- Voltaire
Some people can only be comfortable and confident 

around others whom they can identify with. They are 

quick to embrace baseless and unfair biases that can be 

profoundly bitter for or against others because they have 

been taught to fear people who are different from them or 

been deemed as a threat, based on the color of their skin. 

Some people are quick to dislike others because another's 

strength reminds them of their weaknesses. 

Usually the things that others fear within themselves is 

what they don't like about others. As a result, people will 

project their unlovable and morally reprehensible ill,

negativity and/or hostility outward. The idea is, "I'm not 

unacceptable; you are."

Far too many have been groomed to see reality through a 

very narrow and shallow lens. This leaves one feeling

threatened by perceived outsiders. 

"To find out who controls you, first find out who you 

aren't allowed to criticize...."-

No baby is born with biases. It is not within them to 

embrace madness, misunderstandings, suspicions or fear

Fear blinds us. It is the path to the dark side where one 

only see monsters, divisiveness, vindictiveness, 

destructive, and uncivil behavior. It is at the root of

 prejudice and many other ills that can consume and/or

 destroy itself. 

Children listen and learn many awful lessons which can 

lead to a poisoning that can produce bitterness, suffering 

and a polluted temple which can destroy from within. It is 

much like giving your children a dose of poison and

hoping it will kill someone who God created in a different 


When the seeds of supremacy and one's evaluations of 

other cultures, according to preconceptions originating in 

the standards and customs of one's own culture, are planted

and fostered... those useless and misplaced emotions can 

eat at the soul, take over the mind and negatively affect 

every area of one's life.

Misplaced loyalty is when one is loyal to a person, an 

institution or an organization that they should not be loyal 

to. It is also when one's loyalty makes them biased

towards a person or institution for wrong reasons, which 

can be an injurious and dangerous thing. 


Because their minds are bound by their beliefs. Many are 

afraid that people of color will find out they are their 

equal and as a result, their clan will perish.

Generational sins are weaknesses or tendencies that are 

handed down through the generations from parents 

and/or members of our family. These sins can involve 

behavioral patterns and ways of thinking that can keep 

one trapped in the past, misguided and placed on a 

dangerous path which could lead to serious problems

 with inner conflicts and sinful implications that confuses 

and paralyzes life. 

Even though sin can be passed down through the 

generations, each person is responsible for his or her 

personal sins against God. Evilness is not a family value.

Individually, we will have to answer.

We can either inherit good or evil from those who came 

before us. Many behaviors are passed on from one 

generation to the next... this involves both good and bad 

things. These behaviors can last for generations and 

become a stronghold, stumbling block or can be 

harmful for the whole family.

There are many who may regard themselves as socially

 superior to others. Such notions are due to attitudes that

 stem from a strong loyalty driven by one's own social 

group, family and/or legacy which could be laced with 

disturbing mixes of hateful ideologies. 

As individuals and families, we have committed many 

generational sins over the years, i.e., lying, fear, judgment, 

resentment, greed, manipulation, hatred, revenge, racism 

and injustice, etc.

Sadly, when it comes to siding with one's groups, many 

do not consider following God's lead, any rules or 

care about right and wrong. Appallingly, they have bought 

into a belief system that white people have more value 

than others. 

Some can be so loyal to their groups, their sense of loyalty

 becomes above justice, morality and righteousness. They 

can easily be driven from the truth and will agree with a 


Warped decisions made by parents often impact their 

children and their children's children in negative ways. 

When children embrace the sins of their ancestors it can 

become a phenomenon with real and damaging 


Tribalism is a powerful influence on many people and can 

encourage the weak to think of people, created by God in 

a different hue from theirs, as being sub-human. Why? 

Because they learned from the influences they trusted.

There is something very wrong in human psychology that 

makes one manipulate words and images to trigger violent

and hateful reactions. This kind of loyalty can tilt, even 

those in high places, towards authoritarian political

dominion, constitutional crises, increasing white

nationalism, racist unrest, hot air and flame fanning.

This is why we all must be careful of what we sow into 

the universe. The far-reaching dangers of evil doers shall, 

in every respect, cause the evil doer to reap the bitter fruits

of their own ill-doings.

The New Testament teaching is, 

"Whatsoever a man sows

that shall he also reap." 

They that plough evil, and perversely 

sow wickedness against others in their 

hearts... will reap a harvest of woe.

This is a testimony of the ages warning evil-doers. This 

rule is also inevitable; and it is just. 

The attitude of white supremacy was used to justify 

unjust rule of people, subjugation, pillaging and 

plundering of land, resources and genocide. 

White supremacy was supported by misguided scientific 

studies. Many white people were raised with the 

impression of being superior to individuals of color. This 

idea was based on their privilege and upper hand over 

people of color

Some lived each day of their lives, from birth, believing

they were to be served by African Americans. They 

considered African Americans to be available as free 

and/or cheap labor for the betterment of entitled white 


Some were of the belief that African Americans were 

created to live a life in total service to white people. 

African Americans were considered to only be good for 

working the fields, taking care of white children, cleaning

their homes, their streets and their businesses. 

Many thought that African Americans were to serve 

white people so whites could experience an easier 

and more empowered life. 

This was the point of the colonial project.

It has been said that a knowledge of one's own ignorance 

is the beginning of wisdom and that recognizing our lack 

of wisdom is a prudent step towards understanding

Scripture qualifies this.

Why are there so many traces of overt 

racism built into federal policy? 

Why does mass incarceration remain a 

deeply racist enterprise? 

Throughout the human race is diversity in skin color and

 other physical features. 

Some think that when God confused the languages at 

the tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9), He also created 

ethnic diversity. 
It is possible that God 

made genetic changes to 

humanity to better equip us 

all to survive in different 

To perceive others as fully human means to be saddened 

by the death of every single person, regardless of their 

race, tribe, creed, color, class, religion, language, age, 

culture, disability, political beliefs, educational

backgrounds, or socioeconomic differences, experiences, 

or realities. 

"Jesus ransomed people for God from every tribe and 

language and people and nation."

Revelations 5:9

Jesus did not allow social status or cultural barriers to 

dictate His relationships with people. Jesus was criticized 

for His actions, but what prophet ever lived without 


A person's right to air grievances without fear of 

retribution or censorship is fundamental to democracy in 

the United States. Free expression of one's beliefs is 

protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. 

Constitution, which generally protects free speech, 

freedom of religion, freedom of the press, and freedom of 


Unprecedented numbers of our younger people are 

marching for justice. These protestors are continuing the 

work of their ancestors and fighting for their collective 

freedom because they believe it is their duty. This mass 

movement of our younger people have stepped forward... 

taking center stage and they are challenging our current 

realities. They have taken to the streets demanding justice 

for all.

To the signers of the Declaration of Independence — and 

the ratifiers of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights — 

the freedom of speech, along with other freedoms, is a 

natural right because it comes as a result of our humanity, 

not from the government.

Many of the peaceful protests ended in rioting, which hurt 

the credibility of the protests. We also know that many of 

the rioters were outsiders. 

Many of their actions contributed to a narrative that 

protests were essentially riots caused by Black Lives 

Matter participants and African Americans. 

While this was mostly untrue, the distraction gave Satan 

an opportunity to contribute his fair share of chaos. This 

gave the media an opportunity to sensationalize and 

broadcast to the masses a half-baked story. The peaceful 

protests were overlooked by the media in favor of more 

“newsworthy” violent acts. 

Trump has stirred up much conflict. He added gasoline to 

the spark with a racially charged slur, referring to the 

protesters as ‘Thugs.’ He said they were there to 

cause trouble. He issued warnings for authorities to 

crack down on protestors. He urged restraint. He stoked 

more confrontations by over-zealously, threatening 

violent intervention. He warned protestors outside the 

White House they could be greeted with vicious dogs 

an ominous weapons if they breached the fence. This 

was his subtle reminder, to most African Americans, of 

segregationists who, historically, let vicious dogs out on 

women, children and men.  He turned to look at 

protestors booing him during a campaign rally, in 

Jacksonville. He said, 'They have no voice'.

Trump has made the claim, 

“When the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

Authoritarian inclinations and inflammatory statements 

can and has fanned the flames and escalated, the already 

aggressive police, into retaliatory arrests and charges 

against peaceful protestors. 

Some find it easier to sow seeds of fear and purposely 

attempt to intimidate or agitate protestors in such a way 

that it could validate a shut down of the movement. 

Painting a picture of the movement as being violent, when 

it was not, is underhanded and utterly ruthless. 

The unfounded remarks incited explosive situations that 

were totally uncalled for. These inclinations are what 

opens the doors for cruelty and genocide.

Let us not veer off point or get sidetracked by the small 

percentage of those who decided to take advantage of the 

moment. Many of those who may have taken advantage of 

the moment are believed to be recruits filled with the 

grand illusion of freedom to carry out the evil plans of 

those who would rather dilute the message of the 


We cannot allow the 2% 

of possible recruits... to 

water down the message

These are the very 

things we all know, by 

design, are meant to

stand in the way of real


There is justifiable rage on many streets around the world!

The world's reaction to the U.S. protests is creating

solidarity. Awakened people worldwide are focusing their 

attention on calls for justice and change as never before.

Awakened, socially conscious, forward thinking people of 

all ethnicities, from all over the world, are focusing their 

attention on calls for justice and change as never before. 

People from all walks of life are standing in solidarity

 with the Black Lives Matter movement seeking "Liberty

 and Justice for All". 

They are fully aware that the existing state of affairs, 

which has been a hostile environment for African 

Americans and other people of color, is unequal across 

areas like generations of police brutality, systemic racism, 

marginalization of black communities and decades of 

economic inequalities.  

These social and/or political issues will have to do more 

than engage in surface level efforts. African Americans 

are, disingenuously, given the illusions of inclusion; yet,

the reality, the challenging issues of racial disparities,

which is endemic to the way things have been and are, 

in America, are not being addressed.

This protest started in the middle of the global 

COVID-19 pandemic. It has been fueled by an

 economic crisis, thousands of COVID-19 deaths

 and senseless murders... which are all hitting black 

Americans disproportionately.

This is a righteous fight against the nightmare of

 deeply ingrained racism, oppression, inequality 

and injustice!

Our younger generation of freedom fighters, researchers 

and critical thinkers are well aware of the huge, but 

departmentalized and hierarchical system which operates 

to deceive, control, oppress and destroy humanity. 
Some believe when African Americans ban together it is 

necessary to accuse them of crimes and present an 

amplified, defamatory narrative to the world by way

 of the broadcast media. Some feel that when African 

Americans rise up... it is necessary to crush them, 

exterminate them and mentally, physically or spiritually 

kill them before they grow.  

Far too many are still so caught up with generational evil 

entitlement, the idea of equality scares them. Some whites

 feel that if people of color truly realized they are equal... 

whites will be vanquished with no place to run.

African Americans have truly been blessed to have the 

patience of Job, but in 2020 they are sick and tired of 

being sick and tired of police brutality and systemic 


We are all exhausted and annoyed that unarmed 

Black men, in particular, are being gunned down by

 gutless, frightened officers who find it easier or 

have been taught and trained to abuse, criminalize

or kill people of color

With a legacy of slavery and racism, and a "Shoot to 

kill" mentality, far too many officers are unable to protect

 and serve. They have many agendas and biases and are

 not qualified to righteously perform the job. Some 

are behaving as if these killings are...

"For the sport of it."

The institution of slavery, the abuse, control, 

criminalization and lynchings of minorities were 

formidable historic features of American society shaping 

early policing. Slave patrols and Night Watches became 

modern police departments. They were designed to 

control the behaviors of minorities.

According to Victor E. Kappeler, Ph.D, Associate Dean 

and Foundation Professor, School of Justice Studies at 

Eastern Kentucky University, the legacy of slavery and 

racism did not end after the Civil War. In fact, it can be 

argued that extreme violence against people of color 

became even worse with the rise of vigilante groups who 

resisted Reconstruction. 

Because vigilantes, by definition, have no external 

restraints, lynch mobs had a justified reputation for 

hanging minorities first and asking questions later. 

Because of its tradition of slavery, which rested on the 

racist rationalization that Blacks were sub-human, 

America had a long and shameful history of mistreating

 people of color, long after the end of the Civil War. 

Perhaps the most infamous American vigilante group, 

the Ku Klux Klan started in the 1860s, was notorious
for assaulting and lynching Black men for transgressions

 that would not be considered crimes at all, had a White 

man committed them. 

Lynching occurred across the entire country not just in the 

South. Finally, in 1871 Congress passed the Ku Klux Klan 

Act, which prohibited state actors from violating the Civil 

Rights of all citizens in part because of law enforcements’ 

involvement with the infamous group. This legislation, 

however, did not stem the tide of racial or ethnic abuse 

that persisted well into the 1960s. 

In no small part because of the tradition of slavery, Blacks 

have long been targets of abuse. The use of patrols to 

capture runaway slaves was one of the precursors of 

formal police forces, especially in the South. This 

disastrous legacy persisted as an element of the police role 

even after the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. In 

some cases, police harassment simply meant people of 

African descent were more likely to be stopped and 

questioned by the police, while at the other extreme, they 

have suffered beatings, and even murder, at the hands of 

White police. 

Questions still arise today about the disproportionately 

high numbers of people of African descent killed, 

beaten, and arrested by police in major urban cities 

of America.
For decades, African Americans have been protesting and 

demanding human rights in the United States which 

pledges to be under God, indivisible with liberty and 

justice for all!

The civil rights movement was a 

struggle for social justice that took 

place mainly during the 1950s and 

1960s for blacks to gain equal rights 

under the law in the United States.

Over six decades later, blacks are still 

experiencing blatant injustices in their 

daily lives!

Skin color should not constitute a 

false arrest and/or fatality.

A righteous society can not turn a blind eye or deaf ear to 

the plight and abuses of others. To remain silent or passive 

is to ignore the fact that when people get away with minor 

crimes, blind eyes can make it more likely that they will 

go on to commit more serious crimes... which could affect 

the blind-eyed individuals, personally. 

Let us stop feeding the monsters of racism and injustice 

which were put in place to cover historical lies. 

This is a partial; yet, horrifically grim 

roster of 

African Americans killed 

by police.

Jamar Clark - Tanisha Anderson - Gabriella Nevarez - Akai Gurley - 

Janisha Fonville - Freddie Gray - Michelle Cusseaux - Alton Sterling - 

Philando Castille - Botham Jean - Stephon Clark - Aura Rosser - 

Atatiana Jefferson - Breonna Taylor - George Floyd -  Redel Jones -  

Laquan McDonald - Kenny Watkins - Michelle Shirley - 

Ahmaud Arbery - Rayshard Brooks

Of all of the life 

experiences, death and

 bereavement are

 considered to be the most

 unsettling. Whenever or 

however death occurs, 

every loss brings its share 

of pain, disruption, changes, 

and challenges.

There are no words for these unimaginable losses. Our 

hearts have joined the thousands in mourning, your loss. 

Please accept our heartfelt condolences.
“God is close to the brokenhearted and saves those 

who are crushed in spirit.”

—Psalms 34:18

These deaths, brutal injuries and 

arrests are a complete affront to 

simple decency.

Black lives are at risk. 

Blacks are twice as likely to be hurt, arrested or killed by 

an officer. It is said that there are more black Americans in 

the United States justice system than there were slaves in 


The most infuriating thing about injustice is the absence 

of the acknowledgment of wrong.

Black Lives Matter, too". The statement is an unspoken, 

but implied "Too,"which suggests that the statement is one 

of inclusion rather than exclusion. It is not anti-American, 

but anti-racist. It is not trying to elevate one life over


Some have tried to undermine and sabotage the efforts

 for social justice by suggesting that protesters were 

looting and causing civil unrest. It is suspected that 

outsider agitators are triggering violence at what 

would otherwise be peaceful demonstrations. 

They have also infiltrated demonstrations to distract

 from the focus on police misconduct, brutality and

 the tragedies of murdering black people for the sport 

of it. 

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a bold transformative

vision that would end racism in America. His vision came 

from deep convictions that everyone, regardless of race 

creed or color would realize freedom ringing in and 

through their hearts, minds, nation and world. 

Nearly 100 NBA employees across departments staged a 

one-day walkout Friday in solidarity with NBA and 

WNBA players to protest social injustice, and they were 

contacting Wisconsin law enforcement and elected 

officials in an effort to effect change, a person familiar 

with the situation told USA TODAY Sports.

Police brutality, in the United States of 

America, is and has been an ongoing

  problem for African Americans.

We all have been made in the image of God, 

why not ask God how each of us should 

treat others? 

Ask God, how should we react/respond to 


Constitutionally speaking, 

no one is above the law!

No matter who one may be; citizen, 

judge, or police... we all must respect 

the law. 

Justice should be blind

impartial and objective!

Blind justice is to ensure a functional, accountable 

constitutional democracy. The drafters of our Constitution 

placed limits on the exercise of power. Institutions and 

office bearers must work within the law and must be 

accountable as not to treat friends differently from

 strangers, Blacks differently from Whites, or rich 

people better than the poor.

Far too many African Americans, in particular, 

and other non-white people have experienced

toxic people in law enforcement who have gone 

over and above to dust them with their poison of 

racism, discrimination, and inequitable treatment. 

In many cases, rather than dusting, it has been more 

like a waterlogging or drowning in heartless acts 

of brutality.

 It seems like some people, who should be protecting 

and serving... can get away with anything. 

Those, in law enforcement, who commit wrongful 

acts, especially serious crimes against humanity, 

deserve to be punished, in a reciprocal manner. 

This proportionate punishment should be inflicted

 in the spirit of moral outrage. 

To punish inequitable treatment in this manner

 could also serve as a deterrent for those who misuse 

positions of authority... and the badge.

It is highly possible that 

humility in our justice system

is the most righteous solution. 

Why not employ upright, honorable, honest, chivalrous, 

principled, righteous and noble-minded people who are 

willing to undertake such a challenging responsibility? 

Why not properly train people so they are able to 

utilize better people skills... and not tolerate anyone

who insists on being self-righteous, biased, prejudiced, 

and racist?

There are scores of upright people who would be a 

great fit in the judicial system, on all levels. The 

well-being of our tax-paying society relies on our 

ability to employ and saturate the judicial system

 with upright personnel. 

Rather than holding on to political, religious, or 

social perspectives, we would do better to have an 

interviewing team of upright individuals, without 

hidden agendas, seek out people... not only of 

knowledge and expertise, but also of wisdom, 

scruples and humility.

 As these wise and noble individuals are recruited, 

they can help point the departments in a direction 

of more insightful justice. Over time, our society 

as a whole can move towards securing a

 more peaceful and civilized future, which should 

help to clean-up our reputation, as a nation. 


National Constables Association (1995). Constable. In W. G. Bailey (Ed.), The Encyclopedia of Police Science (2nd ed., pp. 114–114). New York, NY: Garland Press.

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