George Floyd was born in North Carolina. But 

his mother, a single parent, moved the family 

to Houston when he was 2, so she could 

search for work. The 46-year-old Floyd, 

was the father of five. 

As a second grader, George Floyd wrote 

that he dreamed of being a U.S. Supreme

 Court Justice. He was a star tight-end for 

his high school football team, and he spent 

a year at Texas A&M University. They 

called him "Big friendly." He dabbled in

 music and veered off course a few times

When the corona-virus hit, Mr. Floyd lost 

his job and moved to Minneapolis in hopes

 to start over fresh.

On the Monday evening, around 8 p.m., 

Memorial Day 2020, in Minneapolis, the 

police responded to, what should have been,

a routine, run-of-the-mill call about a man

who supposedly used a counterfeit $20 bill,

 in a community corner store transaction.

Seventeen minutes after the first squad car 

arrived at the scene, the officers took a series 

of unnecessary actions, which violated the

 policies of the Minneapolis Police Department. 

What should have been a "no brainer", 

turned fatal. When officers arrived, they

 pulled a gun on Floyd, who initially 

cooperated as he was arrested. However, 

when Mr. Floyd was being placed in the 

police car, he told them he was claustrophobic. 

Officers eventually pulled him from the 

car and Chauvin pinned to the ground, with 

his knee to Mr. Floyd's neck for... 

9 minutes and 29 seconds. 

The man they were there to investigate 

is handcuffed and pinned to the ground 

by an officer's knee on his neck. He is 

showing no signs of life... he is dead. 

Within 30 minutes of the incident, 

Mr. Floyd drew his last breath.

This heinous event was captured by bystanders 

on video and store surveillance cameras. It 

touched off worldwide protests.

George Floyd was a regular at Cup Foods. He was a 

friendly face, a pleasant customer who never caused any 

trouble, the store owner Mike Abumayyaleh told 

NBC. But Mr. Abumayyaleh was not at work on the day 

of the incident. In reporting the suspicious bill, his teenage 

employee was just following protocol.

The words "Please, please, please,

I Can't Breathe" 

were the repeated and dismissed 

cries of 

George Floyd, 

shortly before he died. 

"I Can't Breathe" 

is a phrase now used worldwide to protest against 

police brutality.

This horrific episode of violence spawned from racism 

and hatred is an evil act that none of were expecting to 


Was this a threat or an opportunity?

Could this be a sick way of glamorizing a murder or 

taking pleasure in another's pain?

Was this deliberate or personal?

Typically when people inflict pain on another, they 

experience remorse, distress or guilt. Hmmm.🤔

With his left hand casually placed in his pocket and 

sunglasses on top of his head (still in place... 

undisturbed), Derek Chauvin callously placed his knee 

on the neck of Mr. George Floyd as if something deep in

 his psyche, deeper than prejudice, led him to violently 

restrain and execute Mr. Floyd, who was powerless... 

clearly not threat. 

Chauvin kept his knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck for 

9 minutes and 29 seconds. 

Several minutes of this was after Mr. Floyd showed

 no signs of life

Chauvin acted as if he had an irresistible urge to kill.

 His oppressively harsh and evil behavior seemed to have 

been so locked-in that... it would not allow him to take his 

knee off of Mr. Floyd. Chauvin squeezed the life out of 

Mr. Floyd... turning this incident into a brutal fatality.  

Unfortunately, even with an unprecedented worldwide 

pandemic, recession, unemployment and thousands

dying... amidst this global health emergency... the world

witnessed the last minutes of Mr. Floyd's life. It was a

horrific and disturbing display of an outrageously evil

and beyond brutal indifference to 

human life???

With video and audio evidence, Chauvin, despite 

Mr. Floyd's pleascontinued to sadistically expend his 

efforts in forcefully applying the pressure of his body 

weight on Mr. Floyd's neck, crushing him to death in plain 


Chauvin and his three accomplices totally dismissed the

 repeated cries and pleas from this dying, defenseless man 

who was handcuffed, not resisting, unarmed and pinned 

face down to the ground

What are we missing?


Mr. Floyd was unarmed, 

not resisting and handcuffed.

The pleadings of onlookers who were shouting for 

Chauvin to stop crushing Mr. Floyd's neck and attend

 to Mr. Floyd were ignored. Chauvin didn't stop. He acted 

as if taking the law into his own hands and performing

 this violent, very brutal and horrific crime on Mr. Floyd

 was, in some strange and twisted way, justifiable. He 

seemed undisturbed and acted as if he was certain he

 could manipulate the system and blame the victim, thus,

 avoid prosecution and not be convicted for this deadly 

use of force.

This horrific crime and violation of Mr. Floyd's human 

rights was nothing short of "Mob justice". It appeared 

that Mr. Floyd's crime became... the color of his skin and 

another notch on Chauvin's belt for exterminating a black 


Chauvin appeared to be ruthlessly and sadistically 

driven and deliberate about taking the law and Mr. Floyd's 

life into his own hands. He behaved as if what he was 

doing was right, and the law did not apply to his cruel and 

inhumane behavior. He showed no regard for the life 

being zapped from Mr. Floyd. 

The by-standers were outraged and in disbelief over

what they witnessed, just as many of us were... and still 

are. One person even commented that Chauvin looked like 

he was enjoying it... God only knows.

Within minutes, Mr. Floyd closes his eyes and stops

 speaking. Even as this dying man became motionless,  

Chauvin acted as if he was gaining some kind of 

emotional benefit by causing pain for Mr. Floyd and the 

onlookers. He kept his knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck. 

Onlookers were begging for the police to check Mr. 

Floyd's pulse. Chauvin, in a casually calm and what 

appeared to reflect a relaxed manner... ignores onlookers 

 and keeps his knee on Mr. Floyd's neck, even though

 Mr. Floyd was completely lifeless. Mr. Floyd appeared to 

be dead. Chauvin only took his knee off of Mr. Floyd's 

neck after the EMT asked him to.

When violence is accepted and

 normalized and there is no 

accountability due to qualified 

immunity... some are so 

diabolical they kill like it is a new 


This is not a logical thought process, but a narrow, 

irrational, self-loathing, absorbed in the moment situation. 

Chauvin acted as if he was emotionally locked into an 

evil, life-taking tunnel vision mode... no shame and no 


Some people feel like they should be 

able to do whatever they want, 

whenever they want... however they 

want because they are unleashed, and 

unconstrained to do as they please.

Rampant narcissism, a sense of 

entitlement, and a lack of 

consideration for others is on the rise, 

and people are not being held 

accountable for their bad, crass, rude 

and inhumane behavior.

Far too many people are acting as if 

they can no longer tell the difference 

between good and evil.

Some have purposely waged an 

all-out assault on morals, values,

and common sense.

It is so unfortunate that in this great 

and free country, where anything is 

possible, we as a society talk about 

crime and corruption and don't realize 

these societal ills are the consequences 

of a system that is rotten to the core. 

The system needs to be gutted out.

A Complete Moral Failure.

This officer failed people of 

all races.

When one has a sense of entitlement coupled with 

resentments one may be prone to use excessive force, 

hostility and/or weapons to control the individual he may 

have had differences with and/or just resented.  

 Could this fixated, oppressive behavior have been some 

grandiose display of egotistical self importance?

The initial press 

release stated that 

no weapons were

used during the

 encounter. It did

 not mention that an 

officer had pinned 

Mr. Floyd to the street and had put his knee on his neck,

prior to his death.

George Floyd died in the streets of Minneapolis. He 

deserved to be treated humanely. His death adds to a 

profoundly long list of color-coded statistics... resulting 

from a weak soul seeking to feel valued by trying to 

devalue another. This is known as a low-grade ego boost. 

Sadly, some depraved souls, who have a diminished sense 

of self, will attempt to elevate themselves by denigrating 

and violating another's humanity.

In Matthew 5:21-26 Jesus amplifies the meaning of the

 sixth Commandment "Thou shalt not kill." He brings out 

that to commit murder means more then just killing

someone, it means having an angry and unforgiving

 attitude towards them. 

"Thou shalt not kill" 

is a moral imperative.

Simply stated, the sixth of the Ten Commandments 

forbids the unjustified taking of a human life.

Regardless of race, gender, color or creed each and every 

one of us should recieve equal treatment in every 

encounter with Law Enforcement. 

Inhumanity and the Misapplication

 of Human Power is Doomed to the 

Righteous Judgment of God.

Mr. Floyd's death sparked global protests and has ignited a 

national discussion on racism and policing.

Pope Francis prayed for George Floyd, in his weekly

Wednesday audience, and called Mr. Floyd's death 

"tragic"... and racism a "sin."

Police officers who commit human rights violations, 

regardless of rank, should face the appropriate 

punishment. Police who commit or order torture,  

abuse and/or purposely kill, without cause or just for the 

sport of it, need a dose of reality. They to be treated and 

punished as the criminals they are. 

There should not be one standard for police who violate 

the law and another for citizens. 

So in everything, do to others what you would have them 

do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets."

(Matthew 7:12, NIV)

Jesus wasn’t simply giving us a rule to follow. He was 

unveiling the purity of God’s love and the depravity of the 

human heart.

 Jesus said: To“Do unto others,” as the Bible instructs, 

means to receive love from God and give it to others—

also known as The Royal Law (James 2:8).

"One Nation under God

indivisible, with liberty and 

justice for all."

God designed us: to love, to care, to build up, to share, to 

be gracious, and grateful. This is a great benefit to all 

mankind. To do the opposite is a disservice to all.

Before leaving, Jesus told the apostles to make disciples 

from every nation, reaffirming the value of all people.

Diversity benefits society. It


prevents stagnation and 

allows for richness and 

innovation... which leads to 

economic growth. 

One of the many advantages of diversity is the 

opportunity to learn from others with different 

backgrounds and perspectives. Without diversity, things 

can become very bland and stagnant.

Racism is a very blatant and pertinent issue in today’s 

society. These issues cannot be healed by denying them or 

saying they don't exist. 

Racism is real, and it is a major problem we can no longer 

ignore. To ignore the pink elephant in the room is much 

like putting a bandaid on a bullet wound.

God does not support the authority of 

any ethnic group above another.

Racism is a sin against God.

Racism denigrates the beauty and majesty of God’s 

diverse creation. As God gives grace in our cultural, 

contextualized expressions, so should we.

The problem of racism can be found in the Bible. God 

chose to work with the nation of Israel, however made it a 

point to tell them that they were not superior to anyone 

else because of this. 

Leviticus 19:34 states “the stranger who dwells among 

you shall be to you as one born among you, and you shall 

love him as yourself; for you were strangers in the land of 

Egypt: I am the Lord your God.”

According to Scripture, God has a 

special place in His heart for the 



May God lift you up and over any 

storm you may encounter. No matter 

the situation, may you seek God, find


rest for your soul and march in 

your truth.


May you turn to God and ask where 

the good way is, and never let your 

emotions overpower your 

intelligence. May any problem you 

encounter develop you mentally, 

physically and spiritually.


Remember: The antagonists is out to 

steal, kill and destroy. The adversary

 would love to access our minds and 

hearts and get foothold in our affairs, 

and he only needs a pinhole to slip 

through and upset our cause. 

May you follow God's path of peace, 

and may Divine right actions guide and

 guard each of you as you move toward

 that special place.

May your good works be abundantly

 blessed by God.

Stay alert, safe and awake.

An individuals thoughts and actions speaks volumes about 

the individual they come from more so than the person 

they targeted. One can tell a lot about a person by what 

they choose to think and how they choose to treat another.

It is a fact that blacks have high arrest and stop rates and, 

per capita, are much more likely to be injured or die at the 

hands of biased police who may believe that all men were 

created equal, except for blacks.

How would God want us to respond to 


How is it okay to associate black with guilty and not have 

equal rights to a fair trial?

How many cases of police brutality have we NOT seen?

Dr. King dreamed of a day when police abuse and racial 

violence would be things of the past. “We can never be 

satisfied as long as black Americans continue to be the 

victim[s] of the unspeakable horrors of police brutality.” 

 Yet, here we are again, almost 60 years later, faced with 

the same or maybe even greater discriminatory policing

 practices that Dr. King personally faced.

Regrettably, injustice lives on and "Justice for all" 

remains far from being realized.

The criminal justice system and our court systems were 

enacted to enforce the laws of accountability and 


If we cause harm to someone else, civilian and/or police 

officer, we should be held accountable for our actions.

To be accountable means to be 

responsible or answerable.

These deaths are an affront to simple 


Resisting arrest. n. the 

crime of using physical 

force to prevent arrest, 

handcuffing and/or taking 

the accused to jail.


The store surveillance 

video shows officer 

drawing his gun before Mr. 

Floyd exited his vehicle. 

Was it necessary for the 

officer to draw his gun?

It appears that Mr. Floyd 

was compliant and did not resist. The officer sat Mr. Floyd

down on the sidewalk without incident.

According to the video footage, a threat, at that point,

 did not appear to be a factorIt was not until Chavin 

arrived, that the situation seemed to have spiraled 

out of control.

Why did Chauvin pull Mr. Floyd out of the back seat of 

the police car?

Did he take time to gather the facts so that he, being a 

senior officer, could respond professionally, or did he over-


When did George Floyd not comply 

with police orders?








The way Mr. Floyd died was senseless.

Officers bought Dylann Roof, the person who gunned 

down nine people inside a historic black church in South 

Carolina, Burger King hours after the Charleston Shooting.

Roof complained he was hungry, officers went to a nearby 

Burger King and bought the accused mass murderer a 

meal while he was in custody.

Police arrested the mass murderer 

without incident.

Overall, white people are statistically 

less likely to be killed by police than

black people.

Dylann Roof, 21, was apprehended by Shelby police. He 

was charged with nine counts of murder in a mass 

shooting inside the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal 

Church in Charleston, South Carolina. A racist manifesto 

purportedly written by Roof surfaced on a site that law 

enforcement sources told the Washington Post belonged to 

the 21-year-old.

“I have no choice. I am not in the position to, alone, go 

into the ghetto and fight,” the manifesto said. “I chose 

Charleston because it is most historic city in my state, and 

at one time had the highest ratio of blacks to Whites in the 

country. We have no skinheads, no real KKK, no one 

doing anything but talking on the internet. Well someone 

has to have the bravery to take it to the real world, and I 

guess that has to be me.”

Could it be that some unchecked lawbreakers are 

actually... aggressively scared officers who intentionally

 escalate incidents so they may create an opportunity for

wild justice and fear mongering? 

Could it be a convenience for one to incite and/or 

escalate crimes, in a classic bait-and-switch, which would 

allow them to scream, 


to someone who is not resisting?

 Could it be that some are creating non-existent scenarios, 

even if someone is sleeping in a drive-through or stopped 

for a tail light outage, to blow things out of proportion, 

draw guns and have power over people which they would 

not have the courage to do in civilian attire?

The murder of black people seems to be dominating the 

headlines and many of those murders have yet to see 



In far too many cases, a traffic stop, by the wrong officer, 

could turn into a prelude to wrongful incarceration or a 

death sentence, very quickly.

We can no longer sit idly by and allow a few bad officers 

to create double standards and systemic racial profiling 

in our system of justice. 

We cannot allow fear-mongrels to put on uniform, with 

hidden agendas to terrorize the lives of innocent people. 

This is a disgrace before God!

The fact is, police officers react differently to white 

people who are pulled over as opposed to black people 

they pull over. For those who refuse to acknowledge the 

dehumanizing inequalities… just imagine what you would 

feel like if the situations were reversed. 

When people say black lives matter, it does not mean blue 

lives, white lives, red lives, yellow lives and brown lives 

don’t matter. All lives matter is an accurate statement, but 

this is not a matter of devaluing or comparing lives. When 

blacks people have encounters with biased people within 

the judicial system and police officers, it becomes very 

apparent to black people that they can't or won't see the 

humanity in black lives. Black lives have been grossly 

undervalued and to try to rationalize the horrible injustices 

is just wrong and mean-spirited. 

How would you feel if the police 

patrolled your community the way 

they patrol the black community?

Imagine this as being your experience 

in the United States of America?


How would you feel if every move 

you, your child, your brother, sister, 

mother, or father made had to be made 

with severe consideration for their life

 being threatened or taken by those

 who are to preserve law and order?

Far too many bad police officers 

routinely hurt and maim black people. 

How would you feel if the police and 

the justice system treated you as they 

treat blacks?


Black lives are at risk. Blacks are twice as likely to be 

hurt, arrested or killed by an officer. It is said that there 

are more black Americans in the United States justice 

system than there were slaves in 1850. 

The "Black Lives Matter" slogan is to raise 

awareness of the violence and discrimination blacks 

regularly face in the United States of America. This is a 

fight against injustice.

Black lives matters denounces systemic racism and police 

brutality, that is excessively used against black people. 

Let us be honest, many whites have unearned advantages 

over blacks, and when it is brought to the light... some 

tend to deflect, dismiss, misunderstand and read into it... a 

whole different meaning. That is cruel and selfish. It 

is time that we all look through a more righteous lens 

and stop deflecting the real issues minorities have to face 

when they interact with bad officers.

The big "aha" is that blacks are racially profiled and are 

more vulnerable to less than transparent judicial 

processes. Blacks are disproportionately targeted and 

subjected to biased and corrupt police bullying.

Let us not miss the point, black people 

are being murdered and brutalized by 

police who in many case get a slap on 

the wrist. These are real lives that are 

being taken. These are mothers, 

fathers, sisters, brother, aunts, uncles, 

sons and daughters. These are lives

 that have been ripped away from their 

loved ones either through wrongful 

incarceration or tragic acts of 


Contrary to what some may believe... 

Black people are also a part 

of God's amazing creation. 

Whether all humans accept 

it or not... black lives really 

do matter and should not be 

subjected to blatant 

injustice, treated with 

contempt and/or regarded

 as subhuman, 

that is the point.

Awakened people worldwide are 

focusing their attention on calls for


Hatred consumes itself.

Hatred or hate is a profoundly bitter and emotional

 dislike directed against individuals, groups, entities,

 objects, behaviors, or ideas. It is often associated with 

feelings of animosity, and it usually derives from

 misunderstandings, suspicions, and fear. 

Hatred is evil, despicable, diabolical 

and devilish. Hate is spiritual suicide.

Deep-seated aversions to different races, tribes, colors, 

genders, languages, cultures, etc., may actually be a 

response to fear that those qualities one may see in

 others... also exist in them.

Speaking from the Vatican, Pope Francis addressed people 

in the United States and said he has “Witnessed with great 

concern the disturbing social unrest in your nation" in the 

days after Floyd, 46, died in police custody when a white 

Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck for more than 

eight minutes.

“My friends, we cannot tolerate or turn a blind eye to 

racism and exclusion in any form and yet claim to defend 

the sacredness of every human life,’’ the pope said during 

the audience, held in the presence of bishops because of 

the coronavirus restrictions on gatherings.

African American men are usually 

presumed guilty from the moment 

they encounter some police officers. 

Skin color should not constitute a 

false and/or fatal arrest. 

Hate crimes and/or death sentences, initiated by 

people with hidden agendas, should not be the fate of 

blacks just trying to live in America

Black mothers, fathers, sisters and/or brothers should 

not have to be troubled of what appalling development 

the morning may bring.

Black people are being subjected to cruel, cowardly, 

torturous, gruesome, racist and angry people disguised as 

police officers... hiding behind the badge. 


To treat the color of one's earthly tent as a crime... is 

foolish, petty, ignorant, hellish, disgraceful and just 

wrong on all levels!

What a major discredit and disappointment to the upright 

and dedicated police officers who would never betray or 

dishonor their profession. It would be beneath their 

dignity to betray their badge or public trust. 

There are, indeed, police officers who hold themselves

accountable for their actions and do extraordinary work. 

They would not even  consider stooping to the level of 


Upright officers protect with courage, serve with 

compassion and are respectful to all. Their words and

 actions are guided by an internal sense of honesty, 

decency and morality. They are sincerely committed 

to serve, protect and improve the quality of life for all 

citizens and the agency they serve. They are upright men 

and women... not cowardice, self-appointed "wannabe

terrorists" who hide behind uniforms and badges to 

perform evil deeds.

It is a crucial time for our nation 

to collectively seek God's divine 


Fannie Lou Hamer

It would be beneath a true leaders 

dignity to employ "divide and 

conquer" tactics which pit different 

races and ethnicities against each 

other... it divides humanity.

Spirit makes us relevant to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

 The Scriptures affirm the fundamental equality of all 

people before God. God's Word is very clear in telling 

us that no one is insignificant. Every single person is 

important, vital, and valuable to God. 

The civil rights movement was a 

struggle for social justice that took 

place mainly during the 1950s and 

1960s for blacks to gain equal rights 

under the law in the United States.

Over six decades later, blacks are still 

experiencing blatant injustices in their 

daily lives!

No one can pass through life 

without leaving tracks 


Will the tracks we leave 

be helpful to those coming 

after finding their 


Are we living as 

Our actions and/or decisions may affect others, and those 

effects may change the world around us.

Consequences can be either positive or 

negative for every choice we make 

and action we take. The outcomes 

depend on what one has sown. 

If we sow evil... we will eventually 

reap evil. Whatever we intentionally 

do to others...we will reap, and we will 

all be held accountable before God.

 No one will escape the consequences

 of their choices.

When we are about to make a choice, let us think of the 

consequences of that decision and ask ourselves, 

“How will this decision affect me and those around me? 

Am I doing this for the approval of a secret society that's 

bent on restoring inequality and abuse?

Will the ripple effect of this decision glorify God or man? 

Am I asking for God’s will to be done or only my will, 

regardless of the consequences?”

There is One God and Father.

We all share and depend on the same Divine Creator. All 

of creation are a part of God's exquisite and divine plan. 

God gives pure love, life, breath, and spirit to 


God transcends all as well as emanates 

in all, not just a select few.

Every thread of humanity is guided by the unspeakably 

tender hand of God. Everybody's story is important in 

this huge, rich, beautiful, and diverse tapestry. Every 

individual is like a thread and each thread has a vital 

contribution to make. Each thread has possibility. Each 

thread can make a positively good difference.

We believe that we fall short when we take a narrow view 

of the world and give in to stereotyping. Given that... one 

cannot rise above destructive and violent rhetoric. We 

believe the idea of difference, worldly isms, and class 

privilege are interlocking systems of oppression. They 

appear to be natural; however, they are, in fact, socially 

constructed and are used to rationalize inequality and 

all kinds of isms.

Let us not limit ourselves and be a 

disservice to the Kingdom of God.

May we embrace the common thread that weaves the 

complex tapestry of life together.

Our nation cannot stay on its present 

course and expect to continue 

experiencing God's blessing.

In these perilous times, with so many 

storms on the horizon, it would befit 

us to wake up and realize that the 

enemy, Satan, is still busy at work, 

more than ever, and he wants to 

divide, confuse and stir people up.

Satan does not stand in the truth, 

because there is no truth in him.

When he speaks a lie, he speaks from 

his own resources.

Satan is the father of lies. He is a 

deceiver and master in sowing discord 

and hate. Lies, deception, divisiveness

 and evil doings are all consistent with 

Satan's character.

Satan is darkness, and the darkness 

hates light. Satan is not only 

deadly, but often is so well 

camouflaged... many people do not

 even see him.

Satan loves to get people caught up in 

his snare so that his devilish intentions 

can still be carried out.

Satan is both a lion that devour and a 

serpent that deceives. Many 

unsuspecting individuals are 

blind-sided by Satan's Spiritual 


We cannot abandon God... and think

it is wise to look to the government

 to heal our land.

It is imperative that we humble 

ourselves and acknowledge our need

and dependence on God.

The time is now for our nation to 

recognize that we cannot fix ourselves.

Let us not allow the spiritual decay in 

our society to drag us away from God

and God's foundational principles.

America, let us anchor ourselves

 in God, again. Let us include God in 

every facet of our lives. 

In order for us all to live the abundant 

life God has for us... and clear a path 

for the next generations...we must, 

individually and collectively,

 make God our first priority, always.

Seeking God first and keeping God 

first is an experience that will 

revolutionize our hearts, minds, and 


Regardless of what our politics may 

be... God has the capacity of speaking 

things into existence, not just galaxies 

and life forms, but solutions to any 

problem we could ever have...

individually and collectively. 

We believe, with God in the forefront of all of our affairs,

 we can rise above narrow and habitual ways of thinking 

about other beings and free ourselves from identification 

with the temporary state of our physical forms as we 

remember our true nature.

Truly, the world is in trouble, our 

country is in trouble, our 

neighborhoods, schools, and families 

are in trouble.

 Let us all, genuinely, pray for the 

revival of our families,

communities, cities, states, country, 

and our world.

As we surrender all to God, the 

Creator of all things,Who is above all 

things, Who rules over all things,

and governs all things... then we will 

truly be blessed with the security, 

freedom, and peace our country and 

this world consciously or 

unconsciously seeks.

May we, as a nation, pray and 

surrender all that we think, will, say, 

feel, and do to God.

May we overcome the "racial" 

ignorance, stereotypes, prejudices, 

injustices and hatred that satan is 

using to divide and destroy us.

God is our peace and God is able to 

change hearts and make not only our 

country, but our world a loving, 

peaceful, and healed land.

We are all the work of God's hand.

-- Isaiah 64:8. 

We believe that now with advanced technology, nuclear 

energy, and computers as factors in society, we must seize 

the moment and become intentional about embracing and 

celebrating all races and cultures. We believe, inclusion 

propels us forward in Unity to our Divine Destiny.

Now is the time to lead our 

country toward behaviors

that will honor Almighty God.

We believe God's love extends far beyond the known and 

observable realm of worldly barriers and designations, 

i.e., race, tribe, creed, color, gender, language, age, 

culture, disability, political beliefs, educational 

background, or socio-economic differences, experiences, 

or realities. 

We believe God is Truth, 

and God's Truth is trans-cultural.

We believe if something is true, it is true for all people, in 

all places, at all times. We believe Spirituality transcends

 the material aspects of life, the diversity of race, color, 

language, and sect, and helps us realize the dignity of 

each individual.


This typically means being less self-serving, overcoming 

ego, overcoming self-righteous indignation, elevating our 

consciousness, and emulating the characteristics of our 

Creator, God.

We believe there is One God and Father from whom 

all things are. We do not believe in being held captive by 


When our attitudes and actions are 

consistent with the teachings of 

Jesus... we can share, act, and come 


We believe everything that is needed to build 

a culture of peace already exists within each one of us. 

We believe, God is ever-present within us all, and God’s 

reign is universal.

“The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof” 

(Psalm 24:1).

God's sovereignty is not limited to a single nation, a single 

country or certain people. God is the Lord of all the world, 

for God is its Creator.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, we are all 

interconnected, living the human experience, breathing the 

same air, and eating food grown out of mother earth... and 

no matter how far away we live... every one of us are 

literally sharing her.

Every tribe, nation, and tongue emphasizes the concept of 

wholeness, entirety, or all-encompassing.

We can no longer give the enemy a foothold over our lives 

and nation... enough.

May we lift up our current president to 

God almighty.

As the movement for racial justice and equity gathers 

momentum around the globe, may we continue to pray 

and know that God and God alone is the ultimate Master 

of life.

With so much conflict and mental, physical and spiritual 

poverty in the world... let us pray for godly people to 

occupy and lead our nation under God, indivisible with 

liberty and justice for all. 

May those in leadership lead with God fearing discerning 

hearts and wise minds. May God touch the hearts and 

minds of our nation's leaders and remove wrong people 

that are corrupt and living in opposition to God from 

every influential position. 

 May we pray for God's guidance and blessing on our 

nation and our world as we face these uncertain times. 

Let us pray not only for our nation to honor God, but for 

those who are in authority in any way. Let us pray that the 

kingdom of righteousness be manifested in their hearts as 

they receive the wisdom of God and lead our nation 


May all who are in authority realize and focus on God's 

infinite goodness within themselves and within all 


It is important that we keep not only

 the United States of America in our

prayers, but the whole wide world in 

our prayers. 

Think about it,

Jesus embraced others with a radical 

disregard for their race, tribe, creed, 

color, class, religion, language, age, 

culture, disability, political beliefs, 

educational background, or 

socio-economic differences, 

experiences, or realities. 

"Jesus ransomed people for God from 

every tribe and language and people 

and nation."

Revelations 5:9


Let us pray that all who are in 

authority, world-wide will bear 

the marks of God's love, presence, and 

power, and not become susceptible to 

lies, chaos and evil undertakings, but

 advocate for peace, love and justice 

for all.

Through the wisdom of God may all those in authority of 

this land be unified in thought and purpose to properly and

uprightly govern and guide this world. May they all do 

what is good and acceptable in the sight of God.

May God bless our nation and our world as we return and 

follow God with God-fearing, humble hearts. May we, as 

nation and world, act in obedience to Almighty God.

From this day forward...

May Divine right action guard and 

guide us all as we turn our hearts 

towards God, and may our greatest 

desire be to open our hearts and allow 

the Spirit and power of God to flow in 

our lives... forevermore. 

Jesus teaches, “And just as you want 

men to do to you, you also do to them


(Luke 6:31).


God is able, God is able 

God is able and He won't fail 

God is able, God is able God is able and He won't fail 

Tell me who can make a mountain Move out of my way 

And who can make a miracle Because of my faith 

And when the doctor says no Who can still say yes 

And when I'm in trouble Who's right there to help me pass 

every test 

God is able, God is able God is able and He won't fail 

Tell me who can make a river Out of a little stream 

And who can tell the clouds To roll back so that the sun 

can look at me 

And who can tell the wind to whistle through the trees 

And when I'm in trouble who is the same God That will

come down and rescue me 

God is able, God is able God is able and He won't fail 

He won't fail He won't fail Don't you dare give up 

Don't you dare give in 

God won't fail God is able, God is able 

Tell you God is able and He won't God won't, He won't 


God won't, He'll never leave Never forsake you 

No He won't fail He'll be there till the end God won't fail, 

He won't fail

Songwriters: SMOKIE NORFUL

© Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

For non-commercial use only.

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'We cannot 

tolerate or turn a 

blind eye to 


Pope Francis 

condemns George 

Floyd's death.

Murder is the 

unlawful killing 

of another human 


justification or 

valid excuse, 

especially the 

unlawful killing 

of another human 

with malice 


According to 

several news 

outlets, Derek 

Chauvin and 

George Floyd 

knew each other 

and didn’t get 

along. They

bumped heads” 

when they worked

 security detail 

at the El Nuevo 

Rodeo restaurant 

and nightclub.

According to the 

owner, Chauvin

was “extremely 

aggressive” while 

on duty at the 


"Chauvin had a 

tendency to flash 

his temper and 

overreact to 


'He sometimes 

had a real short 

fuse and he 

seemed afraid,' 

she said.

Could this 

have been  






According to 


Police brutality or 

police violence is 

an umbrella term 

to describe any 

unjustified or 






injury, property 

damage, or death 

suffered due to 

interaction with 

the police. Police 

brutality is a form 

of police 


involving undue 

violence by 

police members. 

Police brutality is 

an extreme form 

of police violence 



harm or death to 

person or 

animal. It exists 

in many countries 

and territories, 

even those that 

prosecute it. 

Although illegal, 

it can be 

performed under 

the color of law.

What is a 


A brute [bro͞ot]

is a cold-blooded, 

savagely violent 

and uncontrolled 

person who is 

characterized by 

an absence of 

reasoning and/or 


Mr. Floyd:

 “I can't 






“I cannot breathe. 

I cannot breathe.”


murder occurs 

when a person 

kills another after 

premeditation and 



murder is the 

charge when the 

killer had malice 

aforethought, but 

not premeditation 

or deliberation.


murder occurs 

when a person, 

without intent to 

effect the death of 

a person, 


causes death by 

an act that is 


dangerous to 

others” and

“evince[es] a 

depraved mind, 

without regard 

for human life.”

Voluntary or 


manslaughter is a 

killing committed 

in the heat of 

passion or during 

a sudden quarrel 

that provoked 



All of the 


currently on 

death row and all 

of those executed 

in the modern era 

of the death 

penalty were 

convicted of 


Historically, the 

death penalty was 

widely used for 

rape, particularly 

against black 

defendants with 

white victims.

Inhumanity is the 

state or quality of 

being inhuman or 

inhumane; cruelty.


treatment is a 

cruel act; 


infliction of pain 

and suffering. 

It is cruelty. 

It is abuse, 


 ill-usage and 


It is just 


The Bible 

attributes the 

origin of man to 

an act of direct 

creation by God: 

“And the LORD 

God formed man 

of the dust of the 

ground, and 

breathed into his 

nostrils the breath 

of life; and man 

became a living 


(Genesis 2:7).

From one 


God made 



who live


on earth.


always involves 

some form of 

exclusion or 

rejection based

upon a negative

 judgment toward 

a person’s gender,

 age, religion, 

race, nationality, 

handicap, etc.

Discrimination is 


When we treat 

people differently

solely based on 

race, gender, age, 

etc., we deny the 

value of who they

are as an 



hurts. Whether 

discrimination is 

subtle or overt, 

people know 

when they are 



against, and it’s 


Diversity did not 

stop Jesus. 

Jesus always 

included people.

Only a relatively 

small percentage 

of Americans 

have no 

moral sense... no 

scruples about 





and inhumane 

behavior against 

those whose skin 

tone is different 

from theirs... how 


The vast majority 

of us, regardless 

of skin color, 

religion, family 

background or 

any other factor, 

truly believe in 

equality across 

the human race.

Compassion is 

the concern for 

the sufferings or 

misfortunes of 


Empathy is 

having  the ability 

to understand and 

share the feelings 

of another.

To be 

marginalized is to 

be relegated to an 

unimportant or 



within a society 

or group.


Justice is a 

concept involving 

the fair, moral, 

and impartial 

treatment of all 


Corruption is the 

dishonest or 


conduct by those 

in power.

Racism is the 


directed against a 

person or people 

on the basis of 

their belonging or 

being a part of

 a particular 

racial or ethnic 

group, typically 

one that is a 

minority or 




The more we see 

ourselves as 



we will live 

our lives


through and for 

God. In doing so, 

we will graciously

contribute towards 

God's greater


An arrogant 

person is often 

rude and very 

fond of 


others. They 

cannot take 

abuse, but can be

 abusive and very 

condescending to 


According to my 

research, this 

kind of

arrogance is 


used as 


mechanism for 

people who 

are secretly 

insecure. Their 

insecurity is 

disguised as 

confidence, self-

worth, or 


Justice for all is 

about us all and 

for us all.

One does 

not have to 

be black, to 



Do unto others as 

you would like 

them to do to you 

(Luke 6:31). In 

other words, treat 

all like you want 

to be treated, and 

more than that 

treat all as God 

has treated you.

Our lives will 



when we truly put 

God first and set 

our mind's 

attention and our 


affection on God 

and God alone.